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23-06-20 (11:58)   A Chicken Run sequel is in the works and Aardman has "the perfect story"
23-06-20 (04:29)   American Horror Story spinoff series will be Hulu-exclusive
23-06-20 (01:29)   Marvel's Avengers confirmed as PS5 and Xbox Series X launch title
23-06-20 (01:12)   The world's worst jerk is also its greatest hero in Remender's The Scumbag
23-06-20 (00:58)   Marvel's Avengers free PS5 upgrade will have separate modes for "enhanced graphics" and "high framerate"
22-06-20 (22:58)   Apex Legends patch notes for Lost Treasure event include major balancing changes
22-06-20 (22:58)   Batman and Lost Boys director Joel Schumacher dies at 80
22-06-20 (21:29)   Mixer will shut down next month as Microsoft partners up with Facebook Gaming
22-06-20 (21:12)   Ghost of Tsushima has gone gold ahead of its July release
22-06-20 (19:12)   Netflix's The Witcher season 2 will resume production on August 17
22-06-20 (18:58)   Gal Gadot reveals first look at Total Film's Wonder Woman 1984 covers
22-06-20 (18:29)   Here's all the ways the video game industry is helping coronavirus relief efforts
22-06-20 (18:12)   Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gets new ARMS fighter Min Min, plus a surprise appearance from Fallout's Vault Boy
22-06-20 (18:12)   Borderlands 3 is offering an in-game mask cosmetic for donations to COVID-19 relief
22-06-20 (17:12)   Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time is launching later this year on PS4 and Xbox One
22-06-20 (17:12)   Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time is the sequel you've been waiting since Warped for
22-06-20 (16:58)   Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team comic is coming in September
22-06-20 (16:29)   Rocksteady is reportedly making a Suicide Squad game
22-06-20 (16:29)   Amazon Sale - summer deals are live: here are the hottest picks from tech, tablets, fashion and more
22-06-20 (16:29)   Marvel's Tom Brevoort launches comics editor RPG - play as DC, Marvel, or Image
22-06-20 (16:12)   Mark Hamill had another role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (and a hidden cameo in The Mandalorian)
22-06-20 (14:43)   FIFA 21 player faces: 13 players who need real starheads next season
22-06-20 (14:12)   Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson pays tribute to the "wonderful" Ian Holm
22-06-20 (13:29)   Jurassic World 3 star Bryce Dallas Howard reveals her reaction to the "awesome" script
22-06-20 (12:29)   Disney Plus free trial - are they still available?
22-06-20 (12:12)   Stranger Things creators give season 4 update and tease guest stars
22-06-20 (12:12)   New The King's Man trailer teases the Kingsmen's battle with Rasputin
22-06-20 (10:12)   Dirt 5 hands-on: it's the racing game arcade fans have been waiting for
21-06-20 (01:58)   Apex Legends is boosting Lifeline's ability to revive downed teammates
21-06-20 (01:29)   An unannounced Crash Bandicoot game has popped up on a Taiwanese rating website
20-06-20 (22:58)   Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is releasing worldwide later this year
20-06-20 (22:12)   These are the latest games to be inducted into The Video Game Hall of Fame
20-06-20 (18:58)   DC pulls Warren Ellis's Death Metal story following series of allegations
20-06-20 (05:29)   Kingdom Come: Deliverance is free on Steam this weekend
20-06-20 (03:58)   The Last of Us 2: Sony studios are congratulating Naughty Dog with amazing crossover art
20-06-20 (01:12)   Apex Legends director on skill-based matchmaking: "We'll continue to tweak, iterate, listen"
19-06-20 (23:58)   DC celebrates Juneteenth with Milestone's Icon and Static Shock front-and-center
19-06-20 (23:12)   And the winners for Top Cow's latest Talent Hunt are...
19-06-20 (22:58)   Xbox Series X: Microsoft explains why compatibility will be just as important as power and speed in the next-generation
19-06-20 (22:43)   Bungie is making a Black Lives Matter pin for Juneteenth with proceeds supporting racial justice
19-06-20 (21:29)   "I'm either absolutely insane or this is really going to happen": Marcus Lehto reflects on his last days at Bungie and his earliest on Disintegration
19-06-20 (21:12)   Destiny 2 Xur June 19 location and Exotics: Where is Xur June 19 - June 23?
