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05-10-22 (18:33)   Cardboard Cinema: Judge Dredd Returns, Star Wars Goes Pandemic, And Horror Rules The Day
05-10-22 (18:33)   Robin Williams Had To Fight For Mrs. Doubtfire's Melancholy Ending
05-10-22 (18:33)   Killer Klowns From Outer Space Was A Love Letter To The Chiodo Brothers' Childhoods
05-10-22 (17:47)   What Do Arvel Skeen's Tattoos Mean In Andor Episode 5?
05-10-22 (17:47)   Violent Night Trailer: David Harbour's Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
05-10-22 (17:47)   Breaking Bad And The Walking Dead Left An Impression On Jujutsu Kaisen's Anime Adaptation
05-10-22 (17:47)   The Crown's Creator Is Careful About When He Chooses To Bend The Truth
05-10-22 (15:47)   Andor Episode 5 Peels Back The Layers On The Star Wars Galaxy
05-10-22 (15:47)   Brandon Flynn And Adam Faison On Joining The Queer Horror Legacy Of Hellraiser [Interview]
05-10-22 (14:18)   David Bruckner And Jamie Clayton Share The Secret To Reinventing Pinhead For Hellraiser [Interview]
05-10-22 (05:18)   The Problem With Jon Stewart Season 2 Trailer: More America, More Problems
05-10-22 (04:04)   Tar Director Todd Field Helped Invent Big League Chew
05-10-22 (04:04)   Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shares Why It Is Such A Treat To Work On Beverly Hills Cop 4
05-10-22 (04:04)   Cate Blanchett Actually Conducted An Orchestra In Preparation For Tar
05-10-22 (04:04)   A Mind-Bending Amount Of Detail Went Into Stranger Things' CGI Actors
05-10-22 (04:04)   Jacob Batalon Wouldn't Mind If Spider-Man: No Way Home Was The End Of The Franchise
05-10-22 (02:47)   John Wayne's Red River Sparked A Feud Between Howard Hawks And Howard Hughes
05-10-22 (01:47)   Kevin Kline Knows Exactly Where He'd Be If Acting Hadn't Worked Out
05-10-22 (01:47)   Unsolved Mysteries Vol. 3 Trailer: Let's Solve Some Crimes Together
05-10-22 (01:47)   A New Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Film Starring George Lopez Is Coming To Disney+
05-10-22 (01:47)   A Frasier Sequel At Paramount+ Will Deliver More Tossed Salad And Scrambled Eggs
05-10-22 (01:47)   The 11 Best And 9 Worst Legacy Sequels
05-10-22 (01:47)   Jamie Lee Curtis Won't Rule Out A Return To The Halloween Franchise
05-10-22 (01:47)   Filming House Of The Dragon's Wedding Feast Was A 'Baptism By Fire' For Theo Nate
05-10-22 (00:04)   What Can The Rings Of Power Adapt? A Guide To The Lord Of The Rings' Rights Issues
04-10-22 (22:33)   Filming Bates Motel Took A Mental Toll On House Of The Dragon's Olivia Cooke
04-10-22 (22:33)   Superhero Bits: Ryan Reynolds On Wolverine's Return In Deadpool 3, The Madame Web Logo & More
04-10-22 (22:33)   The Daily Stream: Poltergeist Explores The Dark Side Of Spielberg's Suburbia
04-10-22 (22:33)   Andrew Dominik Explains His Choice For Marilyn Monroe's Fate In Blonde
04-10-22 (22:33)   How The Most Controversial Scene In Lower Decks Fits Into The World Of Star Trek
04-10-22 (22:33)   How Werewolf By Night Intends To Expand The Marvel Cinematic Universe
04-10-22 (22:33)   Here's When You Can Watch Beast At Home
04-10-22 (21:33)   Dune: The Sisterhood: Emily Watson And Shirley Henderson Will Star In The HBO Max Series
04-10-22 (21:33)   Jonás Cuarón Will Direct Marvel's El Muerto, Starring Bad Bunny
