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10-04-20 (12:48)   New 'quiet mode' option lets you silence Facebook
10-04-20 (11:05)   Microsoft Security Intelligence reports about coronavirus (COVID-19) misinformation being spread
10-04-20 (00:19)   You can finally buy the System76 Lemur Pro -- and if you love Linux you totally should!
09-04-20 (17:05)   ADATA IM2S3314 is an industrial-grade M.2 2242 SATA SSD
09-04-20 (16:05)   The evolution of data storage
09-04-20 (15:34)   Microsoft reportedly delays Surface Neo and dual-screen Windows 10X devices until 2021
09-04-20 (15:05)   Fewer than half of companies operate securely in the cloud
09-04-20 (12:34)   How is the internet handling increased traffic during the COVID-19 crisis?
09-04-20 (12:34)   Twitter will now share more user information with advertisers
09-04-20 (11:48)   Google bans Zoom and the US senate warns against its use
09-04-20 (05:34)   Make your WFH experience more enjoyable with the portable coffeemaker BEANQUE
09-04-20 (01:34)   Philips ST702BK ActionFit Wireless Sports Earbuds come with UV cleaning case to fight Coronavirus
08-04-20 (20:19)   Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 19603, integrates Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) with File Explorer
08-04-20 (19:19)   Give your dated Windows 10 mouse cursors a modern makeover
08-04-20 (17:34)   Facebook releases a messaging app that's for couples only
08-04-20 (16:48)   Zoom teams up with security experts, including Facebook's former Chief Security Officer, to address privacy and safety
08-04-20 (12:48)   How is forced remote working affecting our productivity?
08-04-20 (12:34)   Avast Secure Browser lands on Android complete with a built-in VPN
08-04-20 (11:48)   Stolen Zoom account credentials are freely available on the dark web
08-04-20 (11:19)   Microsoft announces IPE, a Linux Security Module that adds new code integrity features to the kernel
08-04-20 (11:05)   The challenges of securing a remote workforce [Q&A]
08-04-20 (10:34)   Twitter's Jack Dorsey donates $1 billion to fund coronavirus research
08-04-20 (01:05)   Sony DualSense PlayStation 5 controller makes Microsoft Xbox Series X look like crap
07-04-20 (16:48)   Microsoft shows off new Windows 10 Start Menu on Twitter
07-04-20 (16:34)   More than half of Office 365 licenses are are not being fully exploited
07-04-20 (16:05)   How do you make a developer happy? Use DevOps
07-04-20 (15:34)   New email service aims to give users full control of their inboxes
07-04-20 (15:05)   Taiwanese government bans agencies from using Zoom because of security concerns
07-04-20 (15:05)   Chinese APTs have been targeting Linux servers for almost a decade
07-04-20 (14:05)   Fintech firm Curve launches numberless cards for investors in Europe
07-04-20 (14:05)   BullGuard supports small businesses with three months free Small Office Security
07-04-20 (14:05)   Hiring and employment during COVID-19
07-04-20 (13:34)   Cybersecurity 2020: The trends SMBs will need to prepare for
07-04-20 (12:48)   New solution brings SD-WAN capabilities to securing endpoints
07-04-20 (12:19)   Microsoft seeks to elevate Teams above Zoom with commitments to privacy and security
07-04-20 (11:34)   Zoom CEO and other executives offloaded millions of dollars of shares before privacy and security scandals
07-04-20 (10:34)   Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.16.1 with numerous bug fixes and added telemetry
06-04-20 (15:19)   38 percent of enterprises plan to adopt blockchain solutions this year
06-04-20 (12:34)   GigaSpaces helps enterprises boost speed, scale and availability of systems during the COVID-19 crisis
06-04-20 (12:19)   With app-free, account-free Meet Now option, Skype is a viable alternative to Zoom
06-04-20 (11:19)   Microsoft Edge is now the second most popular web browser
06-04-20 (10:34)   Ontrack Remote Data Recovery service can keep businesses running during coronavirus lockdown
05-04-20 (17:34)   LG V60 ThinQ 5G with Dual Screen Review: imperfect, yet magical
05-04-20 (11:19)   American schools are banning Zoom and switching to Microsoft Teams
05-04-20 (10:19)   Security researcher discovers vulnerabilities in iOS and macOS that could be exploited to hack webcams
04-04-20 (12:19)   Zoom enables meeting passwords and virtual waiting rooms by default as it attempts to beef up security
04-04-20 (12:05)   Zoom admits to routing some US calls through China
03-04-20 (22:34)   Legacy VPNs facing unprecedented modern security threats
03-04-20 (21:05)   Enterprise AI, ground truth, and the 'corona effect'
03-04-20 (19:48)   Microservices, identity, and privacy by design
03-04-20 (19:34)   How real-time AI can help make decisions throughout the customer journey
03-04-20 (18:48)   Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS 'Focal Fossa' Beta now available for download
03-04-20 (18:48)   Hands-on with Facebook's relaunched Messenger for Windows and Mac
03-04-20 (15:19)   IBM Open Source Community Grant goes to internship and mentoring program Outreachy
03-04-20 (15:19)   Apple accidentally leaks details of its unreleased AirTags tracking tags
03-04-20 (13:19)   qBittorrent warns users not to install the Microsoft Store version
03-04-20 (13:05)   How to lock down Zoom to improve your privacy and security
03-04-20 (11:19)   Get 'Virtual Teams for Dummies' ($17.99 value) FREE for a limited time
03-04-20 (11:05)   Is coronavirus going to break the internet?
