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17-08-18 (03:40)   A Star Wars Production Designer Says a Now-Halted Spinoff Was Headed to Tatooine
17-08-18 (01:09)   Watch This Terrifying New Footage of California's Fire Tornado
17-08-18 (00:40)   FDA Finally Approves a Cheaper, Generic Version of the EpiPen
17-08-18 (00:23)   Sandy Hook Hoaxer Blogs Start Disappearing From WordPress Sites
17-08-18 (00:09)   Elon Musk on Whistleblower Accusing Tesla of Illegally Spying on Employee: 'This Guy Is Super [Nuts Emoji]'
16-08-18 (22:40)   28 Years After Woman 'Loses' Contact Lens, Surgeons Find It Embedded in Her Eyelid
16-08-18 (22:09)   Rare Movie Posters Go Up For Auction, Including the World's First
16-08-18 (21:54)   Revived Keystone XL Pipeline Suffers a Major Setback in Court
16-08-18 (21:23)   Here's When We Think Game of Thrones' New Age of Heroes Spinoff Should Take Place
16-08-18 (21:23)   Trump Reportedly Swaps Obama's Cyberattack Rules for Mysterious New Ones
16-08-18 (21:09)   Section of U.S. Warship from WWII Discovered off Alaskan Coast
16-08-18 (20:54)   Ajit Pai Knew FCC Cyberattack Was Fake for Seven Months but Kept Quiet
16-08-18 (20:40)   This Beautiful Wooden Cabinet Hides the Most Fiendishly Complicated Puzzle I've Ever Seen
16-08-18 (20:40)   The 1950s Guide to Proper Telephone Etiquette
16-08-18 (20:23)   E. Coli Bacteria Made This Image of the Mona Lisa
16-08-18 (20:09)   Here's the Letter 1,400 Google Workers Sent Leadership in Protest of Censored Search Engine for China
16-08-18 (19:09)   The Psychedelic Drug DMT Can Simulate a Near-Death Experience, Study Suggests
16-08-18 (19:09)   Report: After Taking a Meeting With James Gunn, Disney Still Isn't Bringing Him Back for Guardians Vol. 3
16-08-18 (18:54)   Hey Artists, Stop Putting Shiny Crap Into Space
16-08-18 (18:40)   This Visual Effects Artist's Masterful Age-Reversal Skills Are the Closest Thing We Have to Time Travel
16-08-18 (18:40)   Turn Your Xbox Controller into a Racing Wheel With This Clever, 3D-Printed Upgrade
16-08-18 (18:09)   The Media Tried To Game The Machines and You'll Never Guess What Happened Next (Facebook Won)
16-08-18 (18:09)   This Smart Soundbar Is an Ugly Attempt at an Interesting Idea
16-08-18 (17:54)   More Than 70 People Overdosed on Synthetic Weed in Connecticut This Week
16-08-18 (17:40)   Next-Gen Baggies Are Transforming Legal Weed
16-08-18 (17:40)   Apple Hacked by Biggest Teen Fan: Report
16-08-18 (17:23)   Please Don't Download Fortnite for Android From Sketchy Places
16-08-18 (17:09)   Beetle Trapped in 99-Million-Year-Old Amber Was an Early Pollinator 
16-08-18 (16:54)   In the Iron Fist Season 2 Trailer Danny Rand's Got a New But Familiar Foe
16-08-18 (16:23)   How to Watch Ajit Pai Get Grilled by Congress Over Made-Up FCC Cyberattack
16-08-18 (15:23)   2 Members of the Secret Six Are Making Their Way to DC's TV Universes
16-08-18 (15:23)   The Samsung Note 9 Shows How Important Smartphone Cooling Has Become
16-08-18 (15:09)   Asus Thinks It's Made the Thinnest Gaming Laptops Ever
16-08-18 (04:40)   How VFX Artists Created the Nanotech-Powered Iron Man Suit in Avengers: Infinity War
16-08-18 (03:54)   Twitter Promptly Suspends Tesla Whistleblower Following Tweets About His Former Employer
16-08-18 (01:40)   Google Releases Political Ad Database and Trump Is the Big Winner
16-08-18 (01:09)   Ancient Egyptians Mastered Mummification Long Before the Time of Pharaohs
16-08-18 (00:40)   Companies Have Bought More Clean Energy Than Ever This Year, and It's Only August
16-08-18 (00:23)   This Page-Turning Kindle Contraption Is Straight Out of Rick and Morty
16-08-18 (00:23)   A University Is Putting 2,300 Echo Dots in Student Living Spaces and What Could Go Wrong?
