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24-04-18 (06:12)   VENOM Bares His Monstrous Grin In A Brand New Trailer And Poster For The Sony Spinoff
24-04-18 (05:12)   Kevin Feige On Being Referenced In DEADPOOL & Whether The Merc Might Eventually Make His Way Into The MCU
24-04-18 (05:12)   AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Interview Sees Tom Holland Nearly Spoil Marvel's Plans For Miles Morales
24-04-18 (04:58)   VENOM: The Full CinemaCon Trailer For Sony's Upcoming SPIDER-MAN Spinoff Has Now Leaked Online
24-04-18 (04:27)   The Merc With A Mouth's Special Friend Makes An Appearance On This Adorable New DEADPOOL 2 IMAX Poster
24-04-18 (03:41)   New Posters For ANT-MAN & THE WASP, TEEN TITANS GO! TO THE MOVIES, BUMBLEBEE And More Revealed
24-04-18 (02:41)   AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR - Come Watch The Epic Red Carpet World Premiere LIVE Right Now
24-04-18 (00:12)   VENOM CinemaCon Footage Leaks Online - Get Your First look At Tom Hardy In The Monstrous Symbiote Suit!
23-04-18 (22:41)   New SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Character Posters Feature Dryden Vos, Rio Durant, Val, L3-37 And More
23-04-18 (22:12)   Official AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Infinity Stones Primer Reveals New Intel On What Thanos Can Do With Them
23-04-18 (21:58)   Kevin Feige Acknowledges Complications Surrounding The Rights To NAMOR THE SUB-MARINER
23-04-18 (21:27)   Kevin Feige Points To The Villain In SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING 2 Being Tied To Those Overseas Locations
23-04-18 (21:12)   BLACK WIDOW Solo Movie Will Reportedly Be A Prequel; May Feature An Appearance From The Winter Soldier
23-04-18 (20:58)   AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Star Chris Evans Now Seems A Little More Optimistic About His Captain America Future
23-04-18 (20:27)   Marvel Studios Tackling The Horror Genre Is A Possibility According To Studio Head Kevin Feige
23-04-18 (20:27)   AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Co-Writer On Injecting Humor Around Thanos' Imminent Threat
23-04-18 (20:12)   Bad News: The FANTASTIC FOUR And X-MEN May Not Arrive In The Marvel Cinematic Universe Until Phase 5
23-04-18 (20:12)   Sony Pictures Reveals The First Details For THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 And Confirms The Sequel's Voice Cast
23-04-18 (19:58)   AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Writer Christopher Markus Doesn't Want To See Bucky Barnes Become Captain America
23-04-18 (19:58)   Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Reveals When Marvel's Phase 4 Slate Will Be Announced
23-04-18 (19:41)   Kevin Feige Confirms That ETERNALS Is In Development And The Lead Character May Have Been Revealed
23-04-18 (19:12)   Star-Lord Actor Chris Pratt Weighs In On Groot's Death In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY
23-04-18 (19:12)   Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Reveals When Marvel's Phase 4 Slate Will Be Revealed
23-04-18 (19:12)   The Russo Brothers Aren't Done Directing MCU Movies After AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR And AVENGERS 4
23-04-18 (19:12)   Filmmaker Neill Blomkamp Says He Has Unfortunately Moved On From Possibly Directing An ALIEN Movie
23-04-18 (18:41)   Sreenwriters Christopher Markus And Stephen McFeely Describe AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR As A Thanos Biopic
23-04-18 (18:12)   AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR - Bruce Banner Meets Black Panther In This Funny New Clip From The Marvel Epic
23-04-18 (17:12)   Here's How The X-MEN And FANTASTIC FOUR Could Be Introduced In The Marvel Cinematic Universe
23-04-18 (17:12)   SPOILERS: AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Writers Reveal Whether Or Not We'll See Death In The Movie
23-04-18 (16:41)   DEADPOOL 2: Domino Proves That Being Lucky Is A Superpower In This New TV Spot & Character Poster
23-04-18 (15:58)   MOON KNIGHT Is Another Character Kevin Feige Believes Has A Future In The Marvel Cinematic Universe
23-04-18 (15:41)   Why Ricardo Diaz Does Not Work For ARROW Season Six!
