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04-10-22 (18:07)   Rivian tax breaks, Chevrolet Bolt EV sales surge, public chargers vs. total EVs: Today's Car News
04-10-22 (17:53)   US lags other countries in chargers vs. registered EVs
04-10-22 (15:38)   Chevy Bolt EV sales surge, as GM Ultium EVs trickle out
04-10-22 (14:07)   Georgia judge rejects tax break for Rivian electric truck plant
04-10-22 (05:38)   Toyota EV target pushback, states and 2035 gas-vehicle sunset, GM silicon-anode tech, Pacifica Hybrids can plug in: Today's Car News
04-10-22 (05:38)   Toyota CEO: US target of 50% EVs by 2030 "very difficult"
04-10-22 (05:38)   2017-2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid PHEV fix nixes fire risk
04-10-22 (05:38)   GM bets silicon anode will boost battery range, lower cost
02-10-22 (14:07)   Not all California clean cars states agree with 2035 gas-vehicle ban
01-10-22 (14:07)   $10,000 EV, 53-mpg Niro Hybrid, reviews of Outlander PHEV, Q4 E-Tron, EQS SUV: The Week in Reverse
30-09-22 (18:07)   Audi Q4 E-Tron and Mercedes EQS SUV reviews, Midwest hydrogen fuel-cell trucking: Today's Car News
30-09-22 (17:07)   Review: 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV comforts the budding three-row electric class
30-09-22 (15:07)   Review: 2023 Audi Q4 E-Tron SUV and Sportback go for practicality more than punch
30-09-22 (14:07)   Midwest states ally to produce hydrogen, potentially for fuel-cell semis
29-09-22 (22:24)   Lordstown's first Endurance electric trucks aren't for sale yet
29-09-22 (18:24)   Hyundai Ioniq 5 pricing, $10,000 Tata EV, Lordstown Endurance production: Today's Car News
29-09-22 (15:38)   2023 Hyundai Ioniq 5 price hiked $1,500—before the $10,000 dealer markups
29-09-22 (14:07)   Tata launches a $10,000 electric car for India
28-09-22 (18:07)   Nissan Ariya prices, 53-mpg Niro Hybrid, Polestar 3 performance: Today's Car News
28-09-22 (17:07)   2023 Kia Niro Hybrid costs $27,785, gets up to 53 mpg combined
28-09-22 (16:07)   2023 Kia Niro Hybrid costs $27,785, rated up to 53 mpg combined
28-09-22 (14:07)   2023 Nissan Ariya starts at $44,485, price hiked for previously announced versions
28-09-22 (10:53)   Polestar 3 electric SUV performance details teased ahead of Oct. 12 debut
27-09-22 (18:07)   California diesel big-rig ban, Seoul EV chargers, BP and Hertz: Today's Car News
27-09-22 (18:07)   Oil giant BP will help keep Hertz EVs charged
27-09-22 (15:38)   Seoul plans more than 200,000 EV chargers by 2026
27-09-22 (14:07)   California considers banning new diesel semis by 2040
26-09-22 (18:24)   Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV review, Tesla CCS adapter, Nikola Badger postmortem: Today's Car News
26-09-22 (17:53)   Report: Nikola Badger fuel-cell pickup would have relied almost entirely on GM
26-09-22 (16:38)   Review: 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV showcases the brand's best
26-09-22 (14:53)   $250 CCS adapter lets Tesla EVs roam other charging networks
24-09-22 (14:07)   GM EVs at Hertz, Sorento Hybrid price hike, taxing the wealthy for EV infrastructure: The Week in Reverse
23-09-22 (17:07)   GM backs standards "eliminating tailpipe pollution" from passenger vehicles by 2035
23-09-22 (16:38)   Faraday Future confirms 381-mile EPA range for FF 91, arrival still uncertain
22-09-22 (18:07)   Volvo EX90, Tesla power-window pinch, California EV infrastructure tax: Today's Car News
22-09-22 (16:24)   Tesla recalls over 1M vehicles for power-window pinch—with an easy fix
22-09-22 (16:07)   Should a tax on the rich help build EV infrastructure?
