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18-06-17 (19:42)   Spider-Man artist, John Romita Sr. talks about his son, John Romita Jr.
18-06-17 (19:42)   The Doctor and gang battle alien light eating dragons and find the Roman 9th Legion on the latest episode of Doctor Who
18-06-17 (18:42)   Star Wars Fathers: The legacy of 10 dads from a galaxy far, far away
18-06-17 (18:11)   June 18 in Sci-Fi History: We're not worthy of Isabella Rosellini
18-06-17 (18:11)   Orphan Black Episode 2 is one big, scary, amazing, heartwrenching trigger warning
18-06-17 (18:11)   June 17 in Sci-Fi History: Green Lantern was CLOSE, but meh
17-06-17 (08:42)   Wynonna Earp Season 2, Episode 2 is gooey, y'all
17-06-17 (08:42)   The resistance is brewing in Episode 3 of Dark Matter
16-06-17 (23:56)   New look at Marvel Comics' Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man
16-06-17 (23:42)   Who Won the Week Episode 80: The games of E3 2017, Adam West, X-Men
16-06-17 (23:42)   Rumor of the Day: Is The Clone Saga coming to the big screen Spider-Man?
16-06-17 (23:42)   Captain Picard Day: The 7 most strangely heroic Picard moments
16-06-17 (23:11)   Stuff We Love: The Real Life Superhero Project is awesomely altruistic
16-06-17 (22:11)   You can be Captain America with this $679, screen-accurate shield replica
16-06-17 (22:11)   Captain Picard Day: Picard fans Picard fanning all over the dang place
16-06-17 (22:11)   Static Shock could come to CW's Black Lightning, Arrowverse crossovers possible
16-06-17 (21:42)   Batman's new protege Duke Thomas getting superhero name, solo series
16-06-17 (20:56)   20th Century Fox invests big in BOOM! Studios comic publisher
16-06-17 (20:56)   Watch: Orphan Black cast on the show's passionate following
16-06-17 (20:25)   First look at Spider-Men II, where we'll meet the other Miles Morales
16-06-17 (20:25)   Watch: Dean Cain recalls his Super past at Superman Celebration
16-06-17 (19:11)   The Legend of Zelda may be the only hope of breaking the video game curse
16-06-17 (19:11)   Big Trouble In Little China grabs a new comic co-written by John Carpenter
16-06-17 (17:56)   June 16 in Sci-Fi History: John Cho and Vegetables
16-06-17 (17:42)   Zack Snyder confirms fan theory from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
16-06-17 (17:42)   Captain Picard Day: 11 Picard quotes the universe should live by
16-06-17 (17:42)   Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars, no terraforming required
16-06-17 (17:11)   The Comedian's iconic smiley badge was almost left out of Watchmen
16-06-17 (17:11)   Los Angeles honors Adam West by lighting a real-life Bat-signal
16-06-17 (16:25)   Test your sanity with this haunting new game trailer for Call of Cthulhu
16-06-17 (15:56)   Gal Gadot made up a song for her Wonder Woman haters
16-06-17 (15:25)   DC may have confirmed a Justice League twist with a Funko Pop!
16-06-17 (15:11)   The central peaks of Tycho
16-06-17 (14:42)   Romp with a roly-poly monster in touching new Okja trailer
16-06-17 (06:11)   Bryan Singer officially (aka via Instagram) passes the X-Men torch to Simon Kinberg
16-06-17 (05:11)   Venom shooting location confirmed, may hint at possible storyline
16-06-17 (03:25)   Superhero Girl, Cave Carson, and 6 more must-read June graphic novels
16-06-17 (02:42)   Neil deGrasse Tyson launches Kickstarter for space exploration video game
16-06-17 (00:11)   Rumor of the Day: More details on The Last Jedi's tentacled sea creature
16-06-17 (00:11)   Objects in Space 6/15: The Handmaid's Tale, Wynonna Earp and Battlefront II
16-06-17 (00:11)   Watch: Celebrate Superman in the Midwest's own Metropolis
15-06-17 (23:42)   First look, creative teams revealed for Marvel Comics' Generations event
15-06-17 (23:11)   Peter Parker dances again in the weirdest Spider-Man: Homecoming promo yet
15-06-17 (23:11)   In appreciation of Evelyn Carnahan O'Connell, the nerdy hero we need
15-06-17 (23:11)   10 movies to watch with your dad on Father's Day
15-06-17 (22:42)   Joel Schumacher explains (and apologizes for) Batman's infamous Bat-nipples
15-06-17 (21:56)   Cade and Cogman wrestle in new Transformers: The Last Knight clip
15-06-17 (21:42)   Dark Days: The Forge returns classic concepts to the DCU Rebirth
15-06-17 (21:25)   Hugh Jackman's Van Helsing has better lessons for the Dark Universe than The Mummy
15-06-17 (21:11)   Tom Cruise's aborted Funko POP! from The Mummy has become a collector's holy grail
15-06-17 (20:25)   Director Neill Blomkamp releases short film Rakka
15-06-17 (20:25)   Relive your death again and again in first Happy Death Day trailer
15-06-17 (20:25)   Dream Casting: Overwatch
15-06-17 (19:42)   We've demystified another thing about black holes
15-06-17 (19:25)   Stuff We Love: Listening to the epic and fun Adventure Zone podcast
15-06-17 (18:25)   The Walking Dead being developed into virtual reality games
15-06-17 (18:25)   6 anime shows to check out if you love American Gods
15-06-17 (18:11)   Bombshells and Batwomen: An interview with Marguerite Bennett
15-06-17 (17:42)   June 15 in Sci-Fi History: Neil Birthday Harris
15-06-17 (17:11)   Music legend Danny Elfman signs on to score Zack Snyder's Justice League
15-06-17 (16:25)   Asteroid mining is going to be a thing, and this is why
15-06-17 (16:11)   Captain Phasma breaks free in the first look at her Last Jedi comic prequel
15-06-17 (15:42)   Noah's story goes evil in first look at Cullen Bunn's dark fantasy comic Dark Ark
15-06-17 (15:42)   Astrophoto: A galaxy living on the edge
15-06-17 (15:11)   YouTuber counts every on-screen Game of Thrones death. All 150,966 of them.