23-04-18 (15:27)   With The Premiere Hours Away, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Directors Remind Us #ThanosDemandsYourSilence
23-04-18 (14:58)   INFINITY WAR Actor Mark Ruffalo Says That Hulk's First Encounter With Thanos Will Have Major Ramifications
23-04-18 (14:58)   SHAZAM! Reportedly Adds Meagan Good And Michelle Borth As More Superhero Members Of The Shazam Family
23-04-18 (13:41)   Kevin Feige Addresses The Place Of The X-MEN In The MCU But Says Marvel Isn't (Currently) Working On It
23-04-18 (12:27)   Chris Evans Previews A "Dangerous" Captain America In AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR
23-04-18 (11:41)   Kevin Feige Says NOVA Has "Immediate Potential" At Marvel Studios And Addresses What Comes Next
23-04-18 (11:41)   Kevin Feige Explains Why Hawkeye's Absence From AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR's Marketing Is A Good Thing
23-04-18 (11:12)   Leaked AQUAMAN Funko Pop Listing May Reveal A Potential [SPOILER] For One Character
23-04-18 (10:58)   Will Clark Gregg's Agent Coulson Make A Surprise Appearance In AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR?
23-04-18 (10:12)   AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Writers Explain Why Thanos' Motivation Is Different From His Comic Book Counterpart
23-04-18 (09:58)   Marvel's Chadwick Boseman Reminds Fans AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Is Not "BLACK PANTHER 1.5"
23-04-18 (09:58)   AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Writers Explain Why Thanos' Motivation Is Different From The Comics
23-04-18 (08:41)   AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Writers Explain Why They Changed Thanos' Motivation From The Comics
23-04-18 (06:58)   James Cameron States GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Is "Irresponsible Science-Fiction"
23-04-18 (06:12)   WESTWORLD: Come Check Out The Promo For Season 2, Episode 2: "Reunion"
23-04-18 (05:12)   SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Wraps Post-Production With A Special Message From Director Ron Howard
23-04-18 (04:41)   AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR TV Spots Are Now Beginning To Take Us Into SPOILER Territory
23-04-18 (04:12)   AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Stars Elizabeth Olsen & Danai Gurira On The All-Female Team-Up Movie Rumours
23-04-18 (03:27)   AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Star Chris Pratt Assures Fans That The Film Will Live Up To Their Expectations
23-04-18 (03:12)   AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Star Chris Pratt Ensures Fans That The Film Will Live Up To Their Expectations
23-04-18 (03:12)   Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige Responds To AVATAR Director James Cameron's AVENGERS Fatigue Comments
23-04-18 (02:27)   Not Even The Stars Of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Knew Baby Groot & Original Groot Weren't One And The Same
23-04-18 (02:12)   Not Even GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY's Stars Were Aware That Baby Groot & Original Groot Weren't One And The Same
23-04-18 (01:41)   Don't Expect That AVENGERS 4 Title Reveal At SDCC - It Looks Like Marvel Studios Is Skipping Hall H This Year
23-04-18 (01:12)   AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Directors Officially Reveal The Identity Of The Actor Who Plays Corvus Glaive
22-04-18 (23:12)   New ANT-MAN AND THE WASP Promo Art Seemingly Gives Us A First Glimpse Of The Ghost's Powers In Action
22-04-18 (21:41)   Kevin Feige Confirms SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Sequel Will Be A Global Movie Set Primarily Outside Of NYC
22-04-18 (20:41)   Almost All Test Audiences Reportedly Hate The Current Ending To Blumhouse's Upcoming HALLOWEEN Sequel
22-04-18 (20:27)   MINOR SPOILERS: Almost All Test Audiences Hate The Current Ending To Blumhouse's Upcoming HALLOWEEN Sequel
22-04-18 (20:12)   SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING's Tom Holland Reveals Whether Marvel Has Considered Spider-Man's Black Suit
22-04-18 (19:41)   Awesome New AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR TV Spots Remind Us We Have Only 5 More Days To Wait
22-04-18 (19:27)   Zack Snyder Originally Envisioned MAN OF STEEL As "Chapter One" Of A Five-Part Story
22-04-18 (18:12)   AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR: Take A Closer Look At The Iron Spider's Suit And Pincers With More Hot Toys Images
22-04-18 (17:41)   Have RIVERDALE Actor Ross Butler And GI JOE: RISE OF COBRA's DJ Cotrona Been Added To The SHAZAM! Family?
