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19-08-19 (14:47)   Google stops sharing your network data with carriers over privacy concerns
19-08-19 (14:47)   CHEAP: Ugh, $80 for this Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker is a DISGUSTING deal
19-08-19 (14:47)   The latest claim to Satoshi Nakamoto is the stupidest one yet
19-08-19 (14:18)   Binance to launch a blockchain for fiat-backed stablecoins, but who even cares?
19-08-19 (14:18)   How 'The Equal Edit' campaign is improving gender equality in Swedish history on Wikipedia
19-08-19 (14:01)   Get More Impressions, Sales, and Downloads With This $13 Facebook Marketing Course
19-08-19 (14:01)   Vitalik Buterin: Using Ethereum is expensive, and its blockchain is 'almost full'
19-08-19 (13:32)   Pure cringe: UK ISP has the worst excuse for storing passwords in plaintext ever
19-08-19 (13:18)   Want to speak at tech conferences? Here's everything you need to know to get on stage
19-08-19 (12:32)   Minecraft with ray tracing looks so good I actually want to play it
19-08-19 (11:32)   China is paying Twitter to publish propaganda against Hong Kong protesters
19-08-19 (11:18)   Satoshi Nakaboto: 'Bitcoin trading volume hits 111-day low'
19-08-19 (11:01)   Moonday Mornings: Coinbase stored 3,420 passwords in plain text
19-08-19 (10:18)   Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo team up to create an AirDrop competitor
19-08-19 (09:47)   Tim Cook makes a 'compelling' argument to Trump for exempting Apple from tariffs
19-08-19 (07:32)   23 state agencies across Texas succumb to a 'coordinated ransomware attack'
18-08-19 (17:18)   Facebook should stop trying to disrupt payments with Libra and focus on repair
18-08-19 (16:18)   AI won't automate cybersecurity - but it'll improve the solutions we already have
18-08-19 (14:01)   Get Google Analytics-savvy with this $14 course
18-08-19 (12:18)   Just putting it out there: I still buy MP3s
18-08-19 (11:32)   Satoshi Nakaboto: 'Serious money warming to Bitcoin'
18-08-19 (11:18)   Dinosaur egg bonanza gives vital clues about prehistoric parenting
17-08-19 (21:47)   Skills Every Ambitious Tech Professional Will Need in 2020
17-08-19 (19:18)   We're now polluting the moon with near indestructible little creatures
17-08-19 (17:18)   Microchipping your employees will always be dehumanizing - and pointless
17-08-19 (14:18)   CHEAP: HAHAHAHAHA. There's 80% discount on the JBL Under Armour Sports Wireless
17-08-19 (11:47)   Satoshi Nakaboto: 'A day of consolidation in Bitcoin'
17-08-19 (01:01)   Here's the stupid reason Elon Musk wants to nuke Mars
17-08-19 (00:32)   Scientists invent robotic biker shorts that help you walk and run
16-08-19 (21:47)   Your hiring process is broken - here's how to fix it
16-08-19 (21:32)   Damn near everyone is queer in the Borderlands franchise and I'm here for it
16-08-19 (21:01)   Xbox confirms Project Scarlett is the only console it has in the works
16-08-19 (18:32)   A beginner's guide to cryptocurrency feuds for curious Bitcoin newbies
16-08-19 (18:01)   The OPPO Reno 2 packs four cameras and supports 20x zoom
16-08-19 (17:01)   NotJordanPeterson lets you generate uncannily realistic Jordan Peterson sound bites
16-08-19 (16:47)   'Full-time #crypto trader' gets 20 months in prison for selling stolen data for Bitcoin
16-08-19 (16:01)   Implanting AI chips in your mind could cause you to lose yourself, says scientist
16-08-19 (15:47)   PaMu's Slide wireless earphones (mostly) live up to the hype
16-08-19 (15:32)   Critical KNOB exploit penetrates gaping Bluetooth vulnerability
16-08-19 (15:18)   CHEAP: No dongle, no problem. Samsung's Gear IconX wireless earbuds are $70 (64% off)
16-08-19 (14:32)   Nvidia's GPU sales finally 'normalize' after its crypto-mining craze
16-08-19 (14:01)   Learn how to optimize your site for just $12.99
16-08-19 (14:01)   Software giant Oracle sues blockchain startup over similar name
16-08-19 (13:32)   Google study says people are still using old passwords after being compromised
16-08-19 (13:18)   Here's how we should design companion robots
16-08-19 (13:01)   Google and Apple are courting the education sector with new tools for students
16-08-19 (12:47)   Twitter is testing a safety feature to detect and hide offensive DMs
16-08-19 (11:32)   How to report fake news on Instagram
16-08-19 (11:18)   Satoshi Nakaboto: 'Bitcoin market cap rivals world's largest beer company'
16-08-19 (11:18)   9 green technologies small business should consider
