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21-05-17 (17:40)   Chelsea Manning Is Using Social Media Like It's the Good Ol' Days
21-05-17 (17:40)   The Doomsday Vault Isn't Flooded But We're All Still Going to Die
21-05-17 (17:40)   Someone Is Trying to Scrub Trump's Name From the Wikipedia Page of Lieberman's Law Firm
21-05-17 (17:40)   In WannaCry's Wake, a New Rapidly Spreading Ransomware Attack Appeared Today
21-05-17 (17:40)   That 'Alien Megastructure' Star Is Freaking Out Again
21-05-17 (17:40)   The Most Sensitive Dark Matter Detector Releases Its First Results
19-05-17 (21:54)   Instagram Won't Stop Showing Me the Mother's Day Photos I Don't Want to See
19-05-17 (21:54)   'World's Hottest Pepper' Will Have You Breathing Fire, But It Won't Kill You
19-05-17 (21:23)   Federal Agents Are Now Using 'Stingrays' to Track and Capture Undocumented Immigrants
19-05-17 (20:23)   A 'Superbug' Fungus Is Spreading Across the US
19-05-17 (20:23)   All the Dangerous Things You Shouldn't Be Doing With Your Fidget Spinners
19-05-17 (20:09)   This Is How Miserable IBM Voice Recognition Probably Was in the '80s
19-05-17 (19:54)   ThisáCyclops Goat Is Good
19-05-17 (18:54)   Flat Earthers Won't Believe This News on Antarctica's Climate
19-05-17 (18:40)   I'm Afraid to Ask The Internet to Name This New Moon
19-05-17 (17:40)   Google's Coolest Tech Is Getting Harder and Harder to See
19-05-17 (17:40)   The First AI-Generated Paint Names Include 'Homestar Brown' and 'Stanky Bean'
19-05-17 (17:23)   'Panda' Porpoise Could Be Extinct In Months
19-05-17 (17:09)   Sad, Sick IdiotáAnthony Weiner to Plead Guilty to Sexting 15-Year-Old Girl
19-05-17 (17:09)   Uber Threatens to Dump Engineer Accused of Stealing Trade Secrets From Waymo
19-05-17 (15:23)   The Survivors of the Coming Apocalypse Just Wanna Have Fun
19-05-17 (14:09)   The CIA Runs 'Shark Tank' Competitions Internally For New Tech Ideas
19-05-17 (13:23)   Julian Assange Rape InvestigationáDroppedáby Swedish Prosecutors Over Technicality
19-05-17 (00:09)   The Biggest Android News Came Nearly a Week Before I/O
18-05-17 (23:09)   Here's How Much Bubble Wrap You Need To Wrap A Giant Whale Heart
18-05-17 (22:54)   Will Your Summer Be Uncomfortably Hot?
18-05-17 (22:23)   Uber Doesn't Want You to See This Document About Its Vast Data Surveillance System
18-05-17 (21:54)   The Appalling Cost of Women's Health Care Under the American Health Care Act
18-05-17 (21:40)   Can a Pill Make You More Moral?
18-05-17 (19:40)   The Mad King of Juice: Inside the Dysfunctional Origins of Juicero
18-05-17 (19:23)   Goodbye and Good Riddance to Voat, Reddit's Gross Clone
18-05-17 (19:09)   Which Astronaut Recently Got Fired From NASA for $1,600 in Fake Taxi Receipts?
18-05-17 (18:54)   A New Look at Proxima b's Potential Climate Offers Hope for Future Colonists
18-05-17 (18:23)   Shameless FCC Votes to Charge Ahead on Plan to Kill the Open Internet
18-05-17 (17:09)   Cold War Nuclear Explosions Freakishly Impacted Space Weather
18-05-17 (16:54)   Twitter's Genius Tracking Methods Have Discovered That I Am Deeply Into Dads
18-05-17 (16:09)   AI-Powered Software Makes It Incredibly Easy to Colorize Black and White Photos
18-05-17 (14:09)   All the Crazy Shit We Learned About the Trump Regime While You Were Asleep
18-05-17 (11:40)   Chris Cornell's Last Tweet Shows Just How Surprising His Death Was Last Night at 52
18-05-17 (06:40)   Preschoolers Hospitalized After School Science Experiment Goes Wrong
18-05-17 (05:40)   Companies Are Creating So Much Data, It Has to Be Shipped in Trucks
18-05-17 (02:40)   Top GOP Lawmakers Were Secretly Recorded Saying They Think Putin Pays Trump
17-05-17 (23:40)   This Post About Dog Pee Will Change Your Life
17-05-17 (23:09)   The Best and Worst of Google I/O 2017 (So Far...)
17-05-17 (22:09)   Everything New About Android From Google I/O
17-05-17 (21:23)   Citing Trump Tweet, Senate Panel Demands Any Recordings of Comey in White House
17-05-17 (21:09)   SpaceX to Perform Its Most Heartwarming Mission Yet
17-05-17 (21:09)   Google Photos Provides a Friendly Reminder That Google Owns You
17-05-17 (20:54)   All the Cool New Stuff Google Home Can Do
17-05-17 (20:40)   Google's Plan to Make Assistant Actually Useful
17-05-17 (20:09)   Are Vitamin Supplements Killing Our Gut Bacteria?
