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13-09-22 (00:26)   Huobi Obtains License to Operate in the British Virgin Islands, States There Is No Timetable for Expansion Into the United Kingdom Yet
13-09-22 (00:12)   Starbucks Announces New NFT Utility For Coffee Members
05-09-22 (23:12)   Crypto App Targeting Malware, Sharkbot Resurfaces On Google App Store
30-08-22 (21:26)   Crypto.com Mistakenly Sent $10.5 Million to Client Instead of a $100 Refund
30-08-22 (21:12)   OpenSea Turns Into NFT Ghost-Town After Volume Downs 99% In 3 Months
26-08-22 (18:43)   Founder Of Polygon, Sandeep Nailwal, Raises $50M For Web3 Fund
22-08-22 (20:57)   Gamestop NFT Daily Fee Income Falls Below $4,000 As Market Meltdown Spreads
18-08-22 (20:43)   South African Reserve Bank Supports Friendly Crypto Operations
15-08-22 (20:57)   Binance Receives Approval In-Principle to Operate in Kazakhstan
05-08-22 (15:12)   Portuguese Banks Begin Closing Of Crypto Accounts, Cites Risk Management Issues
04-08-22 (19:26)   NFT Tech Partners with Sony's Hawk-Eye Innovations to Strengthen Foothold in Sports NFTs
03-08-22 (19:43)   Robinhood's Crypto Unit Fined $30 Million By New York Financial Regulator
02-08-22 (14:57)   Cryptopunk's Volume Increased by 1,847% After Tiffany & Co. Launched a Special NFT Line.
25-07-22 (14:26)   Founders Of Three Arrows Speak Out On Why They Hid Amidst The Platform's Failure
22-07-22 (14:26)   Cardano Might Drop By 20% Despite Vasil Fork News Excitement
13-07-22 (21:12)   Founder of Three Arrows Capital Nowhere To Be Found According To Liquidators 
04-07-22 (23:12)   Cryptocurrency lender Vauld halts Withdrawals and Considers Restructuring
28-06-22 (18:57)   Bank of America Affirms investor interest hasn't been frozen despite concerns about the crypto winter.
28-06-22 (18:26)   The Sandbox Partners With Time Magazine to Launch the "Time Square" on the Metaverse
28-06-22 (01:26)   Ethereum Liquidity Provider XCarnival Recovers 50% Of Stolen ETH Through Negotiations
28-06-22 (00:57)   China's Blockchain Service Network (BNS) Chair Tags Bitcoin A Ponzi and Stablecoins Fine If Regulated
27-06-22 (20:26)   Banxa, an Australian crypto exchange, eliminates 70 jobs.
24-06-22 (22:26)   Solana to Launch New WEB3 Mobile Phone Project
24-06-22 (21:43)   Binance Seals New NFT Deal Involving Football Star, Cristiano Ronaldo
24-06-22 (21:26)   U.S. crypto firm Harmony hit by $100 Million Theft
24-06-22 (20:57)   Coinbase Launches First Crypto Derivatives Product Tailored Towards Retail Traders.
23-06-22 (23:26)   Apecoin Lost Around $2.5 Billion in Its Market Cap in May as Fear About Fading Investor Appetite Emerges
23-06-22 (22:57)   Polygon Price Rises by 60% In Four Days After Massive Matic Accumulation
23-06-22 (22:12)   Binance's CZ Says Crypto Price Fluctuations Normal as Industry Is Still Growing
23-06-22 (19:57)   Binance Launches Zero-Charge Bitcoin Trading for American Customers
23-06-22 (19:26)   New Solar-Powered Bitcoin Miner Launches Operations Despite Difficult Market
22-06-22 (22:57)   Central Bank of Qatar in "Foundation Stage" of Issuing Its Digital Currency
22-06-22 (22:57)   Tether to Launch New Pound Sterling-Backed Stablecoin
22-06-22 (21:57)   Coinbase Updates and Redesigns Mobile Wallet to Add Dapp Browser to Stay Ahead of Competition
22-06-22 (19:43)   Post-Merge Ethereum Centralization Concerns Validated by Vitalik Buterin
21-06-22 (23:26)   Defi Pioneer, Bancor, Under Fire for Pausing Impermanent Loss Protection Due to Hostile Market Conditions
21-06-22 (22:12)   Hublot Now Accepts Shiba Inu and Other Cryptocurrencies
21-06-22 (21:12)   Leading Solana NFT Marketplace, Magic Eden Raises $130M After Reaching $1.6B Valuation
21-06-22 (00:12)   Babel Has Been Granted a Reprieve From Debt Repayments
20-06-22 (23:57)   Solend to Reverse 'Emergency Power' Proposal in a Second Vote as Struggle to Solve Whale Liquidation Crisis Continues
20-06-22 (21:57)   Ex-Sushi CTO Raises $8 Million for Astaria, an NFT Lending Platform
18-06-22 (01:26)   Things to Know About Axie Infinity
17-06-22 (21:57)   Three Arrows Capital (3AC) Liquidated for Millions as It Fails to Meet Margin Calls
17-06-22 (20:12)   President Of Panama Suspends Crypto Bill Citing FATF Guidelines
17-06-22 (19:57)   Babel Finance Has Put a Halt to Withdrawals Due to a Lack of Liquidity
17-06-22 (19:26)   Musk Could Possibly Turn Twitter Into a Crypto Payment Platform
16-06-22 (22:57)   The Metaverse Could Be Worth About $5 Trillion by 2030 
16-06-22 (01:26)   NEXO Price Drops by 40% In Three Days as Fear From Defi Contagion and Insolvency Crypto Fund Grows
16-06-22 (00:43)   Why The NFT Bubble Isn't Sustainable Without Research Tools
