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21-10-19 (18:09)   Video: Let's Take A Tour Of London's Pop Up Pokémon Center, Shall We?
21-10-19 (17:40)   Get Discounts On Zelda, Mario Party And More In The Latest My Nintendo Rewards (Europe)
21-10-19 (17:09)   Feature: How Switch Brings Back Game Boy Multiplayer Memories
21-10-19 (16:40)   New Study Says External Issues Are More Likely To Blame For Gaming Addiction, Not Gaming Itself
21-10-19 (16:09)   Random: Nintendo Knew You'd Get Sweaty Playing Ring Fit Adventure, Shares Washing Advice
21-10-19 (16:09)   Pre-Orders Are Now Live For Switch Co-Op Shooter Earthfall: Alien Horde
21-10-19 (15:40)   Random: This Homemade Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Map Doubles Up As The Ultimate Guide
21-10-19 (15:09)   Review: Killer Queen Black - A Multiplayer Marvel That's Easy To Pick Up But Hard To Master
21-10-19 (14:40)   Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 3 Comes To Switch Early Next Year
21-10-19 (14:09)   Tetris 99 Teams Up With Luigi's Mansion 3 For New Maximus Cup Event
21-10-19 (13:40)   Anniversary: The Game Boy Color Turns 21 Today
21-10-19 (13:09)   Gothic Horror RPG Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition Will Haunt Your Switch Next Year
21-10-19 (12:40)   Looks Like We'll Be Getting A Switch Version Of Rush Rally 3 By Christmas
21-10-19 (12:40)   Oops, Switch Dating Sim Summer Sweetheart Uses Music From Nihon Falcom Titles
21-10-19 (12:23)   Switch Dating Sim Summer Sweetheart Uses Music From Nihon Falcom Titles
21-10-19 (12:09)   UK Charts: Ring Fit Adventure Debuts In Fifth As Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Closes In On FIFA 20
21-10-19 (11:40)   Atelier Ryza Producer Surprised That Fans Find Lead Character So Sexy
21-10-19 (11:09)   He Still Can't Get A Spot In Smash, But Waluigi Joins The Roster In Mario Kart Tour
20-10-19 (19:09)   Review: Dragon Quest III: The Seeds Of Salvation - Third Time's A Charm
20-10-19 (15:09)   Review: Dragon Quest II: Luminaries Of The Legendary Line - The 'Difficult Second Album' Of Enix's Classic Series
20-10-19 (13:09)   Poll: Box Art Brawl #13 - Goemon's Great Adventure
20-10-19 (12:09)   Fatal Frame Producer Wants To Bring A New Entry In The Survival Horror Series To Nintendo Switch
20-10-19 (09:23)   Random: God Of War Director Praises Witcher 3 On Switch, Says It's "Some Kind Of Dark Sorcery"
20-10-19 (07:54)   You Can Now Get Switch Joy-Con Inspired By The GameCube Controller
20-10-19 (04:54)   A Hat In Time On Switch Has A Bigger File Size Than Other Versions Of The Game
19-10-19 (21:09)   Feature: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rescue-Palooza! Is The Turtles Game You've Always Wanted
19-10-19 (19:09)   Review: BDSM: Big Drunk Satanic Massacre - Hellishly Good Fun That Needs More Polish
19-10-19 (18:54)   Uncensored Version Of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Becomes Best-Selling Wii U Game On Amazon Japan
19-10-19 (17:09)   Feature: The Hall Of Shame - Games Or Series We Never Got Around To Playing
19-10-19 (15:09)   Review: River City Melee Mach!! - A Retro Trip That Should Satisfy Longtime Kunio Fans
19-10-19 (13:09)   After Losing His Keys, Luigi Is Finally Ready To Race In Mario Kart Tour This Halloween
19-10-19 (11:09)   Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (October 19th)
19-10-19 (10:54)   Review: Overwatch: Legendary Edition - Hardly The Best Way To Play, But Still Pretty Great
19-10-19 (09:09)   Epic Improves Fortnite's Audio With New "3D Headphones" Option
19-10-19 (06:54)   Random: Nintendo's Customer Support Twitter Account Reminds Us Not To Sit On The Switch
19-10-19 (05:23)   Yang Jian Joins The Battle In Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate
19-10-19 (03:23)   Video: Overwatch On Switch "Works" But It's Far From Perfect, According To Digital Foundry
19-10-19 (01:54)   Ring Fit Adventure Version 1.1.0 Adds New Online Features
18-10-19 (19:40)   Guide: Pokémon GO 'A Colossal Discovery' - How To Purchase A Premium Ticket And Regigigas Quest Walkthrough
18-10-19 (19:09)   Review: Into the Dead 2 - An Overpriced Zombie Shooter That Should Have Stayed Dead
18-10-19 (18:40)   Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure Launches Today On Nintendo Switch
18-10-19 (17:54)   Did Hideki Kamiya And Ikumi Nakamura Just Tease An Okami Sequel?
