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24-09-22 (22:19)   GTA 6 footage leaks, Revolut gets hacked, and Wipro fires 300 for "moonlighting"
24-09-22 (20:34)   How Change co-founders brainstormed their way into entrepreneurship
24-09-22 (20:34)   Netflix's edition of Night School's 'Oxenfree' is now available to play on iOS and Android
24-09-22 (20:05)   Tiger Global, fickle checks and the difficulty of acceleration
24-09-22 (20:05)   This Week in Apps: YouTube takes on TikTok, Spotify adds audiobooks, BeReal takes a dive
24-09-22 (19:05)   For Brazilian shareholders, Nubank's IPO has a bitter aftertaste
24-09-22 (18:05)   Startups are building businesses out of DevOps tools for existing sales platforms
24-09-22 (16:34)   Perceptron: Multilingual, laughing, Pitfall-playing and streetwise AI
24-09-22 (10:05)   Steve Case is trying to make money with founders outside Silicon Valley; his plan is starting to work
24-09-22 (00:19)   Daily Crunch: London-based spatial computing startup Hadean closes $30 million Series A
23-09-22 (22:34)   The 'ideal runway' is a myth, isn't it?
23-09-22 (22:05)   Mighty Capital's thesis is that the best product wins - even more so in a downturn
23-09-22 (21:48)   Triller settles lawsuit with Timbaland and Swizz Beatz
23-09-22 (21:34)   Instagram Stories under 60 seconds are no longer broken up into clips
23-09-22 (21:05)   How a pivot helped HopSkipDrive emerge successful in a sector where many failed
23-09-22 (20:19)   Byju's clears $230 million payment to Blackstone for $1 billion Aakash deal
23-09-22 (20:19)   How Blaseball's fantasy sports fever dream is embracing the future
23-09-22 (20:05)   Smaller Dreamforce still comes up big in first live meeting in three years
23-09-22 (19:34)   GM invests in Canadian battery recycler to fight supply shortage
23-09-22 (19:05)   FTX, Uniswap and Visa talk blockchain economy and opportunity at Disrupt
23-09-22 (19:05)   The case for US venture capital outperformance
23-09-22 (18:48)   TechCrunch+ roundup: LatAm startup strength, global chip shortage, Visa Bulletin update
23-09-22 (18:19)   Declining VC investment into LatAm startups could throttle digital growth
23-09-22 (18:19)   Volkswagen and Belgian utility giant partner on vehicle-to-grid energy storage
23-09-22 (17:05)   TikTok is releasing its comment dislike button to all users worldwide
23-09-22 (16:48)   The $5.6B epicenter of Ford's EV effort is now under construction
23-09-22 (16:19)   When VCs fund the thing you didn't think they'd ever fund
23-09-22 (15:48)   A guide to Low Power Mode on the Apple Watch
23-09-22 (15:34)   Arjun Sethi's crypto derivatives protocol Nibiru raises maiden funding at $100M valuation
23-09-22 (15:19)   A Strava co-founder races into a lucrative market - lending against life insurance
23-09-22 (15:05)   Tesla countersues civil rights agency behind racial bias suit
23-09-22 (13:48)   Italy fires Meta urgent request for info re: election interference measures
23-09-22 (13:34)   UK mini budget: Government to boost gigabit broadband by easing access to infrastructure on private land
23-09-22 (13:19)   Kenyan startup Ponea gaining momentum in driving access to medical services
23-09-22 (11:19)   SerMorpheus wants to make NFTs an everyday sight in Indonesia
23-09-22 (10:19)   Backed by Epic Games, distributed computing startup Hadean nabs $30M to power the metaverse
23-09-22 (09:48)   Breaking Bad creator is making a new show for Apple TV+ with Rhea Seehorn
23-09-22 (06:05)   Cloud kitchen startup CloudEats raises more capital to ramp up Southeast Asian expansion
23-09-22 (04:05)   Rad Power Bikes and Cycle pilot consumer e-bike subscriptions
23-09-22 (02:34)   On Deck tried to do it all. Now, it's trying to do less, better
23-09-22 (00:34)   Optus, Australia's second largest telco, says customer data exposed in data breach
23-09-22 (00:34)   Looking at 320 pitch decks, here's what science tells us works best
23-09-22 (00:19)   Daily Crunch: A closer look at Google's remote-controlled $30 Chromecast
22-09-22 (23:48)   Nothing is prepping a new pair of earbuds
22-09-22 (23:48)   Apple fixes camera shaking issues and the paste permissions bug in today's iOS 16 update
22-09-22 (23:34)   DocuSign has hired former Google ad exec Allan Thygesen as its new CEO
22-09-22 (23:05)   Want a glimpse at the Apple Watch Series 9? Look no further than the Ultra
22-09-22 (22:19)   Q1 performance data shows maturing VC fund vintages aren't doomed
22-09-22 (21:19)   Facebook users sue Meta, accusing the company of tracking on iOS through a loophole
22-09-22 (21:19)   The Merge pregame is over, but where's the party?
