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13-12-17 (19:19)   Zimbabwe's new governmentámust commit to science
13-12-17 (19:19)   Dodgy citations, fusion milestone and a skeleton called Little Foot
13-12-17 (19:19)   Nine researchers sue University of Rochester over sexual-harassment allegations
13-12-17 (19:19)   Tasmanian tiger genome offers clues to its extinction
13-12-17 (19:19)   Acupuncture in cancer study reignites debate about controversial technique
13-12-17 (19:19)   US graduate students in uproar over proposed tax hike
13-12-17 (19:19)   Argentinian geoscientist faces criminal charges over glacier survey
13-12-17 (19:19)   The science that's never been cited
06-12-17 (19:19)   Wanted: academics wise to the needs of government
06-12-17 (19:19)   Arctic fishing, robot explorers and Chinese medicines
06-12-17 (19:19)   Archaeologists uneasy as Trump shrinks Bears Ears monument lands
06-12-17 (19:19)   Bat cave solves mystery of deadly SARS virus ? and suggests new outbreak could occur
06-12-17 (19:19)   Scientists want in on humanity's next big space station
06-12-17 (19:19)   Hundreds of German universities set to lose access to Elsevier journals
06-12-17 (19:19)   The labs that forge distant planets here on Earth
06-12-17 (19:19)   Muscle-cell manoeuvres
30-11-17 (22:05)   Gravity signals could speedily warn of big quakes and save lives
30-11-17 (21:05)   Huge haul of rare pterosaur eggs excites palaeontologists
29-11-17 (22:19)   Health agency reveals scourge of fake drugs in developing world
29-11-17 (20:36)   'Alien' DNA makes proteins in living cells for the first time
29-11-17 (20:05)   Pro-science budget is not enough for a Brexit world
29-11-17 (20:05)   Illicit gene therapies, forensic data and Australia's water woes
29-11-17 (20:05)   Supercomputing poised for a massive speed boost
29-11-17 (19:36)   China to roll back regulations for traditional medicine despite safety concerns
29-11-17 (02:05)   Rise in malaria cases sparks fears of a resurgence
28-11-17 (19:19)   European Union nations vote to keep using controversial weedkiller glyphosate
27-11-17 (22:36)   United Kingdom relies on science to revive flagging economy
27-11-17 (19:05)   How an underwater sensor network is tracking Argentina's lost submarine
24-11-17 (18:36)   Zimbabwe's researchers hope political change will revitalize science
24-11-17 (08:50)   Nobel laureates demand release of Iranian scholar facing death sentence
22-11-17 (21:05)   AI-controlled brain implants for mood disorders tested in people
22-11-17 (20:05)   Lightning makes new isotopes
22-11-17 (20:05)   European Medicines Agency to move to Amsterdam
22-11-17 (20:05)   How alkali flies stay dry
22-11-17 (19:19)   We can and must govern climate engineeringá
22-11-17 (19:19)   Exoplanet find, oil pipeline and a gene-editing first
22-11-17 (19:19)   The most popular genes in the human genome
22-11-17 (19:19)   Neuroscience starts talking
21-11-17 (18:05)   Black academics soon to outnumber white researchers in South Africa
21-11-17 (17:05)   Hungary rewards highly cited scientists with bonus grants
21-11-17 (13:19)   Online software spots genetic errors in cancer papers
20-11-17 (19:36)   UK government announces research-spending hike ahead of budget
20-11-17 (15:50)   Exoplanet hunters rethink search for alien life
17-11-17 (23:05)   Sex matters in experiments on party drug ? in mice
17-11-17 (12:36)   Giant telescope's mobile-phone 'dead zones' rile South African residents
16-11-17 (22:36)   What countries' constitutions reveal about how societies evolve
16-11-17 (21:50)   Arecibo telescope wins reprieve from US government
16-11-17 (20:05)   Europe sets priorities for hunting cosmic particles
16-11-17 (17:05)   Improved diagnostics fail to halt the rise of tuberculosis
16-11-17 (13:50)   Race for quantum supremacy hits theoretical quagmire