15-06-17 (06:42)   Objects in Space 6/13: Black Panther inspiration, Brendan Fraser and missions to Mars
15-06-17 (06:11)   Objects in Space 6/14: Black Panther inspiration, Brendan Fraser and missions to Mars
15-06-17 (05:56)   Jason O'Mara assigned to series lead duty in The Man in the High Castle
15-06-17 (04:42)   Watch: Take a tour through comics history at the Hall of Heroes Museum
15-06-17 (03:56)   Ladycastle, RPGs and Homer Simpson: catching up with breakout artist Ashley A. Woods
15-06-17 (03:42)   Adam West finished vocal work for DC's Batman vs Two-Face animated feature
15-06-17 (03:11)   Fresh wave of Spider-Man Homecoming shots taken straight from the wall-crawler's cell phone
15-06-17 (02:25)   The Handmaid's Tale Season 1 finale promises consequences
15-06-17 (01:56)   Objects in Space 6/14: Black Panther, Bitch Planet and Brendan Fraser
15-06-17 (00:42)   Shake your tail feathers for new DuckTales intro, poster and air date
15-06-17 (00:11)   Chris Colfer and Shawn Levy team up to enter The Land of Stories
14-06-17 (23:42)   Stuff We Love: The Babadook is a horror movie even without the monster
14-06-17 (22:56)   Legends of Tomorrow adds Billy Zane as P.T. Barnum for time travel arc
14-06-17 (22:42)   Dealing with Devils: Bunn, Hurtt & Crabtree on the return of The Damned
14-06-17 (22:25)   IDW reveals creative teams and Rey-centric opening story for Star Wars Adventures comic
14-06-17 (21:56)   The Conjuring 2 spinoff The Crooked Man in the works
14-06-17 (21:42)   25 thoughts I had while rewatching 1997's Batman & Robin
14-06-17 (21:25)   New Who showrunner Chris Chibnall promises 'bold' five-year plan
14-06-17 (21:11)   Big screen version of Flash's Iris West to make debut in Justice League
14-06-17 (20:25)   Kinberg directing X-Men: Dark Phoenix for 2018; Lawrence, Fassbender, McAvoy to return
14-06-17 (20:25)   Exclusive: Blood Drive EPs 'imagine if every grind house movie ever made existed in a world together'
14-06-17 (20:25)   June 14 in Sci-Fi History: Molly Parkermonium
14-06-17 (20:11)   Rumor of the day: Justice League reshoots to feature more Wonder Woman?
14-06-17 (19:42)   Sneak peeks from Dan Stevens movie Kill Switch count down the end
14-06-17 (18:42)   War for the Planet of the Apes extended clip introduces Bad Ape
14-06-17 (18:42)   Q&A: 9 answers for The Question's 50th anniversary
14-06-17 (18:11)   Walking Dead's Danai Gurira shifts from Black Panther to Avengers: Infinity War
14-06-17 (17:56)   Black Mirror being adapted into book series by creator Charlie Brooker
14-06-17 (17:11)   John Simm's Master returning to Doctor Who a bit sooner than expected
14-06-17 (16:56)   Transformers spinoffs focus on 1980's Bumblebee, animated Cybertron prequel
14-06-17 (16:56)   Marvin meets J'onn: DC/Looney Tunes writers talk their favorite Martians
14-06-17 (16:11)   Why Wonder Woman's vintage photo was actually really hard to pull off
14-06-17 (15:25)   Science out an airplane window: The case of the floating, stationary, disconnected, warped propeller blades
14-06-17 (14:56)   Eleven from Stranger Things is getting her very own action figure
14-06-17 (05:42)   Celebrating John Romita Sr. at the amazing The Art of Spider-Man exhibit
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