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08-04-20 (08:47)   Psychedelic mushrooms could affect the brain long after their active ingredient leaves the system
08-04-20 (08:01)   Don't believe the hype: Why skepticism is increasingly important for VCs
08-04-20 (02:32)   Netflix adds PINs to profiles so I can stop freeloaders from screwing up my recommendations
08-04-20 (02:18)   Facebook launches Tuned, a scrapbook messaging app just for couples (with iPhones)
08-04-20 (02:01)   Psychedelic mushrooms could affect the brain long after its active ingredient leaves the system
08-04-20 (01:47)   New US Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany ran a racist, right-wing conspiracy blog
08-04-20 (00:01)   Sony unveils the DualSense, the PlayStation 5's stunning controller
07-04-20 (23:32)   Parents are using Apple's FaceTime to bond with newborns as hospitals tighten visitation rules
07-04-20 (21:47)   Someone trained an AI on BDSM literature so it could remix the King James Bible
07-04-20 (20:32)   Facebook Gaming launches Tournaments as part of its social distancing campaign
07-04-20 (19:18)   Facebook apologizes after AI blocks posts about DIY coronavirus masks
07-04-20 (18:32)   How to make lemonade out of shit
07-04-20 (17:18)   WeWork sues SoftBank for scrapping its $3 billion rescue deal
07-04-20 (17:01)   Holy sheet: How to track your stock portfolio with Google Sheets
07-04-20 (15:32)   Microsoft Edge overtakes Firefox - but good luck dethroning Chrome
07-04-20 (15:32)   Daily Distraction: Here are some free ebooks for your lockdown, nerd
07-04-20 (15:01)   Ride hailing apps like Uber linked to increased crashes, study finds
07-04-20 (15:01)   Research: Ancient Japan's red flying pheasant may have been an aurora
07-04-20 (14:32)   This $20 design tool helps boost your portfolio and land more clients
07-04-20 (14:32)   Researchers want your voice to train coronavirus-detecting AI
07-04-20 (14:01)   Your smartphone is covered in germs - and this portable sterilizer kills them all in minutes.
07-04-20 (13:18)   Your boobs are about to be disrupted - here's why
07-04-20 (12:18)   Huawei's first OLED TV looks insane - but I'm not sure I want one
07-04-20 (11:18)   Satoshi Nakaboto: 'Bitcoin climbs above $7,000 for the first time since the coronavirus meltdown'
07-04-20 (10:47)   Alternative electrode materials could unlock the secret to faster-charging EV batteries
07-04-20 (10:18)   Scaling your ecommerce startup in the age of Amazon
07-04-20 (10:01)   Why the coronavirus lockdown makes you more vulnerable to phishing scams
07-04-20 (09:01)   WhatsApp limits message forwarding to only one person at a time
07-04-20 (08:47)   Uber launches a 'Work hub' to help drivers find alternative jobs as rides slow down
07-04-20 (08:18)   6 fatal mistakes made by ad tech giants in the 2010s - and what they can teach you
07-04-20 (07:18)   Blossom Capital launches $5M angel program to invest in 20 European startups
07-04-20 (02:18)   How to use Google Maps' new Takeout and Delivery shortcuts
07-04-20 (01:32)   The Pixel 4 can now require your eyes to be open for face unlock to work
07-04-20 (01:18)   This smart toilet offers advanced poop analysis and analprinting
07-04-20 (01:18)   Google launches coronavirus news hub to keep reliable coverage in one place
06-04-20 (23:18)   Animal Crossing: New Horizons player masterfully recreates 'Hyrule' from The Legend of Zelda
06-04-20 (22:01)   AI can't predict a child's future success, no matter how much data we give it
06-04-20 (20:47)   MSI's new premium laptop beat Apple to Mini LED displays
06-04-20 (20:47)   NYC classrooms cancel Zoom after trolls make 'Zoombombing' a thing
06-04-20 (20:18)   Zoom execs dumped millions in company stock before shit hit the fan
06-04-20 (19:47)   Life imitating art: Quarantined people remix famous paintings with household items
06-04-20 (19:18)   MIT researchers use AI to turn the coronavirus into a haunting melody
06-04-20 (16:18)   Daily Distraction: Learn to play an instrument during lockdown
06-04-20 (16:18)   Polish electric vehicle advocate lobbies for EV emoji, because why not?
06-04-20 (15:32)   Coronavirus is growing exponentially - here's what the numbers mean
06-04-20 (15:18)   AI reveals that mice's faces express a range of emotions - just like humans
06-04-20 (14:47)   Uber India starts delivering groceries amid coronavirus crisis
06-04-20 (14:01)   Socialii makes social media management a lot more manageable.
