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22-12-05 (22:55)   Yale and the Museum of Modern Art Team Up to Honor the Late Philip Johnson
22-12-05 (22:55)   Yale Psychiatrist Receives NIMH Merit Award
22-12-05 (21:24)   MicroRNA Gene that Regulates Lifespan Found by Yale Scientists
22-12-05 (21:24)   Yale Environment Dean Wins Book Award for Nonfiction
20-12-05 (22:24)   Patient Outcomes Linked to Biomarker Levels with Quantitative Technology
20-12-05 (22:24)   Chronic Disability in Older Americans Greatly Overestimated
19-12-05 (16:24)   Switching to New Anti-Bacterial Targets: Riboswitches
19-12-05 (16:24)   Yale BioHaven Entrepreneurship Seminar Series Launched: Commercializing Medical Devices
19-12-05 (16:24)   Short-Term Survival Rates Better for U.S. Vs. Canadian Heart Failure Patients
15-12-05 (17:55)   Genetic Clues to Sodalis Deepens Knowledge of Bacterial Diseases
15-12-05 (17:55)   Yale Professor Stephen Anderson Elected President of Linguistic Society
15-12-05 (17:55)   UNICEF Report Shows Disabled Children at Serious Risk
15-12-05 (17:55)   Yale Scientists Decipher "Wiring Pattern" of Cell Signaling Networks
14-12-05 (16:24)   Fox International Fellowship Program Expands
13-12-05 (16:55)   Yale Receives Ford Foundation Grant for "Difficult Dialogue" Program
09-12-05 (20:24)   Yale Literature Professor Wins MLA Award
09-12-05 (20:24)   T-Rays: New Imaging Technology Spotlighted by American Chemical Society
09-12-05 (20:24)   Yale Welcomes Ciao Bella Gelato Co. to Downtown New Haven
09-12-05 (20:24)   Yale School of Medicine Focuses Top Scientists on Neurodegenerative Diseases
09-12-05 (20:24)   ADHD Medication Might Also Treat Hyperactivity Symptoms in Autism
07-12-05 (16:55)   Forum on Climate and Disease December 9 and 10
07-12-05 (16:55)   Relationship Between Incarceration and Race Disparities in U.S. HIV Rates Explored
07-12-05 (15:55)   Yale's Schoelkopf Elected to Fellowship in American Physical Society
07-12-05 (15:55)   Galaxy Collisions Dominate the Local Universe
06-12-05 (17:24)   Racial Minority Participation in Clinical Trials Increase with Information and Access
06-12-05 (17:24)   Yale Public Health Professor Elected President of Society for Epidemiologic Research
06-12-05 (17:24)   Yale Professor is President-Elect of American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine
05-12-05 (16:24)   Yale School of Medicine Helps Establish National Neuroscience Network
05-12-05 (16:24)   Yale Music Department Honors Two Esteemed Professors in Conference
01-12-05 (16:55)   Memorial Symposium Scheduled at Yale to Honor D. Allan Bromley
01-12-05 (16:55)   Yale University and Peking University Launch New Undergraduate Program in Beijing
01-12-05 (16:55)   $3.2 Million MERIT Award for Study on Disability and Recovery in Older Persons
30-11-05 (16:55)   New Evidence Supports Century-Old Theory of Cancer Spread
30-11-05 (16:55)   Connecticut Venture Group Conference Spotlights Yale Spin-off Companies
29-11-05 (19:55)   Yale Students Win Three Rhodes and Five Marshall Scholarships
28-11-05 (15:24)   Major Ovarian Cancer Clinical Study Announced at Yale Using Combination Drug Therapy
28-11-05 (15:24)   Pepper Center Awards Support Research Related to Aging
23-11-05 (18:24)   Yale Engineers Make Standardized Bulk Synthesis of Nanowires Possible
23-11-05 (18:24)   Sleep Apnea Significantly Increases Risk for Stroke and Death
22-11-05 (16:55)   Grant Will Fund Study of Tics and Tourette Syndrome
22-11-05 (16:55)   Former Chiefs of State John Major and Ernesto Zedillo to Talk at Yale
21-11-05 (15:55)   November 21 Marks First National Public Health Thank You Day
21-11-05 (15:55)   Re: Possible new trial for Andrea Yates
21-11-05 (15:55)   Hill Health Center and Yale Host Rededication of Eye Clinic
18-11-05 (17:55)   Study Has Implications for Vaccine Design and Autoimmune Diseases
18-11-05 (17:55)   Public Health Professor Awarded 2005 Labelle Lectureship in Health Services Research
17-11-05 (15:55)   Yale Researcher Receives Over $3 Million in Grants for Substance Abuse Research
17-11-05 (15:55)   Sleeping Sickness Parasite Shows How Cells Divide their Insides
17-11-05 (15:55)   Panel at Yale Will Examine Issues of Women and Health Care
16-11-05 (17:24)   Gilder Lehrman Center Hosts Lecture on Yesterday's Abolitionists/Today's Fundamentalists