18-10-19 (17:40)   Capcom Looking To "Awaken" Past Franchises After The "Indisputable Successes" Of Resident Evil And Monster Hunter
18-10-19 (16:40)   Yooka-Laylee Dev Playtonic Is Open To Making A Mario Kart-Like Racer Or Splatoon-Like Shooter
18-10-19 (15:23)   Pokémon Center London Closes Entry Queue 9 Hours Early Due To Ridiculously High Demand
18-10-19 (14:54)   Nintendo Apologises For Tokyo Mirage Sessions Censorship Misinformation, Offers Refunds
18-10-19 (13:54)   Poll: Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure Is Out Today, Are You Getting It?
18-10-19 (13:54)   Guide: Where To Buy Ring Fit Adventure For Nintendo Switch
18-10-19 (12:40)   Tekken Producer Has Had Enough With Your Smash Bros. Cameo Requests, So Stop Asking
18-10-19 (12:09)   Random: Here's Why You Should Never Use Google Translate To Localise Your Game
18-10-19 (11:23)   Grab An Officially-Licensed Pink Sega Controller And Join The Fight Against Breast Cancer
18-10-19 (07:54)   Rumour: Nvidia's New Tegra X1+ Chip Could Make Switch Performance "Up To 25% Faster"
18-10-19 (06:09)   Puma Launches Its Tetris-Themed Collection
18-10-19 (05:09)   The Switch Has Now Sold More Than 15 Million Units In North America
18-10-19 (04:23)   Fight Off Mutated Fruit Monsters In Juicy Realm, A Twin-Stick Shooter Coming To Switch
18-10-19 (04:23)   Producers Of Pokémon Masters Outline Future Updates After Disappointing Players
18-10-19 (03:40)   Random: This Switch Game Manual Has Controls For The Wrong Platform
18-10-19 (02:23)   Video: We've Played Pokémon Sword And Shield On Nintendo Switch And These Are Our Thoughts
17-10-19 (21:09)   Review: Rabi-Ribi - A Merry Mix Of Metroidvania And Bullet-Hell
17-10-19 (19:09)   Nintendo Reveals Last Month's Top 30 Best-Selling Switch eShop Games (North America)
17-10-19 (18:40)   Sword And Shield's Wild Area Is About The Size Of Two Regions In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, Says Pokémon Rep
17-10-19 (17:40)   Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Will Be Censored On Switch
17-10-19 (17:09)   Review: StarBlox Inc. - Tetris And Smash Bros. Collide In This Charming, Original Puzzler
17-10-19 (17:09)   A Witcher 3 Switch Mod Appears To Restore Visual Options Missing From The Retail Game
17-10-19 (16:54)   Nintendo Download: 17th October (North America)
17-10-19 (16:54)   GRIP: Combat Racing Goes Back To The Future With DeLorean DLC
17-10-19 (16:23)   A Witcher 3 Switch Mod Appears To Restore Visual Options Missing From Retail Game
17-10-19 (15:54)   Here's Your First Look Inside London's Shiny New Pokémon Center
17-10-19 (15:23)   Nintendo Download: 17th October (Europe)
17-10-19 (15:09)   Survival Game Soul Searching Invites You To Find The Meaning Of Life On Switch
17-10-19 (14:40)   Twin-Stick Shooter Battle Planet - Judgement Day Touches Down On Switch Today
17-10-19 (14:09)   Random: Reddit User Claims To Have Received A Switch Lite With Two 'Y' Buttons