22-09-22 (15:38)   Volvo EX90 electric SUV will debut November 9, claimed to be safest model yet
21-09-22 (18:24)   GM-Hertz EV plan, Sono solar on semis, Fisker and Wallbox: Today's Car News
21-09-22 (17:53)   Hertz plans to buy up to 175,000 GM EVs through 2027
21-09-22 (16:24)   Fisker partners with Wallbox for home-charging ecosystem
21-09-22 (15:38)   Sono shows how solar could save money installed on electric semis and buses
20-09-22 (16:07)   Report: Chevy not planning dealer buyouts over EVs as GM offered for Buick, Cadillac
20-09-22 (15:07)   VW shows upfit potential of ID.Buzz with electric paramedics' van
19-09-22 (18:07)   EV travel trailer, range-boosting sensors, California EV mainstream: Today's Car News
19-09-22 (17:38)   Teardrop camping trailer boosts EV driving range—with lots of batteries on board
19-09-22 (16:38)   Survey: Half of Californians might choose an EV as their next vehicle
19-09-22 (14:07)   Diamond quantum sensors could extend EV driving range 10%, researchers claim
18-09-22 (14:07)   2023 Kia Sorento Hybrid starts $2,500 higher than 2022 in "optimization" of lineup
17-09-22 (14:07)   Ford ends EV markups, Lucid details motor tech, CR-V Hybrid pricing, Jeep PHEVs: The Week in Reverse
16-09-22 (18:07)   40-mpg CR-V Hybrid, most aerodynamic production car, natural-rubber tires: Today's Car News
16-09-22 (18:07)   2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid: 40-mpg crossover priced to make hybrid mainstream
16-09-22 (15:38)   Bridgestone aims to make natural-rubber tires from a sustainable American southwest crop
16-09-22 (14:07)   Lightyear 0 is the most aerodynamic production car in the world, wind-tunnel testing verifies
15-09-22 (18:07)   Ford ends EV haggling, battery for 600-mile EVs, state charging plans approved: Today's Car News
15-09-22 (17:07)   Battery firm ONE reveals cell tech for 600-mile EVs, including trucks and SUVs
15-09-22 (14:07)   35 states get the green light for $7.5 billion national EV charging network
14-09-22 (21:38)   Ford aims to make EV markups and haggling history with dealership rules starting in 2024
14-09-22 (18:07)   More Jeep plug-in hybrid choices, $25,000 Tesla, Honda electric motorcycles: Today's Car News
14-09-22 (17:07)   $25,000 Tesla or not, executive says EV maker will need a more affordable model
14-09-22 (15:38)   Honda plans 10 new electric motorcycle models by 2025, including one for kids
14-09-22 (14:38)   Jeep adds plug-in hybrid value with Wrangler Willys 4xe, Grand Cherokee 4xe special edition
13-09-22 (19:24)   Nissan Leaf battery lifetime, Lucid motor tech, EVs and communities of color: Today's Car News
13-09-22 (18:24)   How Lucid leaps past Tesla with smaller motors
13-09-22 (16:07)   Communities of color affected by air pollution lag in EV adoption; study looks at how to fix this
13-09-22 (14:07)   Nissan Leaf EV batteries' long lifetime is pushing recovery and recycling farther off
12-09-22 (18:24)   Vinfast deliveries, VW ID.4 off-roader, Leaf bidirectional charger: Today's Car News
12-09-22 (18:07)   Vinfast delivers first 100 VF 8 electric SUVs in Vietnam, US arrival still set for this year
12-09-22 (14:07)   VW ID.Xtreme concept turns the ID.4 into a rugged off-roader
12-09-22 (12:07)   Ford Mach-E EV, Lincoln Corsair plug-in hybrid among first to get automated lane-change feature
11-09-22 (14:07)   Nissan approves first US bidirectional charger for Leaf, use won't affect warranty
10-09-22 (14:07)   VW ID.Buzz review, $30,000 Equinox EV details, future Jeep EVs, dirty diesel tuners: The Week in Reverse
09-09-22 (19:38)   Lexus RX plug-in hybrid review, BMW changes batteries, Bollinger B1 back, Harbinger bows: Today's Car News
09-09-22 (18:07)   BMW battery shift targets 30% more range, faster charging with cylindrical cells and cell-to-pack tech
09-09-22 (16:07)   Commercial EV startup Harbinger claims it can erase the up-front cost premium vs. gas or diesel
09-09-22 (14:07)   Mullen majority stake might revive Bollinger B1 and B2 electric trucks
09-09-22 (12:07)   Review: 2023 Lexus RX 450h+ plug-in hybrid falls short of prime mover
08-09-22 (18:24)   Jeep production-bound EVs, $30,000 Chevy Equinox EV, Rivian-Mercedes van venture: Today's Car News
08-09-22 (18:07)   Rivian and Mercedes-Benz plan to make electric vans together for Europe
08-09-22 (16:07)   StoreDot delivers fast-charging batteries for real-world EV testing, claims 100 miles in five minutes
08-09-22 (15:07)   2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV confirmed at $30,000 for 250-mile base model
08-09-22 (14:07)   Jeep Recon EV: Electric Wrangler "brother" is one of three production-bound EVs revealed
07-09-22 (18:07)   VW ID.Buzz review, EPA diesel-truck crackdown, Lightyear funding: Today's Car News
07-09-22 (17:38)   Review: 2024 VW ID.Buzz EV counters crossover culture with iconoclastic pizzazz
07-09-22 (15:38)   EPA cracks down on companies selling aftermarket diesel "defeat devices," with fines in the millions
07-09-22 (14:07)   Solar car maker: "High-volume" Lightyear 2, international expansion spurred with new investment
06-09-22 (17:53)   California grid, Lucid Air Pure, Buick EV shift, EV weight gain and road safety: Today's Car News
06-09-22 (15:38)   Will the extra weight of EVs vs. ICE vehicles worsen road safety?
06-09-22 (14:07)   Buick offers dealer buyouts in advance of EV remake for GM brand
05-09-22 (14:07)   California rule will make EV charging more affordable, reduce load on grid
04-09-22 (14:07)   Rivian Camp mode, California heat-wave EV charging, US batteries for Toyota and Honda EVs: The Week in Reverse
03-09-22 (17:07)   Rivian electric trucks can level up with Camp mode feature, part of latest OTA update
03-09-22 (14:07)   Lucid Air Pure undercuts the Model S in price and efficiency, and it's nearing production
02-09-22 (18:38)   Toyota EV shift, BMW fuel-cell SUV, California heat and EV charging: Today's Car News
02-09-22 (18:07)   Does Toyota's plan to convert engine plants into battery factories signal a stronger EV shift?
02-09-22 (15:38)   BMW starts making fuel-cell stacks for iX5 Hydrogen
02-09-22 (14:07)   Leading into Labor Day weekend, California asks EV drivers to limit charging
01-09-22 (21:38)   2023 Mercedes EQS SUV starts at $105,550, EPA range up to 305 miles for US-made EV
01-09-22 (18:24)   Sono hits 20,000 reservations for its $30,000 Sion solar EV
01-09-22 (18:24)   US-made Toyota EVs, Sono solar-car reservations, Bosch fuel cells for semis: Today's Car News
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