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14-11-15 (03:45)   HBO and U2 cancel live Paris concert special
14-11-15 (03:45)   'Undateable' scraps live episode in the wake of Paris attacks
14-11-15 (02:28)   'Wicked City' canceled after 3 episodes
13-11-15 (23:45)   Cable Live +3 ratings, Nov. 2-8: 'The Walking Dead' gets even bigger
13-11-15 (22:59)   Thursday cable ratings: 'Thursday Night Football' dips but still on top, plus 'Smackdown,' 'Pawn Stars'
13-11-15 (22:28)   Thursday final ratings: '2 Broke Girls' and CBS take NFL hit, 'Elementary' below 1.0, 'Blacklist' adjusts up
13-11-15 (22:14)   'Madoff' and 'Scandal': ABC's miniseries probably means a longer wait for Olivia Pope's return
13-11-15 (17:45)   TV Ratings Thursday: '2 Broke Girls' premieres OK on a very steady night
13-11-15 (04:45)   'Murder in the First' renewed for Season 3 on TNT
12-11-15 (23:14)   Wednesday cable ratings: 'AHS: Hotel' on top, plus 'Alaskan Bush People,' 'South Park'
12-11-15 (22:28)   Wednesday final ratings: 'Black-ish' and 'Code Black' adjust down
12-11-15 (21:28)   Soap opera ratings: 'The Young & the Restless' leads week of Oct. 26-30
12-11-15 (21:14)   Late-night ratings, Nov. 2-6, 2015: 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' sneaks ahead of 'The Late Show'
12-11-15 (19:28)   'It's Always Sunny,' 'American Crime Story' and more FX/FXX winter premieres
12-11-15 (17:59)   TV Ratings Wednesday: 'Empire' slips to season low, 'SVU' and 'Chicago PD' get a 'Voice' bump
11-11-15 (23:14)   Tuesday cable ratings: Republican debate sets a Fox Business record
11-11-15 (22:59)   Tuesday final ratings: 'Chicago Fire' adjusts down, 'NCIS' adjusts up
11-11-15 (22:14)   New show power rankings, week 3: Does anyone want to be No. 2?
11-11-15 (18:28)   'Late Show with Stephen Colbert' gets the post-Super Bowl spot
11-11-15 (17:59)   TV Ratings Tuesday: 'Chicago Fire' sparks with 'Voice' lead-in, 'Wicked City' crashes
10-11-15 (23:28)   Monday cable ratings: 'Monday Night Football' down but still on top, plus 'Love & Hip Hop,' 'WWE Raw'
10-11-15 (23:14)   Monday final ratings: 'NCIS: LA' adjusts up, everything else holds
10-11-15 (22:14)   FOX winter 2016 schedule: 'Sleepy Hollow' to Friday, 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' back to Tuesday
10-11-15 (20:45)   Cable weekly top 25: 'The Walking Dead' scores across-the-board win for Nov. 2-8, 2015
10-11-15 (20:28)   Broadcast weekly Top 25: 'Sunday Night Football' leads, 'Empire' and 'NCIS' top scripted shows for Nov. 2-8
10-11-15 (19:59)   Sunday cable ratings: 'Walking Dead' dips, 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' premiere solid
10-11-15 (19:59)   Saturday cable ratings: College football and Adult Swim rule the day
10-11-15 (18:45)   'American Horror Story' renewed for Season 6 on FX
10-11-15 (18:28)   Sunday final ratings: 'Family Guy' and 'Once Upon a Time' adjust up
10-11-15 (17:45)   TV Ratings Monday: 'Castle' and 'Supergirl' slip, 'Blindspot' steady after renewal
10-11-15 (16:59)   ABC Renew/Cancel standings, week 7: 'Once Upon a Time' is way down but still safe
10-11-15 (16:59)   The CW Renew/Cancel standings, week 7: It's good to be a comic-book character
10-11-15 (16:59)   NBC Renew/Cancel standings, week 7: Early pickups don't change the picture much
