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12-02-16 (23:31)   Long-term cancer surviors still need guidance about screening, side effects, lifestyle
12-02-16 (23:14)   New method for bio-designing yeast could improve biofuel production
12-02-16 (23:14)   Paleontologists discover evidence of new types of dinosaurs in Idaho including Tyrannosaur ancestors
12-02-16 (23:14)   Unraveling the enigma of salty taste detection
12-02-16 (23:00)   Window to reduce carbon emissions is small, scientists say
12-02-16 (22:45)   Lifelong physical activity increases bone density in men
12-02-16 (22:31)   Poor air quality kills 5.5 million worldwide annually
12-02-16 (22:31)   New nanotechnology detects biomarkers of cancer
12-02-16 (22:31)   Scientists create ultrathin semiconductor heterostructures for new technologies
12-02-16 (22:31)   Memory replay prioritizes high-reward memories
12-02-16 (22:14)   Supportive shoes a confusing term, runner attitude study finds
12-02-16 (22:14)   Graphene leans on glass to advance electronics
12-02-16 (22:00)   Winter feast: Camera trap offers a candid look at Idaho's scavengers
12-02-16 (22:00)   Mobile communication keeps couples who live close to one another even closer
12-02-16 (22:00)   Daily dose of beetroot juice improved endurance and blood pressure
12-02-16 (22:00)   Doctors' reminders help keep people more engaged in their health care
12-02-16 (21:45)   Scientists learn how young brains form lifelong memories by studying worms' food choices
12-02-16 (21:45)   Tiny worm opens big discovery on nerve degeneration
12-02-16 (21:45)   Increasing BRCA testing rates in young women with breast cancer
12-02-16 (21:31)   New imaging technique shows how DNA is protected at chromosomes' ends
12-02-16 (21:31)   Iron in the blood could cause cell damage, say researchers
12-02-16 (21:31)   Common antimalarial drug could be used to treat major injury
12-02-16 (21:31)   Younger T cells may improve immunotherapy for children's cancer
12-02-16 (21:14)   How a master regulator in ovarian cancer can go from helpful to harmful
12-02-16 (21:14)   How your brain might be secretly thwarting your New Year's resolutions
12-02-16 (20:31)   Rare beluga data show whales dive to maximize meals
12-02-16 (20:31)   Software optimized on Mira advances design of mini-proteins for medicines, materials
12-02-16 (20:31)   Study finds mechanism by which obesity promotes pancreatic and breast cancer
12-02-16 (20:31)   Ants were socializing -- and sparring -- nearly 100 million years ago, study finds
12-02-16 (20:31)   Imaging with an 'optical brush'
12-02-16 (20:31)   When the boss's ethical behavior breaks bad
12-02-16 (19:31)   Giving support to others, not just receiving it, has beneficial effects
12-02-16 (19:31)   Discovery of new iron oxides points to large oxygen source inside Earth
12-02-16 (19:14)   For a rare prairie orchid, science is making climate change local
12-02-16 (19:14)   Want to be a doctor, but have a disability? Many medical schools look unwelcoming
12-02-16 (19:00)   Feeling older increases risk of hospitalization, study says
12-02-16 (19:00)   Vitamin D-rich foods during pregnancy may reduce allergy risk in children
12-02-16 (18:45)   Alternative proteins encoded by the same gene have widely divergent functions in cells
12-02-16 (18:45)   Learning about struggles of famous scientists may help students succeed in science
12-02-16 (18:31)   Breakable genes may promote disease, brain cell diversity
12-02-16 (18:31)   Scientists identify a memory suppressor that may play a role in autism
12-02-16 (18:31)   'Grit' adds little to prediction of academic achievement
12-02-16 (18:14)   Asthma linked to an increased time to pregnancy
12-02-16 (18:14)   What are my hiccups telling me?