16-06-22 (00:26)   NFTs, According to Bill Gates, are "100% based on bigger fool theory"
15-06-22 (20:43)   Opensea Marketplace Announces New Security Features to Protect Users From NFT Scams
15-06-22 (19:57)   Reasons Crypto Platform Celsius Appears to Be Insolvent
15-06-22 (19:12)   Binance Continues to Hire Despite Heavy Hits and Lay Offs From Other Exchanges
15-06-22 (01:57)   VeChain Foundation Lands $100 Million UFC Marketing Deal
15-06-22 (01:57)   Avaxfi, a Defi Lending Platform, Secures VC Funding From Zen Capital
15-06-22 (01:43)   Cryptocurrency Down Trend Continues As Crypto Market Cap Falls Below $1 Trillion
14-06-22 (19:43)   To Weather the Crypto Storm, Coinbase has Laid Off 18% of its Workforce 
14-06-22 (19:12)   Optimism Attacker Returns 17 Million Stolen OP Tokens
14-06-22 (18:57)   Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Set to Usurp SEC Domination of Crypto
13-06-22 (21:43)   Optimism Loses 20M Tokens Due to Exploitation of L1 and L2 Confusion
09-06-22 (22:12)   Goblintown, the Latest NFT That Has Taken Over NFT Marketplaces
09-06-22 (21:57)   PayPal to Allow Users to Transfer Crypto Externally as It Expands Its Crypto Offering
09-06-22 (01:43)   More Than 4M Sweatcoin Crypto Wallets Created Since the Launch of SWEAT Token in April
08-06-22 (23:57)   Stepn, A 'Move-To-Earn' Application Suffers Cyber Attack After Upgrade
08-06-22 (18:57)   BNB Price Could Drop 40% Following SEC's Investigation
08-06-22 (01:43)   $1B Lost in 2021 to Cryptocurrency Scams: Social Media's Role in Cryptocurrency Scams
08-06-22 (01:12)   Is Your NFT Investment at Risk? Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission Has Some Words of Warning
08-06-22 (00:57)   BNB Price Could Drop 40% Folllowing SEC's Investigation
08-06-22 (00:12)   Crypto Thief Who Stole $3 Million Worth of Cryptocurrency Arrested
07-06-22 (01:57)   What You Need to Know About Crypto Staking, Delegating, and Validating
07-06-22 (00:57)   OpenSea in Hot Water as Executive Charged With Insider Trading
07-06-22 (00:12)   South Korean Government Backs Metaverse by Investing Over $177 Million in It
06-06-22 (21:26)   New York AG Warns About Crypto Investments as Mining Moratorium May Come to New York
06-06-22 (18:43)   Japan: How Passing a Stablecoin Bill Protects Crypto Investors
03-06-22 (22:43)   Cryptocurrency Updates: Solana Falls by 12% After Network Outage, Bitcoin Falls as Feds Reduce Balance Sheet, Ethereum Tops NFT Sales With $27 Billion Sales.
03-06-22 (21:12)   Quantitative Tightening and its Implications for Crypto
02-06-22 (19:12)   Paradigm and Pace Capital Backs DAO Management Platform Network in $5M Seed Funding Round
02-06-22 (18:43)   The fight between Musk and Jackson Palmer: Dogecoin's Parents
02-06-22 (02:12)   Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT): What You Need to Know.
02-06-22 (01:57)   Cryptocurrency Becomes a Point of Focus in Nigeria's Elections
01-06-22 (23:57)   Resurgence in Major Cryptocurrencies as Cardano's ADA Leads With a 25% Spike
01-06-22 (23:12)   Shiba Inu Community Shocked as Founder Disappears From Social Media Without Notice
01-06-22 (22:43)   Digital Asset Tokenization Trial Begins in Singapore
01-06-22 (18:43)   Finance Leaders of G7 Nations Call for Immediate and Comprehensive Regulation of Crypto
01-06-22 (02:26)   How to Choose the Best NFT Marketplace: Opensea vs. Rarible
31-05-22 (22:43)   Binance Cleared to Operate in Italy After 2021 Ban
31-05-22 (20:26)   LUNA 2.0 Doesn't Seem Promising
31-05-22 (20:12)   One of Brazil's Leading Real Estate Companies, Gafisa, Accepts Crypto as a Form of Payment
28-05-22 (00:26)   Tether Joins the Polygon Network with Introduction of its Stablecoin
27-05-22 (23:26)   The NFT Fever Seems to Have Caught up With YouTube
27-05-22 (23:12)   Shiba Inu Expands Into Flight and Hotel Bookings 
27-05-22 (19:57)   Ether Accounts for About Half of $520M Liquidations Amid Weak On-Chain Data
27-05-22 (01:57)   Tether Seems to Have Found a New Home in Latin America With Mexican Peso-Pegged Stablecoin
26-05-22 (22:26)   Brazil's Citizens Will Pay Tax on Cryptocurrency Related Revenue.
26-05-22 (21:26)   Mastercard Aims to Expand More Into Cryptocurrency Despite Recent Market Meltdown
26-05-22 (19:43)   Blockstream Proposes a Whole New Type of Multisig Called ROAST
26-05-22 (01:26)   An Island for Cryptocurrency and DeFi Talent is Set to Open in the Central African Republic 
26-05-22 (00:57)   Russian Court Acknowledges Crypto as a Form of Payment
25-05-22 (18:43)   ECB Says Crypto May Become a Threat to Financial Stability
08-04-22 (11:43)   Honduran Special Economic Zone Adopts Bitcoin as Legal Tender
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