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02-04-15 (15:07)   Goodbye CliqueClack. Hello Hotchka.
16-03-15 (15:07)   Win passes to see Furious 7 first in Boston or Hartford
13-03-15 (05:07)   Cinderella weaves its magic and brings a fairy tale to life
10-03-15 (22:38)   The Flintstones meet the WWE in a Stone Age Smackdown
06-03-15 (15:07)   Unfinished Business is an unfunny experience
04-03-15 (16:07)   Classic movie musicals sparkle on Blu-ray
04-03-15 (14:07)   Chicago can still razzle-dazzle 'em
27-02-15 (07:07)   Focus is a frothy, forgettable, fun heist movie
26-02-15 (21:38)   Head on up Schitt's Creek, no paddle required
26-02-15 (20:07)   The Walking Dead: Is there too much going on?
24-02-15 (21:07)   Horrible Bosses 2 expands on Blu-ray
24-02-15 (20:24)   Win a DVD of Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster Madness
24-02-15 (16:07)   Whiplash marches to the beat of its own drummer
22-02-15 (20:38)   It's Oscar night, and a year of uncertainty
20-02-15 (22:24)   The real Scooby-Doo gang returns in Moon Monster Madness
20-02-15 (06:24)   Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is juvenile humor at its worst
20-02-15 (06:07)   The Duff is She's All That for post-millenials
19-02-15 (15:07)   Holy heart failure, Batman fans: A look at the Season 2, Part 1 DVD
13-02-15 (06:07)   Fifty Shades of Grey is fifty shades of painful to watch
13-02-15 (05:38)   Kingsman: The Secret Service takes the spy movie to a new level
12-02-15 (18:07)   Mommy hits hard but has an unnecessary visual gimmick
12-02-15 (17:07)   Why you should skip Fifty Shades of Grey and watch Secretary
12-02-15 (15:07)   Learn the ABCs of love with Teacher's Pet this Valentine's Day
09-02-15 (19:07)   Power Rangers returns with new thrills, excitement and more ethnic diversity!
09-02-15 (18:24)   Is Backstrom the next House?
06-02-15 (15:07)   Seventh Son is mediocre, but entertaining, medieval fantasy fare
06-02-15 (06:07)   Jupiter Ascending is a mess but still manages to entertain
05-02-15 (17:24)   You can thank Jay Black for ION's Meet My Valentine
05-02-15 (15:07)   Wicked, Wicked: The perfect vehicle for curing your insomnia
02-02-15 (16:38)   Win passes to see Seventh Son in Baltimore, DC or Virginia Beach
02-02-15 (16:38)   Win passes to the advance screening of Seventh Son in Boston
30-01-15 (21:53)   Is Black Sea the next great submarine movie?
29-01-15 (15:07)   The Judge Blu-ray combo pack is absolutely worth seeking out
27-01-15 (20:07)   ABC hits a high note with Galavant
27-01-15 (00:07)   Boston - Enter to win a Jupiter Ascending prize package
26-01-15 (23:38)   Enter to win free passes to see The Loft in DC
26-01-15 (23:24)   Win two free passes to see The Loft in Boston
24-01-15 (20:07)   American Horror Story Freakshow takes its final bow
23-01-15 (20:38)   Win passes to the advance Boston screening of Black Sea
23-01-15 (20:24)   Win passes to see Black Sea in Baltimore or DC
16-01-15 (16:07)   Spare Parts is the epitome of a mildly pleasant feel-good story
16-01-15 (15:07)   Julianne Moore is astounding in the harrowing Still Alice
16-01-15 (14:07)   Kevin Hart fails to bring the funny to The Wedding Ringer
16-01-15 (07:38)   Blackhat fails to overcome a lack of story and vision
14-01-15 (17:07)   Win passes to see The Boy Next Door in Baltimore, DC or Virginia Beach
14-01-15 (16:07)   Win passes to see The Boy Next Door in Boston or Hartford
07-01-15 (16:07)   Win free passes to see Blackhat in Boston, Hartford or Baltimore
03-01-15 (02:38)   A note about free movie screenings
02-01-15 (16:07)   Catch up with The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, The 100, Mom and 2 Broke Girls on home video
31-12-14 (19:24)   Win free passes to the Boston screening of Inherent Vice
25-12-14 (16:07)   Big Eyes is Tim Burton's least Burtonesque movie yet - and that's a good thing
25-12-14 (15:07)   Selma is a powerful movie that resonates with today's challenges
24-12-14 (16:07)   The Good Lie is captivating on Blu-ray
24-12-14 (15:07)   Take a magical, musical journey Into the Woods
23-12-14 (21:07)   Unbroken exposes the beautiful resiliency of the human spirit in time for Christmas
22-12-14 (15:07)   The Legend of Korra searches for balance in it's final episodes
19-12-14 (06:38)   Annie is relevant yesterday, today and Tomorrow
19-12-14 (06:07)   Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb bids farewell to the franchise and Robin Williams
17-12-14 (21:38)   Win passes to the advance Washington DC screening of Selma
17-12-14 (14:38)   Hamlet in Leather: The Sons of Anarchy series finale
17-12-14 (06:38)   The Hobbit trilogy ends with bloodshed and tears, but is it any good?
