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25-01-18 (09:33)   When is paying yourself a crime? UFC's financial landscape after Fertitta family ownership
12-01-18 (09:18)   Some counterintuitive advice on making money in MMA media: build offline
01-01-18 (10:04)   UFC is running out of time to make the marriage with Fox Sports last
19-12-17 (05:18)   The ESPN & Fox Sports TV universe just exploded in UFC's face
06-12-17 (07:33)   Rupert Murdoch is preparing to cash out Fox assets and UFC better respond fast
30-11-17 (06:04)   Conor McGregor & Harumafuji: Bar fights and mafia revenge plots
23-11-17 (05:18)   For mobile & tablet users, access our boxing & MMA headlines here
22-11-17 (14:47)   Thanks for nothing: Is Congress looking to bail UFC out of Ali Act change?
14-11-17 (13:04)   Zuffa Boxing bailout? The potential 2018 fight with Fox, UFC, Al Haymon vs. ESPN & Bob Arum
12-11-17 (10:47)   Don't run shows during football season: UFC's TV product can't consistently compete
08-11-17 (11:18)   Dana White confirms UFC Boxing is coming, Al Haymon trial balloon officially floated
29-10-17 (14:33)   How UFC Boxing could help Al Haymon & Fox Sports support Premier Boxing Champions
27-10-17 (10:18)   A/B testing of UFC Boxing, streaming proves Bob Arum right; is Dana White headed out of MMA?
25-10-17 (11:04)   After monstrous Fuji TV ratings, Bob Arum wants Ryota Murata to fight at the Tokyo Dome
24-10-17 (10:33)   Ryota Murata shatters Fuji TV fight ratings with monstrous 20.5%, creating "Top of Top" plan vs. Golovkin
23-10-17 (04:33)   Bob Arum's big bet on Ryota Murata exposed UFC's struggles in winning over Japanese fans
20-10-17 (11:04)   Allegedly groping female fighters with breast exams under color of law is predatory
19-10-17 (07:18)   After ABC debacle of new Unified MMA rules, UFC moves to kill extra weight classes
18-10-17 (11:04)   UFC may have breached Mark Hunt's contract but saved themselves from a much bigger lawsuit
12-10-17 (01:33)   Liability panic for California commission, fighters after Jerry Brown signs Scott Wiener no-felony HIV bill
04-10-17 (11:33)   Can Bob Iger save ESPN's cable future by acquiring UFC before he leaves Disney in 2019?
26-09-17 (18:18)   Will ESPN or Fox Sports buy UFC or WWE to survive on cable?
25-09-17 (10:18)   UFC had 10 years after PRIDE's death to make Floyd Mayweather-level money in Japan and blew it
22-09-17 (19:18)   A simple four-point Battle Plan to upgrade officiating in boxing & mixed martial arts
22-09-17 (00:18)   Undefeated Andre Ward's boxing legacy is full of what ifs, could & should ofs
20-09-17 (11:04)   The one interesting prospect on UFC Saitama Super Arena card, Shuri Kondo, isn't booked for TV
18-09-17 (23:04)   Lessons from Canelo/GGG: Bob Bennett secured likely rematch but did casinos lose enough $ to punish him?
14-09-17 (06:04)   California not drug testing USADA-tested UFC stars like Jon Jones to save money?
05-09-17 (09:33)   Fundraising begins for paralyzed Japanese MMA & professional wrestling legend Yoshihiro Takayama
04-09-17 (12:33)   Shocking UFC Fight Night Japan 2017 Saitama Super Arena card
01-09-17 (08:18)   Andy Foster wants due process for UFC champion Jon Jones on turinabol USADA drug test bust
27-08-17 (07:47)   Post-Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor's marriage with UFC demands a piece of ownership
23-08-17 (04:18)   Jon Jones is the kind of UFC drug user that American sports fans hate: a lying drug user
18-08-17 (13:18)   Self-financing is accelerating manipulation & political pressure on Nevada's athletic commission
11-08-17 (09:18)   Unusual anxiety about the biggest "money" fight ever not selling out in advance
09-08-17 (03:47)   ESPN begins its march away from cable and the ramifications are huge for combat sports
30-07-17 (11:04)   UFC's debt financing is making rich fighters wealthier but the window is closing fast for everyone else
10-07-17 (21:47)   Conor McGregor proves to be Floyd Mayweather's lifeline to the IRS
04-07-17 (18:04)   The spin stops here: ESPN underachieves with Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn drawing 3M viewers
02-07-17 (19:47)   ESPN's telecast of Manny Pacquiao-Jeff Horn was the clearest warning to UFC not to leave Fox
30-06-17 (14:18)   Golden who? ESPN labels Bob Arum, Top Rank "the NFL of boxing" and recycles Al Haymon spin on exposure
28-06-17 (07:33)   High-risk gamble by Mark Hunt attorneys to sue UFC for racketeering may be backfiring
27-06-17 (09:47)   UFC's Cortney Casey can sue the Texas athletic commission for libel but she only has a few weeks left
26-06-17 (05:18)   Oh no... California judge Marcos Rosales scored BJ Penn demolition a 28-28 draw
25-06-17 (08:18)   "The greatest prospect in MMA history" got knocked down but changed the recruiting game
18-06-17 (12:18)   Here comes the "Floyd Mayweather is an ungrateful moocher" narrative from boxing brokers
16-06-17 (06:33)   The over/under on PPV buys for Mayweather-McGregor is 5 million. Take the under ? barely
15-06-17 (00:18)   Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor set for August 26th at MGM Grand Garden Arena
14-06-17 (04:18)   If you can't buy star fighters, buy the next best star power on TV
07-06-17 (11:33)   A new report's claim of median age of 49 for UFC viewers is flawed but potentially good news
31-05-17 (14:04)   Report claims Spike TV has lost nearly 7% of its households in a year
25-05-17 (08:33)   Report: Oscar De La Hoya shuts the door on California hosting Canelo vs. Golovkin fight
22-05-17 (10:04)   The TV industry buzz phrase UFC is banking on in new negotiations: "time poverty"
14-05-17 (11:47)   Dana White secures UFC's power in the Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather negotiations
11-05-17 (09:04)   Ditching GSP/Bisping and McGregor/Mayweather is about UFC trying to regain control
09-05-17 (11:18)   UFC's massive debt load is being used against them by fighters to create unforced errors
07-05-17 (12:18)   Put up or shut up time for California in recruiting the Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin fight
26-04-17 (22:47)   ESPN's financial collapse ensures that Fox Sports is the only major TV player for UFC
13-04-17 (09:04)   Spike TV drops PBC; what's next for Al Haymon and the major athletic commissions?
