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24-06-21 (18:45)   Tiffany Haddish Lost 50 Lbs. Now, She's Rocking New Bikini Pics And Talking How She Lost The Weight
24-06-21 (17:45)   Sing 2 Trailer Spoofs TV Talent Competitions And Wait, Bono Is In This Movie?
24-06-21 (17:14)   Zack Snyder's Justice League Snyder Cut Finally Has A 4K Release Date
24-06-21 (16:45)   The Exact Moment F9's Justin Lin Realized He Was Going To Resurrect Sung Kang's Han
24-06-21 (16:14)   Why Scarlett Johansson's Final Day On Black Widow Was Unusually Painful And Draining
24-06-21 (15:28)   The Rise Of Skywalker's Jodie Comer Talks Keeping Her Role A Secret, Shares What It's Actually Like On A Star Wars Set
24-06-21 (14:59)   Lin-Manuel Miranda Reveals He Came Up With Hamilton And In The Heights Finales In The Very Same Way
24-06-21 (13:14)   Luca: 5 Disney & Pixar Easter Eggs And References In The Movie
24-06-21 (03:59)   Creed 3's Michael B. Jordan Apologizes After Catching Flack From Nicki Minaj Over His Brand New Rum Brand
24-06-21 (03:28)   Reportedly, There Was More To John Boyega's Exit From Netflix Movie Rebel Ridge Than Initially Thought
24-06-21 (02:59)   The Main Reason Salma Hayek Lost Out On Starring In The Matrix
24-06-21 (02:14)   Sonic The Hedgehog 2's Cast And Crew Celebrated The Sega Character's 30th Birthday In An Explosive Way
24-06-21 (02:14)   In The Heights: 15 So You Think You Can Dance Dancers Who Appeared In The Movie
24-06-21 (01:45)   Steven Soderbergh Talks 'No Sudden Move,' 'Ocean's Eleven' And More
24-06-21 (01:45)   Black Widow Isn't Out Yet, And I'm Already Exhausted By Marvel's 2021 Slate
24-06-21 (01:14)   Jerry Seinfeld Is Making A Pop Tart Movie For Netflix (Not That There's Anything Wrong With That)
24-06-21 (00:28)   Jennifer Aniston Touches On Brad Pitt After Their Fast Times Reunion Went Viral
24-06-21 (00:14)   F9: What To Remember About Every Fast & Furious Character Before The Sequel
23-06-21 (23:59)   As F9 Prepares To Head To Space, Tyrese Gibson Is Introducing Fans To The Car That Will Get Them There
23-06-21 (23:14)   The Marvels' Teyonah Parris Talks Being Able To Bring Representation To The MCU
23-06-21 (22:45)   It Took Months, But Godzilla Vs. Kong Finally Hit A Box Office Milestone
23-06-21 (22:14)   Watch Ryan Reynolds' 'Evil Twin' Call Him Out For Doing So Many Body-Swap Movies
23-06-21 (21:45)   How Disney World Has Been Keeping Gators Off Property After Toddler's Tragic Death At Grand Floridian
23-06-21 (20:59)   As The Little Mermaid Shifts Filming, Looks Like Halle Bailey's Committing To Ariel's Red Hair
23-06-21 (20:28)   Paramount+'s Pet Sematary Movie Just Recast A Major Role, And We Have Questions
23-06-21 (19:45)   Shazam 2's Zachary Levi Responds To DC Fans After The Marvel Family's New Costumes Are Revealed
23-06-21 (19:14)   Netflix New Releases: The Karate Kid and Other Movies And TV Shows Streaming July 2021
23-06-21 (18:59)   Scarlett Johansson Is Bringing Another Disney World Ride To The Big Screen, And It's Awesome
23-06-21 (18:28)   The Cool Way The Suicide Squad's James Gunn Changed Idris Elba's Bloodsport From The Comics
23-06-21 (18:14)   Candyman Is Gearing Up For Theaters With First Full Trailer In Over A Year, And I'm Still So In
23-06-21 (17:14)   After Harrison Ford Is Injured On Indiana Jones 5 Set, Disney Releases Statement
23-06-21 (16:14)   The Idea For The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard Came Together Long Before The First Movie Even Opened
23-06-21 (15:14)   Adapting Stephen King's Children Of The Corn: Reflecting On He Who Walks Behind The Rows In The 1984 Movie
23-06-21 (14:28)   Of Course, Vin Diesel Keeps A Massive Board That Lays Out The Entire Fast And Furious Universe, With Characters Connected By Threads
23-06-21 (13:14)   5 Reasons Why Inception Is Still Christopher Nolan's Best Movie
23-06-21 (11:14)   The Highlander Reboot: What's Going On With The Henry Cavill Movie?