04-10-22 (21:33)   Surprisingly, You Can Thank Disney For Barbarian Becoming A Sleeper Hit
04-10-22 (21:33)   The Lesson The Rings Of Power Learned From Game Of Thrones
04-10-22 (21:33)   Here's How To Watch Pearl At Home
04-10-22 (21:33)   How The Producer Of It And The LEGO Movie Saved Barbarian (Twice)
04-10-22 (21:33)   An Ode To The Monster In Smile, One Of The Coolest Creature Designs Of The Year
04-10-22 (21:33)   Here's How To Watch Marcel The Shell With Shoes On At Home
04-10-22 (21:33)   Some Serious Thought Went Into Animating Jujutsu Kaisen's Domain Expansions
04-10-22 (21:33)   10 Movies To Watch If You Loved Smile
04-10-22 (19:33)   The Goonies Set Was A Hang Out Spot For Some Of The Biggest Stars In Hollywood
04-10-22 (19:33)   How Disney Sank The Follow-Up Project From Coraline Director Henry Selick
04-10-22 (19:33)   Francis Ford Coppola Used Magic To Make The Special Effects For Bram Stoker's Dracula
04-10-22 (19:33)   Which House Of The Dragon Character Is The Hottest Mess? An Investigation
04-10-22 (19:33)   The Avengers: Endgame Cast Had No Idea About 'The Blip' Until They Were About To Shoot It
04-10-22 (19:33)   Pretty Much Every Horror Production Company In Hollywood Passed On Barbarian
04-10-22 (19:33)   Phantom Thread Ending Explained: Dressing Down The Dressmaker
04-10-22 (19:33)   A James Bond Stunt Gone Wrong Sent Roger Moore Up In Flames
04-10-22 (18:33)   Did House Of The Dragon Just Offer The Rarest Game Of Thrones Gift Of Them All?
04-10-22 (18:33)   Amsterdam Review: Enjoyable Performances Can't Save David O. Russell's Undercooked Movie
04-10-22 (18:33)   Raiders Of The Lost Ark's Flying Wing Fight Was A Split-Second Idea From Steven Spielberg
04-10-22 (18:33)   The Banshees Of Inisherin Trailer: Colin Farrell And Brendan Gleeson Are Having A Row In Martin McDonagh's New Black Comedy
04-10-22 (18:33)   The Wonder Trailer: Florence Pugh And A Starving Child Get Creepy On Netflix
04-10-22 (18:33)   Showing Up Review: Michelle Williams' Portrait Of A Frazzled Sculptor [NYFF]
04-10-22 (18:33)   House Of The Dragon Proves Intimacy Coordinators Make Sex Scenes Better
04-10-22 (18:33)   Mike Flanagan's Fascination With Horror Fiction Comes From A Very Personal Place
04-10-22 (18:33)   Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Brings The Long-Awaited Final Arc To Disney+ And Hulu
04-10-22 (18:33)   The Showrunner Of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Has One Small Regret About Season 1
04-10-22 (16:33)   House Of The Dragon's Latest Episode Features One Of The Most Intense Sequences In Game Of Thrones History
04-10-22 (16:33)   Rogue Heroes Trailer: Peaky Blinders Creator Steven Knight Takes On World War II For EPIX
04-10-22 (16:33)   Under The Radar: Athena, Saloum, And Vesper Brought The Thrills In A Spectacle-Starved September
04-10-22 (16:33)   It's About Time House Of The Dragon Gave Us A Truly Terrible Westerosi Funeral
04-10-22 (16:33)   Long Lost Planes, Trains And Automobiles Extended And Deleted Scenes Are Coming In A New 4K Release
04-10-22 (16:33)   Unlike Game Of Thrones, There's No Clear Hero In House Of The Dragon
04-10-22 (14:04)   If You Want To Know The Future Of House Of The Dragon, Just Listen To Helaena Targaryen
04-10-22 (06:33)   The Best Horror Movies Streaming In October 2022 And Where To Find Them