16-11-05 (17:24)   Yale Expert in Early Risk Assessment for Down Syndrome to Comment on FASTER Trial
16-11-05 (17:24)   Best-Selling Author Robert Kaplan Will Speak at Yale
16-11-05 (17:24)   Research on Premature Birth Boosted with $10 Million NIH Grant
14-11-05 (16:55)   Poetry Reading November 17 at Yale Physicians Building
14-11-05 (02:24)   Meditation Associated with Increased Grey Matter in the Brain
14-11-05 (02:24)   Yale Lecture to Honor Einstein and the Birth of Quantum Theory
14-11-05 (02:24)   Yale Welcomes Tailor New York to Downtown New Haven, Celebrates Chapel Street District Merchants' Milestone Anniversaries
10-11-05 (16:55)   Clinical Study on Heart Failure to Use Cholesterol-Lowering Statin
10-11-05 (16:55)   Yale to Offer Joint M.B.A./Ph.D. Degree
10-11-05 (16:55)   Yale School of Music Receives $100 Million Gift
09-11-05 (22:24)   Outstanding Figures of Yale Community Win NEH Medals
08-11-05 (15:55)   The Al Franken Show from Woolsey Hall
08-11-05 (15:55)   Yale Cancer Center Experts Available for Lung Cancer Awareness Month
07-11-05 (17:24)   Yale Welcomes Wish List to Broadway Shopping District; Recognizes Women Business-Owners in Downtown New Haven
07-11-05 (17:24)   Russia Opens Graduate Public Health Program With Help From Yale EPH
07-11-05 (17:24)   Writer Ian Frazier Will Give Public Reading at Yale
04-11-05 (18:55)   Yale Hosts Panel Discussion on Media Coverage of Corporate Corruption
04-11-05 (18:55)   Book by Laurent Dubois Wins $25,000 Frederick Douglass Prize
04-11-05 (18:55)   Centennial Tribute to Robert Penn Warren Will Take Place at Yale
03-11-05 (16:24)   Yale Scientists Confirm How Crystals Form
03-11-05 (16:24)   "Coast to Coast: A Run for Survivorship" Announces YCC as Beneficiary
03-11-05 (16:24)   Epidemic of Chronic Diseases Focus of Oxford Health Alliance Conference
02-11-05 (16:55)   Yale Receives Science Education Partnership Award to Increase Science Literacy
02-11-05 (16:55)   Agnès Vignery, Osteoporosis Researcher, Named Yale-Pfizer Visiting Faculty
01-11-05 (18:55)   Yale Welcomes The Bead Hive II to the Audubon Arts & Retail District
01-11-05 (18:55)   Yale World Fellow Hauwa Ibrahim Wins Top Human Rights Award
01-11-05 (18:55)   Yale Dedicates Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity
01-11-05 (18:55)   In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the following Yale School of Medicine experts in the disease are available to speak to the media:
31-10-05 (15:24)   Yale Cell Biologist, Ira Mellman, one of Three Americans Honored by EMBO
31-10-05 (15:24)   Researchers at Yale Identify a Genetic Link to Tourette's Syndrome
31-10-05 (15:24)   India's Finance Minister to Lecture on U.S.-India Economic Relations
31-10-05 (15:24)   Soft Body Fossils of Extinct "Lamp Shell" Digitally Reconstructed
31-10-05 (15:24)   Yale's Oral History of American Music Receives GRAMMY Grant
28-10-05 (16:24)   Yale Researcher Leads Successful Effort to Access HMO Fees for Medicaid Patients
26-10-05 (17:24)   Novel Discovery of "DCDC2" Gene Associated With Dyslexia
26-10-05 (17:24)   Yale Scientists Participate in $12.3M NIH National Technology Center
26-10-05 (17:24)   Yale Law Journal Unveils Online Publication: 'The Pocket Part'
26-10-05 (15:55)   Gourmet's Ruth Reichl Serves Food on a Bed of Humanism in Yale Lectures
26-10-05 (15:55)   Long-Sought Maya City — Site Q — Found in Guatemala
26-10-05 (15:24)   Yale Celebrates 100 Years of Native Americans at the University
26-10-05 (15:24)   Harry Belafonte to Speak at Yale
25-10-05 (15:55)   Study Clarifies Source of Lymph Node Swelling in Infections
25-10-05 (15:55)   Yale Researchers Make Cell Biology Quantitative
24-10-05 (19:55)   Five School of Medicine researchers and Nursing School Dean Margaret Grey Named to Institute of Medicine
21-10-05 (15:24)   "Saving Faces" Exhibit of Facial Trauma and Reconstruction Opens at Yale
21-10-05 (15:24)   $7.5M NSF Grant Establishes a Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
20-10-05 (20:24)   Cell Cultures Can Sort Out CJD and Scrapie Infectious Agents
20-10-05 (20:24)   Learn to Speak French with Jeanne Moreau
20-10-05 (20:24)   Yale Environment School Professor Receives Research Award
20-10-05 (16:55)   Breast Cancer Internet Information and Support Study
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