22-09-22 (21:05)   Connect with Google Cloud for Startups, Blackstone Launchpad and more at TechCrunch Disrupt
22-09-22 (21:05)   How Adobe and Salesforce are fine-tuning customer experience tools
22-09-22 (20:48)   With new cuts, Klarna joins the ranks of companies having to conduct more than one layoff
22-09-22 (20:48)   Humankinda
22-09-22 (20:48)   8 VCs discuss the overturning of Roe v. Wade, venture and the midterm elections
22-09-22 (20:48)   Amazon Prime Video's 'Thursday Night Football' starts strong with 15.3 million viewers
22-09-22 (20:48)   Instagram restores services after partial outage
22-09-22 (20:19)   Fundraise for network access with Sapphire Ventures and Medable
22-09-22 (20:19)   8 investors discuss what's ahead for reproductive health startups in a post-Roe world
22-09-22 (20:19)   J Balvin enters the digital wellness space with the launch of a bilingual mental health app
22-09-22 (19:48)   Pixelmator Pro 3.0 arrives, adding new features, 200 templates, mockups and more
22-09-22 (19:05)   Want a free ticket to Disrupt 2022? Apply to volunteer today!
22-09-22 (19:05)   Pitch Deck Teardown: Party Round's $7M, er, party round deck
22-09-22 (19:05)   Archer's co-founder is bootstrapping an all-purpose humanoid robot
22-09-22 (19:05)   Meta ordered to pay walkie-talkie app maker Voxer $175M for patent infringement
22-09-22 (18:19)   A quick checkup on consumer fintech activity ahead of Q3 data
22-09-22 (17:48)   Share your carbon-adjusted earnings per share number, you cowards
22-09-22 (17:34)   Twitter discloses it wasn't logging users out of accounts after password resets
22-09-22 (17:19)   Twitter allows more researchers to access platform data
22-09-22 (17:05)   In Latin America, founders and investors seek to balance caution and optimism
22-09-22 (16:48)   Glovo fined $78M for labor breaches in Spain
22-09-22 (16:34)   UK trumpets roaming caps for travellers to Norway, Iceland and - maybe one day - Liechtenstein
22-09-22 (16:19)   Steadybit wants developers involved in chaos engineering before production
22-09-22 (16:19)   Apple Watch Ultra first impressions
22-09-22 (16:05)   Remofirst raises $14.1M to make it cheaper and easier for businesses to hire remote workers globally
22-09-22 (16:05)   What the CHIPS and Science Act means for the future of the semiconductor industry
22-09-22 (16:05)   Meet the winners of the student pitch competition at Disrupt 2022
22-09-22 (15:48)   Instagram is developing a nudity filter for direct messages
22-09-22 (15:05)   Kalogon's smart cushion for wheelchairs keeps the pressure off and brings in $3.3M
22-09-22 (15:05)   Keith Rabois' OpenStore bags new funding as valuation soars to $970M
22-09-22 (15:05)   Google's new Chromecast costs $30 - and it has a remote
22-09-22 (15:05)   AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) review: Welcome updates to Apple's best buds
22-09-22 (14:48)   Web3 bug-bounty platform Immunefi raises $24M for its Series A funding round
22-09-22 (14:48)   SoftBank cuts internal valuation of $10 billion Oyo to $2.7 billion
22-09-22 (14:34)   Limbo is tackling obesity with a pair of wearables and decades of physiology
22-09-22 (13:48)   South Korea finds more suspicious crypto-linked foreign exchange transactions
22-09-22 (13:05)   Inside Seoul Robotics's contrarian approach to autonomous vehicle tech
22-09-22 (12:48)   India proposes to regulate internet communication services
22-09-22 (12:05)   Mozilla urges action to unpick platform browser lock-ins
22-09-22 (11:48)   Alibaba Cloud pledges $1B to boost overseas alliance
22-09-22 (11:34)   Berlin's Visionaries Club VC boosts its funds with €400M worth of fresh capital for B2B investments
22-09-22 (08:48)   DataGuard locks down $61M for data protection as a service
22-09-22 (08:05)   Codacy nabs $15M to improve code reviews with automation
22-09-22 (08:05)   Crypto tax reporting app Binocs helps users navigate regulations
22-09-22 (06:05)   EV charging operator Bump unlocks $180 million
22-09-22 (02:05)   Florida escalates the fight over a controversial social media law to the Supreme Court
22-09-22 (01:34)   Rocket Lab expands US presence with engine testing, launch facilities
22-09-22 (01:05)   Singapore's Arbor Ventures notches $193M toward next early-stage fintech fund
22-09-22 (00:34)   Chinese EV startup XPeng says its new G9 SUV is 'last step' before autonomous vehicles
22-09-22 (00:19)   Daily Crunch: Moonlighters eclipsed - Wipro lets go of 300 employees who were working for its rivals
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