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24-08-19 (06:27)   Jeff Goldblum Promises Not to Mansplain in His New NatGeo Show
24-08-19 (06:13)   Disney+ Is Promising You Muppets Now
24-08-19 (05:58)   Star Wars Series The Mandalorian Transposes Samurais and Westerns to Deep Space
24-08-19 (04:44)   Ewan McGregor To Start Shooting Obi Wan Kenobi Series on Disney+ Next Year
24-08-19 (04:13)   Noelle Trailer: Bill Hader Drops the (Snow) Ball, Anna Kendrick Saves Christmas
24-08-19 (03:13)   Lady and the Tramp Trailer: A New Era in Dog Kissing Technology Has Arrived
24-08-19 (01:44)   What Dreams Are Made Of: Hilary Duff Returns for Disney+ Lizzie McGuire Sequel
24-08-19 (00:44)   Taylor Swift Says She's All In for Election 2020
23-08-19 (23:44)   The Old Taylor Is Back on Lover and the Best She's Been in Years
23-08-19 (23:44)   Lifetime NXIVM Movie Has a Trailer So It's Time to Assess Fictional Allison Mack
23-08-19 (23:44)   Mindhunter Recap: Risk Profile
23-08-19 (21:44)   Let's Talk About the Mindhunter Season Two Finale
23-08-19 (21:13)   This Way Up Is an Amiable But Aimless Exploration of Recovery
23-08-19 (20:44)   Ready or Not's Samara Weaving Was Very Nervous About Punching That Kid
23-08-19 (20:44)   American Factory Gestures Toward the End of the Working World As We Know It
23-08-19 (20:27)   Taylor Swift and the Dixie Chicks Come Full Circle on 'Soon You'll Get Better'
23-08-19 (19:44)   In On Becoming a God in Central Florida, the Real Pyramid Scheme Is America
23-08-19 (19:44)   A$AP Rocky Ghosts Donald Trump After Returning From Sweden
23-08-19 (18:58)   Is Succession a Comedy?
23-08-19 (18:58)   Catching Up on The Affair's 4 Seasons of Wild Drama
23-08-19 (17:58)   Brodie Reed's Favorite Band Is Still Linkin Park
23-08-19 (17:58)   A Plagiarism Scandal Shakes Up the True-Crime Podcast World
23-08-19 (17:44)   Orlando Bloom Says Being With Katy Perry Is a 'Mountain to Climb'
23-08-19 (16:58)   Bless My Soul We're Getting 5 New Hercules Songs
23-08-19 (16:27)   Scooter Braun 'Congratulates' Taylor Swift on New Album
23-08-19 (15:13)   Mindhunter's Holt McCallany Unpacks Two of This Season's Biggest Scenes
23-08-19 (07:13)   Missy Elliott Releases New Music Video 'Throw It Back'
23-08-19 (06:58)   What Is Every Song on Taylor Swift's Lover Actually About?
23-08-19 (06:27)   'I Forgot That You Existed' Is Taylor Swift in All Her Passive-Aggressive Glory
23-08-19 (06:27)   Christina Hendricks Dropped a Bomb About Her Hand-Modeling Past
23-08-19 (06:13)   Taylor Swift's Lover Songs Ranked by Queer Energy
23-08-19 (06:13)   Hello, Lover! Taylor Swift's Seventh Album Is Finally Here
23-08-19 (05:44)   Mindhunter Recap: Bad Leads
23-08-19 (04:58)   Wait, the Breaking Bad Movie Is Already Done Filming?
23-08-19 (04:58)   William Jackson Harper Joins Amazon's Underground Railroad
23-08-19 (03:58)   The Fifth Season of Ballers Will Be Its Last
23-08-19 (03:13)   MoviePass' Server Breach Shows How It Plays Fast and Loose With User Data
23-08-19 (03:13)   Grey's Anatomy Showrunner Calls Out ABC for Sean Spicer DWTS Casting
22-08-19 (23:58)   Taylor Swift's 'Lover' Video Invites You Into Her Giant Dollhouse
22-08-19 (22:13)   Miley Just Wants to Be Miley Again After the Breakup, Dammit
22-08-19 (21:58)   Why Aren't You Obsessed With Are You the One?
22-08-19 (21:13)   This Week in True-Crime Podcasts: The Untold Story of a Notorious Mafia Wife
22-08-19 (21:13)   The L Word: Generation Q Teaser Is Here and Honestly It's Not Hot Enough
22-08-19 (20:27)   What the Constitution Meant to Me
22-08-19 (19:58)   The End-Credits Songs Forever Burned Into Former Movie-Theater Employees' Brains
22-08-19 (19:44)   Did I Dream This Bizarre Press Conference From Michael Jackson's Publicist?
22-08-19 (19:44)   How Ready or Not Became the Cathartic Horror-Comedy of the Summer
22-08-19 (19:13)   The Affair: Once More Into the Ocean
22-08-19 (19:13)   Nimesh Patel Wants to Be on the Wrong Side of the Joke
22-08-19 (18:58)   Exclusive! The Real Housewives React to Bethenny Frankel Ditching Bravo
22-08-19 (18:13)   Comedy Central's Next Round of Half-Hour Specials Debuts in October
22-08-19 (18:13)   Ready or Not Is a Brutal Evisceration of Marriage and the Rich
22-08-19 (18:13)   This Week in Comedy Podcasts: How Did Hobbs & Shaw Get Made?
