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28-08-14 (03:43)   Official Flipagram App Now Out For Windows Phone (FREE)
25-08-14 (03:12)   Angry Birds Stella Coming September 4th To Windows / Windows Phone 8
24-08-14 (21:57)   KinoConsole Out Now, Allowing You To Stream & Play PC Games On Windows Phone (FREE)
20-08-14 (20:43)   Xbox Title, Tentacles: Enter the Mind Now Officially Available For Windows/ Windows Phone 8 (FREE)
20-08-14 (04:12)   HTC ONE (M8) For Windows Officially Announced & Now Available For Verizon Wireless (Press Release)
17-08-14 (20:43)   GrimWar, A New Upcoming Action/Adventure Game, Coming Soon To Windows Phone
14-08-14 (04:57)   Major Mayhem By Rocket Jump & Adult Swim Games Now Bringing Mayhem To Windows Phone (FREE)
14-08-14 (04:12)   Ubisoft Xbox Title, Assassin's Creed: Pirates, Now Available On Both Windows & Windows Phone 8.1
13-08-14 (20:12)   Swarm, The Official New App From Foursquare ,Out Now For Windows Phone (FREE)
11-08-14 (18:26)   Surface Pro 3 Goes Head-To-Head With A MacBook Air In Latest Ad & Leaves It Up In Smoke (VIDEO)
09-08-14 (04:26)   Xbox Ubisoft Title Hungry Shark Evolution Out Now As Universal App For Windows/ Windows Phone 8 (FREE)
09-08-14 (03:43)   Gameloft's Ice Age Adventures Now Available For Windows/ Windows Phone 8 As An Universal App (FREE)
06-08-14 (14:12)   Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 Now Available For Those With Developer Preview, Official Changelog Here!
01-08-14 (05:12)   Official BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) App Now Available For Windows Phone 8 (FREE)
30-07-14 (19:57)   Windows Phone 8.1 Upcoming Update To Bring Live Folders & New Xbox Music Features & More!
29-07-14 (04:26)   Official Fitbit Now Available For Windows Phone 8.1! (FREE)
25-07-14 (03:26)   Angry Birds: Transformers & Angry Birds: Stella Comic-Con Reveal Trailers.. Coming Soon To Windows Phone (VIDEO)
25-07-14 (01:43)   Gameloft's Modern Combat 5: Blackout Now Turning The Lights On Windows/Windows Phone 8
25-07-14 (00:57)   Halo: Nightfall Official First Look Trailer (VIDEO)
23-07-14 (22:26)   Official Uber App Refreshed! Drives Right Into The Windows Phone Store (FREE)
19-07-14 (04:43)   Gameloft's Dungeon Gems RPG Puzzler Out Now For Windows/Windows Phone 8 (FREE)
19-07-14 (03:57)   Gameloft's Modern Combat 5: Blackout Launching On Windows/Windows Phone 8 July 24th! Check Out The Explosive Trailer (Video)
19-07-14 (03:12)   Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon Now Out For Windows/Windows Phone
17-07-14 (03:43)   INSTEON Windows Phone App To Enable Cortana Intergration For Voice Controlled Home Automation (Press Release)
15-07-14 (03:57)   Gameloft's Modern Combat 5: Blackout 30 Minute Multiplayer Gameplay, Coming Soon To Windows Phone/Windows 8 (Video)
15-07-14 (03:26)   Microsoft's "Project Adam" Live Stage Demo Featuring Cortana & An Actual Dog (Video)
14-07-14 (21:57)   Watch Microsoft's New Windows Phone Ad Featuring Instagram, OneDrive, Amazing Photos, & Cortana (VIDEO)
14-07-14 (20:57)   Microsoft Research Showcases Project Adam: A New Deep-Learning System (Video)
14-07-14 (02:43)   With Cortana Correctly Predicting 15 Out Of 16 Matches For FIFA World Cup 2014, We Think NFL Fantasy Football Predictions Should Be Next!
