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20-07-18 (03:19)   Wemo Mini Smart Plug now compatible with Apple HomeKit -- no bridge needed!
20-07-18 (02:34)   Sony unveils Limited Edition Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Pro Bundle
19-07-18 (20:34)   Save $150 on the Enclave Cinehome HD 5.1 Wire Free Home Theater System
19-07-18 (17:19)   SUSE launches new enterprise Linux to help the move to software-defined infrastructure
19-07-18 (16:05)   China, Russia and North Korea behind espionage-focused cyberattacks
18-07-18 (22:34)   New survey conveys the challenges of the Windows 10 migration
18-07-18 (22:19)   Traditional identity systems are the new battleship row
18-07-18 (20:19)   Kensington builds a better Surface Pro Dock than Microsoft
18-07-18 (17:19)   Get Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 FREE for 6 months
18-07-18 (16:19)   Half of retailers experience security breaches in the past year
18-07-18 (15:48)   BetterCloud adds activity-based alerts to boost G Suite security
18-07-18 (15:48)   Bitdefender 2019 security line promises to stop 'most-sophisticated attacks'
18-07-18 (15:19)   If you want to get verified on Twitter, you'll have to wait until after the US mid-terms
18-07-18 (15:19)   Ookla: T-Mobile is fastest mobile internet carrier in USA, Minneapolis is speediest city
18-07-18 (15:05)   Credential stuffing costs businesses over $5 billion a year
18-07-18 (14:19)   EU hits Google with record ?4.34bn fine for 'very serious illegal behaviour' in Android antitrust case
18-07-18 (13:48)   How to download offline copies of Windows 10 apps from the Microsoft Store
18-07-18 (02:48)   System76 Linux computer maker offers a sneak peek into its new manufacturing facility
17-07-18 (20:34)   Philips Momentum 43-inch 4K HDR1000-certified Quantum Dot Monitor finally available for purchase
17-07-18 (17:05)   Microsoft overtakes Facebook as the #1 spoofed brand
17-07-18 (16:34)   Poor infrastructure monitoring leads to outages, slowdowns and missed targets
17-07-18 (15:34)   Data lakes improve business decision making
17-07-18 (15:05)   Samsung unveils world's first 10nm-class 8gb LPDDR5 DRAM
17-07-18 (14:05)   Microsoft is killing off Skype classic and bringing call recording to Skype 8.0
17-07-18 (13:34)   New solution offers network intrusion detection for containers
17-07-18 (13:34)   Instapaper is gaining independence
17-07-18 (13:05)   Panos Panay: Microsoft is not working on a Surface Phone
17-07-18 (12:48)   Microsoft joins forces with Walmart to take on Amazon with cloud technology
17-07-18 (12:34)   McAfee launches new enterprise security portfolio
17-07-18 (12:19)   Apple announces 70 new emojis coming to iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 Mojave
17-07-18 (11:19)   How to cut the cable yet stay within your bandwidth cap
16-07-18 (20:48)   This is how prioritization can save us from the shortage of cybersecurity professionals
16-07-18 (18:48)   How to install Microsoft Windows Essentials tools -- including Movie Maker -- on Windows 10
16-07-18 (16:48)   Roku TV Wireless Speakers are both intriguing and concerning
16-07-18 (15:19)   Make Windows 10's Timeline feature actually useful by adding support for Chrome and Firefox
16-07-18 (14:34)   Make Windows 10's Timeline feature actually useful by adding support for Chrome
16-07-18 (07:34)   US lifts ZTE supplier ban, sending shares soaring
15-07-18 (12:34)   Apple's big 2018 MacBook Pro keyboard cover-up
15-07-18 (11:48)   YouTube launches Copyright Match tool to fight content stealing and duplication
15-07-18 (11:05)   Adobe is working on Photoshop for iPad
14-07-18 (21:05)   Debian 'Stretch' 9.5 Linux distribution available for download
14-07-18 (09:48)   Microsoft calls for government regulation of facial recognition because of 'potential for abuse'
14-07-18 (09:05)   The iPhone 6 is Apple's most problematic handset -- over a fifth suffer some form of failure
13-07-18 (15:34)   EdgeDeflector for Windows 10 forces all links to open in the default browser, not Microsoft Edge
13-07-18 (15:05)   Get $50 off Acer Alexa-enabled Windows 10 laptops on Amazon, plus a free Echo Dot
13-07-18 (10:05)   Apple offers free Beats and big discounts in its Back to School promotion
13-07-18 (09:05)   A new free version of Microsoft Teams is ready to compete with Slack
13-07-18 (02:34)   YouTube TV offers heartfelt apology for World Cup outage, promises free week of service
12-07-18 (21:19)   Malwarebytes arrives on iOS to keep your iPhone safe from snoopers and scammers
12-07-18 (21:19)   Smartphone apps may be secretly screenshotting you
