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08-04-20 (00:59)   Get a job: Be a Gameplay Designer at Remedy Entertainment
08-04-20 (00:45)   Don't Miss: Mark Cerny's 2013 'no holds barred' PlayStation 4 hardware deep dive
08-04-20 (00:28)   The PS5 DualSense controller doubles down on PlayStation's dream of next-gen immersion
07-04-20 (22:59)   Video: Overcoming creative block on Super Crush KO
07-04-20 (21:45)   The ESA isn't planning to replace E3 2020 with a digital event
07-04-20 (21:14)   Valve's breakdown of Steam launch earnings says 'success' is on the rise
07-04-20 (17:45)   Blog: A/B tests for analyzing live ops
07-04-20 (17:45)   Japanese game rating board CERO suspends operations due to COVID-19
07-04-20 (17:14)   After over 300 weeks of releases, Ubisoft is ending work on new Rocksmith DLC
07-04-20 (16:59)   SteelSeries acquires game audio software developer A-Volute
07-04-20 (15:45)   Report: Animal Crossing has sold over 2.6 million retail copies in Japan alone
07-04-20 (15:14)   Blog: Learning resources for Unity addressables in 2020
07-04-20 (12:28)   Game discoverability: to demo, or not to demo?
07-04-20 (00:45)   How height, audio cues, and trust sculpted VR locomotion in Half-Life: Alyx
07-04-20 (00:45)   Get a job: Join the Infinity Ward team as a Technical Multiplayer Designer
07-04-20 (00:14)   Get a job: Join the Infinity Ward team as a Technical Multiplayer Deisgner
06-04-20 (22:28)   Video: Writing great ensemble casts (instead of lone heroes) in games
06-04-20 (22:14)   Don't Miss: 7 JRPGs game developers should study
06-04-20 (21:14)   After over 800 weeks of releases, Ubisoft is ending work on new Rocksmith DLC
06-04-20 (18:14)   Analgesic has open-sourced its 'Zelda-like' adventure game Anodyne
06-04-20 (16:45)   Blog: Best virtual development practices for a COVID-19 world
06-04-20 (16:45)   Phil Spencer: Launch price will be 'critical' to the success of Xbox Series X
06-04-20 (15:45)   UK Government enlists game developers to push 'Stay Home, Save Lives' messaging
06-04-20 (15:14)   Blog: Balancing fun gameplay and realism when introducing new classes
03-04-20 (22:14)   Don't Miss: How Rogue Legacy handles tutorials without being boring
03-04-20 (21:45)   Video Game Deep Cuts: The Year Of The Pac
03-04-20 (21:14)   ALT.CTRL.GDC Showcase: Our Sutured City
03-04-20 (19:45)   Blog: What does games culturalization involve?
03-04-20 (19:45)   Report: COVID-19 could delay Amazon's cloud-based gaming platform into 2021
03-04-20 (17:14)   Blog: Why you need a technical designer
03-04-20 (16:28)   Atari VCS system architect Rob Wyatt is suing Atari over missed payments
03-04-20 (15:14)   Blog: Getting the most out of player reviews
03-04-20 (15:14)   Outer Wilds and Disco Elysium win big at BAFTA Games Awards
03-04-20 (12:45)   Journey to the Savage Planet a reaction to a past life of AAA development
03-04-20 (00:14)   Phil Spencer talks how Xbox teams are weathering remote work in the lead-up to Series X
02-04-20 (23:59)   Report: Game X Change keeps stores open, gives staff bogus advice for facing COVID-19
02-04-20 (22:14)   USC Games Expo swaps to virtual for 2020 student game showcase
02-04-20 (21:14)   Video: Learning from 2 case studies of LGBTQ+ representation in games
02-04-20 (20:45)   The Last of Us Part II and Iron Man VR delayed as COVID-19 complicates release plans
02-04-20 (20:14)   ALT.CTRL.GDC Showcase: Red Planet Games' Vincere
02-04-20 (18:14)   Unity launches 'Unite Now' digital series to help devs stay in the know during pandemic
02-04-20 (17:14)   Blog: The difference between random and randomized progression
02-04-20 (16:45)   Activision scores First Amendment victory in Humvee trademark lawsuit
02-04-20 (15:14)   Blog: Historians discuss Through the Darkest of Times
02-04-20 (15:14)   Sony forms $100 million global relief fund to help those affected by COVID-19
02-04-20 (12:45)   Interview: Tuning promotion to make Academia a success
02-04-20 (00:14)   With Half-Life: Alyx out, Valve shifts focus to its Hammer level editor
01-04-20 (23:14)   Get a job: Frictional Games is hiring a Tech Lead
01-04-20 (21:59)   Report: Gearbox overspent on Borderlands 3, and devs see bonuses cut in response
01-04-20 (21:14)   Don't Miss: Give players a place to feel 'cozy' and they'll keep coming back
01-04-20 (20:59)   Video: How Gearbox baked accessibility features into Borderlands 3
01-04-20 (17:59)   ALT.CTRL.GDC Showcase: Hug Machine
01-04-20 (17:45)   COVID-19 preventing Bethesda from hosting digital E3 showcase
01-04-20 (16:45)   Terraria has sold over 30 million copies across all platforms
01-04-20 (16:14)   Rockstar pledges 5% of Red Dead and GTA Online revenue to fight COVID-19
01-04-20 (15:28)   Activision has dished out over 50,000 permabans in Call of Duty: Warzone
01-04-20 (11:45)   What happens when an outbreak ruins your game announcement plans?
