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22-06-18 (02:54)   AT&T's WatchTV Is the First Streaming Service for the Post-Net Neutrality World
22-06-18 (00:09)   Ajit Pai Is Apparently a Comedy Vlogger Now
21-06-18 (23:54)   GitHub Coders to Microsoft: Cut Ties With ICE or We'll 'Take Our Projects Elsewhere' 
21-06-18 (23:40)   Twitter Buys Anti-Abuse Company to Help It Suck Less
21-06-18 (23:40)   The Dust Storm on Mars Is So Huge It Now Encircles the Entire Planet
21-06-18 (23:23)   Herpes Viruses Linked to Alzheimer's Disease in New Brain Research
21-06-18 (23:09)   MoviePass Is Introducing Surge Pricing, Feel Free to Be Annoyed
21-06-18 (22:40)   Swamp Sparrows Display Evidence of Centuries-Old Tradition in Their Songs
21-06-18 (21:54)   The Trailer for The Man Who Unlocked the Universe Is a Gorgeous Mixture of Science and Action
21-06-18 (21:54)   Google and Friends Blamed for Blocking Vote on New York Revenge Porn Bill
21-06-18 (21:23)   Rian Johnson Hilariously Endorses Fan Remake of The Last Jedi
21-06-18 (20:09)   Extinct Gibbon Species Found in Tomb of Ancient Chinese Noblewoman
21-06-18 (19:09)   America Isn't Ready to Handle a Catastrophic Asteroid Impact, New Report Warns
21-06-18 (18:40)   Online Retailers Can Be Forced to Charge You Sales Tax, Supreme Court Rules
21-06-18 (18:23)   Algeria Shuts Off the Entire Country's Internet to Stop Students From Cheating
21-06-18 (18:09)   Facebook Wants to Use Machine Learning to Stop Hoaxes and Fake News 
21-06-18 (17:54)   Wait, What the Hell Happened to Apple AirPower?
21-06-18 (17:40)   Bogong Moths Are First Insect Known to Use Earth's Magnetism to Navigate at Night
21-06-18 (17:23)   Malaysian CEO's Death Reportedly Caused by Exploding Phone
21-06-18 (17:23)   Facebook's Flawed Push for Political Transparency Is Censoring Crucial Voices
21-06-18 (16:54)   Bose Made a White Noise Machine You Stick In Your Ears
21-06-18 (16:23)   Koko the Gorilla, Famous for Learning Sign Language, Has Died
21-06-18 (15:54)   Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Quits After Investigation Into Total Boner Move
21-06-18 (15:54)   Baby Giant Manta Rays Grow up Together in This Newly Discovered Nursery
21-06-18 (15:54)   Even Birds Struggle to Become Empty Nesters
21-06-18 (15:40)   Terminator 6 Set Photos Reveal Our First Look at Sarah Connor's Triumphant Return
21-06-18 (15:09)   Alexa Is a Pretty Crappy TV Remote, for Now
21-06-18 (14:40)   It Turns out All Kinds of Tech Companies Are Working With ICE
21-06-18 (07:09)   Scorned US Lawmakers Press Google on Relationship with Huawei
21-06-18 (06:54)   Snapchat: Still Fucked
21-06-18 (05:54)   FBI Warns of 'Alarming' Increase in In-Flight Sexual Assaults
21-06-18 (05:40)   Star Wars' Ships Have Terrible Aerodynamic Designs
21-06-18 (03:40)   Having Allegedly Failed to Gobble Up Bumble, Dating Giant Match Group Buys Rival App Hinge
21-06-18 (02:23)   Google, Unlike Apple, is Making it Easy to Cancel App Subscriptions
21-06-18 (00:40)   Lawsuit: Detained Immigrant Children in Texas Forced to Take Antipsychotic Drugs
21-06-18 (00:23)   Disney, Do You Really Want to Give Rupert Murdoch More Money Right Now?
20-06-18 (23:54)   Is There a Better Individual Season of Doctor Who Than Tom Baker's Debut? 
20-06-18 (23:40)   California Lawmakers Accused of 'Corruption' After Gutting Net Neutrality Bill
20-06-18 (22:54)   This Light-Up HAL 9000 USB Flash Drive Can't Sing, But Probably Won't Kill You Either
20-06-18 (22:09)   Report: The Star Wars Story Films Are Being Put On Hold
20-06-18 (21:54)   'Electronic Skin' Allows User of Prosthetic Hand to Feel Pain
20-06-18 (21:23)   Facebook Is Testing If You'll Pay Actual Money for Your Favorite Groups' Premium Content
20-06-18 (21:23)   How Director J.A. Bayona Made Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom All His Own
20-06-18 (20:40)   Meet Instagram's YouTube Clone: IGTV
20-06-18 (20:23)   T. Rex's Tongue Was Firmly Stuck in Its Mouth, Study Finds
20-06-18 (20:09)   Final Days of Ötzi the Iceman Revealed Through New Analysis of His Tools
20-06-18 (19:09)   Did Scientists Just Find a Missing Piece of the Universe?
