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23-12-05 (01:28)   Shape of glass influences how much alcohol is poured
23-12-05 (01:28)   Harry Potter protects children from injury
23-12-05 (01:28)   Researchers investigate the case of the disappearing teaspoons
23-12-05 (01:28)   Didgeridoo playing improves your sleep
23-12-05 (01:28)   Short glasses more likely to lead to over-indulgence
23-12-05 (01:28)   Money won't buy you happiness
23-12-05 (01:28)   Soaps paint far too rosy a picture of coma
23-12-05 (01:28)   No evidence that hangover cures work
23-12-05 (01:28)   Virtual reality could help diagnose heart conditions
23-12-05 (01:28)   One third of patients who stop treatment for schizophrenia early do so due to poor response
23-12-05 (00:28)   Three US IEEE members to begin IEEE-USA Government Fellowships
23-12-05 (00:28)   New enhancements upgrade NIST Mass Spectra Library
22-12-05 (23:28)   Scientists discover 'light echoes' of ancient supernovae
22-12-05 (23:28)   Researchers develop new method for studying 'mental time travel'
22-12-05 (23:28)   Role of microRNA identified in thyroid cancer
22-12-05 (23:28)   JCI table of contents: December 22, 2005
22-12-05 (23:28)   Enzyme triggers plaque rupture in hardened arteries, causing heart attack and stroke
22-12-05 (22:59)   Evaluation metrics proposed for firefighter thermal imagers
22-12-05 (22:59)   Scientists solve mystery of the 'unicorn' whale
22-12-05 (22:59)   Research in Chesapeake Bay, Pamlico Sound shows hurricanes, runoff tax water quality management
22-12-05 (20:59)   A little telomerase isn't enough
22-12-05 (20:59)   New neurons take baby steps in the adult brain
22-12-05 (20:28)   MicroRNA gene that regulates lifespan found by Yale scientists
22-12-05 (20:28)   Ultracold test produces long-sought quantum mix
22-12-05 (20:28)   Science's Breakthrough of the Year: Watching evolution in action
22-12-05 (20:28)   Bacterial protein mimics host to cripple defenses
22-12-05 (20:28)   Blocking previously unrecognized links between inflammatory systems could make COX-2 inhibitors safe
22-12-05 (20:28)   Stanford evolution research cited by Science as a 2005 breakthrough
22-12-05 (20:28)   Storing carbon to combat global warming may cause other environmental problems, study suggests
22-12-05 (20:28)   Researchers know what you were about to say; fMRI used to detect memory storage and retrieval
22-12-05 (20:28)   New study shows animal family tree looking bushy in places
22-12-05 (20:28)   2005 science breakthrough: Revising Earth's early history
22-12-05 (20:28)   Why Christmas trees are not extinct
22-12-05 (19:28)   Birth defect gene identified
22-12-05 (19:28)   Tsunami + 1 year: Reviving exhausted fisheries should trump replacing boats, gear, experts say
22-12-05 (18:59)   Bigger brain size matters for intellectual ability
22-12-05 (18:59)   Study finds implantable defibrillators as effective in women as in men
22-12-05 (18:28)   DOE Joint Genome Institute issues new call for large-scale sequencing proposals
22-12-05 (18:28)   Air pollution, high-fat diet cause atherosclerosis in laboratory mice
22-12-05 (17:59)   Grants will give developing world access to scientific research
22-12-05 (17:59)   Woolly mammoth genome comes to life
22-12-05 (17:59)   Free care by Florida emergency physicians climbs faster as uninsured patient visits increase
22-12-05 (17:28)   Cluster helps to protect astronauts and satellites against 'killer electrons'
22-12-05 (17:28)   Study demonstrates safety of oral contraceptives in women with lupus
22-12-05 (16:59)   Role of nervous system in fatal heart rhythm under study
22-12-05 (16:59)   EUREKA-ITEA solution enhances European software testing capabilities
22-12-05 (16:28)   ALMA on the move
22-12-05 (15:59)   New procedure reveals the secrets of the brain
22-12-05 (15:59)   CONDOR's first look at the universe
22-12-05 (15:59)   Max Planck researchers make a breakthrough in plant stem cell research
22-12-05 (15:28)   As Grid problem solving flows smoothly
22-12-05 (15:28)   EUREKA brings sunshine to Austrian hearts
22-12-05 (15:28)   Micro-gyroscopes can detect cancer
22-12-05 (15:28)   Alcohol is a strong trigger of criminal violence
22-12-05 (14:59)   Male elephants woo females with precise chemistry
22-12-05 (14:59)   Europe's newest Meteosat launches on Solstice Night
22-12-05 (14:59)   Bicycles - for today!
