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01-06-20 (18:24)   Suicide Squad's David Ayer: Deadpool's success warped his 'soulful drama' into a comedy
01-06-20 (17:24)   How every 'heyyyyy' and 'lolololol' you tweet is now being used to make AI even smarter
01-06-20 (17:24)   Chosen One of the Day: Batman V. Aliens
01-06-20 (16:24)   Doom Patrol to The Twilight Zone: All the genre shows and movies coming to streaming in June 2020
01-06-20 (15:53)   TV THIS WEEK: Legends of Tomorrow finale; S.H.I.E.L.D.; Bruce Lee's 30 for 30; Ad Astra
01-06-20 (15:53)   Michael Angelis, beloved Thomas the Tank Engine narrator, passes away
01-06-20 (15:24)   What would a solar eclipse look like on Jupiter? But with more volcanoes?
01-06-20 (03:53)   Marvel Studios takes stand against racism, urges 'inclusion' amid nationwide protests
01-06-20 (02:38)   The exoplanet closest to us could be crawling with life-except it gets blasted with lethal X-rays
31-05-20 (21:24)   Peter Jackson breaks down Boromir's meme-able scene during Lord of the Rings reunion
31-05-20 (20:53)   Mystery of how Earth barely escaped a mega meteor is finally getting some backup
31-05-20 (20:24)   SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule docks with International Space Station; Behnken and Hurley now safely aboard
31-05-20 (18:38)   The sparkly jurassic stowaway on SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule is eclipsing the astronauts
31-05-20 (18:38)   History achieved! SpaceX and NASA successfully launch Crew Dragon capsule into space
31-05-20 (18:24)   SpaceX Dragon Crew capsule docks with the International Space Station
31-05-20 (17:53)   Greg Nicotero on pushing his own phobias to bring us the scariest Creepshow possible
31-05-20 (03:38)   Do black holes have indigestion? That could explain mysterious bubbles belched into space
31-05-20 (02:24)   Australia's powerful new infrared telescope to hunt for elusive cosmic events
31-05-20 (00:38)   The sparkly jurassic stowaway on SpaceX's Dragon Crew capsule is eclipsing the astronauts
30-05-20 (23:53)   Blast off: SpaceX and NASA's Demo-2 launch has Twitter over the moon with excitement
30-05-20 (21:53)   The ride's over: The 15 greatest defunct Disney attractions you still dream about
30-05-20 (18:53)   Space Force is part of the 'Ben Schwartz Cinematic Space Universe'
30-05-20 (16:07)   UPDATE: Here's what you need to know about today's NASA/SpaceX crewed launch
30-05-20 (05:38)   WIRE Buzz: A Whisker Away trailer; We're Not From Here film; The Wretched record
30-05-20 (05:07)   Indie Comics Spotlight: Why the insanity of Ludocrats is exactly what we need right now
30-05-20 (03:38)   David F. Sandberg gives Henry Cavlll the hilarious Shazam! cameo he deserves
30-05-20 (03:07)   Snozberries taste like snozberries with lickable digital device simulating wide-ranging flavors
30-05-20 (02:38)   SpaceX Starship explodes in testing, unrelated to planned human launch this weekend
30-05-20 (01:24)   Wolf, there it is: Ryan Gosling transforming into Wolfman for next Universal monster movie
30-05-20 (00:53)   If we must have a Labyrinth sequel, here's what we want from it
29-05-20 (23:38)   Disney Springs borrowed a pair of Galaxy's Edge stormtroopers to enforce social distancing
29-05-20 (23:38)   Panda Khan emerges from the bamboo shoots and into the Anthroverse, the MCU for animals
29-05-20 (23:07)   This is the mail: Vermont mailman creates his own USPS-themed Mandalorian helmet
29-05-20 (23:07)   Look of the Week: The timeless style of Tenet
29-05-20 (22:24)   Some dinosaurs went cannibal when Earth plunged into chaos 150 million years ago
29-05-20 (21:53)   The Mandalorian docuseries just revealed early Baby Yoda concept art and kinda ugly, he was
29-05-20 (21:53)   Space Force puts Tawny Newsome among the stars where she belongs
29-05-20 (21:53)   The love story of Werner Herzog and the Yoda Baby [Jabba the Pod 2.23]
29-05-20 (21:53)   Batman's Sean Murphy teases Terry McGinnis, more Bat-spinoffs for the 'Murphyverse'
29-05-20 (21:24)   Duncan Jones and Alex de Campi complete the 'Mooniverse' with sci-fi graphic novel, MADI
29-05-20 (21:24)   WIRE Buzz: Lucifer locks Tom Ellis for Season 6; Disney+ fixes The Simpsons aspect ratio
29-05-20 (20:24)   Ronald D. Moore breaks down his 'challenging' 4-hour original cut of the Battlestar Galactica finale
29-05-20 (20:24)   Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge kicks off while The High Republic gets delayed
29-05-20 (19:24)   Voodoo, the sex-positive telepath of WildC.A.T.S
29-05-20 (19:24)   The Week in Gaming: PS5 details coming soon. Plus exploring Outriders' sci-fi setting, Last of Us II
29-05-20 (19:24)   The Vast of Night is an eerie, Easter egg-filled homage to classic sci-fi
29-05-20 (18:38)   Who Won the Week in the Shadows?
29-05-20 (17:53)   Pixar introduces first-ever LGBTQ protagonist in new short film 'Out'
29-05-20 (17:24)   Space Force isn't exactly about the real Space Force, showrunner Greg Daniels says
29-05-20 (17:24)   Chosen One of the Day: Prince Zuko, comforting listener
29-05-20 (17:24)   Almost 20 years later, Whedon says Buffy's 'The Body' episode is still the best thing he's ever made
29-05-20 (15:53)   Want to make planets? Stay away from monster stars.
