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16-08-18 (12:43)   The Predator director Shane Black reveals how he's making sure the franchise returns to its R-rated roots
16-08-18 (12:12)   This is just too WTF to ignore: Marvel is hiring a butt double for Avengers 4
16-08-18 (12:12)   A cat, a blind girl, and an eccentric composer walk into a steampunk video game...
15-08-18 (23:12)   A mortgage company figured out how much a house in Skyrim, Zelda, and more would cost in real life
15-08-18 (22:29)   Free PS Plus games for August 2018 include Mafia 3 and Dead by Daylight
15-08-18 (22:29)   Cyberpunk 2077 release date plans, in-depth trailer breakdown, E3 demo, and more
15-08-18 (19:29)   Doom Eternal: Release date, gameplay demo, trailer, and all the details from Quakecon 2018
15-08-18 (18:43)   Don't expect Dishonored 3 any time soon - Arkane says the series is "resting" for now
15-08-18 (18:29)   The Nun may tie into The Conjuring in more ways than you expect: "We filmed a few things"
15-08-18 (16:12)   Do I need a VPN for playing games? And what is the best one?
15-08-18 (13:12)   "That's just the dumbest thing ever": Ryan Reynolds reveals the original (rejected) Deadpool 2 pitch ? and it is *weird*
15-08-18 (11:58)   Was the Inception ending real or not? Michael Caine finally has the Nolan-approved answer
15-08-18 (11:58)   The Predator is back in the new issue of SFX magazine - on sale now!
15-08-18 (11:12)   What is the best LG 4K TV for gaming? And should you buy OLED?
14-08-18 (23:29)   Rage 2 has a secret cave that controls time and at least one producer thinks it's "the stupidest thing ever"
14-08-18 (22:12)   Fortnite's rifts may be going away with the close of season 5
14-08-18 (21:43)   Doom Eternal invasions are only the first part of a new and "very Doom" PvP experience
14-08-18 (21:43)   Showcase mode returns to WWE 2K19 with 9 arenas and 11 Daniel Bryan attires
14-08-18 (18:58)   The Predator director Shane Black says "a bit of a midlife crisis" brought him back after 30 years away
14-08-18 (16:12)   If you want peace and quiet, don't play Strange Brigade - because it's chaotic, frenzied, and absolutely unashamed of it
14-08-18 (12:58)   100 signed, limited edition Dark Souls Edge covers on sale this month, with a chance to win the original painting
14-08-18 (12:12)   UPDATE: Those Instagram images from Star Wars 9 cinematographer Dan Mindel aren't what you think...
13-08-18 (22:29)   Elder Scrolls Online's Murkmire DLC is full of danger, puzzles, and... Argonian mating rituals
13-08-18 (21:58)   Assassin's Creed Odyssey's wanted system is enforced by Mordor-style mercenary characters
13-08-18 (18:58)   When does Battle for Azeroth go live? Here's a breakdown by time zone and tips to get started
13-08-18 (18:12)   Where to buy God of War cheap on PS4, and get the Limited Editions...
13-08-18 (17:12)   How to start with board games, tabletop, and card games (and what games are best)
13-08-18 (16:12)   Best Star Wars Lego kit deals (August 2018)
13-08-18 (15:29)   Fortnite leaks: new zipline and trap cage on the way, Tomato Head's return, shrinking rifts and ALL season 5 Battle Pass challenges
13-08-18 (13:58)   Best board games to play in 2018, and where to buy them cheaper
13-08-18 (12:12)   What's new on Netflix this week? (August 13-19)
13-08-18 (11:29)   The best 4K TVs for less than $500
11-08-18 (23:29)   Fallout 76 release date, QuakeCon details, Power Armor Edition, and everything you need to know
11-08-18 (23:12)   Fallout 76 PvP starts "like slapping somebody in a bar" but punishes straight-up murder
11-08-18 (21:12)   Here's how Fallout 76 character creation and customization work
11-08-18 (16:43)   Watch the Fallout 76 panel from QuakeCon here and get ready to talk Perks
11-08-18 (16:43)   "It's ingrained in humanity to be scared" ? How games are challenging the taboos of disability and mental health
11-08-18 (01:58)   Bethesda's Pete Hines will always say "no thank you" to Battle Royale knockoffs
11-08-18 (01:12)   Why the Tanglewood developers are making a game for Sega Genesis in 2018
11-08-18 (00:58)   5 things we learned about Shadow of the Tomb Raider from the official Lara experts
10-08-18 (23:29)   Rage 2 QuakeCon 2018 gameplay , release date, trailer, and more
10-08-18 (23:12)   I love how healing is intentional and dangerous in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
10-08-18 (21:58)   Check out the first Doom Eternal gameplay and don't miss these 5 game-changing details
10-08-18 (18:43)   After two years, is No Man's Sky everything Hello Games originally promised?
