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18-11-17 (06:28)   'Once Upon a Time' Recap: We Learn the Identity of the Mysterious Witch and Hook Reunites with His Daughter
18-11-17 (04:45)   'The Flash' Episode 4.8 Crossover Photos: Iris and Felicity are in Danger
18-11-17 (04:14)   'Hell's Kitchen: All-Stars' Recap: Ah, Shucks - The Chefs Cook for Their Lives
18-11-17 (04:14)   'Arrow' Episode 6.8 Crossover Photos: Dark Arrow, Dark Flash and Overgirl Attack
18-11-17 (03:28)   'Supergirl' Episode 3.8 Crossover Photos: Will Barry and Iris Finally Get Married?
18-11-17 (02:45)   'Riverdale' Episode 2.7 Photos: Jughead's in Trouble
18-11-17 (01:14)   'Arrow': How Most of the Team Found out What Diggle's Been Hiding in 'Promises Kept'
18-11-17 (00:14)   The Saddest Moment on 'Grey's Anatomy' Has Nothing to Do with Hacking
17-11-17 (23:59)   Why Lindsay Arnold Is the Best Pro on 'Dancing with the Stars'
17-11-17 (21:45)   What Is Richard Dragon's Endgame on 'Arrow'?
17-11-17 (21:28)   [Video] 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 8 Sneak Peek: 'You Have to Cut the Head off the Devil'
17-11-17 (20:45)   [WATCH] 'Blindspot' Exclusive Sneak Peek: Does Roman Meet a New Love?
17-11-17 (19:59)   'Supernatural' Episode 13.7 Photos: Who's Looking for Jack?
17-11-17 (19:59)   5 Ways 'The Punisher' Is Different Than Every Other Superhero Series
17-11-17 (19:45)   'Nashville' to End After Season 6
17-11-17 (19:14)   Julianne Hough Returns as Judge for 'Dancing the Stars' Season 25 Finals, Stars in FOX Comedy
17-11-17 (18:59)   'Grey's Anatomy': What Does the Future Hold for Jo Now That Her Husband Is Back?
17-11-17 (18:45)   'Supernatural' Needs to Take a Break from Jack
17-11-17 (18:45)   Who Was the Biggest 'Arrow' Hero in 'Promises Kept'?
17-11-17 (18:28)   'Dancing with the Stars' Finale Spoilers: Freestyle Songs and Redemption Styles
17-11-17 (14:14)   [Video] 'Real Housewives of OC' Reunion Preview: Meghan vs. Lydia
17-11-17 (07:14)   'How to Get Away With Murder' Mid-Season Finale Recap: We Find Out (Partially) What Happened That Night
17-11-17 (06:59)   'S.W.A.T.' Recap: Will Street Choose his Mom Over the Team?
17-11-17 (06:45)   Best 'Supernatural' Quotes from 'Tombstone'
17-11-17 (06:28)   'Gotham' Recap: Try One of Professor Pyg's Delicious Meat Pies
17-11-17 (06:14)   'Grey's Anatomy' Mid Season Finale Recap: A Monster Returns
17-11-17 (05:45)   'Scandal' Mid-Season Finale Recap: Who Will Back Down First - - Rowan or Olivia?