20-06-18 (18:40)   The Handmaid's Tale Reminds Us How Shitty It Is to Take Children From Their Parents
20-06-18 (18:09)   How Internet Spiritual Guru Teal Swan Targets Desperate People Online
20-06-18 (17:54)   AMC's New $20 MoviePass Competitor Sounds Like a Damn Good Deal
20-06-18 (17:40)   'Bitcoin Baron' Gets 20 Months in Prison for DDoS Attack That 'Crippled' Emergency Communications
20-06-18 (17:23)   TCL Made Its Terrifically Cheap 4K TV Even Better
20-06-18 (17:09)   Rotten Tomatoes Says There's Nothing Weird About Gotti's Dubious Audience Score
20-06-18 (16:23)   Why the Government Sucks at Making Websites
20-06-18 (16:09)   Disney's Plan to Acquire Fox Is Back On, Thanks to a New $70 Billion Deal
20-06-18 (15:54)   USB-C Is a Mess?How to Navigate It
20-06-18 (15:40)   T-Mobile Adviser Mocks 10-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Seized at U.S. Border
20-06-18 (15:09)   James Gunn Reconfirms Just When Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Will Take Place
20-06-18 (14:54)   How Tidal Got So Fucked
20-06-18 (14:09)   Facebook Fundraiser Raises Over $8 Million for Immigrants in America's Concentration Camps
20-06-18 (06:40)   What Movies Are Coming to San Diego Comic-Con 2018?
20-06-18 (06:23)   Microsoft CEO Downplays ICE Contract in Email to Employees
20-06-18 (06:23)   Guy Who Gave Cambridge Analytica All That Facebook Data: Actually, My Data Sucked
20-06-18 (05:23)   Robert Zemeckis May Team Up With Guillermo del Toro to Remake Roald Dahl's The Witches
20-06-18 (03:54)   Medium, Github, and Twitter Are Shutting Down Accounts Spreading ICE Employees' LinkedIn Data
20-06-18 (03:09)   Ever See a Guy Say Goodbye to a Shoe? Not If He Was Wearing These New Simpsons Sneakers
20-06-18 (02:23)   The End of All That's Good and Pure About the Internet
20-06-18 (01:09)   Microsoft Employees Pressure Leadership to Cancel ICE Contract
20-06-18 (00:40)   Facebook Wants to Be Your Quiz Daddy Now
20-06-18 (00:09)   A Big Nasty Plant That Burns Like Hell Has Been Discovered in Virginia for the First Time
19-06-18 (23:54)   Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint Pledge to Stop Selling Your Real-Time Location to Data Brokers
19-06-18 (23:54)   Scientists Find Stronger Evidence for New Kind of Black Hole
19-06-18 (22:54)   A Democrat Funded by AT&T Could Sabotage California's Net Neutrality Law
19-06-18 (22:40)   Google Remembers to Like and Subscribe, Releases Its Own Podcasts App
19-06-18 (22:09)   Can Thousands of Smartphones Help Detect Cosmic Rays?
19-06-18 (21:40)   A New IDW Comic Is Mashing Up Star Trek and Transformers in the Most Glorious Way Possible
19-06-18 (21:23)   American PR Professionals Helped Sell the Nazi Regime to the United States
19-06-18 (20:23)   I Can't Believe Apple Made This
19-06-18 (19:54)   A Woman's New Tattoo Led to Three Years of Chronic Pain, Doctors Say
19-06-18 (19:40)   Report: A Next Generation Sequel Could Be Included in Alex Kurtzman's Expansive New Star Trek Deal
19-06-18 (19:40)   New Medical Analysis Shows What Really Happened on the Night Robert F. Kennedy Was Assassinated
19-06-18 (19:09)   Bizarre Amazon Patent Application Suggests Jellyfish-Like Drones for Warehouses
19-06-18 (18:54)   You Can Rearrange the Letters and Spell Out Any Message On This Scrabble Tile Rack Lamp
19-06-18 (18:54)   America's 'Detention Centers' Added to Wikipedia List of Concentration Camps [Updated]
19-06-18 (18:40)   China's Anti-Porn Task Force Is Banning ASMR Videos
19-06-18 (18:09)   Voltron's Showrunners Say There's More to This Season's Shocking Twist Than Meets the Eye
19-06-18 (18:09)   1,300 Professors Sign Letter Condemning Separation of Immigrant Families as Child Abuse
19-06-18 (17:54)   The Dangers of Tech's Privacy Promises
19-06-18 (17:40)   9 Tips and Hacks to Make Your Fitbit More Productive
19-06-18 (17:40)   So Supergirl Is Clearly Doing a Really Famous Superman Story Next Year
19-06-18 (17:23)   ZTE's Future Is Back in Limbo After Senate Votes to Reinstate Ban
19-06-18 (17:23)   The Diabetes Cure That Most Insurance Companies Won't Pay for
19-06-18 (16:54)   Alexa for Hospitality Lets Amazon Follow You on Vacation
19-06-18 (16:09)   Facebook Messenger Will Now Include Autoplaying Ads With Your Private Conversations
19-06-18 (15:23)   More Rumors About the Return of an Old Hero in Star Wars: Episode IX
19-06-18 (15:09)   This Plug Senses Outlets and Glows So You Never Have to Shock Yourself Again
19-06-18 (15:09)   Adobe Squeezed the Best Parts of Its Video Editing Suite into a New Mobile App
19-06-18 (06:40)   The Walking Dead Will See a Very Familiar Face Return Next Season
19-06-18 (06:40)   Report: GameStop Is Considering a Buyout From a Private Equity Firm
19-06-18 (05:54)   Our First Look at What Feels Like the First Star Trek Action Figures in Ages
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