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02-10-22 (05:59)   Federal Judge Rules Against Stacey Abrams-Backed Group, Upholds 2018 Georgia Voting Law
02-10-22 (05:59)   Democrat Lawmaker Calls for 'New Leaders' Within Own Party After Stock Trade Ban Vote Stalls
02-10-22 (05:59)   Kristina Karamo: MAGA Movement 'Will Unite Americans Across All Different Demographics'
02-10-22 (05:59)   Cajun Navy Assisting with Hurricane Ian Rescue Efforts in Florida
02-10-22 (02:45)   PHOTO - Citizen Wades in Hurricane Ian's Floodwaters to Locate Stranger's Mom: 'People Are Amazing'
02-10-22 (02:45)   VIDEO -- Fourth-Grader Recognized for Helping Unconscious Man: 'It's Called Caring'
02-10-22 (02:14)   WATCH LIVE: Former President Donald Trump Holding 'Save America' Rally in Warren, Michigan
02-10-22 (02:14)   Woman, Minor Arrested in Shooting of Rapper PnB Rock in LA
02-10-22 (00:59)   Majority of Republicans Choose Trump in 2024, Just One-Third of Democrats Support a Biden Bid
02-10-22 (00:59)   Woke Assistant Principal Tells Staff to 'Use Your Straight, White Privilege' -- Nearly 100 Students Walk Out in Protest
02-10-22 (00:59)   Brooks: Italy, Sweden Results Send 'Big Message for Joe Biden, You've Got to Control the Borders'
02-10-22 (00:59)   Exclusive -- Republican Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Tudor Dixon: Gretchen Whitmer Is 'Trashing Michigan,' Putting China First
02-10-22 (00:59)   Exclusive -- Republican Michigan Gov. Candidate Tudor Dixon: Parents Are Fighting Back Against Radical Gender Ideology in Schools
02-10-22 (00:59)   91% of the Time Democrat Mark Kelly Voted with Socialist Bernie Sanders
02-10-22 (00:59)   Florida Man Dies in Fiery Tesla Crash
02-10-22 (00:59)   Antonio Brown Exposes Himself to Guests at Hotel Pool
02-10-22 (00:59)   Abortion Icon Emma Bonino Trounced in Italian Elections
01-10-22 (23:59)   Biden Thanks Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer He's Kicking Out over Vaccine Mandate
01-10-22 (23:59)   VIDEO - Hurricane Ian Lays Waste to Fort Myers: '90 Percent of Island Gone'
01-10-22 (23:59)   Exclusive — Tom Emmer: Pelosi Continues 'Worldwide' Farewell Tour as DCCC Cuts Off Vulnerable Members
01-10-22 (21:14)   EXCLUSIVE: Record 2.2 Million Migrants Apprehended by Border Patrol in FY22, 604K Got Away
01-10-22 (21:14)   Photos: Migrant Border Crossings Continue Unabated in Texas as New Fiscal Year Begins
01-10-22 (21:14)   Dem Rep. Moore: DeSantis Moved Migrants to 'a Wonderful Place,' But It Was Also 'Trafficking' and 'Exploitation'
01-10-22 (21:14)   The Trouble with Giorgia's Melonis: UK Guardian Seethes over Next Italy PM 'Sexualising' Herself, Opposing Gender Quotas
01-10-22 (21:14)   Massive Efforts to Restore Power Underway in Florida, 42,000 Linemen Responding
01-10-22 (21:14)   Exclusive—Japanese Commentator Yoko Ishii: Biden 'More Worried About the Midterms' than China
01-10-22 (21:14)   Joe Biden Tough Talks Putin: 'Don't Misunderstand What I'm Saying'
01-10-22 (19:28)   VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi Takes Heat for Claiming Florida Needs Illegal Immigrants to 'Pick Crops'
01-10-22 (19:28)   CNBC's Gumede: U.S. 'Definitely in a Recession' by Definition and Things Look Much 'More Negative' with Consumers Going into the Red
01-10-22 (19:28)   CNBC's Gumede: Economy Looks Worse than Fed Would Like, Markets Will Struggle until Inflation's Controlled
01-10-22 (19:28)   Cruz Mocks Biden, Dem Gouging Excuse: Apparently Companies only Want to Make Profit When Biden's President
01-10-22 (19:28)   Carville Predicts Trump, Biden Not on 2024 Ticket; Says Biden Will Pardon Trump, Liz Cheney for Speaker in 2023