17-11-17 (05:28)   'Arrow' Recap: Slade Wilson Faces His Biggest Threat Yet, His Own Son
17-11-17 (03:14)   'Supernatural' Recap: Jack Makes a Tragic Mistake
17-11-17 (00:59)   NBC Sets Mid-Season Premieres for 'Rise' and 'Good Girls,' Plus 'This Is Us' Season 2 Finale
17-11-17 (00:14)   'Riverdale': How Betty Tried to Fix What the Black Hood Made Her Do in 'Chapter 19: Death Proof'
16-11-17 (23:14)   5 Reasons The Thinker Is a Bold New Direction for 'The Flash'
16-11-17 (21:59)   [WATCH] 'Supernatural' Preview: Castiel Explains His Return
16-11-17 (21:28)   'Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers' Just Had the Best Reward Challenge Ever
16-11-17 (20:45)   The CW Sets Mid-Season Returns and 'Black Lightning' Premiere Date
16-11-17 (20:14)   Meet the Top 12 Contestants of 'The Voice' Season 13
16-11-17 (19:45)   This 'Arrow' Couple Has a 'Big, Big Arc' Coming, David Ramsey Explains
16-11-17 (19:14)   'Riverdale' Season 2 Has Way Too Much Jughead
16-11-17 (18:59)   ABC Sets Mid-Season Premiere Date for 'Grey's,' 'Scandal' and 'HTGAWM'
16-11-17 (18:28)   'Arrow' Interview: Stephen Amell on Whether Oliver Can Forgive Slade
16-11-17 (17:28)   [Watch] 'Supernatural' Interview: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki Tease Cowboy Dean
16-11-17 (07:45)   'Designated Survivor' Recap: Kirkman's Being Targeted One by One
16-11-17 (07:28)   'Criminal Minds' Recap: What Possesses This Unsub to Carve Up Women's Faces?
16-11-17 (07:14)   'Dynasty' Recap: Cristal and Blake's Unexpected House Guest
16-11-17 (06:59)   'SEAL Team' Recap: A Rescue Mission in Brazil Goes Dangerously Wrong
16-11-17 (06:59)   'Empire' Recap: Hakeem Fights for Custody of Bella
16-11-17 (05:14)   'Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers' Recap: Why an Advantage Always has a Downside
16-11-17 (04:59)   The Voice Recap: The Playoffs Continue and Miley Announces Her Comeback Artist
16-11-17 (04:45)   'Riverdale' Recap: Archie Tries to Prevent a Gang War
16-11-17 (01:28)   [WATCH] 'NCIS: Los Angeles' Episode 200 Sneak Peek: The Team Works with Nell's Sister
16-11-17 (00:14)   'The Flash': How Much Did Ralph Dibny Screw up in 'When Harry Met Harry'?
15-11-17 (23:59)   'Arrow' Episode 6.6 Photos: Team Arrow vs. The Dragon
15-11-17 (22:59)   'Supergirl' Episode 3.7 Photos: Mon-El's Back and He's Not Alone
15-11-17 (22:28)   [WATCH] 'Riverdale' Interview: Cole Sprouse on Jughead and Betty's Break-up and More
15-11-17 (21:59)   Is 'NCIS' Hinting at a Health Scare for Gibbs?
15-11-17 (21:45)   FOX Sets Premiere Date for 'X-Files' Return and '9-1-1' Premiere
15-11-17 (21:45)   The 'American Horror Story: Cult' Finale Was the Best One Yet
15-11-17 (20:28)   The Worst Is Yet to Come for Kevin on 'This Is Us'
15-11-17 (19:59)   Casting Bits: 'Fear the Walking Dead' Adds a Series Regular, 'Suits' Spin-Off Adds 2 Major Roles, a '24' Reunion on 'Designated Survivor' and More
15-11-17 (19:45)   'Legends of Tomorrow' Needs More Female-Driven Stories
15-11-17 (19:14)   Barry Is in over His Head with the Thinker on 'The Flash' and It's Going to End Badly
15-11-17 (18:28)   Ranking All of Mark Ballas' Freestyles on 'Dancing with the Stars'
15-11-17 (14:14)   'Real Housewives of NJ' Star Teresa Giudice on Season 8: 'It's Going to Be One of the Best Seasons Yet'
15-11-17 (14:14)   Corinne Olympios Admits She Was Engaged After 'The Bachelor'
15-11-17 (14:14)   [Video] 'Real Housewives of OC' Reunion Preview: Vicki Gunvalson Storms Out
15-11-17 (07:14)   'Legends of Tomorrow' Cast on the Show's 'Wonder Woman' Ending
15-11-17 (07:14)   'American Horror Story: Cult' Season Finale Recap: Who Lives and Who Dies?