17-10-19 (13:23)   What Year Is It? Nintendo's Wii U Is Getting A New Game Today
17-10-19 (12:40)   This New Switch Case Comes With Console Straps, A Stand And Detachable Joy-Con Covers
17-10-19 (12:09)   Guide: Pokémon GO Halloween Event - 2019 Event Info and 'A Spooky Message' Spiritomb Quest Walkthrough
17-10-19 (11:54)   Mario Kart Tour Gets An Update, But It's Not The Multiplayer Fans Are Crying Out For
17-10-19 (06:40)   The Hulu App For Wii U Is Being Removed From The Japanese eShop
17-10-19 (05:54)   Prepare For Scares When The Universal Monsters Pack Comes To Pinball FX3 On 29th October
17-10-19 (04:23)   A Hat In Time Nyakuza Metro DLC "Coming Soon" To Nintendo Switch
17-10-19 (03:09)   Introducing The Virtual Boo, Professor E. Gadd's New Communication Device In Luigi's Mansion 3
17-10-19 (01:54)   Shinobi Expected To Be The Next Sega Ages Game Released In Japan
16-10-19 (21:09)   Review: Stranded Sails - Explorers of the Cursed Islands - Fabulous Farming Stymied By Its Stamina System
16-10-19 (19:40)   First-Person Survival Horror Game Agony Will Torment Switch This Halloween
16-10-19 (19:09)   Talking Point: Could Nintendo's Game Design Prowess Solve Discoverability Problems On Switch eShop?
16-10-19 (18:40)   The First Game To Use Nintendo Switch's Alarm Notifications And LED Light Has Arrived
16-10-19 (18:09)   Japanese Charts: Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Fends Off Dragon Quest And Yo-Kai Watch For Top Spot
16-10-19 (17:40)   Investigate Tokyo Dark: Remembrance, An Anime Murder Mystery, On Switch This November
16-10-19 (17:09)   Who Needs A Game Boy Classic Edition When You've Got The Analogue Pocket?
16-10-19 (16:54)   You'll Be Able To Explore Pokémon Sword And Shield's Wild Area Via A Web App For A Limited Time
16-10-19 (16:40)   Here's Your First Look At Some Of The Exclusive Merch Coming To London's Pokémon Center
16-10-19 (16:09)   Roll Back The Carpets, Jackbox Party Pack 6 Crashes Onto Switch Tomorrow
16-10-19 (15:40)   Charming But Spooky Indie Platformer Yuri Makes The Leap To Nintendo Switch
16-10-19 (15:23)   Pokémon Sword And Shield Will Feature New Gigantamax Forms Of Charizard, Pikachu And More
16-10-19 (15:09)   Review: Little Town Hero - A Quirky, Small-Scale RPG For The Time-Poor Player
16-10-19 (14:40)   Scared Of The Monsters Beneath Your Bed? It's Time To Just Ignore Them On Switch
16-10-19 (13:09)   Nintendo Switch Is Getting A The Witcher 3-Themed Controller
16-10-19 (12:23)   Random: Lady Gaga Asks "What's Fortnight", Internet Reacts Exactly As You'd Expect
16-10-19 (12:09)   Guide: Pokémon GO EX Raids - What They Are And How To Get An EX Raid Pass
16-10-19 (11:40)   CoroCoro Reveals New Gigantamax Versions Of Fan Favourite Pokémon In Sword And Shield
16-10-19 (11:09)   Castlevania's Harder Arcade Version Is Coming To Nintendo Switch Tomorrow
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