10-08-18 (17:43)   The Nintendo Switch Online service is coming in late September, here's what you need to know
10-08-18 (17:12)   Switchblade is the free-to-play, car-combat game you never knew you wanted, from acclaimed developers
10-08-18 (15:29)   An angry, guilty Lara Croft could stop Shadow of the Tomb Raider being just more of the same
10-08-18 (13:58)   Win A Quiet Place on Blu-ray
10-08-18 (11:58)   The new James Bond could very well be Idris Elba, according to reports
09-08-18 (22:58)   Shadow of the Tomb Raider lets you turn off glowing hints for a more immersive experience
09-08-18 (20:58)   Red Dead Redemption 2 - The latest trailer, hunting, horses, outlaw life and everything else you need to know
09-08-18 (19:58)   Xbox Games with Gold for August 2018 will have you racing, battling, and surviving
09-08-18 (19:58)   You can start playing the Fortnite on Android beta - if you've got a Samsung Galaxy and an invite
09-08-18 (19:29)   10 tiny things you missed in the Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay trailer
09-08-18 (18:43)   The best PS4 Pro design yet is coming in late August but there will only be 50,000 of them
09-08-18 (15:29)   Go 100v1 bullet-spewing boss with our Survived By beta key giveaway
09-08-18 (14:12)   Best Fortnite LTMs ranked, from worst to best
09-08-18 (13:12)   How to watch the Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay trailer
09-08-18 (12:58)   Disney is reportedly considering bringing back James Gunn ? but not for Guardians of the Galaxy 3
09-08-18 (12:29)   You can now watch the Deadpool 2 Baby Hitler deleted scene that was originally cut for being too shocking
08-08-18 (23:12)   God of War gets a giant-sized update that includes New Game+ mode
08-08-18 (23:12)   Dead Cells devs on Switch issues: "Just because we're the developers, doesn't mean we're always right"
08-08-18 (22:12)   Madden 19 player ratings: the top five players at every position
08-08-18 (19:58)   5 things to know about the new FIX PUBG initiative
08-08-18 (19:43)   Super Smash Bros Ultimate just had a huge info dump: new characters, stages, and undead (but OK) Luigi
08-08-18 (18:12)   Best Fortnite settings: Get a competitive edge by turning on these hidden options
08-08-18 (17:43)   8 essential Okami tips you need to know before you play
08-08-18 (17:29)   Another Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer is coming, and this time, there's gameplay
08-08-18 (14:58)   Niantic is adding Pokemon Go PvP before 2018's over
08-08-18 (12:29)   Overwatch Summer Games 2018 - Skins, start time, and everything we know
08-08-18 (11:43)   Spider-Man: Far From Home sees the return of Nick Fury and Maria Hill to the MCU big-time
08-08-18 (00:12)   Check out these 5 big changes to Destiny 2 combat (and combat-adjacent) systems coming with Forsaken
07-08-18 (19:12)   All the Fortnite seasons ranked, from worst to best
07-08-18 (19:12)   Why would you lock 999 women and one man underground? The secret history of Fallout's human test vaults
07-08-18 (18:43)   Watch Destiny 2: Forsaken's combat stream here and see the big changes it has for magic space gunfighting
07-08-18 (16:43)   "What on earth were they thinking?" - The reception to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's first beta wasn't... great
07-08-18 (15:29)   Every game with PS4 Pro support: resolution, FPS, HDR, enhancements and more (updated August 2018)
07-08-18 (12:58)   Master Chief will be a "lead character" in the Halo TV show ? just don't expect a retread of the games
07-08-18 (12:43)   There's an incredible Captain Marvel Easter egg in Avengers: Infinity War that could have far-reaching consequences for the MCU
06-08-18 (23:43)   The Fallout 76 beta will be the full game and let you transfer your progress, according to Bethesda's plans
06-08-18 (22:12)   Watch the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct here on Wednesday and hope for your fave character reveal
06-08-18 (22:12)   The great NES vs N-E-S debate rages on thanks to a tiny detail in WarioWare Gold
06-08-18 (19:58)   How to get the Red Dead Redemption 2 stone hatchet and $250,000 of GTA Online cash
06-08-18 (18:29)   Dark Souls modded to be extra bright and colorful is almost like a different game
06-08-18 (18:29)   Spider-Man PS4: Gameplay, new villains, fresh story details, special edition console, and everything else you need to know
06-08-18 (18:12)   Grab a SNES edition New 3DS XL for 25% off ($149) before this Amazon deal ends
06-08-18 (17:29)   The Fortnite Birthday celebration ends Tuesday, get in and complete your challenges now
06-08-18 (13:12)   8 essential Madden 19 tips to know before you play
06-08-18 (12:58)   The Walking Dead's Negan is the latest Tekken 7 DLC character because 2018 can't get any weirder, right?
06-08-18 (12:12)   Divinity: Original Sin 2 is redefining the Definitive Edition with its transition to PS4 and Xbox One
06-08-18 (11:43)   The best, biggest, and most affordable PS4 headsets for August 2018
06-08-18 (11:12)   The best Elgato game capture deals (August 2018)
06-08-18 (09:29)   How to download and play the PES 2019 demo on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam
05-08-18 (00:43)   FIFA 19 Ultimate Team gets 10 new Icons and Division Rivals mode
04-08-18 (02:12)   The best Xbox One bundle deals (August 2018)
03-08-18 (22:29)   We broke down 20 ads from this one Cyberpunk 2077 screenshot to learn more about the world
03-08-18 (20:29)   Bungie says Destiny 2 fans have spent 25 years deleting ugly shaders, and teases a very important update
03-08-18 (18:43)   The Batman director Matt Reeves says it may finally start filming in early 2019
03-08-18 (18:29)   Resident Evil 8 is real, and plans are "already in motion" at Capcom: Here's what we know so far
03-08-18 (16:12)   Win 1 of 5 Blu-rays of The Death of Superman
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