15-11-17 (06:45)   'NCIS' Recap: What is the Sex of McGee and Delilah's Baby?
15-11-17 (05:59)   'This Is Us' Recap: The Rise and Fall of Kevin Pearson
15-11-17 (05:45)   'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: What Shocking News Does Amaya Learn from Kuasa?
15-11-17 (04:59)   'Bull' Recap: Has Dr. Bull Met His Match in Another Familiar Trial Scientist?
15-11-17 (04:28)   'The Flash' Recap: Does the Council of Wells Help Harry Figure Out DeVoe's Identity?
15-11-17 (03:59)   'The Voice' Recap: The Playoffs Continue with Adam Levine's Team
15-11-17 (00:14)   Why Frankie Muniz Deserves to Win 'Dancing with the Stars'
14-11-17 (20:45)   'The Gifted' Theory: This Is Probably Why Dr. Campbell Is Obsessed with Mutants
14-11-17 (20:14)   Why Iconic Dances Was the Worst 'Dancing with the Stars' Theme Ever
14-11-17 (19:59)   'Nashville' Season 6 Premiere Date Announced
14-11-17 (19:59)   Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle Set to Leave 'Suits' After 7 Seasons
14-11-17 (19:45)   Should 'Riverdale' Make Sexual Assault a Recurring Theme?
14-11-17 (19:14)   Why 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Needs a Cast Shake-up for Season 13
14-11-17 (19:14)   [VIDEO] 'Grey's Anatomy' Mid-Season Finale Spoilers: Hackers Attack the Hospital
14-11-17 (18:59)   Best and Worst Dances from the 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 25 Semifinals
14-11-17 (18:45)   [WATCH] 'NCIS' Sneak Peek: A Strange Voice Leads a Runner to a Body
14-11-17 (18:45)   Should 'Supergirl' Do More Flashbacks in Season 3?
14-11-17 (18:28)   'The Flash' Cast Teases Search for DeVoe, Dibny's Suit, and Council of Wells
14-11-17 (18:14)   'American Horror Story: Cult' Poll: Which Main Character Will Make It to the End?
14-11-17 (17:14)   Why New Villain Mallus Is Making 'Legends of Tomorrow' into the Most Exciting Arrowverse Show
14-11-17 (16:45)   [Watch] 'Lethal Weapon' Exclusive Sneak Peek: Riggs Acts Suspicious
14-11-17 (06:14)   'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Season 12 Finale Recap: Does Shannon Accept Peggy's Apology?
14-11-17 (05:45)   'The Voice' Recap: The Playoffs Begin with Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton's Teams
14-11-17 (05:14)   'The Gifted' Recap: What Does Reed Learn About Wes' Past?
14-11-17 (04:28)   'Supergirl' Recap: A Young Kara and Alex Solve a Murder
14-11-17 (04:14)   'Dancing with the Stars' Recap: Who Goes Home in the Semifinals?
14-11-17 (01:28)   'Once Upon a Time' Episodes 7.7 and 7.8 Photos: Hook Runs into Rapunzel While Searching for Dark Magic
14-11-17 (00:14)   Could Dark Magic Break Ivy's Curse on 'Once Upon a Time'?
13-11-17 (21:59)   Is It Time for Claire to Accept 18th Century Lifestyles on 'Outlander'?
13-11-17 (20:59)   'Dancing with the Stars' Pro Lindsay Arnold Suffers Knee Injury: Will She Compete?
13-11-17 (20:28)   How Will Shiva's Death Affect Ezekiel on 'The Walking Dead'?
13-11-17 (19:59)   'American Horror Story: Cult' Finale: What Should Happen to Kai?
13-11-17 (19:45)   Is 'Once Upon a Time' Juggling Too Many Storylines?
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