17-05-17 (20:09)   Baby Orangutans Rely on Their Mothers' Milk For Almost a Decade
17-05-17 (20:09)   US Senate Can Now Officially Use Signal For Encrypted Chats
17-05-17 (19:09)   Any Half-Decent Hacker Could Break Into Mar-a-Lago. We Tested It.
17-05-17 (18:54)   Google Just Dropped Some of Its Patent Claims Against Uber
17-05-17 (18:23)   China and India Are Surpassing the Climate Goals the US Can't Be Bothered to Meet
17-05-17 (17:40)   How to Watch Trump's Speech Today in the Middle of His Administration's Complete and Total Meltdown, No Cable Required
17-05-17 (17:09)   Adorable Carbon Fiber Rocket Is Finally Ready to Launch
17-05-17 (16:40)   How Much Force Could aáT.Rex Bite Deliver?
17-05-17 (16:40)   A Breakthrough in Flexible Electronics Could Turn Your T-Shirts Into Amazing Speakers
17-05-17 (16:23)   Chelsea Manning Free After Seven Years in Military Prison
17-05-17 (15:54)   Terrifying Looking T.Rex Ants Actually Total Wimps
17-05-17 (15:40)   We Crashed a Few Drones to Find the Best Folding Drone
17-05-17 (14:54)   Putin Offers to Give Congress Transcripts of Russia's Chat With Trump in the Oval Office
17-05-17 (13:40)   What's the Emoji For Treason?
17-05-17 (06:09)   'Molecular Condoms' Could Be the Best Form of Birth Control Yet
17-05-17 (02:40)   Trump's Bodyguard Leaks the Defense Secretary's Phone Number 'the Old-Fashioned Way'
17-05-17 (01:09)   Why This Man Is Risking Jail by Refusing to Surrender Passwords at a London Airport
17-05-17 (01:09)   Here Is the Porn Video That Played in DC's Union Station Last Night [NSFW]
16-05-17 (23:09)   You Will Feel Unclean Watching This Video of Bee Sex
16-05-17 (22:54)   Fly on a Treadmill Uncovers Potential Hearing Aid Problem
16-05-17 (21:40)   World's Worst Website Goes Down (Again)
16-05-17 (21:23)   Adorable Tadpoles Become Hungry Murder Machines When Dad Goes Away
16-05-17 (20:54)   What's Happening With Me
16-05-17 (19:54)   Plants Can Tell Time Way Better Than You Can
16-05-17 (19:23)   Tiny, Incredibly Sad Voice: 'Hey, Instagram Has Selfie Filters, Too!'
16-05-17 (19:23)   Our Grandkids May Be Born From 3D-Printed Ovaries
16-05-17 (18:40)   These Beloved Penguins May Be Doomed
16-05-17 (18:09)   Over 560 Million Passwords Discovered in Anonymous Online Database
16-05-17 (17:54)   Here's How to Watch Today's Press Briefing About Trump's Leaks to the Russians
16-05-17 (17:09)   It Sure Looks Like the FCC's Anti-Net Neutrality Bot Problem Got Worse
16-05-17 (16:09)   The Most Interesting Part of Apple's New $5 Billion Campus Is a Pizza Box
16-05-17 (16:09)   The Intel Trump Reportedly Gave the Russians Was Beyond Top Secret
16-05-17 (07:40)   Watch David Fincher Direct an Animatronic Bishop in Alien 3
16-05-17 (05:23)   Lawsuit: VR Company Had a 'Kink Room,' Pressured Female Employees to 'Microdose'
16-05-17 (02:09)   Report: New Pirates of the Caribbean Being Held for Ransom by Internet Pirates
16-05-17 (00:09)   Concerns Swell That Trump Will Pick a Total Lackey for FBI Director
16-05-17 (00:09)   Scientists Finally Measure the Strength of the Bonds That Hold Together Water
15-05-17 (23:54)   Trump Reportedly Shared Highly Classified Info With Russian Officials at the White House
15-05-17 (23:54)   We All Live On Trash Island
15-05-17 (23:40)   How Does a 110-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Still Have Its Skin?
15-05-17 (22:09)   This Simple Smartphone App May Just Trick People Into Thinking You Don't Suck at Graffiti
15-05-17 (21:09)   Your Umbrella May Be Getting an Upgrade Thanks to Ladybug Wings
15-05-17 (20:40)   What Happened to the Amazing HoloLens Future We Were Promised?
15-05-17 (20:23)   The DystopianáSurveillance State Will Be Extremely Convenientá
15-05-17 (20:23)   A Controversial Ebola Vaccine May Get Its First Real World Test in Congo
15-05-17 (19:09)   Why SpaceX Won't Be Landing Its Rocket Tonight
15-05-17 (17:54)   Google I/O 2017 Is Coming: What to Expect From the Future of Android, Chrome, and More
15-05-17 (16:40)   This Time Lapse Video of the Grand Canyon Will Give You an Existential Crisis
15-05-17 (15:09)   Fidget Spinners Are Good
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