15-11-17 (19:19)   Hazy skies cool down Pluto
15-11-17 (19:19)   Immunization needs a technology boost
15-11-17 (19:19)   New Delhi smog, death-sentence appeal and a porpoise setback
15-11-17 (19:19)   Biology's beloved amphibian ? the axolotl ? is racing towards extinction
15-11-17 (18:05)   African scientists get their own open-access publishing platform
15-11-17 (13:36)   Puerto Rico struggles to assess hurricane's health effects
14-11-17 (22:50)   China fires up next-generation neutron-science facility
13-11-17 (16:05)   Lab mice's ancestral 'Eve' gets her genome sequenced
13-11-17 (14:05)   Archaeologists say human-evolution study used stolen bone
13-11-17 (11:19)   High-jumping beetle inspires agile robots
13-11-17 (09:50)   World's carbon emissions set to spike by 2% in 2017
10-11-17 (18:19)   Resurrected malaria strategy saves thousands of lives in Africa
10-11-17 (15:19)   South Africa tackles crime at sea with ship-spotting satellites
09-11-17 (20:05)   Physicists shrink plans for next major collider
08-11-17 (19:36)   Skin regeneration with insights
08-11-17 (19:36)   Four ethical priorities for neurotechnologies and AI
08-11-17 (19:19)   Build the Ebola database in Africa
08-11-17 (18:05)   UK government appoints next chief scientific adviser
08-11-17 (17:19)   Rohingya refugees, Bulgarian protests and a prize for negative results
08-11-17 (17:19)   The catalogue that made metrics, and changed science
08-11-17 (14:36)   Grant recipients can still give objective advice
08-11-17 (14:36)   The bitter battle over the world's most popular insecticides
08-11-17 (11:19)   Too many academics study the same people
08-11-17 (10:19)   Dark-matter hunt fails to find the elusive particles
07-11-17 (19:19)   Indian scientists urged to speak out about pseudoscience
07-11-17 (18:19)   Pirate paper website Sci-Hub dealt another blow by US courts
07-11-17 (16:05)   Genetically modified apple reaches US stores, but will consumers bite?
06-11-17 (21:36)   Language patterns reveal body's hidden response to stress
06-11-17 (19:19)   US government approves 'killer' mosquitoes to fight disease
03-11-17 (22:19)   Energy researcher sues the US National Academy of Sciences for millions of dollars
03-11-17 (20:50)   US government report says that climate change is real ? and humans are to blame
03-11-17 (00:05)   Controversial chairman of US House science committee to retire
02-11-17 (20:05)   Gut microbes can shape responses to cancer immunotherapy
02-11-17 (17:36)   Newly discovered orangutan species is also the most endangered
02-11-17 (13:36)   Cosmic-ray particles reveal secret chamber in Egypt's Great Pyramid
01-11-17 (21:19)   US environment agency bars scientists it funds from serving on its advisory boards
01-11-17 (19:50)   Pay for US postdocs varies wildly by institution
01-11-17 (19:19)   Camouflage plumage patterns offer clue to dinosaur's habitat
01-11-17 (17:50)   The new thermodynamics: how quantum physics is bending the rules
01-11-17 (16:05)   Infusions of young blood tested in patients with dementia
01-11-17 (16:05)   Interstellar visitor, Arctic shipwrecks and a retraction recommendation
01-11-17 (14:36)   Citation is not the only impact
01-11-17 (12:36)   Join the disruptors of health science
01-11-17 (11:19)   University systems allow sexual harassers to thrive
01-11-17 (10:19)   Plans to promote German research excellence come under fire
31-10-17 (19:36)   How baby bats develop their dialects
31-10-17 (19:19)   Astronomers race to learn from first interstellar asteroid ever seen
31-10-17 (18:36)   Seeds, sponges and spinal surgery
31-10-17 (18:05)   Small group scoops international effort to sequence huge wheat genome
31-10-17 (16:19)   Lower emissions on the high seas
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