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22-11-15 (07:03)   Replay: Diego Sanchez goads Ricardo Lamas into a hell of a bloody fight
21-11-15 (19:03)   Video: We have leaked footage of the Rizin MMA intro with Fedor, Saku, Aoki, and its rawesome
21-11-15 (16:32)   Watch: At Bellator Julia Budd's corner man smacked her right in the face between rounds
21-11-15 (05:17)   Video: Melvin Manhoef is set to autopilot and he just knocked out Hisaki Kato with a punch
20-11-15 (20:03)   Replay: This wild Muay Thai KO leads to an ugly leg bend and shocked fan reactions
20-11-15 (19:03)   Uber-Bones Jones is dead lifting 600 pounds and coming for Daniel Cormier's belt at UFC 198
19-11-15 (23:03)   Watch: Georges St-Pierre falls doing a cartwheel so Dana White doesn't think he's hungry for comeback
19-11-15 (22:46)   Video: Conor McGregor and Urijah Faber bicker on a couch about fighting in Dublin
18-11-15 (21:17)   Uriah Hall says fans online who hate on Ronda Rousey are like terrorists. Um what?
18-11-15 (20:03)   Kazushi Sakuraba is prepping for his fight with Shinya Aoki by dressing in leather and rocking out
18-11-15 (19:32)   So silly. Here's Sage Northcutt horsing around with a local news team
17-11-15 (21:03)   Bethe Correia admits that she lost to an overrated fighter in Ronda Rousey
17-11-15 (18:46)   The New York Times is really bad at covering MMA
16-11-15 (23:03)   New audio reveals Ronda Rousey saying she is fine after KO, refuses stool, and walks off
16-11-15 (19:17)   Video: Joe Rogan's face after Rousey vs. Holm sums up the feelings of the entire MMA world
16-11-15 (18:32)   View from the crowd. Watch 50,000 MMA fans freak out at the ending of Rousey vs. Holm
15-11-15 (17:46)   Watch: That time Holly Holm broke Ronda Rousey's ankles like a prime Allen Iverson
15-11-15 (16:32)   Miesha Tate's reaction to Ronda Rousey's loss is classy and well thought-out
15-11-15 (16:03)   Diego Sanchez's 'yes' chant is in full force as the ABQ celebrates Holly Holms' win over Ronda Rousey
15-11-15 (07:17)   So many replays: THE QUEEN IS DEAD - Ronda Rousey got KTFO by Holly Holm!!!!
15-11-15 (05:46)   Replay: Skinny Mark Hunt knocks out Bigfoot Silva in their 6th round
15-11-15 (03:17)   Video: The absolute worst takedown and spinning strike combo occurred on the UFC 193 undercard
14-11-15 (17:17)   Blame Dana. UFC president says it was his job to stop epic Rousey vs. Holm weigh-in brawl
14-11-15 (16:46)   It's real to me. LT, Ali, Rousey and more in the top ten WWE pro athlete altercations ranked
13-11-15 (21:17)   Watch the UFC 193 weigh-ins and get results with all your favorite YouTube commentators
13-11-15 (18:46)   Replay: Angela Lee pulls off nasty neck bending twister submission at ONE Championship
13-11-15 (16:17)   Video: Ronda Rousey is steamrolling all the characters in the Street Fighter II tournament
12-11-15 (21:32)   Who cares if the beef is real. We're sold on Kimbo/Dada 5000
12-11-15 (20:46)   Video: Holly Holm's open workout shows obvious flaw in body kick defense
11-11-15 (23:32)   Joanna Jedrzejczyk's weight cut is going good. Champ is built with no body fat and all lean muscle
11-11-15 (19:32)   Mark is hunting Bigfoot again, so watch this new Road to Hunt vs. Silva II nature documentary
11-11-15 (18:46)   Video: Nick Diaz's nunchuck skills have improved to the Nth degree
10-11-15 (19:17)   Ronda Rousey's doubles down on lube shaming through 30% of UFC Embedded ep. 1 and Jesus Christ isn't allowed in Starbucks