10-11-15 (16:59)   CBS Renew/Cancel standings, week 7: 'Criminal Minds' is safe for now
10-11-15 (16:59)   FOX Renew/Cancel standings, week 7: 'Last Man' is stuck in the middle
10-11-15 (04:45)   'Chicago Fire' and 'Chicago PD' renewed for 2016-17 at NBC
09-11-15 (23:14)   Friday final ratings: 'Blue Bloods' adjusts up, everything else holds
09-11-15 (22:45)   Friday cable ratings: 'Gold Rush,' 'Girl Meets World' and NBA lead the way
09-11-15 (21:14)   'The Mysteries of Laura' gets 3 more episodes from NBC
09-11-15 (20:14)   'Blindspot' gets a very early second-season pickup at NBC
09-11-15 (20:14)   Broadcast Live +7 ratings, week 5: 'Empire' and 'Blindspot' have biggest toal gains, 5 shows double
09-11-15 (17:59)   TV Ratings Sunday: Series low for 'Family Guy,' 'Quantico' ticks up
08-11-15 (18:28)   TV Ratings Saturday: CBS handily wins a college football-heavy night
08-11-15 (17:59)   Donald Trump pushes 'Saturday Night Live' to 3-year high in overnight ratings
07-11-15 (19:14)   It's November, and no show has been canceled: Why networks aren't pulling the plug
07-11-15 (18:28)   'American Crime' Season 2 will fill in for 'Nashville' on Wednesdays
07-11-15 (18:14)   TV Ratings Friday: 'Masterchef Junior' boosts FOX, 'Shark Tank' hits 5-week high
06-11-15 (23:28)   Thursday cable ratings: 'Thursday Night Football' tops charts, plus 'Project Runway' finale
06-11-15 (22:59)   Thursday final ratings: 'Elementary' and 'Mom' adjust down considerably thanks to NFL
06-11-15 (22:59)   Live +3 ratings standouts: 'Empire,' 'Quantico' and ... 'The Originals'?
06-11-15 (17:59)   TV Ratings Thursday: 'Elementary' returns higher, 'Heroes Reborn' jumps
05-11-15 (23:28)   Wednesday cable ratings: 'AHS: Hotel' and NBA lead the day
05-11-15 (22:59)   Wednesday final ratings: 'Arrow' adjusts up, 'Criminal Minds' rises but still at series low
05-11-15 (22:45)   Late-night ratings, Oct. 26-30, 2015: 'Tonight Show' hits a 4-week high, 'Late Show' up vs. last year
05-11-15 (19:45)   Predict the 'Mom' and 'Elementary' season premiere ratings: How well will they hold up?
05-11-15 (18:59)   TBS 'renews' 'Angie Tribeca' for 10 seasons but not really
05-11-15 (17:59)   TV Ratings Wednesday: CMA Awards fall, 'Empire' down after World Series break
05-11-15 (00:14)   Tuesday cable ratings: 'Family Guy' leads a slow day, plus 'Bastard Executioner,' 'Being Mary Jane'
04-11-15 (23:28)   TV by the Numbers: Where everything is on the redesigned site
04-11-15 (23:28)   Tuesday final ratings: 'Fresh Off the Boat' and 'Best Time Ever' adjust up
04-11-15 (20:28)   New show power rankings: Week 2 brings a new No. 1
04-11-15 (18:59)   Soap opera ratings: 'The Young & the Restless' stays on top for Oct. 19-23
04-11-15 (18:45)   'Suits' and 'WWE Smackdown' premiere in January on USA
04-11-15 (17:59)   TV Ratings Tuesday: 'Flash' and 'NCIS: New Orleans' hit season highs
03-11-15 (23:14)   Monday final ratings: 'The Voice' and 'NCIS: LA' adjust up, 'Supergirl' holds
03-11-15 (22:59)   Monday cable ratings: 'Monday Night Football' leads, plus 'Black Ink Crew,' 'Major Crimes,' 'Fargo'
03-11-15 (21:28)   NBC adds episodes to 'SVU,' 'Blindspot' and 'Chicago Fire' and 'PD'
