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16-08-19 (21:45)   Video: Great game audio choreography for battle design
16-08-19 (21:14)   Sponsored: Data, trends, and tips for raising subscription revenue in free-to-play games
16-08-19 (20:59)   Get a job: Sucker Punch, The Walt Disney Company, and more are hiring now!
16-08-19 (20:28)   Activision Blizzard names David Messinger new chief marketing officer
16-08-19 (19:28)   GDC YouTube Top 5: Mohawk Games' Soren Johnson
16-08-19 (19:14)   Blog: Implementing data structures - Part 2
16-08-19 (18:14)   Learn what works (and what doesn't) in AR/VR advertising at XRDC!
16-08-19 (18:14)   My.Games is launching its own PC video game storefront
16-08-19 (16:59)   Blog: How I translated Ancient Greek punishment games into Bitsy
16-08-19 (09:28)   Steam's 'Follower' counts: A discoverability gem hidden in plain sight
16-08-19 (00:14)   Get a job: Be a Senior Producer at Cold Iron Studios
15-08-19 (22:59)   Klang secures $22.3 million in funding for SpatialOS-powered MMO Seed
15-08-19 (22:14)   Don't Miss: How enemy AI works in Dicey Dungeons
15-08-19 (21:45)   Video: Designing multiplayer ranking systems like Elo and TrueSkill
15-08-19 (20:59)   Epic Games Store rolls out more cloud save support, flashier store pages
15-08-19 (19:28)   Don't miss these career-expanding Training & Safety talks at XRDC
15-08-19 (19:14)   Blog: Creating a questlog people actually read in Pathologic 2
15-08-19 (18:59)   Superhot Team aims to support 'weird but smart' devs with new indie fund
15-08-19 (18:14)   Discover what it takes to build great medical AR/VR/MR apps at XRDC!
15-08-19 (17:14)   Epic Games opens new Cologne studio with Factor 5 founders
15-08-19 (16:59)   Bloodborne and Mass Effect 3 composer forms new audio production company
15-08-19 (15:59)   Unity launches two new classroom tools to help teach programming
15-08-19 (15:28)   Blog: How to make a casual mobile game
15-08-19 (15:14)   Blog: Level design for combat
15-08-19 (08:59)   Great game production tips with Grant Shonkwiler - GDC Podcast ep. 1
15-08-19 (00:14)   Xbox head: Cloud gaming is inevitable but 'years and years' away from mainstream
14-08-19 (23:45)   Paradox touts positive cash flow despite record marketing and dev spend
14-08-19 (22:45)   Get a job: Guerrilla Games is looking for a Senior Producer
14-08-19 (22:45)   Video: Achieving high-quality, low-cost skin textures in games
14-08-19 (22:28)   Xbox head: Cloud gaming is inevitable but 'years and years' away from the mainstream
14-08-19 (21:45)   Don't Miss: Exploring the secret depths of Bubble Bobble's design
14-08-19 (21:45)   Watch Age of Wonders: Planetfall's lead dev discuss updating the series for a new age
14-08-19 (18:14)   XRDC Innovation Report reveals games remain the top focus for AR/VR/MR devs
14-08-19 (17:14)   Chat with Age of Wonders: Planetfall lead dev Lennart Sas at 1PM EST
14-08-19 (17:14)   Blog: How music enhances virtual presence - Part 2
14-08-19 (17:14)   Tencent doubling down on season passes as mobile titles drive revenue
14-08-19 (15:59)   THQ Nordic acquires Darksiders dev Gunfire and racing studio Milestone
14-08-19 (15:28)   Blog: Ancient Greek punishments as hypertexts
14-08-19 (09:14)   How moving from 2D to 3D shaped the design of Risk of Rain 2
13-08-19 (23:45)   Get a job: Red Lens Games is hiring a Senior Programmer
13-08-19 (23:28)   Managing the evolving state of Destiny 2: 'the game cannot grow infinitely forever'
13-08-19 (22:45)   Video: Designing great room-scale VR interactions the Vacation Simulator way
13-08-19 (22:28)   Don't Miss: Training players right, so they don't hate learning to play
13-08-19 (22:14)   Multi-platform games from Xbox-owned studios must 'make sense for the franchise'
13-08-19 (21:45)   Blog: 7 must-read books for game designers
13-08-19 (20:45)   Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell departs Facebook
13-08-19 (19:28)   Learn what makes for great location-based VR experiences at XRDC!
13-08-19 (18:14)   The IGF 2020 call for judges is now open!
