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20-10-06 (06:12)   Beyonce's New Flick Could See Its Oscar 'Dream' Come True
20-10-06 (06:12)   'Dark Knight' Script Picks Up Right Where 'Batman Begins' Left Off
18-10-06 (12:10)   Justin Timberlake Announces North American Arena Tour Dates
18-10-06 (12:10)   Tom DeLonge Calls Killers' Brandon Flowers A Boast Biter
18-10-06 (12:10)   Chris Daughtry Says 'Idol' Ejection Was 'Best Thing' For Him; Talks LP
18-10-06 (00:27)   For The Record: Quick News On Ashlee Simpson, Kevin Federline, Lady Sovereign, Busta Rhymes, Madonna & More
17-10-06 (22:10)   Panic To Release Special CD/DVD Package - Complete With Phenakistoscope!
17-10-06 (21:56)   What Doesn't Brandon Flowers Hate? Bono, Beards And Cuddling
17-10-06 (21:41)   Paul Wall Wants Tyrese's #1 Spot: Fantasy Football Week Six Recap
17-10-06 (19:27)   For The Record: Quick News On Madonna, Wesley Snipes, Leonardo DiCaprio, Shins, Jet, MC Lyte & More
17-10-06 (19:27)   Where Ya Been?: The Electronica Years: Prodigy, Tricky, Goldie
17-10-06 (18:41)   Hugh Jackman Says Script Is Ready For Wolverine's 'X-Men' Spinoff
17-10-06 (18:27)   New DVD Releases: 'Over The Hedge,' 'The Break-Up,' 'Feast'
17-10-06 (13:56)   Fabolous Shot And Arrested In New York
17-10-06 (12:10)   Lady Sovereign Aims For More Fans - Beyond Jay-Z, Missy - With Tour
17-10-06 (12:10)   New Releases: Diddy, JoJo, Xzibit, C-Murder, Ruben Studdard & More
17-10-06 (12:10)   Rewind: Betcha Didn't Know Marie Antoinette Was A Strokes Fan
17-10-06 (12:10)   GameFile: PS3, Wii Launch Fever; Clover Wilts; Colorful Touch And More
17-10-06 (02:10)   For The Record: Quick News On Gnarls Barkley, Red Hot Chili Peppers, St. Lunatics, Kevin Federline & More
17-10-06 (00:10)   For The Record: Quick News On Kevin Federline, John Cena, Guns N' Roses, Madonna, Radiohead, Metallica & More
16-10-06 (23:41)   EPMD, Joined By Das EFX, Redman, Get 'Massive Love' At Comeback Show
16-10-06 (18:56)   Flea Jams With Patti Smith, Punks Weep At CBGB's Last-Ever Show
16-10-06 (18:56)   Game Developer Confessions: Rare Commentary Explains Whys And Hows
16-10-06 (14:41)   Terry Gilliam On Depp, 'Potter' And The Film He Panhandled To Promote
16-10-06 (13:41)   'Grudge 2' Screams Box-Office #1, 'The Departed' Ain't Leaving
16-10-06 (12:27)   Four Members Of Diddy's Danity Kane Involved In Ohio Car Crash
16-10-06 (12:27)   From Mr. T To 'Transformers,' The '80s Are Back And Gnarlier Than Ever
16-10-06 (12:27)   Emo Stars Worship Them, So Should Sunny Day Real Estate Reunite?
14-10-06 (01:27)   Lindsay Lohan To Become A Mom, Flirt With Keira Knightley In Flick
14-10-06 (01:27)   Can Tyrese Keep Paul Wall At Bay?: Fantasy Football Week Six Preview
14-10-06 (01:27)   Should Justin Timberlake Be Worried About A SexyBacklash?
