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21-10-18 (18:20)   Shadow of the Tomb Raider is on sale and early adopters are not happy
21-10-18 (17:49)   Silent Hill comes to Metal Gear Survive for a limited-time Halloween event
21-10-18 (17:06)   Epic teases Halloween-themed "Fortnitemares" in a series of cryptic Fortnite tweets
21-10-18 (16:35)   Best gaming headset 2018 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC
21-10-18 (16:20)   Report: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 server rates are a third of what they were in the beta
21-10-18 (15:20)   Dark Souls on Switch is a current-gen port with last-gen visuals
21-10-18 (13:49)   Valve pushes back Artifact beta to just nine days before release
21-10-18 (12:35)   Ubisoft to terminate online services for Just Dance 2018 on last-gen consoles
21-10-18 (11:20)   Dreadnought developer Six Foot lays off "about a third" of its staff
21-10-18 (10:06)   Free-roam Zombie Survival VR could be the Laser Tag of the future
21-10-18 (09:06)   Resonance of Fate - a gem that deserves a second chance
20-10-18 (23:20)   Counter-Strike pro caught cheating mid-tournament
20-10-18 (17:20)   Wargroove delayed to first quarter of 2019
20-10-18 (17:06)   Here's gameplay of Project Nova, the Eve Online first-person shooter
20-10-18 (16:35)   An (unofficial) explanation for why super mutants are in Fallout 76
20-10-18 (15:35)   Hitman player discovers Potato Jesus Easter egg two years after it was added to the game
20-10-18 (14:06)   Soulcalibur 6 players are fighting online with their (NSFW) nightmarish penises
20-10-18 (13:06)   Intel Core i9 9900K review: the fastest gaming CPU money can buy
20-10-18 (12:49)   Outspoken FIFA 19 pro quits game after EA ban for abusive behaviour
20-10-18 (11:20)   Red Dead Redemption 2 comes on two discs
20-10-18 (10:35)   Insomniac has the last laugh on Spider-Man PS4 "puddlegate"
20-10-18 (09:06)   How game design encourages order and chaos in equal measure
19-10-18 (23:20)   Warframe's massive open-world Venus expansion, Fortuna, is out next month on PC
19-10-18 (20:49)   PUBG's Training Mode map is now available on Xbox One via the Public Test Server
19-10-18 (19:35)   Brooding co-operative action-RPG Ashen will be out by the end of this year, says dev
19-10-18 (18:35)   Agent 47 can dress up as a sinister scarecrow in Hitman's free Hallowe'en DLC pack
19-10-18 (17:49)   Splash Damage is ending development on its free-to-play shooter Dirty Bomb
19-10-18 (16:20)   Soulcalibur 6 review - a return to form that's not without its flaws
19-10-18 (13:06)   UK mags GamesTM and GamesMaster shut down
19-10-18 (10:35)   PUBG's PC Event Mode has been cancelled this week due to a "critical error"
19-10-18 (09:20)   PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone delayed
19-10-18 (09:06)   Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales review - a card game with the heart of a blockbuster
19-10-18 (01:20)   Half-Life 2, Portal, Left 4 Dead 2 and more now feature 4K enhancements on Xbox One X
18-10-18 (22:06)   Super Mario Odyssey's new Zombie Mario is the best Mario since Nipple Mario
18-10-18 (20:49)   Pony Island dev's genre-hopping murder mystery The Hex is out now
18-10-18 (17:06)   Pokémon Let's Go video provides first look at Master Trainers
18-10-18 (16:20)   The Battlefield 5 campaign lets you play from the German perspective but "it's not a hero story", insists DICE
18-10-18 (16:06)   Handheld Dark Souls is every bit as brilliant as you'd have hoped
18-10-18 (15:49)   Rocket League cross-play party system delayed until 2019
18-10-18 (13:06)   Luigi's Mansion 3DS: GameCube port or full mobile remake?
18-10-18 (12:49)   PUBG is giving PC players free beanies to apologise for server issues
18-10-18 (11:20)   Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel retcon explained by Bethesda
18-10-18 (09:06)   Return of the Obra Dinn review - prepare to be transported
18-10-18 (01:35)   It's finally possible to legitimately get The Stanley Parable's 'don't play for five years' achievement
18-10-18 (00:06)   Assassin's Creed Odyssey's first live Epic Mercenary event has been cancelled
17-10-18 (21:49)   Here's a first look at Thirty Flights of Loving dev's sci-fi sandbox shooter Skin Deep
17-10-18 (19:35)   You'll soon be able to date your Dream Daddy on PlayStation 4
17-10-18 (18:49)   Something strange is happening to Fortnite's floating island
17-10-18 (17:20)   Being openly political in games is "bad for business", The Division developer says
17-10-18 (16:06)   Sean Bean will be killed off again, this time as Hitman 2's first elusive target
17-10-18 (13:49)   Three Crysis games now backwards compatible on Xbox One
17-10-18 (13:20)   Pokémon Go has three new regional exclusives
17-10-18 (11:35)   The Quiet Man's second playthrough will add sound in a game about deafness
17-10-18 (10:35)   Tin Hearts is Lemmings meets A Christmas Carol - in VR
17-10-18 (09:06)   Where have all the World War 1 and 2 flight sims gone?