22-08-19 (17:44)   Watch Andrew Garfield's Dreams Come True as a Judge on Drag Race UK
22-08-19 (17:27)   Taylor Swift Confirms Plans to Rerecord All Her Old Albums
22-08-19 (16:13)   The Report Trailer: Adam Driver Investigates Post-9/11 Torture Tactics
22-08-19 (15:58)   Why Women Kill's Consideration of Women's Anger Is Fun, But Hollow
22-08-19 (15:13)   It's the End of an Era: Bethenny Frankel Is Leaving Real Housewives of New York
22-08-19 (15:13)   Taylor Swift Read the Room and Removed the Worst Lyric From 'ME!'
22-08-19 (14:58)   Conan Consulted the Property Brothers on Whether or Not to Buy Greenland
22-08-19 (14:58)   Eminem's Publisher Is Suing Spotify for Potential Billions
22-08-19 (07:44)   The Kid Mero Goes Hard for Fleetwood Mac
22-08-19 (04:58)   Younger Recap: Money Problems
22-08-19 (04:13)   BH90210 Recap: Where There's a Tori, There's a Way
22-08-19 (03:58)   Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Are Divorcing After 6 Months of Marriage
22-08-19 (00:58)   Cardi B Reveals Her Spirit Powerpuff Girl in Court Deposition
22-08-19 (00:13)   Mindhunter Recap: FBI to ATL
21-08-19 (20:44)   If You Broke Charlie Puth's Heart, I Swear to God ...
21-08-19 (20:13)   DWTS Host Tom Bergeron Would Like to Be Excluded From This Sean Spicer Narrative
21-08-19 (19:13)   What The Real Housewives Taught Aisling Bea About Making Her Own TV Show
21-08-19 (19:13)   Bombshell Trailer: The Silence, Stares, and Wigs Say It All
21-08-19 (19:13)   Marc Maron Is Also Mad About Conan O'Brien's Variety Cover
21-08-19 (19:13)   Barack Obama in Heated Custody Battle for ... Aretha Franklin's Inauguration Hat
21-08-19 (18:58)   Who's In? Who's Out? An Exhaustive Timeline of Taylor Swift's Squad
21-08-19 (18:13)   My Northern-Irish Family Reviews Derry Girls
21-08-19 (17:58)   Ozark's Julia Garner Doesn't Want 'Hollywood-Standard Beautiful' Roles
21-08-19 (17:44)   Dancing With the Stars Cast Includes Karamo Brown, Hannah B., and ... Sean Spicer
21-08-19 (17:13)   Pose Ends an Endearingly Messy Season in Endearingly Messy Fashion
21-08-19 (16:13)   Tom Hiddleston Will Not Be Discussing Taylor Swift at This Time, Thank You
21-08-19 (16:13)   Celebrities on Instagram Fall Prey to Instagram Hoax
21-08-19 (16:13)   Bill Burr's New Netflix Special Debuts Next Month
21-08-19 (15:44)   How One Actor Wound Up Playing Charles Manson in Mindhunter and Once Upon a Time
21-08-19 (15:13)   Bachelor in Paradise Recap: The Girlfriend Experience
21-08-19 (15:13)   Into the Dark Renewed at Hulu, So Get Ready for Another Year of Holiday Scares
21-08-19 (15:13)   Demi Lovato Returns to Movie-Musical Roots in Will Ferrell's Eurovision
21-08-19 (06:44)   The Antlers Trailer Features a Huge Beast Terrorizing Keri Russell
21-08-19 (06:44)   Spider-Man's Marvel Cinematic Future in Jeopardy As Disney and Sony Butt Heads
21-08-19 (04:27)   The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: The Train Has Left the Station
21-08-19 (04:27)   Harvey Weinstein Wants Trial Moved Out of NYC
21-08-19 (00:27)   We're Pleased to Reveal the Two Ferns in Between Two Ferns: The Movie
21-08-19 (00:27)   Broadway Snobs Explain Theater Etiquette to YouTube Stans in Niche Twitter Drama
21-08-19 (00:13)   Mindhunter Recap: Family Matters
20-08-19 (22:58)   Matrix Franchise to Regenerate With Fourth Film Starring Keanu Reeves
20-08-19 (22:27)   Wanda Sykes and Mike Epps to Star in Netflix Family Comedy
20-08-19 (21:44)   Netflix's Selena TV Show Has Found Its Selena
20-08-19 (20:44)   Vaulter Might Be Dead, but Succession Will Live on for a Third Season
20-08-19 (20:13)   The Next James Bond Movie Title Tells Us What Time It Is
20-08-19 (19:44)   The Real Serial Killers and FBI Agents Who Inspired Netflix's Mindhunter
20-08-19 (19:13)   Robert De Niro Sues Ex-Employee for Watching 55 Episodes of Friends at Work
20-08-19 (19:13)   Shirley Manson's Podcast Is About More Than Just Music
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