10-11-15 (18:46)   Cro Cop has retired, so here's a bunch of highlight videos to send off a dear friend
09-11-15 (22:32)   Rizin used a cardboard cutout of Kron Gracie for press conference and face-off with Asen Yamamoto
09-11-15 (20:03)   Before UFC 193 there is something off about this Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Valerie Letourneau bus ad
09-11-15 (18:17)   Video: Guy separates his shoulder, pops it back in, and then gets zombie KO'd anyway
08-11-15 (22:46)   Vitor Belfort is the perfect example of why there aren't many successful Jewish or Muslim MMA fighters
08-11-15 (18:32)   Replay: Alex Oliveira's knockout of Piotr Hallman was the best of last night, you can't deny
08-11-15 (07:17)   Another Vitor Belfort headkick, another Vitor win over Hendo...how borrrrrring
08-11-15 (06:32)   Replay: Thomas Almeida made Anthony Birchak's leg go stanky
07-11-15 (17:03)   Your dad versus my dad. Vitor Belfort and Dan Henderson have a very friendly weigh-in faceoff
07-11-15 (16:32)   Another Bellator legends fight? Tito Ortiz is trying to trash talk Frank Shamrock into a rematch
07-11-15 (06:03)   Bellator has gone full Bellator, books Kimbo vs. Dada 5000 and Ken Shamrock vs. Royce Gracie
06-11-15 (19:17)   Watch: Two dudes fight in a McDonald's drive thru window, so Rogan and Goldberg call the action
06-11-15 (18:17)   Video: Conor McGregor is training light saber defense and it will help him destroy Jose Aldo
05-11-15 (19:32)   This view from the stands of Etihad Stadium reminds us that MMA sucks unless you can be up close
05-11-15 (19:03)   Don't unfollow Tyrone Spong on Instagram or you'll be treated like Michael Johnson
04-11-15 (22:03)   Breaking: Watch Mark Hunt drive Mike Swick around on a scooter
04-11-15 (19:46)   Will Brooks claims the Pitbull brothers punched him in the face while he was on the phone with his mom
04-11-15 (17:46)   New Nick Diaz tribute video features all the fighters that supported him, Nirvana, and 209 highlights
03-11-15 (21:46)   MMA News: Ronda Rousey says you should never use lube for sex
03-11-15 (21:03)   Video: Some guy passed out in Dan Henderson's hotel room and no one knows who he is
02-11-15 (22:03)   Watch: Luis Nogueira just KO'd a dude with a Rock Bottom slam
02-11-15 (21:03)   Report: New UFC t-shirt for sale proves that the UFC doesn't know what Jiu Jitsu is
02-11-15 (18:03)   Video: Over the weekend Batman sparred the red Power Ranger in Las Vegas
01-11-15 (18:17)   Everyone please wish UFC lightweight Eddie Alvarez a happy birthday!
31-10-15 (23:03)   Replay: Strongman Mariusz Pudzianowski got whooped on by Peter Graham in TKO loss
31-10-15 (19:03)   A Lesson in Street MMA: If you fight inside a KFC soccer kicks are legal
31-10-15 (18:03)   Jon Jones calls Daniel Cormier a pussy, tries to fight him in a street fight on Halloween in New Mexico
30-10-15 (21:46)   This pic proves The Mountain from Game of Thrones, Conor McGregor, and Gunnar Nelson are best bros
30-10-15 (19:17)   This Rousimar Palhares White House petition only needs 100,000 more signatures to lift NAC ban
30-10-15 (18:32)   Khabib Nurmagomedov pulls out of another fight, goes back to a life of Twitter trash talk and Reebok shirts
29-10-15 (21:46)   Watch little toy Iceman knock out little toy Tito
29-10-15 (20:17)   Conor McGregor says he tore 80% of his ACL before UFC 189, we say prove it
28-10-15 (23:03)   Watch: So here's Dan Henderson surfing on some waves in the Pacific Ocean
28-10-15 (19:32)   Rumor: It's the end of the world as we know it. Bellator booking Kurt Angle vs. Ken Shamrock?!?