17-10-18 (02:49)   DICE reveals more of Battlefield 5's single-player campaign in new trailer
16-10-18 (20:20)   Insomniac shows off Spidey's new suits from next week's The City That Never Sleeps DLC
16-10-18 (18:06)   Fortnite YouTubers sued by Epic for promoting sale of cheats
16-10-18 (17:35)   First wave of Gen 4 Pokémon now available in Pokémon Go
16-10-18 (17:20)   There's a new premium retro console built especially for Sega enthusiasts
16-10-18 (16:06)   Fans think Destiny 2 bug points to Dreadnought return
16-10-18 (16:06)   The Discord Store global beta launches today
16-10-18 (14:35)   Minecraft competition could put your cat in the game
16-10-18 (14:06)   Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 review: a polished, pulsating battle royale
16-10-18 (13:06)   Pokémon Go's big rebalance nerfs some of the game's best defenders
16-10-18 (11:49)   Rockstar attempts to defuse 100-hour work week controversy amid storm of criticism
16-10-18 (11:06)   PlayStation says it has fixed messages that were crashing consoles
16-10-18 (09:20)   Junichi Masuda on Pokémon Let's Go's difficulty, mechanics, and the series' future
16-10-18 (03:06)   Fortnite is getting in-game tournaments in next update
15-10-18 (23:49)   Deck-building dungeon-crawler Hand of Fate 2's The Servant and The Beast DLC is out now
15-10-18 (22:06)   Monster Hunter World's Mega Man collaboration event starts this week on PC
15-10-18 (20:35)   Frontier details Elite Dangerous' last major update of 2018
15-10-18 (18:20)   UK's first permanent video game museum opens in November
15-10-18 (17:49)   Japan is getting official Edvard Munch-themed Pokémon cards
15-10-18 (17:06)   There's an official Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch design
15-10-18 (16:35)   Remedy's Control also stars voices of Alan Wake, Max Payne
15-10-18 (15:06)   Revealed: Sega's cancelled Shenmue HD remake - with fully updated graphics
15-10-18 (15:06)   The Switch's first Pokémon is for a new generation - but what's it got for the old?
15-10-18 (13:20)   Uber Eats' free COD with cod offer leaves bad taste in customers' mouths
15-10-18 (13:20)   Warframe bug lets players run around in space
15-10-18 (13:06)   Starlink: Battle for Atlas review - zippy combat meets uninspired busywork
15-10-18 (12:06)   Fortnite Christmas jumpers now available for pre-order
15-10-18 (10:49)   Now there's a Bowsette mod for Zelda: Breath of the Wild
15-10-18 (10:49)   Peter Brackley, the voice of PES, has died aged 67
15-10-18 (10:35)   Black Ops 4 physical launch sales lowest Call of Duty has seen for a decade
14-10-18 (18:06)   Will this Making Of series about that new Leisure Suit Larry game change your mind?
14-10-18 (17:20)   Here's our first peek at Fortnite's unreleased gifting system
14-10-18 (16:20)   A Grand Theft Auto 5 feature documentary, The Billion Dollar Game, is in production
14-10-18 (15:06)   Metal Gear Solid HD back-compat for Xbox One is the best way to play
14-10-18 (15:06)   Looks like Diablo 3: Eternal Collection won't be cross-play after all
14-10-18 (13:49)   Here are the stars of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing jumping on the Fortnite bandwagon
14-10-18 (12:49)   For Honor's Marching Fire expansion includes 'graphical enhancements' to lighting, weather, and textures
14-10-18 (11:20)   Latest Steam Link update lets you play local co-op by 'streaming to multiple devices simultaneously'
14-10-18 (10:06)   Evasion is a VR wave shooter that adds mobility but avoids innovation
14-10-18 (09:20)   Meet the F1 racer who streams PUBG, and the esports racer who's now part of an F1 team
13-10-18 (17:35)   Six years later, Star Citizen is still raking it in
13-10-18 (16:35)   PUBG dev apologises for broken automatic server allocation, releases initial fix
13-10-18 (16:06)   Treyarch kept Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's split-screen quiet
13-10-18 (13:06)   Senran Kagura game delayed on PS4 after Sony requests removal of Intimacy Mode
13-10-18 (12:20)   Probably the best FIFA 19 bug in the world
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