16-08-19 (11:01)   Tech journalist breaks first rule of holding cryptocurrency, loses $30,000
16-08-19 (08:47)   Apple will soon treat online web tracking the same as a security vulnerability
16-08-19 (07:32)   Twitter invests in ShareChat, an Indian social network for regional language users
16-08-19 (03:47)   Lobbying group takes out full-page ads to prove Beyond Meat's veggie burger is unhealthy - but it's not
16-08-19 (03:47)   Project Veritas and 'whistle-blower' published bullshit 'data-leak' to dox Google employees
16-08-19 (02:18)   The iPhone 11 could launch September 10, according to an iOS 13 clue
16-08-19 (01:01)   Here's how to find 'Ignored' games in your Steam collection
16-08-19 (00:47)   5 ad hacks for apps looking to capitalize on strong retargeting strategies
15-08-19 (23:18)   4 expert e-commerce hacks for more efficient multi-channel management
15-08-19 (21:01)   Hands-on: The Unihertz Titan is a delightful homage to the BlackBerry Passport
15-08-19 (20:01)   PS4's new Dualshock colors include a 'Rose Gold' that's totally just pink
15-08-19 (19:47)   Logitech G debuts gorgeous new G815 and G915 mechanical gaming keyboards
15-08-19 (19:47)   Google Assistant can now nag your family with assignable reminders
15-08-19 (17:18)   Harry Potter: Wizards Unite's lack of accessibility is turning us into muggles
15-08-19 (15:01)   For $20, you can do video green screening without the Hollywood budget
15-08-19 (14:47)   CHEAP: Crop recklessly with 42% off Sony's 42-megapixel A7R III camera
15-08-19 (14:32)   BBC's English language lesson about cryptocurrency isn't terrible
15-08-19 (14:18)   Russia wants to boost transparency with blockchain - are you kidding me?
15-08-19 (14:01)   How to create professional-looking marketing emails for under $20
15-08-19 (14:01)   WhatsApp played a big role in the Nigerian election - not all of it was bad
15-08-19 (14:01)   Huawei is delaying its Mate X foldable launch until November
15-08-19 (13:32)   Project Veritas releases 'internal documents' from Google and alleges anti-conservative bias
15-08-19 (13:18)   UK's handling of lampposts shows how not to implement 5G and self-driving cars
15-08-19 (12:01)   Huawei is building its own Google Maps (and Yandex and Booking.com are already on board)
15-08-19 (11:47)   Satoshi Nakaboto: 'Bitcoin falls back to $10,000'
15-08-19 (11:32)   Study: Teens get the news from YouTubers and not news outlets
15-08-19 (11:18)   Threatened much? Bank industry expected to invest a metric fuckton of cash in blockchain
15-08-19 (11:18)   The IRS won't stop until it collects all the cryptocurrency tax it's owed
15-08-19 (09:32)   This startup's 'AI' to build your apps is just a bunch of human devs
15-08-19 (08:18)   Apple's 2019 flagships could be the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max
15-08-19 (07:47)   Capital One hacker suspected to have stolen data from 30 other companies
15-08-19 (01:32)   Nintendo seems to be striking its music off YouTube, and that sucks
15-08-19 (01:18)   Microsoft Edge can now read aloud websites with human-like voices
15-08-19 (00:01)   Boosting a single brain molecule reduced anxiety in lab monkeys
14-08-19 (22:47)   This spooky Monero-mining malware waits to be controlled remotely
14-08-19 (22:32)   Researchers discover malware that records users' screens when they watch porn
14-08-19 (21:18)   Facebook's group privacy settings actually make sense now
14-08-19 (20:18)   LGBTQ+ creators file lawsuit against YouTube for discrimination
14-08-19 (18:32)   TikTok is flooded by scammers promoting adult sites
14-08-19 (18:01)   ING survey ironically finds Austrians are skeptical of Bitcoin
14-08-19 (17:18)   Meet experts from Ripple, Consensys, and more at Hard Fork Summit 2019
14-08-19 (15:47)   Why developers shouldn't fear Friday code deployments
14-08-19 (15:18)   Mired in debt, WeWork files for IPO
14-08-19 (14:47)   CHEAP: Still your beating heart. The Apple Watch Series 3 GPS is $199
14-08-19 (14:32)   Ugh finally, Samsung adds support for Bitcoin in Blockchain KeyStore
14-08-19 (14:01)   Darwin Mail will tidy up your inbox and keep it clean for $30
14-08-19 (14:01)   3D printing with moondust could be the key to setting up a colony on the moon
14-08-19 (14:01)   UK ad watchdog scorns BitMEX over Bitcoin's 10th birthday 'celebration'
14-08-19 (13:47)   PSA: Update your Windows machine now to fix 29 Critical security vulnerabilities
14-08-19 (13:32)   Humans have been listening to our 'AI-transcribed' conversations for over a decade
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