22-12-05 (14:59)   Cedars-Sinai researchers demonstrate a new way to switch therapeutic genes 'on' and 'off'
22-12-05 (05:59)   Chromosome regions containing genes related to alcohol addiction affect drinking behavior in smokers
22-12-05 (01:28)   Polymorphism and antibodies associated with highly increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis
22-12-05 (01:28)   If you flaunt it, you've got it: How red-heads top the pecking order
21-12-05 (23:28)   Early, aggressive treatment of type 1 diabetes lowers risk of cardiovascular disease
21-12-05 (23:28)   State board-disciplined physicians more likely to have shown unprofessional behavior in med school
21-12-05 (23:28)   Tight glucose control cuts heart disease by half in type 1 diabetes
21-12-05 (22:59)   Flashes from the past: Echoes from ancient supernovae
21-12-05 (22:59)   SLU researchers uncover direct evidence on how HIV invades healthy cells
21-12-05 (22:28)   ASU geologists suggest Mars features are result of meteorite strikes, not of evaporated lakes
21-12-05 (22:28)   Research clarifies how brain replenishes memory-making molecules
21-12-05 (21:59)   Rapid emotional recovery of breast-cancer survivors surprises researchers
21-12-05 (21:59)   New study examines how sense of smell affects mating and aggression in mice
21-12-05 (21:28)   Mayo Clinic finds kidney cancer patients are unlikely to respond to potential treatment drug
21-12-05 (21:28)   Illuminating Alzheimer's: Research sheds light on creatine's presence in brain
21-12-05 (20:59)   Rutgers researchers scientifically link dancing ability to mate quality
21-12-05 (20:28)   Feeling the holiday blues? Then you must have children
21-12-05 (20:28)   Study finds significant independent association between air pollution and cardiovascular risk
21-12-05 (19:59)   New study says two million Americans harbor drug-resistant superbug
21-12-05 (19:28)   Allo, allo? A star is ringing
21-12-05 (19:28)   Researchers quantify more noise in gene expression
21-12-05 (19:28)   Einstein was right (again): NIST and MIT confirm that E= mc2
21-12-05 (19:28)   International team of scientists complete fungal genomic sequences
21-12-05 (19:28)   Genome discovery will help combat disease and lead to new drugs
21-12-05 (19:28)   Mars region probably less watery than thought, says new U. of Colorado study
21-12-05 (19:28)   E=mc2 passes tough MIT test
21-12-05 (19:28)   Breaking the mold: Research teams sequence three fungus genomes
21-12-05 (19:28)   A key that opens cells to the deadly malaria parasite
21-12-05 (18:59)   Infectious agent thwarts typical defense mechanisms; Sheds light on immune system function
21-12-05 (18:59)   New view of cancer: 'Epigenetic' changes come before mutations
21-12-05 (18:59)   Ancient trans-Atlantic swarm brought locusts to the New World
21-12-05 (18:28)   American Chemical Society, India council to hold meeting to promote shared research
21-12-05 (18:28)   New study demonstrates combined techniques to detect, monitor Alzheimer's disease
21-12-05 (18:28)   Light-sensing cells in retina develop before vision
21-12-05 (18:28)   Brain cell activity increases levels of key ingredient in Alzheimer's plaques
21-12-05 (18:28)   Brain activity, drugs could affect Alzheimer's progression
21-12-05 (18:28)   Machinery of the 'marijuana munchies'
21-12-05 (17:59)   Magnesium in your diet could lead to stronger bones
21-12-05 (17:28)   Membrane research opens window to benefits for plants, humans
21-12-05 (16:59)   Possible evidence found for Beagle 2 location
21-12-05 (16:59)   Mission to Mars via Antarctica
21-12-05 (16:59)   Antibody therapy promising for pediatric neuroblastoma
21-12-05 (16:59)   Successful first test for Vega's Zefiro 9 engine
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