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22-04-18 (03:37)   James Cameron compares Avatar sequels to The Godfather
22-04-18 (03:37)   Amazon acquires Ewan McGregor, Christina Aguilera sci-fi film Zoe out of Tribeca Film Festival
22-04-18 (03:08)   Bradley Cooper opens up about A Star Is Born at Tribeca Film Festival
22-04-18 (01:08)   Mike Myers pays tribute to Austin Powers costar Verne Troyer: 'I hope he is in a better place'
22-04-18 (00:51)   Jimmy Kimmel wishes son Billy a happy 1st birthday in sweet Instagram post
21-04-18 (22:37)   Verne Troyer, Austin Powers actor, dead at 49
21-04-18 (21:22)   Westworld's Thandie Newton also getting equal pay: 'It's really exciting'
21-04-18 (19:22)   J.K. Rowling surprises the Broadway cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
21-04-18 (18:51)   Ron Howard reveals brother Clint Howard's Solo: A Star Wars Story character
21-04-18 (18:08)   Matt LeBlanc's meat trifle scene on Friends is grosser than you think
21-04-18 (17:51)   David Tennant almost starred in NBC's Hannibal
21-04-18 (17:22)   Anthony Mackie faces Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio in Jimmy Fallon's Karate Piñata
21-04-18 (16:37)   Ariana Grande makes surprise Coachella appearance with new single
21-04-18 (15:37)   Ilona Andrews teases new chapter in Hidden Legacy romance series
21-04-18 (15:08)   Marvel Movie Club: 7 things to love about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
21-04-18 (06:22)   Grey's Anatomy officially renewed for season 15
21-04-18 (04:08)   Jane the Virgin boss explains [SPOILER's] shocking return
21-04-18 (03:08)   Scandal's Josh Malina almost spoiled series finale tragedy
21-04-18 (03:08)   Blindspot: Who survived Roman's assassins?
21-04-18 (02:22)   Starz kills off Ash vs. Evil Dead
21-04-18 (02:08)   Godard Mon Amour is an unflattering portrait of a legendary French director: EW Review
21-04-18 (01:22)   GQ suggests people not read Catch-22, Catcher in the Rye, more ? and it's totally fine
21-04-18 (00:37)   David Tennant keeps a really weird prop at his house
21-04-18 (00:22)   There will be less nudity in Westworld season 2. Here's why.
20-04-18 (23:51)   The scariest thing about British horror flick Ghost Stories is its title: EW review
20-04-18 (23:37)   Another Conjuring universe film sets release date for summer 2019
20-04-18 (23:22)   Super Troopers 2 isn't very funny and wasn't worth the wait: EW review
20-04-18 (23:22)   Barry Gibb reveals his long-lost Grease demo for film's 40th anniversary
20-04-18 (23:08)   The Big Bang Theory wedding: Will Amy wear her tiara?
20-04-18 (22:37)   Dance Moms star Nia Sioux joins The Bold and the Beautiful as series regular
20-04-18 (22:37)   Zama is a compelling portrait of one man's colonial purgatory: EW review
20-04-18 (22:22)   First look: Bill Nye makes his Blindspot debut
20-04-18 (21:08)   Karen Gillan on The Party's Just Beginning, her 'twisted love letter' to Scotland's grim secret
20-04-18 (20:51)   Vida is an interesting sister act: EW review
20-04-18 (20:37)   Questlove: 'I don't even know if I'm a creative'
20-04-18 (20:37)   Calvin Harris, Deadmau5, and more pay tribute to Avicii
20-04-18 (20:22)   Superhero Insider: Supergirl returns as Black Lightning ends
20-04-18 (20:22)   Avicii dies at 28: 'Wake Me Up', 'Hey Brother' and more of DJ's best songs
20-04-18 (20:08)   Scandal cast dissects surprising endings for their characters
20-04-18 (20:08)   Sterling K. Brown, Leslie Jones, Rachel Bloom join The Angry Birds Movie 2
20-04-18 (20:08)   Susan Sarandon says she 'alienated' women in Hollywood by not supporting Hillary Clinton
20-04-18 (19:51)   Grey's Anatomy: Geena Davis books return for Arizona's exit
20-04-18 (19:37)   Avicii dead at 28
20-04-18 (19:22)   Tina Fey addresses 30 Rock reboot rumors, adds Muppet Babies prequel twist
20-04-18 (19:08)   Jamie Parker, the grown-up Harry Potter, has Cursed Child advice for you
20-04-18 (18:51)   Westworld creators on what you need to know for season 2
20-04-18 (18:22)   You can now watch every episode of Friday Night Lights on Hulu
20-04-18 (18:22)   John Carpenter will provide the score for new Halloween movie
20-04-18 (18:08)   Scandal: What exactly does that Olivia Pope portrait mean?