23-06-21 (03:45)   Jackass 4's Johnny Knoxville Touches On Bad Blood With Bam Margera After He Was Not Asked Back For Sequel
23-06-21 (03:14)   Aquaman's Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Reveals He Wants To Be A Rom-Com Leading Man And Yes, Please
23-06-21 (02:28)   Vin Diesel Addresses 'Tough Love' With The Rock During Fast And Furious Feud
23-06-21 (02:14)   The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard Ending Explained: What Fresh Hell Awaits Michael Bryce
23-06-21 (01:59)   Wait, M. Night Shyamalan's New Movie Has A Trailer, But Still Doesn't Have An Ending?
23-06-21 (01:28)   James Gunn Explains How Creating The Suicide Squad's King Shark Compared To Making Guardians Of The Galaxy's Rocket And Groot
23-06-21 (00:59)   5 Action-Heavy Franchises That Should Become As Outlandish As The Fast And Furious Movies
23-06-21 (00:28)   Loki's Owen Wilson Isn't Actually Into Jet Skis As Much As You Might Think
23-06-21 (00:14)   Jim Gaffigan Teases What To Expect From Jude Law's Captain Hook And His Smee In Disney's Upcoming Peter Pan Movie
22-06-21 (23:28)   Thor: Love And Thunder Actor Chris Hemsworth Is The Only Other Person On The Planet Who Gets Tom Hiddleston's MCU Journey
22-06-21 (22:59)   Jamie Lee Curtis Announces Borderlands Movie With Kevin Hart And Co. Has Wrapped In Heartfelt Post
22-06-21 (22:28)   Ginny Weasley Actress Bonnie Wright Updates Us On She And Harry Potter's Marriage 10 Years Later
22-06-21 (22:14)   Millicent Simmonds: 5 Marvel And DC Characters The A Quiet Place Actress Should Play
22-06-21 (21:45)   See Chris Pratt Happily Eat A Bug In Wild Throwback Video From Guardians Of The Galaxy's James Gunn, Just Because
22-06-21 (21:28)   New The Suicide Squad Trailer Connects Superman To The Story, But Is It Henry Cavill's Version?
22-06-21 (20:59)   Get Excited, Transformers Fans, The Next Movie's Title Has Been Announced And More
22-06-21 (19:59)   Johnny Depp's Pirates Of The Caribbean Co-Star Defends Actor Amidst Lawsuits With Amber Heard
22-06-21 (19:14)   Samuel L. Jackson Has A Message For The Fans After The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard Hits #1
22-06-21 (18:45)   Even Ryan Reynolds Can Pause A Feud For Long Enough To Admit When His 'Pal' Hugh Jackman Has Chops
22-06-21 (17:59)   Disney Has Found Its Live-Action Snow White, And She's Perfect
22-06-21 (17:28)   Grieving Dad Has A Touching Exchange With Mark Hamill After Star Wars Actor Showed Up For His Terminally Ill Son
22-06-21 (16:59)   Disney World Has Big Plans For 50th Anniversary, But One Park Seems To Be Getting Left Out Of The Fun
22-06-21 (16:28)   No Time To Die Singer Billie Eilish Apologizes After Viral TikTok Alleging Racial Slur Runs Around
22-06-21 (15:59)   The Suicide Squad Fans Have Some Thoughts After Finding A Crazy New Trailer On YouTube
22-06-21 (15:14)   What The Pitch Perfect Cast Is Doing Now, Including Anna Kendrick
22-06-21 (14:59)   Indiana Jones 5 Is Filming In East London, But Neighbors Aren't Happy
22-06-21 (13:14)   Upcoming Owen Wilson Movies And Shows: What's Ahead For The Loki Actor
22-06-21 (03:45)   Why Steven Spielberg Teaming Up With Netflix Is A Surprise Turn
22-06-21 (02:59)   Edgar Wright Had To Make Some Hard Cuts Editing The Sparks Brothers, But There Are Some Excellent Bonuses On The Way To Fans
22-06-21 (02:14)   The Rocketeer: What If Cliff Secord Never Stumbled Upon Howard Hughes' Jetpack Prototype?