29-05-20 (03:24)   New simulation reveals how dino-killing asteroid smacked Earth at the perfect extinction angle
29-05-20 (01:53)   Why your local comics shop matters now more than ever
29-05-20 (01:53)   That was fast! Sonic the Hedgehog movie sequel already in the works
29-05-20 (00:24)   Why we should let Robert Pattinson's Batman be muscle-free
29-05-20 (00:24)   Chloe Bennet reflects on Quake's long evolution and bids farewell to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
28-05-20 (23:24)   Teen Padmé transforms into the Monarch of Naboo in E.K. Johnston's new Star Wars novel, Queen's Peril
28-05-20 (22:53)   WIRE Buzz: Into the Dark: Good Boy trailer; Emilia Clarke has a Murder Manual in new trailer; more
28-05-20 (21:38)   What's getting Team FANGRRLS through quarantine the week of May 25
28-05-20 (21:38)   WIRE Buzz: 'Upgrade' upgraded to TV; Nolan avoided 007 making Tenet; Wonder Woman 1984
28-05-20 (21:07)   Our solar system emerged from the Milky Way and another galaxy smashing into each other
28-05-20 (20:07)   WIRE Buzz: Doom Patrol S2 first look; Kipo S2 trailer; Paul Feig's 'The School For Good And Evil'
28-05-20 (19:24)   Amanda Ripley, space bae
28-05-20 (19:24)   The Churn: Max Brooks' World War Z
28-05-20 (19:24)   The 15 best summer movies ever made, from Jaws to The Avengers
28-05-20 (19:24)   Superhero toys are flying high to save the day (and empty your wallet)
28-05-20 (19:07)   WIRE Buzz: Ruby Rose talks Batwoman exit; James Mangold shares Logan goodies; S.H.I.E.L.D. ratings
28-05-20 (19:07)   Just A Couple Of Arselings: The Last Kingdom Podcast - Season 4, Episode 8
28-05-20 (19:07)   Moto-Surf! Everything you didn't know about Surf Ninjas
28-05-20 (18:38)   The 100 Discussion: 'The Garden' fills in some major blanks
28-05-20 (18:38)   The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes: 5 Panem facts we learned from the Hunger Games prequel
28-05-20 (17:38)   Dungeons & Dragons directors dig into how film will incorporate 'critical thinking' from tabletop game
28-05-20 (17:38)   Chosen One of the Day: Father Stewart from VelociPastor
28-05-20 (16:24)   AI just got way creepier because it can now read your personality from a selfie
28-05-20 (16:07)   Galaxy's Edge theme park goes online with ambitious new Star Wars VR experience
28-05-20 (15:38)   Are rivers of liquid methane washing away craters on Saturn's moon Titan?
28-05-20 (06:24)   The team heads to the 1930s to save HYDRA?! in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s final season premiere
28-05-20 (04:53)   Henry Cavill in talks to reprise Superman (sans mustache) for Warner Bros. - Report
28-05-20 (04:24)   WIRE Buzz: Secret Society of Second-Born Royals trailer; Greg Berlanti plays Forbidden Game; more
28-05-20 (02:07)   WIRE Buzz: American Horror Story goes to the beach; Lord of the Rings cast reuniting; more
28-05-20 (00:24)   Motherland: Fort Salem toes a fine line and exceeds expectations
28-05-20 (00:24)   The Last of Us Part II: New details, game footage from Naughty Dog's 'most ambitious' game
28-05-20 (00:24)   About face! The Mandalorian's masked hero prompts Golden Globes to revise awards rules
28-05-20 (00:24)   Could the simian world of Planet of the Apes actually be our future?
27-05-20 (23:53)   Outlander's Ronald D. Moore talks Revolutionary War era, teases 'more than one' spinoff idea
27-05-20 (23:24)   Sean Murphy fixes broken stories in new sci-fi fantasy graphic novel 'The Plot Holes'
27-05-20 (23:24)   WIRE Buzz: Despicable Me's Gru + Minions coronavirus PSA; Picard filming delayed; more
27-05-20 (23:24)   SpaceX and NASA's historic Dragon launch scrapped due to poor weather
27-05-20 (22:07)   SpaceX's new spaceship toilet is a bit of a mystery: 'We'll let you know how it works out'
27-05-20 (21:53)   SYFY celebrates Pride with LGBTQ programming slate, from Wynonna Earp to Xena
27-05-20 (21:53)   The continuing popularity of alternate history TV shows
27-05-20 (21:53)   'Make it a little more Ridley Scott': How Snowpiercer's 1,001-car train got built IRL
27-05-20 (21:53)   WIRE Buzz: Disney World eyes July re-opening; Avatar 2 story details; Planet of the Apes
27-05-20 (21:53)   This Week in Genre History: Super Mario Bros. the movie gets an instant 'game over'
27-05-20 (20:24)   Glen Mazzara lays out his vision for the Dark Tower series we'll never get to see
27-05-20 (20:07)   The Pull List: How the pandemic changed comics. Plus new projects, Avengers & Suicide Squad
27-05-20 (20:07)   The Invisible Man & Upgrade director Leigh Whannell working on new film at Blumhouse
27-05-20 (19:38)   The wicked spells of Michelle Gomez
27-05-20 (19:38)   Jedi Temple Challenge: First Star Wars game show drops nostalgic trailer ahead of June premiere
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