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21-08-19 (11:48)   Facebook ups its privacy game (a bit) with new tool for users to control data shared by websites
20-08-19 (20:19)   Philips launches affordable 242B9T 24-inch 1080p touch screen monitor
20-08-19 (19:19)   Microsoft Edge Beta available to download now for Windows and macOS
20-08-19 (18:05)   IBM extends its commitment to open hardware
20-08-19 (17:05)   Almost a third of healthcare workers haven't had cybersecurity training
20-08-19 (16:34)   Apple Card is now available to everyone in the US
20-08-19 (15:34)   Nest owners can finally migrate to a Google account
20-08-19 (15:05)   Thycotic launches automated solution for managing service accounts
20-08-19 (12:34)   Why is everyone talking about IO filters?
19-08-19 (20:19)   HyperX unveils Cloud Alpha S gaming headset
19-08-19 (20:19)   Useful Excel project management and tracking templates
19-08-19 (19:05)   Fear and loathing in Hong Kong
19-08-19 (11:34)   I canceled Amazon Prime and you should too
19-08-19 (11:19)   Trump says Tim Cook makes a 'compelling' argument against Apple paying tariffs
19-08-19 (10:48)   Setting a path for digital transformation
19-08-19 (10:19)   Minecraft is getting better graphics thanks to real-time ray tracing by Nvidia
18-08-19 (17:34)   Microsoft is working to fix error 0x80073701 in Windows 10
16-08-19 (22:34)   Microsoft releases action-packed Windows 10 20H1 Build 18963
16-08-19 (15:05)   Google no longer lets you turn off status lights on Nest cameras
16-08-19 (14:19)   Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and Surface Book 2 hit with CPU throttling issues
16-08-19 (14:05)   Privacy: Apple now treats WebKit tracking circumvention as a security issue
15-08-19 (21:05)   SK hynix launches 'Gold S31' SATA SSD
15-08-19 (16:05)   Deception technology speeds up detection of attacks
15-08-19 (15:19)   Over 3,800 data breaches reported in the first half of 2019
15-08-19 (14:48)   Logitech launches G815 LIGHTSYNC and G915 LIGHTSPEED low-profile mechanical gaming keyboards
15-08-19 (12:48)   Executives believe AI will help businesses cope with changing environments
15-08-19 (11:05)   Chromium-based Microsoft Edge has more natural-sounding Read Aloud voices thanks to the cloud
15-08-19 (10:48)   AI is great at tasks, but what about jobs?
14-08-19 (18:05)   C-Suite in the hot seat -- Execs' responsibility regarding digital security
14-08-19 (17:05)   60 percent of UK consumers not happy with their data being used for analytics
14-08-19 (16:19)   Norman the Cryptominer uses sophisticated techniques to avoid discovery
14-08-19 (15:34)   Education is top target for cyberattacks
14-08-19 (10:19)   Facebook has been paying people to listen to your Messenger conversations
13-08-19 (20:05)   Personal data breaches and securing IoT devices
13-08-19 (17:34)   Americans would rather get food poisoning on vacation than not have internet access
13-08-19 (16:48)   Parallels Desktop 15 ramps up graphics performance with Apple Metal support, unveils new integration features
13-08-19 (16:34)   Free VPN apps pose a privacy risk on both Android and iOS
13-08-19 (15:19)   British Airways e-ticketing leaves passengers' sensitive data at risk
13-08-19 (10:34)   Microsoft cancels major Super Duper Graphics Pack update for Minecraft
13-08-19 (09:34)   Verizon sells Tumblr to WordPress owner, Automattic
12-08-19 (22:34)   Eben Upton dismisses the Raspberry Pi 4's USB-C flaw, blames people for owning expensive chargers
12-08-19 (20:05)   Moving beyond the spreadsheet for vendor risk management
12-08-19 (19:48)   Getting IT & OT to speak the common language of IIoT vulnerability management
12-08-19 (19:34)   Will cloud data programs become the future of DataOps?