12-07-14 (21:12)   Dark Guardians, A Gorgeous New Runner/Rhythm Game Now Available For Windows Phone
07-07-14 (00:43)   Microsoft Presents Another "What The What? Moment" As 7 Xbox Games Are Delisted From The Windows 8 Store
06-07-14 (23:12)   SoulCraft 2 - League of Angels Action RPG Coming Soon To Windows/Windows Phone 8
06-07-14 (22:26)   Watch Nokia's Lumia 930 First Commercial Highlighting Microsoft's One Experience (VIDEO)
02-07-14 (15:57)   Official UPS Mobile App Now Available For Windows Phone (FREE)
02-07-14 (15:26)   Gameloft's Blitz Brigade, The Widely Popular Online Team-Based FPS Out Now For Windows Phone/Windows 8! (FREE)
02-07-14 (03:57)   The Witcher: Battle Arena, A Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, Coming Soon To Windows Phone (FREE)
02-07-14 (03:43)   Gameloft's Order & Chaos: Duels, An Online Collectible Trading Card Game, Now Available For Windows Phone/Windows 8 (FREE)
01-07-14 (00:43)   Gameloft's "Rival Knights" A New PVP Medieval Jousting Title, Out Now On Windows Phone/Windows 8 (FREE)
30-06-14 (05:12)   Windows Phone 8.1 To Feature Native Folder Support In A Future Update
27-06-14 (02:12)   Adobe Photoshop: Express Now Out For Windows Phone 8, Featuring Share To Instagram Feature (FREE)
25-06-14 (21:26)   Official Bing Rewards App For Windows Phone Now Available (FREE)
22-06-14 (04:26)   Tinder Client "6Tin" By Rudy Huyn Now Available For Windows Phone 8 (FREE)
22-06-14 (03:43)   Latest Windows Phone Ad Shows Just How It Brings The Best News Apps to Life (VIDEO)
20-06-14 (20:12)   Gameloft's Heroes of Order & Chaos MMORPG Out Now For Windows & Windows Phone 8 (FREE)
19-06-14 (19:12)   Gameloft's GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience Now Available For Windows Phone (FREE)
18-06-14 (19:43)   World's First Lumia Wireless Charging Pants Coming Soon
17-06-14 (21:43)   Official TRAINR Fitness App Now Out For Windows Phone (FREE)
17-06-14 (18:43)   Angry Birds Transformers Autobots Set To Roll Out Soon For Windows Phone
16-06-14 (22:57)   Xbox Title "ExZeus 2" By HyperDevbox Japan Now Available On Windows 8
16-06-14 (22:12)   Words With Friends Now Greatly Updated & Rereleased For Windows Phone 8 (FREE)
16-06-14 (17:12)   Andromeda Blue, A Real-Time Strategic Multiplayer Game Now Available Exclusively On Windows Phone (FREE)
13-06-14 (05:43)   Angry Birds Epic Now Unleashing Epic RPG Mayhem On Windows Phone (FREE)
11-06-14 (03:43)   Official ooVoo Video Call App Featuring FREE Video & Voice Calls Now Available For Windows Phone 8 (FREE)
11-06-14 (03:26)   The Official Seattle Times News App Makes Its Way To Windows/Windows Phone 8 (FREE)
11-06-14 (02:43)   Official Tim Hortons App "TimmyMe" Now Available For Windows Phone (FREE)
08-06-14 (21:57)   Gameloft's Spider-Man Unlimited Endless Runner Type Game Coming This Fall To Windows Phone (Video)
06-06-14 (05:26)   Surface Pro 3 TV Spot Shows Just Why It's The Tablet To Replace Your Laptop (Video)
06-06-14 (04:57)   Windows Phones Computex 2014 New Partners Devices Roundup & Specs
06-06-14 (04:43)   Disney's Dishes Out "Words Of Wonder" Game On Windows/Windows Phone As A Reoccuring Weekly Release Continues (FREE)
04-06-14 (20:26)   Watch Monday's June 9th Xbox Briefing At E3 2014 On Windows 8 With New Official App
04-06-14 (19:43)   Kabam's Fast & Furious 6 & Other Free-To-Play Mobile Games Coming To Windows Phone/Windows 8 (PRESS RELEASE)
04-06-14 (19:12)   Xbox Getting HBO GO,Twitter, Comedy Central & 45 New Apps Coming Soon
04-06-14 (02:43)   BADLAND, An Epic Award-Winning Action Adventure Game Now Available For Windows Phone 8
04-06-14 (02:26)   Watch Live Sports On The Go With The Official FOX Sports GO App For Windows 8 (FREE)
04-06-14 (01:43)   Xbox Title Secrets And Treasure: The Lost Cities A New Puzzler Game Now Available For Windows 8 (FREE)
03-06-14 (04:43)   Official Hotel Tonight App Now Available For Windows Phone (FREE)
01-06-14 (02:26)   Popular RTS Rise of Nations: Extended Edition Coming In June To Windows
31-05-14 (05:43)   Whats App?..Not Much, Other Than WhatsApp's Epic Return To The Windows Phone Store!!