12-02-16 (17:14)   Sleep apnea takes a toll on brain function
12-02-16 (17:14)   Genome studies can help identify lifestyle risks for diseases
12-02-16 (17:14)   Gene switch may repair DNA and prevent cancer
12-02-16 (17:14)   Expert opinion on how to address the skyrocketing prices of cancer drugs
12-02-16 (17:00)   Catastrophic failure of South American Ice Age dam changed Pacific Ocean circulation and climate
12-02-16 (17:00)   Gene signature could lead to a new way of diagnosing Lyme Disease
12-02-16 (17:00)   New lens ready for its close-up
12-02-16 (17:00)   New study confirms different generics have equal efficacy when treating epilepsy
12-02-16 (16:45)   Giant flightless bird wandered the Arctic 50 million years ago
12-02-16 (16:45)   Gene previously observed only in brain is important driver of metastatic breast cancer
12-02-16 (16:31)   Diabetics who use verapamil have lower glucose levels, data show
12-02-16 (16:31)   Important role of nucleocytoplasmic transport in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia
12-02-16 (04:14)   It's easier to learn words that sound like what they mean
12-02-16 (04:00)   Could the food we eat affect our genes? Study in yeast suggests this may be the case
12-02-16 (04:00)   South Africa's Sterkfontein Caves produce two new hominin fossils
12-02-16 (04:00)   New glass technology discovered: Window doubling as a huge TV?
12-02-16 (03:45)   By switching 'bait,' biologists trick plants' bacterial defense into attacking virus
12-02-16 (03:45)   First nationwide survey of climate change education
12-02-16 (03:45)   Testing detects algal toxins in Alaska marine mammals
12-02-16 (03:45)   Early diet of infants, not maternal obesity, influences development of gut microbiome
12-02-16 (03:31)   Decade of rising seas slowed by land soaking up extra water
12-02-16 (03:31)   Male biology students consistently underestimate female peers, study finds
12-02-16 (03:31)   Carbon dioxide stored underground can find multiple ways to escape
12-02-16 (03:31)   Fish larvae are better off in groups, study finds
12-02-16 (03:31)   A metal that behaves like water
12-02-16 (03:31)   Mommy and me: Study shows how affectionate mothering can combat the effects of maternal depression
11-02-16 (23:31)   Will you be turning left or right for that Valentine's Day kiss: It'll depend on who you're kissing!
11-02-16 (22:00)   What 'tainted' engagement rings reveal about consumer expectations
11-02-16 (22:00)   Potential therapy for most aggressive type of lung cancer in preclinical models
11-02-16 (22:00)   Real-time Ebola fusion system yields clues to stopping infection
11-02-16 (22:00)   Novel neuroprotective therapy found to enhance memory
11-02-16 (21:45)   Herpes outbreak, other marine viruses linked to coral bleaching event
11-02-16 (21:45)   Breaking cell barriers with retractable protein nanoneedles
11-02-16 (21:45)   Silicon chip with integrated laser: Light from a nanowire
11-02-16 (21:31)   Illness continues to be major effect linked to Gulf War military service, new report finds
11-02-16 (21:31)   Lasers rewired: Scientists find a new way to make nanowire lasers
11-02-16 (21:31)   Biosensors on demand
11-02-16 (21:31)   Social animals seek out the company of others because their brains are wired to find it rewarding
11-02-16 (21:14)   The sleeping giant NGC 4889 harbors a dark secret
11-02-16 (21:14)   Type 2 diabetes drug can exhaust insulin-producing cells
11-02-16 (21:14)   True love: How transcription factors interact to create a heart
11-02-16 (21:14)   Common cell transformed to master heart cell
11-02-16 (21:14)   Memory ensembles: To preserve its memories, the brain must regulate its neural networks
11-02-16 (21:14)   This is what a wasp sees to learn the way home
11-02-16 (21:00)   Why smiles (and frowns) are contagious
11-02-16 (21:00)   Enhancing neuronal activity promotes axon regeneration in adult central nervous system
11-02-16 (21:00)   New hope in global race to beat malaria parasite's deadly new resistance
11-02-16 (20:45)   A heart-shaped protein
11-02-16 (20:45)   I want her to want me: Where men, sex and personality meet
11-02-16 (20:45)   GPS tracking down to the centimeter
11-02-16 (20:45)   New answers concerning a weight-regulating hormone
11-02-16 (20:45)   Lipid-based diets effectively combat Alzheimer's disease in mouse model
11-02-16 (20:45)   Cardiac repair: Neutrophils to the rescue
11-02-16 (20:45)   Computerized rehab aids those suffering from brain injuries
11-02-16 (20:31)   Bumpy liquid films could simplify fabrication of microlenses
11-02-16 (20:31)   Power walk: Footsteps could charge mobile electronics
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