04-10-22 (06:33)   The Two Horror Movies You Need To Watch After Smile
04-10-22 (06:33)   Big Mouth Season 6 Trailer: New Babies, New Loves, Same Embarrassing Middle Schoolers
04-10-22 (06:33)   Cool Stuff: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Action Figure Provides Best Look Yet At Ironheart's Armor
04-10-22 (06:33)   Werewolf By Night's Cigarette Burns Are A Love Letter To 1930s Horror
04-10-22 (06:33)   Quantum Leap Reboot Showrunner On The Series' Callbacks And Respectfully Spinning Off The Original [Exclusive Interview]
04-10-22 (06:33)   The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power Season 2 Has Already Begun Filming
04-10-22 (06:33)   The Junior Targaryen Family Fight Club Is House Of The Dragon's Most Epic Battle Yet
04-10-22 (06:33)   Why We May Never See A Young James Bond
04-10-22 (06:33)   You Can Root For House Of The Dragon Characters Even If They're Evil
02-10-22 (10:47)   What Happened To The Orcs After Sauron's Defeat In The Lord Of The Rings?
02-10-22 (07:04)   Gundam's Success Gave Cowboy Bebop The Room It Needed To Be Weird
02-10-22 (07:04)   Censorship Was The Spark That Sent Rod Serling To The Twilight Zone
02-10-22 (05:18)   George Lucas' Only Rule For Mel Brooks' Spaceballs Inspired One Of The Film's Funniest Scenes
02-10-22 (05:18)   An American Werewolf In London's Transformation Scene Was A Week-Long Slog To Film
02-10-22 (05:18)   JoBeth Williams And Craig T. Nelson Had A Blast 'Smoking Pot' For Poltergeist
02-10-22 (05:18)   Rod Serling Looked To His Real-Life Experience For The Title Of The Twilight Zone
02-10-22 (05:18)   Daniel Craig Has No Hard Feelings About His Casino Royale Casting Controversy
02-10-22 (03:04)   A Pivotal Clockwork Orange Scene Called For Stanley Kubrick Tossing A Camera Off The Roof
02-10-22 (03:04)   Halloween 4's Rooftop Showdown Had The Entire Set On Pins And Needles
02-10-22 (03:04)   The Peaky Blinders Crew Put In A Lot Of Work To Keep Up With Shelbys' Bad Habits
02-10-22 (01:18)   The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power Is At Its Best When It's Not Juggling Too Many Storylines
02-10-22 (01:18)   An Impromptu Audition Kickstarted Jean-Claude Van Damme's Acting Career
02-10-22 (01:18)   Ridley Scott Drove His Casting Team 'Crazy' Finding The Right Actors For Alien
02-10-22 (01:18)   Val Kilmer's Opinion On Batman Forever Has Warmed (Just A Little) Over The Years
02-10-22 (01:18)   Cowboy Bebop's Creator Took Some Liberties With Their Limited Budget
02-10-22 (01:18)   Bette Davis Had Kind Words About Working With Marilyn Monroe On All About Eve
02-10-22 (01:18)   The Daily Stream: Postcards From The Edge Is A Fabulously Funny Blend Of Fact And Fiction
02-10-22 (01:18)   Harrison Ford Insisted He Know Nothing About This Fugitive Scene Before Filming
01-10-22 (23:47)   Would Nana Visitor Return To Play Star Trek's Kira Nerys In The Future? [Exclusive]
01-10-22 (23:47)   Spoonful Of Sugar Review: A Not So Sweet Domestic Horror Story [Fantastic Fest]
01-10-22 (23:47)   Three Things Came Together To Make Constantine Click For Keanu Reeves
01-10-22 (22:18)   This Less Than Zero Scene Gave Robert Downey Jr. Validation On A Film Set For The First Time
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