09-04-17 (11:18)   Devil's advocate on Dan Miragliotta at UFC 210 ? ABC has fault for confusion on grounded fighters
07-04-17 (04:04)   The legal war in Kansas over Al Haymon's hedge fund money heats up
24-03-17 (06:18)   Golden Boy's ESPN debut consisted of Teddy Atlas dumping on matchmaking & California commission
20-03-17 (14:47)   ESPN's brutal weight cutting video package demonstrates the incompetence of the fight industry
14-03-17 (07:47)   California State Athletic Commission seeking permission to spend $200,000 more on athletic inspectors
25-02-17 (12:04)   Boxeo Telemundo and Florida's boxing commission deliver the crazy on Friday night
23-02-17 (08:33)   Jumping from the California State Athletic Commission to running California's most powerful agency
09-02-17 (07:18)   What? WME-IMG forms mega Hollywood PAC against Trump & now gives him a motive to sign Ali Act
27-01-17 (07:47)   Judge brutally & viciously eviscerates Golden Boy's antitrust lawsuit against Al Haymon
20-01-17 (08:04)   ESPN gives Al Haymon the finger with their new Golden Boy TV deal
12-01-17 (07:04)   Penny-wise, pound-foolish: UFC's doping lawsuit from hell should have been settled months ago
06-01-17 (07:04)   Fox Sports goes all-in for the kill on Ronda Rousey's UFC career
31-12-16 (07:18)   UFC 207: The end of an era for Ronda Rousey, Mike Goldberg, and Joe Silva
18-12-16 (04:47)   If UFC Sacramento is a taste of things to come for the "new UFC", fans should panic fast
14-12-16 (07:18)   New data shows that without Al Haymon & WWE's cash, California's athletic commission would be hurting bad
02-12-16 (06:18)   UFC's three economic weapons for retaliation against Andy Foster for giving Conor McGregor a boxing license
01-12-16 (01:47)   UFC played their Trump card on the Ali Act and now their enemies are organizing
15-11-16 (13:04)   UFC's triangulation with Trump to kill the Ali Act for MMA worked but now the real backlash begins
13-11-16 (10:47)   The serious questions facing UFC after MSG debut including Conor McGregor & UFC ownership
11-11-16 (00:33)   For the first time, Al Haymon admits he's a boxing manager (in court) & here are his past contract details
07-11-16 (16:04)   Al Haymon argues he's not liable for predatory pricing because he spent 9-figures & can't make the money back
02-11-16 (03:47)   The most audacious Al Haymon court argument yet: the TV networks are the promoters, don't look at me
31-10-16 (04:04)   Take Mark Hunt's legal threats against UFC seriously but don't fall for the racketeering ploy
27-10-16 (21:18)   A vulgar push of false hope for amending the Ali Act during a prospective Hillary presidency
25-10-16 (18:47)   Nevada's athletic commission demanded USADA & UFC provide its contract. So where is it?
21-10-16 (19:18)   Self-congratulatory California State Athletic Commission thinks they can win Canelo vs. GGG fight
18-10-16 (07:33)   UFC's impending declaratory judgment & anticipatory breach fight with Georges St. Pierre
14-10-16 (18:47)   UFC's Nate Diaz running into Nevada conflict of interest buzzsaw in punishment hearing
13-10-16 (02:33)   Conor McGregor's (empty) threat to not fight in Nevada exposes how vulnerable Athletic Commission is
11-10-16 (20:04)   Cash grabbing trial taxes by Nevada athletic commission makes state dangerous for fighters
09-10-16 (00:04)   Are the Feds setting up Goldman Sachs for legal action over the UFC sale?
07-10-16 (05:04)   California enacts new concussion law for kids under age 18 in boxing and martial arts
14-09-16 (02:33)   Despite recent TV ratings, UFC's overall success rips the scab off of uncomfortable truths for Fox
10-09-16 (23:18)   The dirty secret: Athletic commissions do not want the Ali Act amended for MMA
31-08-16 (20:18)   Heading for the exits: UFC fighters are "interchangeable" but what about management?
21-08-16 (07:04)   UFC 202: Will the Conor McGregor/Nate Diaz trilogy fight be at 155?
12-08-16 (00:18)   The price tag of a $4 billion UFC sale: competing fighter union proposals
09-08-16 (06:33)   How do you lose $430 million in a year? Al Haymon's PBC could become boxing's MySpace
07-08-16 (22:47)   Every new report surrounding Brock Lesnar, UFC, and USADA is confirming many suspicions
02-08-16 (19:47)   Embroiled in one anti-trust case, UFC finds itself lobbying California anti-trust defense bill
25-07-16 (07:04)   Los Angeles judge rules against California State Athletic Commission, AG over abuse of due process
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