01-10-22 (19:28)   NYC Crime Wave: Man Fatally Stabbed in Neck While Riding the Subway
01-10-22 (19:28)   WATCH: Climate Activist Dumps Human Waste on Second World War Veteran's Memorial
01-10-22 (19:28)   Poll: Only 15% of Arizonans Feel Better Off Under Democrat Rule
01-10-22 (19:28)   Khan's London: Park Named for Famous Prime Minister to Be Transformed Into 'Slavery Garden'
01-10-22 (19:28)   33 Migrants Found in Human Smuggler's Horse Trailer near Border in Arizona
01-10-22 (19:28)   Texas Warden, Twin Brother Accused of Shooting Migrants from Truck
01-10-22 (19:28)   Leftist UK Newspaper Confuses Chancellor Kwarteng with 'Random Black Guy in a Suit'
01-10-22 (19:28)   Pope Francis: Russia-Ukraine War Is Not a 'Cowboy Movie'
01-10-22 (17:45)   George Soros's Open Society Foundation Puts Millions Behind Pro-Amnesty, Pro-Illegal Immigration Groups
01-10-22 (17:45)   Ron DeSantis Warns Would-Be Looters: 'We're a Second Amendment State'
01-10-22 (17:45)   'Don't Listen to What Putin's Saying' - Biden and Allies Deny West Sabotaged Russian Pipelines
01-10-22 (17:45)   Ukrainians Claim Russian-Occupied City of Lyman Encircled, Almost 60k Russian Casualties Since Feb
01-10-22 (17:45)   Russia Vetoes UN Resolution Declaring Referendums on Ukrainian Regions Joining Russia Illegal
01-10-22 (17:45)   Iranian Journalist on Dem Islamophobia Bill: The Fear Is Caused by Regimes Who Beat and Kill Women, Not Us Speaking Out
01-10-22 (17:45)   Iranian Journalist: 'I Don't Have Any Hope' in Biden, the West after they 'Abandoned' Women in Afghanistan
01-10-22 (17:45)   Van Jones: Dems Are 'Off Track' and Sending a Signal They Care More about Pronouns than What Impacts People Every Day
01-10-22 (17:45)   Van Jones: It 'Doesn't Make Sense' to Allow Top Level Men to Play on Women's Sports Teams
01-10-22 (17:45)   Rejoining EU by the Back Door? PM Truss Signs Up to First Meeting of Macron's 'European Political Community'
01-10-22 (17:45)   Feminists Attacked at Pro-Abortion Rally for Not Believing Men Can Have Abortions: Reports
01-10-22 (17:45)   GOP Rep. Williams: The Rest of the World Needs to Pitch in on Helping Ukraine, We Have to Replenish our own Weapons Supply
01-10-22 (17:45)   GOP Rep. Burgess: Congress Must Ensure SPR Doesn't Turn into Slush Fund, We Wanted to Fill it When Oil Was Cheap
01-10-22 (17:45)   Ex-Teacher Accused of Raping Student Found Dead in Cell
01-10-22 (17:45)   Steve Scalise Slams Democrat Mandela Barnes for Politicizing 2017 Shooting: 'That's Disgraceful'
01-10-22 (17:45)   WATCH: Jockey Shoves Rival Rider from Horse During Race
01-10-22 (07:45)   Brazil: Bolsonaro, Socialist Lula Trade Barbs on Eve of Presidential Election
01-10-22 (07:45)   Rep. Ronny Jackson: Biden's Incompetence 'Is Inspiring Our Enemies' -- 'He's Talking to Dead People Now'
01-10-22 (07:45)   GOP Rep. Mace: Money in Infrastructure Package Should Go to Repairing Bridges in FL, Not Electric Charging Stations
01-10-22 (07:45)   U.S. Consulate Issues Security Warning in Mexican Border City, Mayor Silent
01-10-22 (07:45)   Texas Rep. Mayra Flores' Bill Defunds IRS to Address School Shootings
01-10-22 (07:45)   Mexican Border City Police Accused of Kidnapping, Murder in Narco-Messages
01-10-22 (07:45)   House Democrat Leadership Contradicts DCCC Attacks on Rhode Island Republican
01-10-22 (07:45)   No Press: Joe Biden Meets Privately with Deceased Rep. Jackie Walorski's Family Members After Embarrassing Brain Freeze
01-10-22 (07:45)   Report: Tim Ryan Fundraised with Attorney that Fought to Minimize Payouts for Nassar's Victims