20-04-18 (18:08)   Supernatural stars wrap filming on season 13
20-04-18 (18:08)   Han, Lando, and Chewie swagger in exclusive new images from Solo: A Star Wars Story
20-04-18 (18:08)   Niall Horan listens to Dua Lipa, Springsteen, and more on tour -- check out his exclusive playlist
20-04-18 (18:08)   *NSYNC announces 'Dirty Pop-Up' shop coming to Los Angeles
20-04-18 (18:08)   Dear Martin author Nic Stone returns with the LGBTQ-themed Odd One Out: Read an excerpt
20-04-18 (17:37)   American Pie star was 'confused' by film: 'I did not identify with the experience'
20-04-18 (17:22)   Fear the Walking Dead: Maggie Grace on Althea's mysterious intentions
20-04-18 (17:08)   Into the Badlands boss previews season 3's brutal new villain, opening fight
20-04-18 (17:08)   Christina Aguilera rocks fabulous tiny hat in Zoe first look photo
20-04-18 (16:37)   UnREAL: Quinn begs Rachel for help in season 3 finale clip
20-04-18 (16:37)   Chris Pratt on how Star-Lord, Andy Dwyer, and his other characters would fare against dinosaurs
20-04-18 (16:37)   The Backstreet Boys celebrate their 25th anniversary
20-04-18 (16:08)   The 100: Raven and Bellamy butt heads in season 5 premiere clip
20-04-18 (16:08)   Scandal cast reacts to that shocking series finale death
20-04-18 (16:08)   Jurassic World: Chris Pratt swam in urine while shooting Fallen Kingdom
20-04-18 (15:37)   Ocean's 8: See Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, and the gang in heist-planning mode
20-04-18 (15:22)   Jimmy Kimmel gets revenge for Scandal cast by pranking Josh Malina
20-04-18 (15:22)   A new collector's edition assembles all of EW's Avengers: Infinity War coverage
20-04-18 (15:08)   Hugh Jackman surprises fans at Greatest Showman singalong
20-04-18 (14:37)   Evan Rachel Wood explains why she turned down a Mean Girls role
20-04-18 (14:22)   Bette Midler will return to Hello, Dolly! on Broadway
20-04-18 (14:08)   Michael C. Hall returns to TV in Netflix's twisty thriller Safe: See the first trailer
20-04-18 (14:08)   Tina Fey surprises Mean Girls fans with Jimmy Fallon
20-04-18 (13:22)   Shonda Rhimes, Ellen Pompeo say goodbye to Grey's Anatomy stars Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw
20-04-18 (07:37)   Scarface reunion: Michelle Pfeiffer asked about weight, audience quickly boos
20-04-18 (07:08)   Scandal: Cut series finale scene reveals Cyrus' ultimate fate
20-04-18 (06:08)   Listen to Ariana Grande's new single, 'No Tears Left to Cry'
20-04-18 (05:22)   Scandal: Who did not survive the series finale?
20-04-18 (04:51)   Atlanta writer Stefani Robinson breaks down Alfred's dark 'Woods' adventure
20-04-18 (04:08)   My Fair Lady returns to Broadway with a captivating new Eliza: EW review
20-04-18 (03:08)   EW and Amazon joke around for 'A Night of a Thousand Laughs'
20-04-18 (01:37)   Charlize Theron soars as a stressed-out mom in Tully: EW review
20-04-18 (00:22)   Survivor: Libby Vincek explains her Tribal Council vote
20-04-18 (00:08)   Scandal series finale to feature new Stevie Wonder track
19-04-18 (22:37)   Natasha Lyonne had her first kiss onscreen in Dennis the Menace
19-04-18 (22:37)   In The Devil and Father Amorth, the director of The Exorcist checks back in with Satan: EW review
19-04-18 (22:37)   Chris Evans shares rare videos of his Captain America: The Winter Soldier stunts
19-04-18 (22:22)   Spike Lee tackles a timely play in Pass Over: EW review
19-04-18 (22:22)   Kanye West teases new solo album and Kid Cudi collaboration Kids See Ghost
19-04-18 (22:08)   Ant-Man and the Wasp is about search for Michelle Pfeiffer's Janet van Dyne ? exclusive images
19-04-18 (21:51)   Paula Patton on how her new film opened her eyes to the realities of human trafficking
19-04-18 (21:51)   Peggy Carter is Captain America in new Marvel comic
19-04-18 (21:37)   Deadpool 2 pays homage to Say Anything in new image
19-04-18 (21:08)   Murphy Brown revival adds Tyne Daly
19-04-18 (21:08)   Homestuck creator on turning his beloved web comic into a book
19-04-18 (20:37)   Natasha Lyonne explains how Orange Is the New Black empowers women
19-04-18 (20:37)   The Exorcist director films 'real' exorcism in clip from The Devil and Father Amorth
19-04-18 (20:22)   Jane the Virgin boss promises 'a few big shockers' in season 4 finale
19-04-18 (20:08)   First Wives Club TV reboot gets 10-episode order at Paramount
19-04-18 (20:08)   Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: Jeff Goldblum says fans have Ian Malcolm butt tattoos
19-04-18 (20:08)   Celebrities name their favorite movies in the #Filmstruck4 challenge
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