03-04-20 (02:34)   If you used Firefox to access Twitter, your non-public info may have been exposed
02-04-20 (18:05)   Rivet Networks unveils Killer E3100 2.5 Gbps gaming Ethernet controller
02-04-20 (16:19)   Grand National goes virtual to give fans their racing fix
02-04-20 (15:05)   Events tracking tool helps track and guard against phishing and spam campaigns
02-04-20 (12:34)   Poor audio quality on calls can lead to lost productivity
02-04-20 (12:05)   Zoom issues an apology for privacy and security issues, will enact a feature freeze to focus on fixes
02-04-20 (11:19)   Cloudflare launches DNS-based parental control service for Families
02-04-20 (10:34)   Cloudflare announces free VPN tool WARP for Windows and macOS, with Linux to follow
01-04-20 (17:19)   Slack launches new integrations for Microsoft Teams and more
01-04-20 (16:48)   Manjaro Linux and TUXEDO Computers launch custom InfinityBook laptop
01-04-20 (16:05)   Integrated deployment approach plugs the gap between data science and production
01-04-20 (15:05)   Wipe entire drives quickly, safely and easily with O&O DiskErase
01-04-20 (15:05)   How Malicious Azure apps can be used to target Office 365
01-04-20 (12:48)   Ubuntu Linux publisher Canonical launches Managed Apps for enterprise DevOps teams
01-04-20 (11:48)   Zoom claims to offer end-to-end encryption -- even though that's not strictly true
01-04-20 (11:05)   Zoom security vulnerability can be used to steal Windows login credentials
01-04-20 (10:48)   Keep a remote eye on your Windows PCs for free with O&O Syspectr
01-04-20 (10:19)   Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.16.0, adding four new tools including Image Resizer and Window Walker
01-04-20 (02:19)   Apple buys Dark Sky, and that's terrible news for Android users
31-03-20 (20:19)   Linux Mint 20 is 64-bit only, based on Ubuntu 20.04, and named 'Ulyana'
31-03-20 (18:34)   CIOs in the next ten years: Politics and personality assessments become must-have CIO tools
31-03-20 (18:05)   So, what are Microservices?
31-03-20 (17:34)   SiriusXM is free through May 15 to help with Coronavirus isolation boredom
31-03-20 (17:34)   Marriott International reveals details of another data breach
31-03-20 (16:19)   2019's top cyberattack techniques
31-03-20 (16:05)   Shutterstock makes over 17 million videos available on Android and iOS
31-03-20 (15:19)   Employees reluctant to adopt data-driven working methods
31-03-20 (14:34)   Now it's easier to see just what data Facebook and Instagram are collecting about you
31-03-20 (13:34)   Not just the end of IT, the end of IT contractors
31-03-20 (12:34)   Excel vulnerability aids delivery of malware
31-03-20 (11:34)   Microsoft releases out-of-band update to fix VPN bug
31-03-20 (11:05)   Microsoft is bringing vertical tabs to Edge so you can make better use of your widescreen monitor
31-03-20 (10:05)   Microsoft clarifies a slightly misleading claim about a leap in cloud service usage during coronavirus pandemic
31-03-20 (02:48)   BenQ launches TH685 HDR 1080P console gaming projector for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and more
30-03-20 (18:34)   Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365 -- a 'subscription service for your life'
30-03-20 (16:05)   Why supply chain security is essential to digital transformation [Q&A]
30-03-20 (13:48)   COVID-19 will kill a ton of startups (or so it will seem)
30-03-20 (13:48)   2020 brings the death of IT
30-03-20 (13:19)   Organizations not adequately protected against tax phishing scams
30-03-20 (11:48)   Install the Microsoft News Bar beta to keep track of news and stocks in Windows 10
29-03-20 (16:34)   Coronavirus has led to a 775 percent increase in usage of Microsoft Azure cloud services
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