01-10-22 (05:45)   Kamala Harris Promises Equity in Hurricane Recovery Resources: 'Not Everybody Starts Out at the Same Place'
01-10-22 (05:45)   VP Kamala Harris: 'Assault Weapons' Designed 'to Kill a Lot of Human Beings Quickly'
01-10-22 (05:45)   Texas Gubernatorial Debate: Beto Refuses to Say if He Plans to Confiscate AR-15s
01-10-22 (05:45)   Joe Biden: Mass Immigration, Changing Demographics Making America 'So Much Better'
01-10-22 (05:45)   Watchdog: 515 Voters Registered Twice in Six Minnesota Counties
01-10-22 (05:45)   Fetterman: My Stroke Makes Me Miss Words But Dr. Oz Missing Answer on National Abortion Ban
01-10-22 (05:45)   Report: Afghan Man, Brought to U.S. by Biden, Accused of Sexually Assaulting 12-Year-Old Boy
01-10-22 (05:45)   Rick Wilson: Donald Trump Is 'the Worst Narcissist on Planet Earth in the History of Mankind'
01-10-22 (05:45)   Gubernatorial Debate-- Gov. Greg Abbott: Raising Minimum Age for Rifle Purchases 'Unconstitutional'
01-10-22 (05:45)   More Images Show the Devastating Impacts of Hurricane Ian
01-10-22 (03:45)   VIDEO - Florida Woman Secured Paralyzed Husband to Bed as Hurricane Ian Raged: 'I Don't Want Him to Die'
01-10-22 (03:45)   TX Border Sheriff: We've Gotten 'No Help from the President' -- 'There's No Control' and 'The Borders Are Open'
01-10-22 (03:45)   WATCH: Arizona Republican Kari Lake Chronicles Life-Long Faith in God in Compelling Video
01-10-22 (03:45)   Exclusive — Jim Jordan: Key Element of Hunter Biden Investigations Will Be 'What Happened in 2020'
01-10-22 (03:45)   Pelosi: More Migration Is 'The Best Thing ... for Our Economy'
01-10-22 (03:45)   Graham to Biden: Please Designate Russia 'State Sponsor of Terror' -- Declare Any Nukes an Attack on NATO
01-10-22 (03:45)   Woman Accused of Beating Ex-Landlord to Death with Hammer
01-10-22 (03:45)   Satire as Confession: Director Adam McKay Produces Fake Chevron Ad Condemning Needless Flights (Like 5,000-Mile Trips to His House in Ireland)
01-10-22 (03:45)   Amazon to Close All But One U.S. Customer Call Center to Cut Costs
01-10-22 (01:45)   Poll: Iowa Republican Zach Nunn Leads Democrat Cindy Axne
01-10-22 (01:45)   Poll: Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz Surges, Democrat John Fetterman Slides in PA Senate Race
01-10-22 (00:59)   Joe Biden Accuses Vladimir Putin of Lying About 'Deliberate Act of Sabotage' of Nord Stream Pipelines
01-10-22 (00:59)   EXCLUSIVE - Jim Jordan Expresses Surprise at Ted Cruz's Support for JCPA Media Cartel Bill
01-10-22 (00:59)   Whoopi Goldberg Refers to Unborn Child as 'Toxic Thing' in Mother
01-10-22 (00:59)   House Democrats Block Republican Plan to Promote Parents' Rights in Schools
01-10-22 (00:59)   Donald Trump Thanks Laurence Fox, Praises His 'Amazing' Performance in 'My Son Hunter'
01-10-22 (00:59)   Business Lobbies Push for Lame-Duck Amnesties
01-10-22 (00:59)   Poll: Republicans Blake Masters, Kari Lake Gain Momentum in Arizona Races
01-10-22 (00:59)   Eleven Most Extreme Policies of Democrat Mark Kelly
01-10-22 (00:59)   High School Girls Banned from Their Own Locker Room After Voicing Concerns about Transgender Athlete
01-10-22 (00:59)   Congress Passes Spending Bill with $12 Billion in Ukraine Funding, $3 Billion for Biden's Afghans
01-10-22 (00:59)   Wall Street Analysts Question the Future of Facebook
01-10-22 (00:59)   Breitbart Business Digest: Peak Disinflation Confirmed
01-10-22 (00:59)   Maggie Hassan's Husband Runs Exchange Program Sending U.S. Students to Chinese School with Links to Military
01-10-22 (00:59)   High School Football Team Barred from Carrying Pro-Police Flag onto Field
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