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08-12-05 (03:25)   IT Vendors Promote Service Component Architecture (SCA)
25-11-05 (15:25)   RM4GS Open Source Middleware Supports Reliable Messaging for Grid Services
12-11-05 (17:25)   Open Invention Network Collects Patents to Promote Royalty-Free Linux
10-11-05 (05:25)   Business Rules and Web Architecture: W3C Creates Rule Interchange Format WG
29-10-05 (09:54)   IBM Submits Web Services Polling (WS-Polling) Specification to W3C
22-10-05 (06:54)   Free OpenOffice.org 2.0 Office Suite Supports OASIS OpenDocument Format
15-10-05 (06:25)   First Release of the U.S. National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)
14-10-05 (05:54)   IBM and SAP AG Release WS-BPEL Extension for Sub-Processes (BPEL-SPE)
05-10-05 (01:25)   Sun Patent Non-Assertion Covenant for OpenDocument Offers Model for Standards
03-10-05 (18:25)   OASIS Members Form Web Services Transaction (WS-TX) Technical Committee
26-09-05 (23:25)   Massachusetts Supports OASIS OpenDocument in Final Reference Model V3.5
19-09-05 (02:54)   WS-Management Specifications Submitted to DMTF for Standardization
13-09-05 (13:54)   OASIS Advances CAP and Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) Specifications
13-09-05 (04:25)   W3C Publishes QA Handbook and Related Quality Assurance Specifications
27-08-05 (07:54)   IBM and SAP AG Propose WS-BPEL Extension for People (BPEL4People)
26-08-05 (01:25)   DITA Open Toolkit 1.1: A Reference Implementation for OASIS DITA 1.0
19-08-05 (18:25)   Initiatives Ramp Up Work on XML Naming and Design Rules Specifications
12-08-05 (18:25)   Business Narrative Markup Language (BNML) Proposed for eContracts
11-08-05 (13:25)   Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) Announces Patent Commons Project
02-08-05 (11:54)   OASIS Members Form SOA Adoption Blueprints Technical Committee
17-07-05 (01:24)   IETF Atom Syndication Format Specification Declared Ready for Implementation
15-07-05 (11:24)   Microsoft and IBM Announce Submission of Security Specifications to OASIS
12-07-05 (21:24)   Final Release of the Java XML Digital Signature API Specification (JSR 105)
09-07-05 (09:53)   New Unicode Consortium Technical Report on Unicode Security Considerations
06-07-05 (20:24)   OGC Releases GML Simple Features Profile Specification for Review
01-07-05 (12:53)   W3C Publishes XML Key Management Specification (XKMS) 2.0 Recommendation
29-06-05 (04:53)   Candidate Recommendation for Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) 2.1
21-06-05 (21:24)   U.S. Interagency FEA DRM Working Group Releases Draft XML Schema
17-06-05 (10:53)   DERI Announces Submission of Web Services Modeling Ontology (WSMO) to W3C
16-06-05 (06:24)   Sun Service Registry for SOA Supports UDDI 3.0 and ebXML Registry 3.0 Standards
15-06-05 (01:24)   DMTF Releases Draft Server Management Command Line Protocol Specification (SMASH CLP)
07-06-05 (08:24)   Eclipse Announces Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) Version 1.0
02-06-05 (22:24)   Microsoft Announces Adoption of XML for Default File Formats in 'Office 12'
27-05-05 (19:53)   New Release of Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) from SourceForge
25-05-05 (13:24)   W3C Workshop to Address Improved Interoperability of Schema-Aware Software
20-05-05 (10:24)   OASIS Advances Common Alerting Protocol and Emergency Data Exchange Language
17-05-05 (04:24)   Microsoft and Sun Publish Web Single Sign-On (SSO) Identity Specifications
13-05-05 (05:24)   W3C Proposed Recommendation for XML Key Management Specification (XKMS 2.0)
11-05-05 (06:24)   W3C Mobile Web Initiative to Define Best Practices and 'mobileOK' Trustmark
06-05-05 (20:53)   Open Archives Initiative Releases Specification for Conveying Rights Expressions
04-05-05 (12:24)   Call for Participation in the OASIS Web Services Reliable Exchange (WS-RX) TC
04-05-05 (03:53)   Globus Toolkit Version 4.0 Features Support for Key Web Services Standards
30-04-05 (19:53)   OASIS TC Addresses Software Deployment, Configuration, and Lifecycle Management
30-04-05 (08:53)   First Public Working Draft for XML Linking Language (XLink) Version 1.1
28-04-05 (07:24)   Orbeon Submits XML Pipeline Language (XPL) Version 1.0 to W3C
26-04-05 (07:53)   SweetRules Open Source Platform for Semantic Web Rules Supports Web Services
21-04-05 (06:53)   IESG Issues Last Call Review for Atom Syndication Format as a Proposed Standard
19-04-05 (17:53)   OASIS TC to Finalize WS-ReliableMessaging and WS-RM Policy Assertion Specifications
15-04-05 (04:24)   W3C Request for Review of SVG's XML Binding Language (sXBL) Working Draft
12-04-05 (21:24)   Liberty Releases Contact Book, Geo-Location, and Presence Interface Specifications
09-04-05 (05:24)   OASIS Releases Extensible Resource Identifier (XRI) Specification for Review