28-10-15 (19:03)   The biggest business controversies in UFC history get covered in one convenient video
27-10-15 (18:17)   Get pumped for Weidman/Rockhold with this promo
27-10-15 (18:03)   Here's a video parody of Conor McGregor that will be funnier to some than others
26-10-15 (22:46)   In this video Sage Northcutt makes Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat cry for reasons we can't understand
26-10-15 (19:17)   Video: UFC Dublin crowd sings along to The Cranberries "Zombie" during Aisling Daly walkout
26-10-15 (15:46)   Watch: New UFC 193 Ronda Rousey trick or treat promo in Spanish means Holm loses by armbar?
25-10-15 (23:03)   The Janoskians called Miesha Tate the champion of UFC female fighting and then she beat them up
25-10-15 (22:46)   Joe Rogan's life is infinitely better than yours, and this Rolling Stone video proves it
25-10-15 (01:46)   Replay: What do you do when you get subbed in Ireland? Paddy Holohan says he's going to get a cup of tea
24-10-15 (18:32)   Sage Wisdom. The top ten times Sage Northcutt stood by an object and took a picture
24-10-15 (17:32)   Video: Oops. Rory MacDonald says when GSP comes back then laughs and says if GSP comes back
24-10-15 (03:32)   Replay: Michael Page is Bellator's best prospect and he just broke a dude's jaw via elbow drop
23-10-15 (21:46)   Jon Jones is back. Let's watch Bones' Instagram reinstatement dance and some highlights
23-10-15 (17:17)   Watch: Jose Aldo looks ready for Conor McGregor, is murdering sparring partner with super kicks
22-10-15 (19:46)   Can we admit that it would now be weird if Benson Henderson DIDN'T offer to fight someone at short notice
22-10-15 (19:17)   A Lesson In Street MMA: Irish seagull combat has increased thanks to the popularity of Conor McGregor
21-10-15 (22:46)   Video: The first Carlos Condit vs. Robbie Lawler staredown makes us want to time travel
21-10-15 (20:32)   Watch: Two-sport star Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva plays air hockey at Chuck E. Cheese's
21-10-15 (19:32)   Sorry to the other 500 UFC fighters, Reebok is now selling only eight different UFC fighter jerseys
20-10-15 (18:03)   Jose Aldo says he's going to 'seriously injure' Conor McGregor, which is how you hype a fight
20-10-15 (17:32)   This Fedor/Sakuraba magazine cover is everything
19-10-15 (23:03)   CM Punk UFC Update: Still training, still no fight booked, likes Cubs, is kind of grumpy on Twitter
19-10-15 (20:03)   Video: Fight of the year Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald gets the Street Fighter II treatment
19-10-15 (19:46)   Sage VanZant and Paige Northcutt are fighting on the same card. This isn't a typo, it's a UFC super couple
19-10-15 (00:46)   Dominick Cruz pretty much ethers TJ Dillashaw in some nice smack talk
19-10-15 (00:03)   TJ Dillashaw says Conor McGregor is a traitor to Ireland, and his logic is sound
17-10-15 (18:46)   The Zombie Apocalypse is happening and Greg Jackson's face says he's not impressed
17-10-15 (17:46)   Replay: At Legacy FC Josh Blyden just hit a DDT into a guillotine choke for the win
16-10-15 (23:32)   A Lesson in Street MMA: Never fight the Venezuelan guy with one punch KO power
16-10-15 (21:46)   Video: Wanderlei Silva gives his take on #FreeNickDiaz, the NAC, and applies for a job at the NAC
16-10-15 (17:17)   Watch: New Fedor training footage released. Emelianenko looking huge, agile, and stoic
15-10-15 (18:46)   Rumble Johnson calls out Ryan Bader for a fight that will produce the true #1 contender
15-10-15 (18:17)   Kevin Lee's calling out of Sage Northcutt finally helps us figure out who Kevin Lee is
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