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22-01-18 (16:40)   The Government Shutdown Won't Stop the CDC From Tracking the Flu
22-01-18 (16:40)   Ecuador's President Calls Julian Assange 'More Than a Nuisance' as Country Realizes It's Stuck With Him
22-01-18 (15:40)   The First, Cryptic Teases for the Setting of the Next CloverfieldáMovieá
22-01-18 (15:40)   What to Pack in Your Bag to Work From Anywhere
22-01-18 (15:09)   Watch This Guy Sink a Record-Breaking 660-Foot Basketball Shot From Atop a Waterfall
22-01-18 (14:54)   If You Find Aliens, Who Do You Call?
22-01-18 (02:23)   This Funko Pop Captain America Short is Actually Amazing
21-01-18 (23:23)   South Korean Prosecutors Are Investigating Apple Over the iPhone Throttling Controversy
21-01-18 (22:40)   Wonder Woman 2 Will Be The First Film To Implement The PGA's Anti-Sexual Harassment Guidelines
21-01-18 (21:23)   Trump Administration May Face Lawsuit Over Refusal to Restrict Dangerous PesticideáChlorpyrifos
21-01-18 (19:54)   Brush Up On Thanos's History Before Infinity War With This Video
21-01-18 (18:40)   Amazon's First Automated Brick-and-Mortar Store Opens to the Public on Monday
21-01-18 (17:09)   Looks Like ABC Might Be Quietly Cancelling Inhumans
21-01-18 (01:40)   Stephen King Has A Great Idea For A New TV Series
21-01-18 (00:40)   United Airlines Finds Way to Cut Costs That Doesn't Involve Booting Overbooked Passengers
20-01-18 (23:40)   Google CEO Reaffirms Firing James Damore Was the Way to Go, 'I Don't Regret It'
20-01-18 (23:09)   Here's the Sequel to 'End of Ze World,' the First Viral Video Ever
20-01-18 (22:54)   At Least Part Of The Planned Hasbro Cinematic Universe Isn't Happening
20-01-18 (21:09)   Twitter Alerts Nearly 680,000 Users They May Have Been Duped by Russian Accounts
20-01-18 (19:40)   The Latest Images From Krypton Spotlight The Visual Design of The Doomed Planet
20-01-18 (18:54)   The Controversy Around This YouTuber's Request for a Free Hotel Room Will Make Your Head Hurt
20-01-18 (17:40)   Oh My God, Funko Is Making a Sexy Ian Malcolm Pop
20-01-18 (15:09)   What the Heck Happened to the Cryptocurrency This Week?!
20-01-18 (00:54)   Fed-Up Hospitals Are Starting Their Own Drug Company so They Can Lower Generic Drug Prices
20-01-18 (00:40)   Fool's Gold Suggests Ancient Life in 'Oxygen Oases' Far Before There Was Atmospheric Oxygen
20-01-18 (00:23)   The Consumer DNA Testing Market Is Already Booming, but It's About to Explode
19-01-18 (23:09)   It's Much Easier to Catch the Flu Than We Realized, New Research Finds
19-01-18 (22:54)   I Can't Fucking Believe How Dumb Facebook's News Feed Update Is
19-01-18 (22:54)   MoviePass Risks Pissing Off Theaters With Plan to Acquire Film Rights
19-01-18 (22:09)   Our Universe Could Be Littered With Alien Viruses?and We Should Be Looking for Them
19-01-18 (21:40)   This Picture of Jupiter's Swirly Blue Pole Is Magnificent
19-01-18 (21:09)   SnapchatáThreatens Employees With Jail as Facebook Lets It Starve
19-01-18 (20:54)   NASA Runs Successful First Tests of Compact Nuclear Reactor for Mars Base
19-01-18 (19:54)   Experts Are Pushing Hard to Redefine What It Means to Be Legally Drunk
19-01-18 (19:54)   The Final Trailer for Star Wars: Rebels Is Here, and We Grilled Dave Filoni for Answers
19-01-18 (19:23)   OnePlus Says Hack Exposed Credit Cards of Up to 40,000 Customers
19-01-18 (19:09)   Why 9/11 Truthers Are Obsessed With the Plasco High-Rise Fire in Tehran
19-01-18 (18:54)   Nearly Everyone Backs Microsoft in Landmark Email Privacy Case?Except the DOJ
19-01-18 (18:40)   A Toxic Plant Might Help Us Find a Legit Male Birth Control Drug
19-01-18 (18:40)   Test of Einstein's Theory Confirms the Sun Is Losing Mass
19-01-18 (18:40)   The SEC Wants Answers Before It Approves Cryptocurrency Futures
19-01-18 (18:09)   Delta Is Making Travelers Promise Their Emotional Support Animals Will Behave
19-01-18 (17:54)   The Hidden Beauty of Landscape Photography at the Microscopic Level
19-01-18 (17:40)   FCC Backtracks on Boneheaded Plan to Redefine Broadbandá
19-01-18 (17:09)   This Pic Pretty Much Sums Up the Winter We've Been Having
19-01-18 (16:40)   A Real-Life Spy Movie Flash Drive That Self-Destructs After Uploading Malicious Code
19-01-18 (16:40)   Nope, It Looks Like Zuckerberg Bought No Yacht [Corrected]
19-01-18 (16:23)   Amazon Is Raising Prime Prices Again?But Only for Monthly Subscribers
19-01-18 (16:09)   Astronaut Slated to Be First African-American ISS Crew Member Unexpectedly Grounded
19-01-18 (15:40)   5 Stupid Mistakes to Avoid When Buying New Tech
19-01-18 (00:54)   Saturn's Fascinating Moon Titan Has Yet Another Thing in Common With Earth
19-01-18 (00:40)   A Secret Hacking Group Is Using Android Malware to Spy on Thousands of People in 21 Countries, Research Finds
18-01-18 (23:54)   Apple Health Data Is Being Used in a Murder Trial
18-01-18 (23:09)   We Sued for Roger Ailes' FBI File?Here's What We've Got So Far
18-01-18 (22:40)   No, Facebook Isn't Working on a Feature to Filter Spoilers Out of Your Feed
18-01-18 (22:09)   The 100 Most Important Pop Culture Moments of the Last 10 Years: #21-40
18-01-18 (21:54)   The Internet Has Made Americans More Casual About Religion
18-01-18 (21:23)   The First US Human CRISPR Trials Could Start Any Day Now
18-01-18 (21:23)   Invasive Warrantless Surveillance Bill Heads to White House for Trump's Signature
18-01-18 (20:40)   Sunken Tanker Spawns Four Giant Oil Spills in East China Sea
18-01-18 (20:09)   Should You Sell Your DNA on the Internet?