03-11-15 (21:14)   Cable weekly top 25: 'The Walking Dead' and Republican debate lead the week of Oct. 26-Nov. 1
03-11-15 (20:28)   Sunday cable ratings: 'Walking Dead' stable, plus 'The Librarians' premiere
03-11-15 (19:59)   Saturday cable ratings: College football scores on Halloween
03-11-15 (19:45)   Sunday final ratings: 'CSI: Cyber' adjusts down, NFL and World Series rule
03-11-15 (18:59)   Broadcast weekly Top 25: NFL and World Series dominate the week of Oct. 26-Nov. 1
03-11-15 (17:59)   TV Ratings Monday: 'Supergirl' returns to earth in week 2, ties 'Blindspot' for scripted lead
03-11-15 (16:45)   The CW Renew/Cancel standings, week 6: 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' isn't long for this world
03-11-15 (16:45)   FOX Renew/Cancel standings, week 6: 'Bones' could end this season or go on forever
03-11-15 (16:45)   CBS Renew/Cancel standings, week 6: 'Supergirl' starts off as a sure bet
03-11-15 (16:45)   NBC Renew/Cancel standings, week 6: 'Heroes Reborn' is looking iffy
03-11-15 (16:45)   ABC Renew/Cancel standings, week 6: 'How to Get Away With Murder' is still safe
02-11-15 (23:14)   Friday cable ratings: 'Gold Rush' and NBA come out on top
02-11-15 (23:14)   Friday final ratings: 'Last Man Standing' adjusts up, 'Grimm' and others hold
02-11-15 (21:59)   'Superstore' and 'Telenovela' get post-'Voice' launches before regular premieres
02-11-15 (21:14)   Broadcast Live +7 ratings, week 4: 'Jane the Virgin' premiere doubles, 'Empire' and 'Blindspot' top charts for Oct. 12-18
02-11-15 (18:14)   TV Ratings Sunday: NFL tops World Series, both drive scripted shows down
02-11-15 (17:45)   New 'Star Trek' series coming to CBS - for one episode - in 2017
01-11-15 (19:45)   TV Ratings Saturday: World Series doubles up college football
31-10-15 (17:14)   TV Ratings Friday: 'Grimm' returns lower, 'Hawaii Five-0' ticks up vs. World Series
30-10-15 (22:45)   Thursday final ratings: 'The Vampire Diaries' adjusts up, all others hold, plus final NFL numbers
30-10-15 (21:45)   Thursday cable ratings: NFL leads the way again, plus 'Smackdown,' NBA, more
30-10-15 (20:59)   'Longmire' renewed for Season 5 on Netflix
30-10-15 (20:14)   'The Walking Dead' renewed for Season 7 on AMC (obviously)
30-10-15 (18:28)   'The Muppets' gets more episodes, time to right the ship
30-10-15 (16:59)   TV Ratings Thursday: 'Bones'-'Sleepy Hollow' crossover boosts both shows, 'Scandal' and 'How to Get Away' fall
29-10-15 (22:28)   Wednesday final ratings: 'Supernatural' adjusts down, 'The Middle' and 'The Goldbergs' adjust up
29-10-15 (22:14)   Wednesday cable ratings: Republican debate sets a CNBC record but down from previous debates
29-10-15 (20:45)   Late-night ratings, Oct. 19-23, 2015: Even with repeats, 'Tonight Show' wins the week
29-10-15 (18:14)   HBO's 'Vinyl,' 'Girls' and 'Togetherness' premiere in Feburary
29-10-15 (17:14)   TV Ratings Wednesday: 'Supernatural' rebounds, World Series stays strong
29-10-15 (03:45)   'Grandfathered' earns a back-nine order from FOX
28-10-15 (23:45)   Jennifer Lopez's 'Shades of Blue' gets 'The Player's' spot on NBC in January
28-10-15 (23:14)   Tuesday cable ratings: NBA tips off on top, plus 'Being Mary Jane,' 'If Loving You Is Wrong'
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