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18-08-19 (17:09)   Review: Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Complete Edition - This Anime Adaptation Misses The Target
18-08-19 (16:09)   Nightdive Studios CEO Says Shadow Man On Switch "Is Possible"
18-08-19 (15:09)   Poll: Box Art Brawl #4 - River City Ransom / Street Gangs
18-08-19 (14:09)   Random: The Voice Of Zelda Signs Fan's Copy Of Breath Of The Wild In Hylian
18-08-19 (10:23)   EA Looking To Bring More Of Its Successful Games To Switch
18-08-19 (07:40)   Nintendo's Chinese Subsidiary iQue Shifts Focus To Games Development
18-08-19 (03:40)   Rumour: The Time-Bending FPS Superhot Might Be Getting A Switch eShop Release
17-08-19 (19:09)   Feature: A Guide To Shopping In Japan's Retro Gaming Paraside, Akihabara
17-08-19 (15:09)   Poll: Have You Ever Had Problems With Nintendo Hardware?
17-08-19 (14:23)   Fan Petition Asks Nintendo To Allow Backup Game Saves In Animal Crossing: New Horizons
17-08-19 (13:09)   NPD Reveals Top Five Best-Selling Zelda Games Of All-Time Within The US
17-08-19 (11:09)   Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (August 17th)
17-08-19 (06:54)   If You Recently Bought A Switch, Nintendo Will Replace It With A Revised Model
17-08-19 (03:54)   Conker's Creator Doesn't Think There Would Be As Much Noise For Other Rare IP On Switch
17-08-19 (02:23)   Video: A Closer Look At The Combat And Boss Battles In Astral Chain
16-08-19 (19:09)   Feature: Best Nintendo Switch Party Games
16-08-19 (18:09)   Pokémon TCG Embraces Sword And Shield With New Expansion, Powerful 'V' Cards Introduced
16-08-19 (17:23)   Streets Of Rage 4 Details To Be Revealed Next Week
16-08-19 (16:40)   Want Rabbids: Adventure Party To Launch In Your Area? Email The CEO, Says Ubisoft
16-08-19 (16:09)   Pokémon Sword And Shield Info Drop Reveals Battle Stadium, New Abilities And More
16-08-19 (15:40)   Video: Super Mario Bros. Movie Deleted Scene Surfaces 26 Years After Release
16-08-19 (15:09)   Review: Gravity Duck - Finite Flashes Of Fowl Fun
16-08-19 (14:40)   Random: Whatever You Do, Don't Be This Foolish Pokémon GO Player
16-08-19 (14:23)   Nintendo 'Indie World' Showcase Announced For Monday 19th August
16-08-19 (12:54)   Epic Games Opens New Studio With Factor 5 Founders At The Helm
16-08-19 (12:09)   Tetris 99 Teams Up With Fire Emblem: Three Houses For Special Grand Prix Event
16-08-19 (11:40)   Random: Teen Uses 3DS, Wii U And A Fridge To Tweet After Parent Confiscates Her Phone
16-08-19 (11:09)   Zelda: Link's Awakening Pre-Orders Updated With Extra Freebies On Nintendo UK Store
16-08-19 (06:40)   QUByte Acquires Classic 2D Fighting Series Breakers, Collection Arrives In 2020
16-08-19 (05:40)   Limited Run Pre-Orders For River City Girls Physical Release Open Later This Month
16-08-19 (04:40)   "Cute-As-Heck" 3D Platformer A Hat In Time Comes To Switch This October
16-08-19 (04:09)   You No Longer Need A Bethesda Account To Play DOOM And DOOM II On Switch
16-08-19 (03:40)   Fire Emblem: Three Houses Becomes The Largest Fire Emblem Launch In US History
15-08-19 (23:09)   Inti Creates Explains Why It Didn't Stick Around To Finish Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night
15-08-19 (21:09)   Review: Ittle Dew - A Colourful And Funny Little Zelda-Like
15-08-19 (19:09)   Feature: Inti Creates On Mega Man, Working With Nintendo And Staying True To Its Japanese Roots
15-08-19 (18:54)   Nintendo Download: 15th August (Europe)
15-08-19 (18:40)   Looks Like Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair Will Jump Onto Switch This October
15-08-19 (18:09)   Video: Watch Exclusive Gameplay Footage Of DK-Inspired Platformer Jet Kave Adventure
15-08-19 (17:54)   "Savage" Arena Shooter Demon Pit Brings Hellish FPS To Switch
15-08-19 (17:23)   Video: New Astral Chain Footage Shows Off Opening Motorbike Scene And Epic Boss Fight
15-08-19 (16:40)   Nintendo Download: 15th August (North America)
15-08-19 (16:09)   Video: New Astral Chain Footage Shows Off Opening Motobike Scene And Epic Boss Fight
15-08-19 (15:40)   Turns Out Eiji Aonuma Teased Zelda: Link's Awakening Switch Remake Back In 2016
15-08-19 (15:09)   Wargroove's Getting A Deluxe Physical Edition On Switch This Autumn
15-08-19 (14:40)   Pokémon Masters Has Already Secured Five Million Preregistrations
15-08-19 (14:09)   Inti Creates President Elaborates On 'That' Zelda II Remake Comment
15-08-19 (13:09)   Curse Of The Sea Rats Is An All-New Metroidvania Headed To Switch
15-08-19 (12:09)   New Cosplaying Duck Range Will Include Spyro, Crash, Street Fighter And More
15-08-19 (11:40)   Epic Pulls Fortnite Dog From Sale After Player Backlash, Compensation Being Provided