31-03-20 (23:45)   Get a job: Fire Hose Games is hiring a Progression and Monetization Designer
31-03-20 (22:45)   QuakeCon 25 called off over COVID-19 concerns
31-03-20 (22:14)   Don't Miss: The Valkyrie Profile-inspired design of Indivisible
31-03-20 (21:45)   Dozens of devs pitch in games for Humble's all-for-charity Conquer COVID-19 bundle
31-03-20 (20:45)   Niantic acquires 6D.ai to help map out the entire world for AR
31-03-20 (20:45)   Video: Using forgiveness mechanics to design better games
31-03-20 (19:45)   ALT.CTRL.GDC Showcase: People of the Moon
31-03-20 (17:28)   Blog: Differentiating narratives using the selfish story model
31-03-20 (17:14)   Eidos-Montreal hosting Deus Ex flash sale to help those affected by COVID-19
31-03-20 (16:28)   Cyberpunk dev CD Projekt Red donates $950,000 to help fight COVID-19
31-03-20 (16:14)   Showcasing on Steam's Game Festival: the real numbers!
31-03-20 (15:45)   Colopl acquires game and interactive novel developer Mages for $14.92 million
31-03-20 (15:14)   Blog: Understanding the improved out parameters in Unity C#
31-03-20 (01:45)   Kojima Productions working remotely after employee diagnosed with COVID-19
30-03-20 (22:14)   Get a job: Join Infinity Ward as a Quality Assurance Manager
30-03-20 (21:28)   Video: Storytelling with verbs to better integrate narrative and gameplay
30-03-20 (21:14)   Xbox encouraging devs to push updates during off-peak hours to lessen server strain
30-03-20 (20:45)   ALT.CTRL.GDC Showcase: Far Away Cage
30-03-20 (20:28)   With more people staying home, Steam makes changes to reduce bandwidth use
30-03-20 (19:28)   Game industry backs 'Play Apart Together' campaign to slow spread of COVID-19
30-03-20 (17:28)   Star Citizen dev Cloud Imperium raises $17.25 million in funding
30-03-20 (16:14)   Future shuts down Official Xbox Magazine after almost two decades
30-03-20 (15:28)   Games industry backs 'Play Apart Together' campaign to slow spread of COVID-19
30-03-20 (13:14)   Blog: Understanding and effectively implementing live ops
28-03-20 (00:14)   Get a job: Visual Concepts is hiring a Senior Software Engineer in California
27-03-20 (23:14)   Don't Miss: What it took to port Resident Evil 2 to the N64
27-03-20 (22:45)   Google Stadia, 'beefy laptops' drive Bungie's remote work success
27-03-20 (20:28)   ALT.CTRL.GDC Showcase: The Unfathomed Voyager
27-03-20 (19:28)   Players host weddings, classes, more in online games during COVID-19 crisis
27-03-20 (18:14)   Sony says COVID-19 won't impact PS5 launch (yet)
27-03-20 (17:45)   Tencent and Huawei are working on a mobile cloud gaming platform
27-03-20 (16:28)   Sony will begin limiting PSN download speeds in the U.S.
27-03-20 (16:14)   GameStop to close at least 320 stores in 2020
27-03-20 (15:28)   Blog: Learn to code with Pico-8 games
27-03-20 (15:28)   Assassin's Creed actor Abubakar Salim forms UK studio Silver Rain Games
26-03-20 (23:28)   Get a job: Crossy Road dev Hipster Whale is hiring a Server Engineer
26-03-20 (23:28)   GameStop ends 2019 with sales down year-over-year, but 'increased financial flexibility'
26-03-20 (21:28)   Don't Miss: How Mario Kart influenced Nintendo's fighting game, ARMS
26-03-20 (21:14)   Mojang shakes up AR game Minecraft Earth to adapt to shelter-in-place play
26-03-20 (19:28)   ALT.CTRL.GDC Showcase: Pat Pat Please!
26-03-20 (17:45)   Deep Dive: Making a cozy, therapeutic experience in Coffee Talk
26-03-20 (17:45)   Develop: Brighton moved to November due to COVID-19 pandemic
26-03-20 (16:59)   Epic signs Playdead, Remedy, and genDesign to new publishing label
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