13-10-06 (23:56)   For The Record: Quick News On Bono, R. Kelly, 'American Idol,' Madonna, Borat, Tupac Shakur, Incubus & More
13-10-06 (22:41)   Watch Out Fasebook.com, UTube Has A Story For You
13-10-06 (16:56)   'Deliver Us From Evil': Monster Movie, By Kurt Loder
13-10-06 (12:10)   Cassidy's Lawyer Says Rapper Is On 'Road To Recovery' After Crash
13-10-06 (12:10)   What Do You Get When You Cross Justin With Mr. T? The Buzzhawk
13-10-06 (12:10)   WWE Star John Cena Wrestles With Boot Camp, Making Out In Film Debut
13-10-06 (12:10)   Metal File: It Dies Today, Earth Crisis & More News That Rules
13-10-06 (02:41)   For The Record: Quick News On T.I., Busta Rhymes, My Chemical Romance, Madonna, Chris Brown & More
13-10-06 (00:10)   For The Record: Quick News On My Chemical Romance, Madonna, Chris Brown, Sublime, Snoop Dogg & More
12-10-06 (22:41)   Al Qaeda Videos Earn American First Treason Charge In More Than 50 Years
12-10-06 (20:41)   Ailing Usher Cancels Last Week Of 'Chicago' Performances
12-10-06 (20:41)   Britney Shows Up To Watch Kevin Get Smacked Down In 'CSI'
12-10-06 (20:41)   From Harrison Ford To General Zod, A Look At Presidents In Film
12-10-06 (20:27)   Kevin Federline Gets Smacked Down In 'CSI' Acting Debut
12-10-06 (20:27)   Movie File: 'Harry Potter,' Brad Pitt, Jason Schwartzman & More
12-10-06 (19:56)   The Used Say New LP Will Inflame Bert Haters, Be 'Insane,' 'Brilliant'
12-10-06 (12:56)   Christina Aguilera's Heading Back On Tour For 41 North American Dates
12-10-06 (12:10)   What A Team! Jack Black, Clooney, The Rock Suit Up For Football Films
12-10-06 (12:10)   Chevelle Frontman Opens Up About Bassist Brother's Exit
12-10-06 (00:41)   For The Record: Quick News On Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Madonna, Tenacious D, Korn, Beck, Pearl Jam & More
11-10-06 (23:27)   Sperm Donors Ages 18-26, MTV News Wants To Talk With You!
11-10-06 (22:56)   Game Says Song On New LP Makes Him 'The One-Man N.W.A'
11-10-06 (22:10)   Jay-Z Rides With Dale Earnhardt Jr., Races Danica Patrick In Comeback Clip
11-10-06 (20:41)   Study Reports War Has Claimed 600,000 Iraqi Lives; Bush Rejects Findings
11-10-06 (19:27)   For The Record: Quick News On Jay-Z, Madonna, Tenacious D, Beck, Queens Of Stone Age, David Bowie & More
11-10-06 (18:10)   Evanescence Butcher The Killers In Battle For Billboard #1
11-10-06 (12:10)   YouTubers Protest Diddy TV With Parody Videos, Angry Comments
11-10-06 (12:10)   Kelly Clarkson's 'Favorite Person' Is On Jessica Simpson's Playlist Too
11-10-06 (12:10)   Alicia Silverstone Says 'Alex Rider' Is 'Bourne Supremacy' For Kids
11-10-06 (02:56)   Tyrese Stands Alone At The Top: Fantasy Football Week Five Recap
11-10-06 (01:10)   Jadakiss Posts Bail; Pleads Not Guilty To Gun, Stolen-Property Charges
10-10-06 (23:56)   MTV News Exclusive: Nas Previews Hip-Hop Is Dead ... The N
10-10-06 (23:56)   For The Record: Quick News On Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, U2, DMX, Kanye West, Killers & More
10-10-06 (21:41)   Most Badass Epic Battle Now On Film In Frank Miller's '300'