22-04-18 (16:41)   SMALL PRINT: Mark Hamill EPISODE IX Appearance Unlikely; BLACK PANTHER Box Office Update & Much More
22-04-18 (15:27)   THOR: RAGNAROK Star Tom Hiddleston Names BLACK PANTHER's Erik Killmonger As His Favorite MCU Villain
22-04-18 (15:27)   New STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Season 2 Updates; Casting News, Character Breakdowns And More
22-04-18 (15:12)   You Won't Laugh At Taserface After Checking Out These Scary GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 Designs
22-04-18 (14:58)   STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Season 2 Updates; Casting, Character Breakdowns And More
22-04-18 (14:12)   AVATAR Director James Cameron Comments On How THE TERMINATOR Reboot Will Differ From The Original
22-04-18 (13:58)   AVATAR Director James Cameron On How THE TERMINATOR Reboot Will Differ From The Original
22-04-18 (10:27)   Tom Hardy Confirms That A New VENOM Trailer Will Be Shown At Sony's CinemaCon Panel
22-04-18 (10:12)   AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Director Says SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING's "8 Years Later" Time Jump Was Incorrect
22-04-18 (06:41)   Director James Cameron Hopes Audiences Will Get "Avenger Fatigue"; Compares AVATAR Sequels To THE GODFATHER
22-04-18 (05:12)   JESSICA JONES Star David Tennant Was In Talks To Play The Lead Role In NBC's HANNIBAL
22-04-18 (04:58)   Star Of The Scrapped JUSTICE LEAGUE: MORTAL Film Adam Brody Has Reportedly Joined The Cast Of SHAZAM
22-04-18 (03:41)   STRANGER THINGS Season 3 Will Start Filming On Monday; Season 4 Will "Definitely" Happen According To Producer
22-04-18 (01:12)   HALLOWEEN Star Jamie Lee Curtis On The Film's First Trailer; John Carpenter Confirmed To Score
22-04-18 (01:12)   INFINITY WAR Star Pom Klementieff Believes Marvel Is Developing A BLACK WIDOW Film & A Female Team-Up Movie
21-04-18 (21:58)   SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Bios Reveal Some Surprising New Details About The Heroes And Villains
21-04-18 (21:12)   REPORT: Comcast Bid 16 Percent More Than Disney For Purchase Of 21st Century Fox
21-04-18 (21:12)   Officially Released ANT-MAN AND THE WASP Funko Pops May Reveal How The Ghost's Powers Are Portrayed
21-04-18 (20:41)   Watch The First Two Minutes Of BATMAN NINJA Ahead Of Its Digital Release This Week
21-04-18 (20:41)   GOTHAM: Here's An Official Closer Look At Cameron Monaghan's Version Of The Joker
21-04-18 (20:12)   Superhero Stars Gal Gadot and Chadwick Boseman Make The 2018 TIME 100 List Of Influential People
21-04-18 (20:12)   GOTHAM: An Official Close Up Look On Cameron Monaghan's Joker
21-04-18 (19:41)   Spider-Man Meets Star-Lord In Another Action-Packed AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR TV Spot
21-04-18 (18:27)   AGENTS OF SHIELD Star Ming-Na Wen To Cameo As Phyla-Vell In Marvel's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Animated Series
21-04-18 (18:12)   STAR WARS: EPISODE IX Could Introduce A Major Expanded Universe Character - Possible SPOILERS Ahead
21-04-18 (17:58)   It's Black Widow Vs. Corvus Glaive In This Extended Clip From AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR
21-04-18 (15:41)   The Vulture Looks Even More Terrifying (And Bald) In Newly Surfaced SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Concept Art
21-04-18 (10:12)   Watch AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR's Anthony Mackie Dodge A Question About Falcon Becoming Captain America
21-04-18 (09:58)   This Theater's AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Standee Is A Hilariously Epic Fail
21-04-18 (07:41)   UNBOXING: Sideshow Collectibles' GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Angela Premium Format Figure!
21-04-18 (07:27)   Have The AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Directors Confirmed Ryan Coogler's Return For The BLACK PANTHER Sequel?
21-04-18 (06:12)   ASH VS EVIL DEAD Officially Canceled By Starz After Three Crazy Blood Spattered Seasons
21-04-18 (05:12)   Bruce Banner Warns Tony Stark About The Threat Of Thanos In The Latest AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Clip
21-04-18 (04:27)   AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.: Prepare For Annihilation In New Promo & Photos For Season 5, Episode 19: "Option Two"
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