13-08-19 (18:14)   US tariffs on video game consoles imported from China delayed to December
13-08-19 (17:14)   Blog: Understanding the reality of game development
13-08-19 (17:14)   Swedish studio Isbit Games shuts down after running out of funds
13-08-19 (15:59)   Singularity 6 secures $16.5 million to fund tech and game development
13-08-19 (15:45)   Bohemia Interactive will modify all versions of DayZ to avoid Australia ban
13-08-19 (15:28)   Blog: Lessons learned from the development of Vicious Circle
13-08-19 (15:28)   Singularity 6 secures $16.5 million to ramp up technology and game development
13-08-19 (00:14)   Twitch CEO apologizes after lengthy porn stream promoted on Ninja's old page
12-08-19 (23:59)   Get a job: Insomniac Games is hiring a Lead Character TD
12-08-19 (23:14)   Twitch CEO apologizes after lengthy porn stream promoted on Ninja's old channel
12-08-19 (21:59)   After 24 years at id, Tim Willits is now Saber Interactive's chief creative officer
12-08-19 (21:45)   Don't Miss: How data miners shed light on P.T.'s ghost story
12-08-19 (21:28)   Video: Using AI to build a better future for game art production
12-08-19 (20:59)   Mojang cancels Minecraft's big graphics overhaul after performance struggles
12-08-19 (19:59)   Blog: Delivering a closed alpha build to a store channel on Discord
12-08-19 (19:28)   Valve turns to hands-on moderation to solve Steam Workshop woes
12-08-19 (18:28)   Spilt Milk Studios cancels upcoming sci-fi MMO, Lazarus
12-08-19 (18:14)   PSA: Thursday is your last day to pitch Core Concepts talks for GDC 2020!
12-08-19 (17:14)   Blog: The big game branding 101
12-08-19 (16:59)   Epic is being sued over a security issue that left Fortnite player data exposed
12-08-19 (16:28)   Sponsored: A cost effective and customizable game platform of your own
12-08-19 (10:28)   The door problem of combat design
11-08-19 (18:59)   Video Game Deep Cuts: Eliza's Moral Panic Over Wii Sports
09-08-19 (21:59)   Video: A decade of improving the approachability of fighting games
09-08-19 (21:28)   Get a job: Disbelief, Sony PlayStation and more are hiring now!
09-08-19 (20:59)   Don't Miss: Behind the scenes of Guilty Gear Xrd's striking 2D/3D art
09-08-19 (19:45)   ESPN, ABC delay Apex Legends tournament broadcast in wake of shootings
09-08-19 (18:14)   Discord is launching in-server streaming later this month with new 'Go Live' feature
09-08-19 (16:45)   Australian ratings board working to completely ban DayZ for promoting cannabis
09-08-19 (16:14)   Walmart tells staff to pull violent game ads and demos, but guns still for sale
09-08-19 (08:14)   Discoverability: A 'hot or not?' genre guide
09-08-19 (00:28)   Get a job: Game Closure is hiring a Systems Engineer
08-08-19 (23:45)   Activision Blizzard's Q2 net revenue falls year-over-year to $1.4 billion
08-08-19 (22:14)   The Final Fantasy XIV team is reworking base game content to be 'more compact'
08-08-19 (21:45)   Video: Tips on interviewing for game design jobs
08-08-19 (21:28)   Don't Miss: Exploring the design of cat-in-a-mech Metroidvania Gato Roboto
08-08-19 (21:28)   Twitch launches beta for all-in-one streaming app Twitch Studio
08-08-19 (19:28)   Learn how AR is transforming businesses and increasing ROI at XRDC!
08-08-19 (19:28)   Blog: Avoiding helplessness - The worst feeling in games
08-08-19 (18:45)   Now's the time to submit your best Design talk ideas for GDC 2020!
08-08-19 (18:28)   Devs are now required to contact Valve for release date changes on Steam
08-08-19 (17:14)   Square Enix shutting down Star Ocean: Anamnesis in the West after little over a year
08-08-19 (16:59)   Report: Parent company of publisher Annapurna Interactive is exploring bankruptcy
08-08-19 (16:28)   Virtual reality streaming company Vreal has closed its doors
08-08-19 (16:28)   Breaking down the rich and complex AI of Hitman
08-08-19 (15:28)   Animoca Brands acquires digital collectibles marketplace Quidd for $5 million
08-08-19 (00:28)   18% of all physical ESRB-rated games have received an 'in-game purchases' label
07-08-19 (23:59)   Watch Creature in the Well dev Adam Volker break down its pinball-based puzzles
07-08-19 (23:28)   18% of ESRB-rated physical games have received an 'in-game purchases' label to date
07-08-19 (22:45)   Get a job: Deep Silver Volition is hiring a Project Manager
07-08-19 (22:45)   18% of ESRB rated physical games have received an 'in-game purchases' label to date
07-08-19 (21:59)   Video: A postmortem of indie kingdom-builder Kingdoms and Castles
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