10-10-06 (21:27)   Chris Brown Says 'Gimme That' To Bow Wow Reunion, Timberlake Tour
10-10-06 (20:27)   Evanescence Live In NYC: Amy Lee Headbangs, Serenades Her 'New Hometown'
10-10-06 (18:41)   New DVD Releases: 'Waist Deep,' 'Click,' 'Scrubs,' 'Ju-On 2'
10-10-06 (14:27)   GameFile: 'Okami' Goes Green; Official Wii Word; 'Idol' Launch And More
10-10-06 (12:10)   Fall Out Boy Deliver New LP Details: Panic Cameo, Single On The Way
10-10-06 (12:10)   In New 'Def Jam' Fighting Game, Knowledge Of Beats Key To Beatdowns
10-10-06 (12:10)   New Releases: Lloyd Banks, Teddy Geiger, Cobra Starship, Trivium & More
10-10-06 (12:10)   Eagles Of Death Metal Frontman Wants To Help Britney Make Comeback
10-10-06 (12:10)   Rewind: Silly Alex Rider - Espionage Is For Grown-Ups
10-10-06 (03:10)   Travis Barker's Injury Forces Plus-44 To Postpone Tour
10-10-06 (02:27)   For The Record: Quick News On My Chemical Romance, Eminem, Ciara, Bo Bice, Lloyd Banks, MySpace & More
09-10-06 (23:56)   May We Suggest GooTube? Google Buys YouTube In $1.6 Billion Deal
09-10-06 (20:27)   Diddy Promises Nas, Kanye, Cee-Lo, 'Gutter' Christina On Possible Last LP
09-10-06 (19:56)   Jack Nicholson Takes Down Leatherface In Box-Office Fracas
09-10-06 (15:27)   Lil' Kim, MC Lyte Put Female MCs Center Stage At Hip-Hop Honors
09-10-06 (15:10)   Lil Kim', MC Lyte Put Female MCs Center Stage At Hip-Hop Honors
09-10-06 (15:10)   North Korea Claims Nuclear Weapons Test, Defying U.N. Warning
09-10-06 (12:10)   50 Cent Gives Ciara The 'Flavor' She's Looking For
09-10-06 (12:10)   George Lucas Talks Retirement, Brand-New Film, 'Indy 4,' 'Star Wars'
08-10-06 (02:10)   Start The 'Show': Jay-Z's Trumpet-Filled Comeback Single Leaks Online
08-10-06 (01:56)   Jadakiss Arrested On Gun, Drug-Possession Charges
07-10-06 (02:41)   Tyrese, Liz Pray For McNabb/T.O. Magic: Fantasy Football Week Five Preview
07-10-06 (02:10)   Elf's Absence From Next 'Harry Potter' Flick Opens Up Plot Questions
07-10-06 (00:10)   For The Record: Quick News On Paul Wall, Ludacris, Young Jeezy, Mary J. Blige, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez & More
06-10-06 (23:41)   Rapper Cassidy's Fellow Passenger Relays Horror Of Car Accident
06-10-06 (23:10)   Lloyd Banks Shoots Clip With Eminem, 50; Plans World's 'Biggest Record'
06-10-06 (20:10)   Travis Barker Discusses Bad Break, Road To Recovery
06-10-06 (18:41)   For The Record: Quick News On Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Marilyn Manson, MySpace, Shadows Fall & More
06-10-06 (17:56)   Black Sheep's Flock Down To One For First Album In 10 Years
06-10-06 (16:56)   'The Departed': Irishfellas, By Kurt Loder
06-10-06 (12:10)   Rapper Cassidy In Critical Condition After Car Accident
06-10-06 (12:10)   Beyonce's Dad Creates Hip-Hop Album Series For The Sippy-Cup Set
06-10-06 (12:10)   Ludacris Turning Into Angry Elf For Vince Vaughn Flick
06-10-06 (12:10)   Rise Against Hope 'Refugee' Clip Has 'Strippers, Champagne'
06-10-06 (12:10)   Metal File: Brand New Sin, Children Of Bodom & More News That Rules
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