06-04-20 (14:01)   Bill Gates to fund 7 coronavirus vaccines for quicker results, likely 'wasting' billions
06-04-20 (13:32)   Is it ethical to buy non-essential items online during the coronavirus lockdown?
06-04-20 (12:18)   How Ford Australia is solving car-servicing during coronavirus pandemic
06-04-20 (10:47)   Use this 4-step method to block unwanted thoughts and improve focus
06-04-20 (10:18)   4 reasons why startups need to create a strategic narrative
06-04-20 (10:01)   Ebikes and e-scooters legalized in New York, delivery drivers first to benefit
06-04-20 (10:01)   5 easy stretch routines to make working from home more bearable
06-04-20 (09:01)   Apple is making million face shields per week to help health workers
06-04-20 (08:18)   Designing for cognitive accessibility: Where to begin
06-04-20 (07:47)   Watch: How Tesla engineers are building a ventilator using car parts
05-04-20 (19:18)   Coronavirus pandemic has unleashed a wave of cyber attacks - here's how to protect yourself
05-04-20 (16:01)   5 messaging tips to help brand marketers navigate the pitfalls of coronavirus
05-04-20 (14:18)   Supermassive black holes: How did they grow so fast?
05-04-20 (07:18)   Self-supervised learning is the future of AI
04-04-20 (17:18)   The future of black hole images is bright
04-04-20 (13:01)   If you're at a professional crossroads, this software engineering training might help.
04-04-20 (11:18)   Machine language: The definitive guide to chatbot terminology
04-04-20 (01:32)   How to disinfect your laptop screen and keyboard
04-04-20 (00:18)   Dutch & Dutch 8c Review: Super high-end speakers with the best bass I've ever heard
03-04-20 (23:32)   Watch movies with your friends via Discord's livestreaming feature
03-04-20 (19:47)   Project Tempo is Amazon's answer to Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud
03-04-20 (17:18)   Daily Distraction: How to watch shows and movies with your friends online
03-04-20 (16:47)   Scientists are using AI to predict which coronavirus patients need ventilators
03-04-20 (16:18)   Children are leading archaeological investigations in Scotland - and enriching whole communities
03-04-20 (16:01)   A Cats butthole cut 'trailer' is out - an analysis of its alternative reality
03-04-20 (15:18)   Zoom is a godforsaken mess - but it can be fixed
03-04-20 (14:32)   SEC stalls 'anti-competitive' NYSE plan to sell super-fast connections to traders
03-04-20 (14:01)   Jaamly can help make sure your app is approved by Apple and seen by the world.
03-04-20 (14:01)   WooCommerce is driving millions of online sales each day. Here's how to get your piece of the action.
03-04-20 (12:47)   How my first digital date helped me survive self-isolation
03-04-20 (12:18)   Roses are red, violets are blue, Google wants that sweet coronavirus ad money too
03-04-20 (12:18)   Satoshi Nakaboto: 'Bitcoin exchanges see user influx since coronavirus outbreak'
03-04-20 (11:32)   Here's all the free content you can watch on HBO during the coronavirus crisis
03-04-20 (10:47)   Nobody likes Cranky Chris: 5 tips to help you sleep during the coronavirus crisis
03-04-20 (09:18)   Google is releasing your anonymized location data to help health officials with coronavirus containment
03-04-20 (08:18)   DevOps isn't enough - your team needs to embrace FleetOps
03-04-20 (08:01)   Disney+ finally arrives in India after a month's delay
03-04-20 (02:01)   Apple's new iPhone SE reportedly launching April 3
03-04-20 (01:47)   How to make the switch to Facebook's new design right now
03-04-20 (01:47)   Coronavirus-related cyberattacks are booming with more than 2,600 new threats each day
02-04-20 (23:47)   Apple accidentally leaks AirTags, its Tile-like item tracker
02-04-20 (22:18)   The Last of Us Part II delayed thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic
02-04-20 (19:18)   Facebook launches standalone Messenger desktop app
02-04-20 (18:47)   Social media interest is spiking worldwide - except for LinkedIn
02-04-20 (18:32)   Intel's 10th Gen H-Series CPUs mean 5GHz+ laptops for gamers and creators
02-04-20 (18:18)   WeWork founder threatens to sue SoftBank over scrapped $3B rescue deal
02-04-20 (18:18)   How AI can determine which coronavirus patients require hospitalization
02-04-20 (17:18)   6 common misconceptions about UX/UI designers
02-04-20 (16:18)   Washington state passes Microsoft-approved facial recognition laws
02-04-20 (16:01)   Daily Distraction: Harry Potter and the free Audiobook
02-04-20 (15:01)   With Photoshop and Lightroom, you can do almost anything with a photo. This training explains how.
02-04-20 (14:47)   Why it's almost impossible to insure these 5 emerging technologies
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