18-01-18 (19:40)   You Might Want to Turn Off Instagram's New, Humiliating 'Activity Status'
18-01-18 (19:23)   Travis Kalanick Reportedly Squirmed in Shame Like a Sad Tiny Worm Before Ouster From Uber
18-01-18 (18:40)   It's Fatally Windy in Europe Right Now
18-01-18 (18:40)   Intel Claims 90 Percent of Affected CPUs Have Live Patches Just as Rumors of New Attacks Arrive
18-01-18 (18:09)   A Drone Just Saved the Lives of Two Teenage Boys in Australia
18-01-18 (17:54)   Apple Successfully Avoids $50 Billion in American Taxes
18-01-18 (17:40)   After 14 Years, Facebook Appoints First Non-White Board Member
18-01-18 (17:40)   Prominent YouTuber Charged With Felony Involving Explosives
18-01-18 (17:23)   Study With One-Word Abstract Finds Moon Phases Don't Predict Earthquakes
18-01-18 (17:09)   Study Finds Crime-Predicting Algorithm Is No SmarteráThan Online Poll Takers
18-01-18 (16:54)   Understanding How TVs Work Is a Lot Easier When You Watch Them at 380,000 Frames Per Second
18-01-18 (16:54)   Of Course Peter Thiel Is a Green-Skinned Villain in This Board Game Attacking Techno-Libertarianism
18-01-18 (16:23)   Watch Seattle Evolve and Grow in This Epic Three-Year Timelapse Shot From the Space Needle
18-01-18 (16:09)   How to Use Your Smartphone to Diagnose Bad Wi-Fi
18-01-18 (15:40)   Amazon Names 20 Finalist Cities for HQ2 Thunderdome
18-01-18 (15:40)   Tim Cook Promises to Let iPhone Users Turn Off Throttling Soon
18-01-18 (15:23)   Legends of TomorrowáTeases a Familiar Face to Replace Firestorm
18-01-18 (14:54)   Maybe There's Hope for Apple's Hollywood Dreams After All
18-01-18 (14:40)   New AI System Predicts How Long Patients Will Live With Startling Accuracy
18-01-18 (06:09)   Apple, Google Reroute Employee Buses After Series of Alleged Attacks Near San Francisco
18-01-18 (04:54)   Thousands of Rare, First Edition Stephen King Books and Manuscripts Destroyed in Freak Accident
18-01-18 (03:23)   Donald Trump's Fake News Awards Website Looks Like Shit, Immediately Crashed
18-01-18 (01:23)   Batman and Catwoman's Engagement Just Ran Into a Complication and Her Name Is Wonder Woman
18-01-18 (01:09)   How Google Fights Password Thieves
18-01-18 (00:54)   Nintendo's Latest Nostalgia Gimmick Is $70 Pieces of Cardboard and I Think I Hate It
18-01-18 (00:40)   Here's Why 200,000 Saiga Antelope Dropped Dead in Kazakhstan in 2015
17-01-18 (23:54)   Social Media Giants Assure Senators They Totally Have This Terrorism and Propaganda Thing Under Control
17-01-18 (22:54)   How the Gig Economy Exposes Workers to Cybersecurity Risks
17-01-18 (22:23)   I'd Actually Consider Going to a Spin Class If I Could Ride Schwinn's Retro-Styled Exercise Bikes
17-01-18 (22:23)   The Crucial First Step in the Legal Battle to Save Net Neutrality [Updated]
17-01-18 (22:09)   Just Get The Damn Flu Shot
17-01-18 (21:54)   Google Has Made It Simple for Anyone to Tap Into Its Image Recognition AI
17-01-18 (21:40)   Let's Be Very Clear About What Happened to James Damore
17-01-18 (21:09)   Explore 130 Years of National Geographic Covers in Just Two Minutes
17-01-18 (21:09)   Divers in Mexico Have Discovered the World's Largest Flooded Cave
17-01-18 (20:54)   No, Grocery Stores Aren't Locking Up Tide Pods Because of the Teens
17-01-18 (20:09)   How Americans of the 1960s Really Felt About Nuclear Fallout Shelters
17-01-18 (19:23)   Silicon Valley Is Ready to Spend Millions More on Its Anti-Aging Obsession
17-01-18 (18:40)   YouTube Unveils New Monetization Rules Killing Ad Revenue for Small Creatorsá
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