16-08-18 (00:23)   Scientists Solve Spaghetti Mystery That Irked Richard Feynman
16-08-18 (00:09)   Robot Peer Pressure Is the Newest Tech Threat to Children
15-08-18 (23:23)   Report: Google Finally Has a Plan to Make a Good Smartwatch
15-08-18 (23:09)   Skyrocketing Rates of Fentanyl Deaths Led to the Deadliest Year for Opioid Overdoses Ever
15-08-18 (22:54)   It's Time to Bring Back Translucent Gadgets
15-08-18 (21:54)   Now Is the Time to Catch Up With Castle Rock 
15-08-18 (21:54)   You Can Really Feel the Samsung Note 9's $1000 Price Tag
15-08-18 (20:54)   A Group of Engineers Say They've Created a Way to Detect Bombs and Guns Using Basic Wifi
15-08-18 (20:40)   Dune Is Getting a Tabletop RPG, Just in Time for Denis Villeneuve's Reboot
15-08-18 (20:09)   AT&T Sued for $224 Million by Cryptocurrency Investor Who Lost a Fortune in Phone Hacks
15-08-18 (19:54)   You Can Shout 'ENHANCE!' Like a TV Detective With This Voice-Controlled Browser Game
15-08-18 (19:40)   What Am I Worth to Advertisers? My Obsessive Quest to Put a Price on My Attention
15-08-18 (19:23)   New Leak Suggests Next Fitbit Charge Will Skip the One Feature It Really Needs
15-08-18 (19:09)   Doctors Aren't Being Candid About the Money They Get From Big Pharma 
15-08-18 (19:09)   Astronomers Directly Detect Iron and Titanium on an Exoplanet for the First Time
15-08-18 (19:09)   Don't Get Nostalgic for This 20th Anniversary: Apple's iMac G3 Was an Awful Computer
15-08-18 (18:54)   Paris' Solution to Its Public Urination Problem Is Open-Air Piss Boxes
15-08-18 (18:09)   7 Star Trek Shows We'd Love to See From CBS All Access
15-08-18 (17:54)   Why Is Florida's Red Tide Outbreak So Bad Right Now?
15-08-18 (17:09)   Diseased Ocean Microbes Could Be Messing With the Weather
15-08-18 (16:40)   The Museum of London Is Livestreaming a Chunk of Fatberg So You Can Watch It Morph
15-08-18 (15:54)   These Medical Miracles Were Supposed to Happen by the Year 2000
15-08-18 (15:23)   Tessa Thompson Joins Disney's Lady and the Tramp, Details of Kid Flash's Return, and More
15-08-18 (15:23)   A Year Later, Cortana and Alexa Are FINALLY Working Together
15-08-18 (12:40)   Twitter Suspends Alex Jones for 7 Days, Leaves InfoWars Account Active
15-08-18 (07:09)   Lego's Voltron Is Wonderful Proof That Fans Are Sometimes Worth Listening To
15-08-18 (05:54)   Los Angeles Devises Plan to Add Absolute Worst Thing About Air Travel to Subways
15-08-18 (01:54)   Ajit Pai Is Getting Grilled for Misleading Congress Over Imaginary Cyberattacks
15-08-18 (00:09)   San Francisco's So Literally Shitty, It's Getting a 'Poop Patrol'
14-08-18 (23:54)   Excavation Begins on a Truly Giant New Telescope
14-08-18 (22:23)   Nebraska Becomes First U.S. State to Execute a Prisoner With Fentanyl
14-08-18 (22:23)   Voltron's Complicated, Imperfect LGBQT Representation Is Tearing the Fandom Apart
14-08-18 (22:09)   New York Becomes Latest State to Sue Purdue Pharma Over Opioid Marketing 
14-08-18 (21:23)   Trump's Defense Department Is Actually Preparing for Climate Change
14-08-18 (21:23)   Tinder Executives Sue Dating App's Owners for Allegedly Cheating Them Out of Billions 
14-08-18 (20:54)   Earth's Undetected 'Mini-Moons' Could Make for Exciting New Astronomy 
14-08-18 (20:40)   Don Cheadle Voicing Donald Duck Is Everything
14-08-18 (19:40)   Australia Hopes to Strong-Arm Tech Companies Into Giving Up That Precious Encrypted Data
14-08-18 (19:09)   Sleep-Deprived People May Infect You With Loneliness
14-08-18 (18:54)   How Weta's VFX Team Brought the Most Epic Moments of Avengers: Infinity War to Life
14-08-18 (18:40)   'Dormant' California Supervolcano Packed With 240 Cubic Miles of Magma
14-08-18 (18:09)   Catfish Victim Allegedly Planned to Kill Mother to Get Money to Pay Scammer
14-08-18 (17:54)   YouTube Pulls Jump Scare Ads for The Nun After Revolted Users Revolt
14-08-18 (17:23)   Here's How to Get Fortnite on Your Android Phone
14-08-18 (17:09)   Being an EPA Scientist Sounds Terrible
14-08-18 (16:23)   The Best Project Management Apps to Get Your Life in Order
14-08-18 (15:54)   Surprising Accelerator Finding Could Change the Way We Think About Neutron Stars
14-08-18 (15:23)   Updates From Wonder Woman 1984, Star Wars Resistance, and More
14-08-18 (14:54)   I Can't Stop Thinking About How the Predator Would Eat Sushi
14-08-18 (13:23)   Turkey's President Calls for Boycott of American Electronics Like the iPhone as Trade War Heats Up
14-08-18 (03:40)   Tesla Hit With Third Class-Action Suit Over Musk's Stock Tweets
14-08-18 (00:54)   The Mendocino Complex Fire Has Now Spawned the Biggest Single Blaze in California History
14-08-18 (00:23)   It's Time to Let MoviePass Die
14-08-18 (00:09)   California Officials Admit to Using License Plate Readers to Monitor Welfare Recipients
13-08-18 (23:54)   Earth's Oldest Rocks Could Have Been Formed by Meteorite Impacts
13-08-18 (23:40)   Elon Musk Responds to Azealia Banks' Claims of Ghosting, Tweeting, and LSD: I Don't Know Her
13-08-18 (22:54)   Runaways' Second Season Will Arrive This Winter and Feature a Connection to the MCU
13-08-18 (22:23)   New Evidence Contradicts Theory That Easter Island Society Collapsed
13-08-18 (21:40)   Hackers Can Turn Body Cameras Into Malware Spewing Machines, Security Expert Says
13-08-18 (21:09)   This Exoplanet Is So Hot, It Apparently Tears Apart Water Molecules
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