19-06-20 (19:43)   Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden pre-order deals - get the next D&D adventure here
19-06-20 (19:43)   Everything we know about The Elder Scrolls 6
19-06-20 (19:29)   Immortal Hulk revisits classic Mantlo & David stories and connects them to the One Below All
19-06-20 (19:29)   Halo Infinite: Release date, game engine, and everything you need to know
19-06-20 (19:12)   Marvel Comics' September 2020 comic book solicitations and covers
19-06-20 (18:12)   The Iron Patriot armor returns in Captain America #23
19-06-20 (17:29)   Spider-Man forms a whole new team in Sins of Norman Osborn 'Sins Past' tie-in
19-06-20 (17:29)   Free FIFA 21 upgrade to PS5 and Xbox Series X through new EA Dual Entitlement feature
19-06-20 (17:12)   Star Wars: Squadrons won't have microtransactions or a live-service strategy
19-06-20 (17:12)   How to stream Watchmen online - watch for free this weekend
19-06-20 (17:12)   GTA Online patch notes: Double and triple rewards in races, free cars, and more for Speed Week
19-06-20 (17:12)   Star Wars: Squadrons is first-person only: "We want that to be the core experience"
19-06-20 (16:12)   Marvel promises 'two major turning points' and beginning of Marvel Space Age in Empyre epilogues
19-06-20 (16:12)   Bill & Ted return to comics with new publisher, new artist, but a familiar fan-favorite writer
19-06-20 (16:12)   Check out these images from Studio Ghibli's first-ever CGI movie, Aya and the Witch
19-06-20 (15:58)   Rick and Morty creators offer season 5 update, revealing how they are working on episodes remotely
19-06-20 (14:29)   Lord of the Rings and Alien actor Ian Holm dies at the age of 88
19-06-20 (13:58)   Cyberpunk 2077 will get a free "more robust" upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X
19-06-20 (13:43)   The Future of Gaming: Developers explore how the PS5 and Xbox Series X could change the way that we play in the next generation
19-06-20 (13:29)   Win Bloodshot on Blu-ray
19-06-20 (13:12)   Christopher Nolan has revealed what Tenet means (and teases one of its biggest mysteries)
19-06-20 (12:43)   The best The Last of Us 2 prices and deals for the game and accessories
19-06-20 (12:43)   Edgar Wright and X-Men writer Jane Goldman team up for kidnap thriller The Chain
19-06-20 (12:12)   The Last of Us Part 2 reaction gifs are the perfect way to celebrate the game's release
19-06-20 (12:12)   Stranger Things season 4 scripts complete, episode count seemingly confirmed
19-06-20 (11:58)   A horror movie filmed on Zoom with a budget of $0 topped the US box office last week
19-06-20 (11:58)   FIFA 21 release date, trailer, screenshots, PS5 and Xbox Series X details, and everything you need to know
19-06-20 (11:43)   The Suicide Squad: James Gunn tells fans "you're gonna freak out" about John Cena's character
19-06-20 (04:29)   Sea of Thieves gets phantom ships that shoot ghosts out of canons
19-06-20 (02:58)   EA Play Live: Every game trailer and announcement
19-06-20 (02:43)   FIFA 21 features: 7 things you need to know
19-06-20 (02:29)   EA teases next-gen games during EA Play, including BioWare and Battlefield titles
19-06-20 (02:29)   Dragon Age 4 trailer, story details, new concept art and everything else we know so far
19-06-20 (02:29)   Skate 4 announced by EA, here's what we know about the cult boarding return
19-06-20 (01:58)   Next-gen footage of FIFA 21 and Madden 21 debuted at EA Play Live
19-06-20 (01:43)   Star Wars Squadrons gets an extended gameplay trailer
19-06-20 (01:43)   Rocket Arena preview: "We wanted to build rockets with personality"
19-06-20 (01:29)   Lost in Random drops you in a Tim Burton-esque world with a magic dice
19-06-20 (01:29)   It Takes Two is a new co-op adventure from Josef Fares
19-06-20 (01:29)   The Sims 4, Dead Space 3, and more EA games headed to Steam
19-06-20 (01:29)   Apex Legends is coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam later this year
19-06-20 (01:12)   Cyberpunk 2077: Another release date delay, Night City Wire, and more
19-06-20 (01:12)   The Last of Us 2 ending explained: A spoiler filled look at what it all means
19-06-20 (00:12)   Witness the birth of DC's Robin King in Death Metal #2 first look
18-06-20 (23:58)   DC revives an old comic book tradition for Walmart-first 4-Packs
18-06-20 (23:12)   Eisner Awards voting website closed abruptly due to "anomaly," with investigation underway by Comic-Con
18-06-20 (22:58)   DC's revised Free Comic Book Day plans no longer includes Generation Zero: Gods Among Us
18-06-20 (22:58)   New Alien 5 script hinges on Sigourney Weaver's return as Ripley
18-06-20 (22:29)   Free Comic Book Day returns as a nine-week event
18-06-20 (22:12)   How to watch EA Play Live today and catch all the announcements
18-06-20 (20:43)   The JSA are back in Dark Nights: Death Metal #2 preview
18-06-20 (20:29)   Bungie shares Hawkmoon, Stasis, and Legendary weapon teasers for Destiny 2: Beyond Light
18-06-20 (20:12)   Batman artist Jorge JimĂ©nez will take the spotlight in a DC Universe documentary
18-06-20 (19:29)   DC's Milestone revival back on track and "needed more than ever" says co-founder
18-06-20 (19:12)   Project Athia: Everything we know about Square Enix's new mystery game
18-06-20 (18:43)   The Walking Dead comic returns with Negan-centric special - free and exclusive to comic book shops
18-06-20 (18:29)   Cyberpunk 2077 pre-order price guide
18-06-20 (18:29)   Cyberpunk 2077 delayed again: "We won't ship something which is not ready"
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