15-08-19 (11:09)   Review: VASARA Collection - A Welcome Pair Of Bullet Hell Curios
15-08-19 (11:09)   Guide: Where To Pre-Order The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Limited Edition
15-08-19 (09:09)   VS. Gradius Joins Hamster's Arcade Archives Series On Switch eShop
15-08-19 (07:54)   Play An Unannounced Team17 Game At PAX West Later This Month
15-08-19 (07:23)   Take A Look At Hori's Officially Licensed Accessories For Switch Lite
15-08-19 (06:54)   Hori Reveals Officially Licensed Accessories For Nintendo Switch Lite
15-08-19 (05:54)   VS. Gradius Joins Hamster's Arcade Archives Series On Switch
15-08-19 (04:40)   Power Stone Producer Would Love To See A New Entry On Nintendo Switch
15-08-19 (02:54)   WayForward Reveals Shantae And The Seven Sirens, The Half-Genie Hero's Next Adventure
14-08-19 (23:09)   Feature: Best Nintendo Switch FPS Games
14-08-19 (19:40)   First Cooking Mama: Cookstar Info And Screenshots Revealed
14-08-19 (19:09)   Review: DC Universe Online - A Full Fat, Old-School MMO Featuring Your DC Favourites
14-08-19 (18:09)   Video: DOOM Eternal's 2-v-1 Multiplayer Battlemode Looks Brutally Brilliant
14-08-19 (17:40)   Plunge Brings Quirky Turn-Based Puzzling To Switch Next Week
14-08-19 (17:23)   Guide: Where To Buy The New Nintendo Switch With Better Battery Life And Screen
14-08-19 (17:09)   Feature: Super Nintendo Games We'd Like To See On Nintendo Switch Online
14-08-19 (16:40)   Sega Recreates Classic "Genesis Does What Nintendon't" Ad To Promote Mega Drive Mini
14-08-19 (16:09)   Game Freak Trademark Hints At New Name For Switch RPG, Town
14-08-19 (15:40)   A Brand New Bubble Bobble Is On The Way From Taito, And It's Exclusive To Switch
14-08-19 (15:23)   Sega Releases Its Very Own Sonic The Hedgehog Back-To-School Range
14-08-19 (15:09)   Review: Exception - A Sumptuous-Looking Platformer With A Twist
14-08-19 (13:09)   Introducing Invisigun Reloaded, A Stealth Adventure Where Everyone's Invisible
14-08-19 (12:40)   Super Rare Games Releasing Two Tribes 2001-2019 Mega Pack On Switch
14-08-19 (11:54)   Nintendo Music Copyright Takedowns Intensify As Another Prominent YouTuber Gets Hit
14-08-19 (11:09)   Shovel Knight's Board Game Kickstarter Is Back Online After Initial Cancellation
14-08-19 (08:54)   TimeSplitters Co-Creator Joins THQ Nordic To "Plot The Future Course" Of The Series
14-08-19 (07:40)   Step On The Gas When This Three Day Spirit Event Starts In Smash Bros. Ultimate
14-08-19 (06:23)   WayForward Announces Vitamin Connection Exclusively For Switch
14-08-19 (05:23)   Activision Eager To Revive More Classics After The Success Of Crash Bandicoot
14-08-19 (03:54)   Video: The Joy-Con Bundled With The Switch Revision Are Slightly Different
14-08-19 (03:09)   Around Half Of The Metroid Prime 3 Development Team Is Still At Retro Studios
13-08-19 (21:09)   Soapbox: To Me, Mario Maker 2 Is Nintendo's Best, And Most Disappointing, Sequel Ever
13-08-19 (20:09)   Belt Out Your Favourite Bangers With Let's Sing 2020 On Nintendo Switch
13-08-19 (19:40)   Random: 1992 Nintendo Power Interview Reveals Will Smith's Obsession With Zelda
13-08-19 (19:09)   Guide: How To Find The Improved Nintendo Switch With Better Battery Life And Screen
13-08-19 (18:40)   Prepare For A Chill When Death Mark Sequel Spirit Hunter: NG Creeps Up This October
13-08-19 (18:09)   Review: Never Give Up - The Game That Wants You To Fail
13-08-19 (17:40)   Doraemon Story Of Seasons Harvests An October Release On Switch
13-08-19 (17:09)   Review: Pillars Of Eternity: Complete Edition - The Game That Saved Obsidian Comes To Switch
13-08-19 (16:40)   12 Classic Shmups Are Headed To Switch Thanks To Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha And Bravo
13-08-19 (16:23)   Surprise! PC Building Simulator Launches On Switch Today
13-08-19 (15:40)   RPG Vambrace: Cold Soul Scores Switch Release Date And Major Gameplay Improvements
13-08-19 (15:09)   Exclusive: Ahead Of Snooker 19's Switch Launch Next Week, We Find Out Why It's So Special
13-08-19 (14:40)   New Purple/Orange And Blue/Yellow Joy-Con Now Available To Pre-Order In The UK
13-08-19 (13:23)   Switch SNES Controller Confirmed, Nintendo Switch Online SNES Games Next?
13-08-19 (13:23)   Vigil: The Longest Night Brings Castlevania-Inspired 2D Side-Scrolling To Switch
13-08-19 (12:40)   New Switch RPG Silk Promises The "Biggest Handcrafted Open World Of All Time"
13-08-19 (11:54)   This Magikarp Plush Flops And Splashes All Over The Place, Just Like The Real Thing
13-08-19 (11:09)   Random: Bizarre Super Mario Theme Remix Found In Dino Crisis 2 On PlayStation
13-08-19 (08:09)   Astral Chain's Combat Was Possibly Inspired By Pokémon
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