12-08-19 (11:34)   Connectivity could make digital cameras vulnerable to ransomware
12-08-19 (00:48)   MSI hits 5902MHz with HyperX Predator RAM to set DDR4 overclock world record
09-08-19 (21:05)   The Hitchhiker's Guide to Ethical AI
09-08-19 (15:48)   Apple widens the scope of its bug bounty program, and increases top payout to $1 million
09-08-19 (15:05)   Microsoft is at it too: workers are listening to your Skype and Cortana conversations
09-08-19 (12:34)   Almost half of employees have access to more data than they need
09-08-19 (12:05)   The hard truth about mass shootings and the internet
09-08-19 (11:34)   Apple is discouraging the installation of third party batteries by displaying Battery Health warnings
09-08-19 (11:19)   Load balancer flaw could lead to major breaches at large organizations
08-08-19 (22:34)   pdf Creator 9.0 unveils new zipper merge tool, unveils new options for manipulating PDFs
08-08-19 (20:05)   Satechi launches 72W Type-C PD Car Charger and Apple MFi Certified USB-C to Lightning Cable
08-08-19 (16:19)   Ransomware turns its sights on large organizations
08-08-19 (15:34)   Software producers need more flexible licensing models in order to compete
08-08-19 (14:48)   IBM launches new toolkit to boost understanding of and trust in AI
08-08-19 (14:48)   Linux Journal shuts down, because cheapskate Linux users don't spend money
08-08-19 (12:34)   Half of companies won't move mission critical workloads to the cloud
08-08-19 (11:34)   Will hackers turn the 787 Dreamliner into a flying nightmare?
08-08-19 (04:05)   Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ are powerful, beautiful, and very expensive
07-08-19 (19:48)   Microsoft announces Windows 10 20H1 Build 18956 with network and notification improvements
07-08-19 (18:05)   3 ways IoT will impact our future
07-08-19 (18:05)   Linux is rubbish when RAM runs low
07-08-19 (15:34)   Biggest ransomware threat is encryption of shared cloud files
07-08-19 (15:34)   The Geocities Archive Project will make you want to gouge your eyes out [Update]
07-08-19 (14:48)   Enterprise security pros spend too long researching suspicious URLs
07-08-19 (14:19)   O&O BrowserPrivacy will securely wipe your browsing history
07-08-19 (14:19)   Hearing voices? Your smoke detector may be spying on you!
07-08-19 (11:48)   You're replacing me with a robot? That's fine
07-08-19 (08:19)   Microsoft quietly fixes SWAPGS processor vulnerability to protect Windows users
06-08-19 (19:48)   Acer launches Nitro XF2 Series FreeSync gaming monitors with 240Hz refresh
06-08-19 (17:34)   Get 'Linux All-In-One For Dummies, 6th Edition' ($30 value) FREE for a limited time
06-08-19 (17:19)   Hyper personalization is the key to a seamless customer experience
06-08-19 (17:19)   Trojans account for more than 70 percent of opportunistic email attacks
06-08-19 (16:34)   Half of risky online transactions come from mobile devices
06-08-19 (15:48)   The top 11 security threats to cloud computing
06-08-19 (15:05)   SMEs forced to meet cybersecurity demands in order to win contracts
06-08-19 (13:19)   Handling user feedback data and the rise of 'ResearchOps' [Q&A]
05-08-19 (21:34)   The Geocities Archive Project will make you want to gouge your eyes out
05-08-19 (20:34)   Kingston unveils A2000 NVMe PCIe SSD
05-08-19 (19:48)   Reason Antivirus: When privacy is your priority [Review]
05-08-19 (19:19)   6 design principles for machine learning anomaly detection systems
05-08-19 (19:05)   The evolution of Emotet: How to protect your network
05-08-19 (15:48)   Second quarter sees an 18 percent rise in DDoS attacks
05-08-19 (14:05)   A disturbing lack of outrage about the E3 Expo leak
05-08-19 (12:19)   These are the Apple Card restrictions you need to know about
05-08-19 (12:05)   When did computers get smarter than us?
05-08-19 (11:05)   Cloudflare terminates 8chan over links to mass shootings
04-08-19 (13:48)   Facebook is renaming WhatsApp and Instagram
04-08-19 (13:34)   How to opt out of Amazon listening to what you say to Alexa
03-08-19 (15:34)   Leaked: download the Microsoft Edge for Mac beta
02-08-19 (12:19)   Amazon Dash buttons get chucked on the scrap heap this month
02-08-19 (12:19)   Gridlocked! Imagining the aftermath of an OTA cyberattack on connected vehicles
02-08-19 (12:05)   Users complain that Windows 10 is stuck in S mode
02-08-19 (11:34)   Privacy: Google stops transcribing Assistant recordings and Apple stops listening to Siri recordings
02-08-19 (11:05)   Google to let Android users in Europe choose their default search engine -- and will make money in doing so
02-08-19 (11:05)   Ubuntu-based Linux Mint 19.2 'Tina' is here with Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce
02-08-19 (02:05)   System76 announces 'Adder WS' Ubuntu Linux laptop with 4K OLED display
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