31-05-14 (03:43)   Microsoft's Official File Management App "Files" Now Available For Windows Phone 8.1 (Free)
29-05-14 (05:26)   Official Windows Phone 8.1 "Help And Tips" App Now Available
28-05-14 (02:12)   Disney's Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Now Available For Windows/Windows Phone 8
27-05-14 (01:57)   Gameloft's New Medieval Jousting Title "Rival Knights" Coming Soon To Windows Phone (Video)
25-05-14 (23:26)   Gameloft's FPS Modern Combat 5: Blackout Hour Long Single Player Walkthrough..Coming Soon To Windows Phone (VIDEO)
25-05-14 (00:26)   Official Cinemark Theatres App Now Available For Windows Phone (FREE)
24-05-14 (22:43)   Andromeda Blue Multiplayer Exploration Game Release Eminent, Beta Now Available For Windows Phone
23-05-14 (04:57)   Globber's Escape Coming Soon To Windows Phone
23-05-14 (02:43)   President Of Lenovo's Mobile Division Confirms Plans To Release A Windows Phone Later This Year
23-05-14 (00:57)   Disney's Lost Light A New Puzzle Adventure, Now Available For Windows/ Windows Phone 8
21-05-14 (15:57)   June Xbox One System Update Walkthrough, External HDD Support Now Enabled (Video)
21-05-14 (15:43)   Microsoft Releases 2 New Feature Video's For Windows Phone 8.1 (VIDEO)
20-05-14 (20:12)   Microsoft Announces The Surface Pro 3, Pre-Orders Available Starting Tomorrow (Press Release)
18-05-14 (05:57)   Kellogg's Official Amazing Spider-Man 2 App Now Available For Windows Phone 8 (FREE)
16-05-14 (14:26)   EA & Respawn: Titanfall Companion App Now Available on the Windows Phone Store
16-05-14 (03:12)   INSTEON And Microsoft Team Up To Introduce Smart Home Control and Monitoring For Windows/ Windows Phone (Press Release)
16-05-14 (02:43)   Disney's Maleficent Free Fall, Landing Comfortably On Windows/ Windows Phone 8 (FREE)
15-05-14 (03:43)   Upcoming Xbox Windows 8 Title, Tentacles: Enter the Mind Has Soft Launch In Denmark..Coming Soon To The Rest Of The World
14-05-14 (21:43)   Nokia Treasure Tag Promo With New Jingle That Is Sure To Get Stuck In Your Head (Video)
14-05-14 (05:26)   Spotify Finally Updated With A New UI And Features Galore
12-05-14 (22:12)   Commando Jack, The Hit iOS Tower Defense Game, Now Available For Windows Phone 8 (FREE)
12-05-14 (21:57)   Gameloft's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Now Available For Windows Phone 8
12-05-14 (06:26)   A Glimpse Of What Microsoft's Upcoming Smartwatch Will Look Like
12-05-14 (06:12)   Fandango App For Windows Phone 8 Gets Redesign And New Features In Major Update
11-05-14 (22:57)   Disney's Jelly Car 3 Now Available For Windows 8!
11-05-14 (22:26)   Cortana Made To Help Power Home Automation Via Voice Commands (Video)
11-05-14 (03:57)   Nokia Post New "History In The Making Video" Celebrating The Microsoft Merger (Video)
11-05-14 (03:43)   Nokia Treasure Tag Mini WS-10 Shows Up On Nokia's Site
09-05-14 (18:26)   Microsoft Releases Yet Another Xbox Game With "Microsoft Treasure Hunt" For Windows 8 (FREE)
07-05-14 (22:12)   Xbox Title Kinectimals: Unleashed! Now Available On Windows/ Windows Phone 8 (FREE)
07-05-14 (18:26)   Gameloft's Blitz Brigade, A Free to Play FPS Coming Soon To Windows Phone
07-05-14 (01:12)   Wordament Snap Attack Xbox Live Title Now Available For Windows/ Windows Phone (FREE)
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