05-04-05 (05:24)   OASIS Entity Resolution TC Releases XML Catalogs V1.1 for Public Review
01-04-05 (05:53)   Adobe Systems Announces Release of IPTC Core Schema for XMP
30-03-05 (06:24)   W3C Releases Survey of RDF/Topic Maps Interoperability Proposals Working Draft
25-03-05 (20:24)   Massachusetts Releases Enterprise Technical Reference Model Version 3.0
25-03-05 (00:53)   Call for Participation in the Extreme Markup Languages Conference 2005
22-03-05 (06:53)   Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Publishes DCMI Abstract Model
19-03-05 (04:24)   Fedora Version 2.0 Open-Source Repository Supports XML and Web Services
18-03-05 (06:53)   W3C Publishes First Requirements Working Draft for Compound Document Formats
15-03-05 (04:24)   Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) V2.0 Approved as OASIS Standard
11-03-05 (18:53)   OGC Launches Initiative to Support GML Metadata Encoding in JPEG 2000 Image Files
08-03-05 (04:24)   ODRL Initiative Releases Draft Specification of ODRL Creative Commons Profile
02-03-05 (17:24)   Apache Releases New Version of Open Source Lenya Content Management System
01-03-05 (05:24)   IESG Announces Proposed IETF Working Group for Language Tag Registry Update
24-02-05 (02:53)   OASIS Ballots WSDM Specification for Approval as an OASIS Standard
22-02-05 (02:53)   W3C Announces Workshop on Rule Languages for Interoperability
18-02-05 (21:53)   New Release of Web Services Reliable Messaging Protocol (WS-ReliableMessaging)
17-02-05 (22:24)   OASIS Darwin Information Typing Architecture TC Approves DITA Version 1.0
16-02-05 (22:24)   W3C and IETF Publish New Standards Supporting the Internationalized Web
14-02-05 (21:24)   OASIS Approves ebXML Registry Version 3.0 Committee Draft for Public Review
11-02-05 (21:53)   Liberty Identity Web Services Framework (ID-WSF) Supports SAML Version 2.0
11-02-05 (20:24)   W3C Hosts Open Workshop on Frameworks for Semantics in Web Services
10-02-05 (02:24)   W3C Publishes Candidate Recommendation for xml:id Universal Identifier
09-02-05 (06:53)   OASIS Creates TC to Define Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Reference Model
02-02-05 (14:24)   OASIS Consortium Members Approve UDDI Version 3 as an OASIS Standard
02-02-05 (05:24)   NIST and NSA Release XML-Based XCCDF Specification for Security Checklists
01-02-05 (02:53)   XML Naming and Design Rules Specifications Published by OASIS, UN/CEFACT, and Navy CIO
27-01-05 (23:24)   Sun Releases Solaris Operating System and 1600 Patents under CDDL Open Source License
26-01-05 (03:24)   W3C Web Services Recommendations Support Faster Binary Data Transmission
21-01-05 (23:24)   IBM alphaWorks Releases Web Services Interface Definition for Intrusion Defense
21-01-05 (05:53)   W3C Releases Revised Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P v1.1) Specification
19-01-05 (02:24)   Independent Developers Release Draft Version of RSS 1.1 (RDF Site Summary)
14-01-05 (04:53)   IBM Proposes a Patent Commons for Royalty-Free Open Source Software Development
12-01-05 (08:53)   W3C Forms Internationalization Tag Set Working Group with Rechartered I18N Activity
06-01-05 (19:24)   XTech 2005 Conference Adds New Tracks for Browser Technology and Open Data
05-01-05 (00:53)   OASIS Releases OpenDocument 1.0 Committee Draft Specification for Public Review
01-01-05 (01:24)   Science Commons Develops Legal and Technical Tools for Sharing Scientific Innovation
30-12-04 (03:24)   Last Call for W3C Web Services Choreography Description Language (WS-CDL)
24-12-04 (19:53)   OASIS Technical Committee Advances Business Transaction Protocol (BTP) Specification
21-12-04 (23:24)   W3C Launches Patents and Standards Interest Group With Patent Policy Activity
21-12-04 (01:53)   XML Inclusions (XInclude) Version 1.0 Published as a W3C Recommendation
17-12-04 (22:53)   IDA eProcurement XML Schemas Initiative Announces Review of Data Models and Schemas
15-12-04 (22:24)   'Architecture of the World Wide Web, Volume One' Released as a W3C Recommendation
14-12-04 (02:24)   OASIS WSDM TC Approves Web Services Distributed Management Specs for Public Review
10-12-04 (22:53)   New National Weather Service Policy Supports Open Internet-Based Standards
09-12-04 (05:53)   W3C Publishes Three Initial Working Drafts for Web Services Addressing
06-12-04 (18:53)   IDA Releases European Interoperability Framework for Pan-European E-Government Services
03-12-04 (03:24)   Sun Microsystems and Microsoft Provide Progress Report on Technical Collaboration Agreement
02-12-04 (02:24)   OWL Web Ontology Language for Services (OWL-S) Specification Submitted to W3C
01-12-04 (02:53)   RM4GS Open Source Middleware Supports Reliable Messaging for Grid Services
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