15-12-14 (21:07)   Win passes to see The Gambler in DC or Baltimore
15-12-14 (14:38)   Ascension marks Syfy's continued focus on returning to its sci-fi roots
12-12-14 (17:07)   Win passes to an advance screening of Unbroken
12-12-14 (16:07)   Top Five is a laugh-out-loud love story
12-12-14 (15:07)   The Imitation Game is a valiant failure of a prestige movie
12-12-14 (14:07)   Download free passes for The Interview in Boston or Plainville
12-12-14 (06:07)   Exodus: Gods and Kings is sinfully average
09-12-14 (21:07)   Dolphin Tale 2 will tug at your heartstrings much like the original family favorite did
08-12-14 (19:07)   Win passes to the Los Angeles screening of Inherent Vice
08-12-14 (18:07)   Win passes for Night at the Museum 3 in San Francisco, Sacramento or Fresno
08-12-14 (15:07)   Download free passes for The Interview in Baltimore, DC or Virginia Beach
03-12-14 (15:07)   Newsies is high-kicking, toe-tapping, pure entertainment
02-12-14 (22:07)   Download free passes to see The Imitation Game in Boston
02-12-14 (21:38)   Win passes to see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies in Boston or Hartford
02-12-14 (21:07)   Win passes to see Exodus: Gods and Kings in San Francisco or Sacramento
01-12-14 (18:07)   Win free passes to see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies in Los Angeles
01-12-14 (16:07)   Win passes to the advance Baltimore screening of Top Five
30-11-14 (14:07)   How The Newsroom got its groove back
26-11-14 (16:07)   Download free passes to see Annie in Boston, Plainville, Columbia, DC or Virginia Beach
26-11-14 (14:07)   Penguins of Madagascar offers perfect holiday hijinks for the penguin-lover in all of us
26-11-14 (06:07)   Horrible Bosses 2 improves on the original
25-11-14 (16:07)   Win passes to see Night at the Museum 3 in Baltimore, DC or Virginia Beach
25-11-14 (09:07)   Win passes to see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies in Baltimore or DC
21-11-14 (15:07)   Foxcatcher tries to use great acting to hide a weak movie
21-11-14 (14:07)   Jennifer Lawrence is superbly engaging in the fun but flawed Mockingjay, Part 1
20-11-14 (16:07)   The paradox that is Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom
20-11-14 (15:07)   Hercules on Blu-ray is a feast for the eyes and ears
19-11-14 (01:07)   22 Jump Street, Sin City 2 and a Frozen Sing-Along lead home video releases
18-11-14 (20:38)   Free American Sniper screening tonight with Sienna Miller in Boston
17-11-14 (17:38)   Download free passes for Penguins of Madagascar in Baltimore, DC or Virginia Beach
14-11-14 (15:07)   Rosewater is a mesmerizing look at the horrors of an oppressive regime
14-11-14 (14:38)   Beside Still Waters is an eminently watchable indie film about regular, damaged people
14-11-14 (14:07)   Beyond the Lights is a modern, edgy love story
14-11-14 (06:07)   Dumb and Dumber To is a fun, nostalgic road trip with your best dim-witted friends by your side
13-11-14 (18:07)   Win passes to see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 in Hartford, CT
12-11-14 (22:38)   Win passes to see Horrible Bosses 2
12-11-14 (15:24)   Download passes for The Theory of Everything in Hartford or Providence
11-11-14 (21:53)   Batman (finally) swings into action on home video
11-11-14 (21:07)   Jersey Boys and Tammy head up video releases for November 11
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