22-06-21 (02:14)   Upcoming Jon M. Chu Movies: What's Ahead For The In The Heights Director
22-06-21 (01:45)   The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco And SNL's Pete Davidson Are Teaming Up For A Wild Rom-Com
22-06-21 (01:14)   Black Adam's Pierce Brosnan Shares Cool Detail About His Doctor Fate Costume
22-06-21 (00:28)   Arnold Schwarzenegger And Chris Pratt Both Got Sweet Father's Day Tributes From Katherine Schwarzenegger
22-06-21 (00:14)   Greenland Ending: What Kind Of World Is Left For The Garrity Family
21-06-21 (23:59)   Why F9 Is So Important To The Future Of Movie Theaters
21-06-21 (23:14)   Universal Orlando Hilariously Giving Out Dating Advice After Single Rider Lines Reopen
21-06-21 (22:45)   Doctor Strange 2's Elizabeth Olsen Shares Thoughts On The Film Being Compared To Indiana Jones
21-06-21 (22:14)   Tyrese Gibson Says He And Ludacris Have A Big Idea For Where Fast And Furious 10 Should Go
21-06-21 (21:28)   One Thing Meryl Streep Vowed To Never Do Again After The Devil Wears Prada
21-06-21 (20:59)   Looks Like Robert Pattinson's The Batman Is Heading Into Reshoots
21-06-21 (20:14)   A Woman Jumped Off A Disney World Ride To Steal A Cucumber And Fell In The Water, No Really
21-06-21 (19:28)   Why Justice League Fans Are Upset About 'Slight' They Feel Warner Bros. Made To Ben Affleck And Henry Cavill
21-06-21 (18:59)   Watch A T-Rex Get Headbutted In New Jurassic World: Dominion Footage
21-06-21 (17:45)   The Rock Reveals Cool Connection Between Jumanji And The Jurassic Park Franchise
21-06-21 (17:14)   2021 Amazon Prime Day Movie And TV Deals: Great Blu-Ray/DVD Collections On Sale
21-06-21 (16:45)   Amber Heard Quarantining For Aquaman 2, Shares Sweet Note From Director James Wan
21-06-21 (16:14)   Henry Golding's Snake Eyes Trailer Has Way More G.I. Joe Connections
21-06-21 (15:28)   Shazam 2 Director Unveils New Costumes For Zachary Levi's Hero And The Marvel Family
21-06-21 (14:45)   Big Prime Day 2021 Deals: Great Savings On Home Entertainment, Amazon Tablets, Fire Sticks And More
21-06-21 (11:14)   The Indiana Jones Movies: 10 Cool Secret Easter Eggs To Watch Out For
21-06-21 (02:14)   I Totally Support Russell Crowe Introducing Himself By His Gladiator Name In Interviews
21-06-21 (02:14)   Jackass 4: Release Date, Cast And Other Things We Know About The Johnny Knoxville Movie
21-06-21 (01:14)   Star Wars' Mark Hamill Pens Sweet Message To Late Co-Star Carrie Fisher After She Finally Gets A Hollywood Star
21-06-21 (00:14)   Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne Returns In New Set Photos From Ezra Miller's The Flash
21-06-21 (00:14)   Upcoming Hailee Steinfeld Movies And TV: What's Ahead For The Dickinson Star
20-06-21 (23:45)   Could The Fast And Furious 10 Feature Paul Walker's Daughter Meadow? Here's What Vin Diesel Says
20-06-21 (23:14)   Kevin Hart On Netflix's Fatherhood And Why He Doesn't Want To Be The Guy Bringing All The Laughs
20-06-21 (22:28)   Dwayne Johnson Shares Hopeful Message After Completing Work On Netflix's Red Notice With Gal Gadot
20-06-21 (22:14)   What The Baywatch Movie Cast Is Doing Now, Including The Rock, Zac Efron, And Alexandra Daddario
20-06-21 (21:14)   Ryan Reynolds' The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard Takes Down A Quiet Place Part II With A Mediocre Box Office Start
20-06-21 (20:45)   Milla Jovovich Shares Thoughts On Possibly Returning To The Resident Evil Franchise
20-06-21 (20:28)   The Suicide Squad Actor Shares What It Was Like To Be One Of The First People To See James Gunn's Movie
20-06-21 (19:14)   What Liam Neeson Plans To Do Next After Retiring From Action Movies
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