12-07-18 (20:48)   Apple releases elegant and pricey Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro
12-07-18 (19:19)   Introducing TagHelpers in ASP.NET Core
12-07-18 (19:05)   Apple starts selling exclusive Blackmagic eGPU to boost MacBook Pro performance
12-07-18 (16:19)   Cylance unveils Smart Antivirus for consumers
12-07-18 (15:48)   AI solution delivers accurate voice authentication
12-07-18 (15:34)   Apple updates MacBook Pro to deliver faster performance and new pro features
12-07-18 (15:05)   Business priorities lead to multi-cloud strategies
12-07-18 (15:05)   Aquantia launches AQtion AQN-107 'Gamer Edition' 10G PCIe NIC for Windows 10 and Linux
12-07-18 (14:48)   Chrome's RAM usage is higher than ever as Google introduces Site Isolation to fight Spectre
12-07-18 (12:34)   New Spectre 1.1 and Spectre 1.2 CPU vulnerabilities exposed
12-07-18 (11:48)   Canonical releases Minimal Ubuntu for servers, containers and the cloud
12-07-18 (10:34)   Your Twitter follower count is about to drop as part of a clean-up operation
12-07-18 (09:34)   Timehop admits its security breach was worse than first thought
12-07-18 (09:05)   Canonical releases Ubuntu Minimal for servers, containers and the cloud
12-07-18 (03:05)   Official Microsoft Surface Go USB-C dongles are very expensive, and you shouldn't buy them
11-07-18 (23:34)   Microsoft releases Windows 10 Redstone 5 Build 17713, adds Fast Sign-in and Notepad improvements
11-07-18 (20:05)   You can already save $50 on Microsoft Surface Go
11-07-18 (18:05)   Arch Linux AUR packages found to be laced with malware
11-07-18 (17:19)   Classic Shell returns as Classic Start -- giving Windows 10 users a proper Start menu
11-07-18 (16:34)   Leaked: The P in Android P stands for...
11-07-18 (16:05)   New solution provides adaptive authentication for Windows and Mac
11-07-18 (15:34)   80 percent of IT decision makers say outdated tech is holding them back
11-07-18 (14:48)   Microsoft announces 'Sport White Special Edition' Xbox One Wireless Controller
11-07-18 (13:19)   Paragon Backup & Recovery Free 17 unleashed, now supports differential and incremental backups
11-07-18 (13:05)   Live in the UK and need some local help? Try reaching out using Pinga
11-07-18 (12:48)   Malware infections drop during World Cup matches -- Result!
11-07-18 (12:19)   Cybersecurity: It's about time
11-07-18 (11:48)   Football is not only 'coming home' -- it's coming to the office too
10-07-18 (22:48)   From discrimination to invasions of privacy: The dangers of social media background checks
10-07-18 (20:48)   New Kodi tool lets you configure new devices and download add-ons directly from developers on the fly
10-07-18 (20:34)   Canonical releases new infographic to show how Ubuntu Linux 'connects everything'
10-07-18 (19:05)   Hide your viewing and search history with YouTube Incognito Mode
10-07-18 (18:34)   Apple releases iOS 11.4.1 with passcode cracking blocker -- that can be easily bypassed with an accessory it sells
10-07-18 (17:19)   Microsoft Surface Go now available to pre-order
10-07-18 (17:05)   100 percent of corporate networks vulnerable to insider attacks
10-07-18 (16:48)   Google Pay gains support for tickets and boarding cards, friend and family payments, and a web app
10-07-18 (15:05)   Shutterstock celebrates 15th birthday by sharing posters of important events -- iPhone, Facebook, Pokémon Go, and more
10-07-18 (13:48)   How much does Google know about you?
10-07-18 (12:48)   Two out of three IT pros don't comply with all data laws
10-07-18 (03:19)   This is Microsoft Surface Go
09-07-18 (21:05)   Microsoft hints new Surface will be announced tomorrow -- is it Andromeda?
09-07-18 (20:48)   StarTech releases UVCHDCAP HDMI to USB-C Video Capture Device for Windows, Mac, and Linux
09-07-18 (15:34)   Samsung opens the world's largest mobile factory in India
09-07-18 (15:05)   GNOME Foundation using anonymous donation to hire four additional employees
09-07-18 (11:34)   Fitness app Polar Flow exposed names and locations of thousands of military, NSA and FBI staff
09-07-18 (09:48)   Hacked: Timehop database breach exposed details of 21 million users
08-07-18 (10:05)   Seagate launches low-cost, consumer-grade BarraCuda SSD
07-07-18 (22:05)   GIMP 2.10.4 adds Simple Horizon Straightening tool, improves font-loading process at startup
07-07-18 (16:05)   Twitter is suspending more suspicious accounts than ever -- over 70 million in the last two months
07-07-18 (09:48)   People really want Microsoft to launch a Surface Phone
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