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21-11-17 (22:01)   FCC will also order states to scrap plans for their own net neutrality laws
21-11-17 (21:18)   Chinese students claim they worked illegal overtime making the iPhone X
21-11-17 (20:47)   Dealmaster: Get a PlayStation 4 for $200 and other early Black Friday deals
21-11-17 (20:32)   With today's launch of the OnePlus 5T, the OnePlus 5 is dead
21-11-17 (19:32)   Colorado fines Uber $8.9M for allowing dozens of unauthorized drivers
21-11-17 (19:32)   New Windows search interface borrows heavily from macOS
21-11-17 (17:32)   RIP net neutrality: FCC chair releases plan to deregulate ISPs
21-11-17 (16:47)   New hardware lets any computer run an interactive, 3D interface
21-11-17 (16:47)   There's no good reason for the new PlayStation VR headset to exist
21-11-17 (15:47)   Skype is the latest messaging app to disappear from Chinese app stores
21-11-17 (15:18)   A new law gives Air Force some wiggle room in picking its new rockets
21-11-17 (13:18)   Aston Martin reveals its all-new Vantage, a 503hp V8 sports car
21-11-17 (10:18)   Apple formally asked to release Texas shooter's iCloud data
21-11-17 (01:18)   If you liked the Cambrian Explosion, you'll love the Ordovician Radiation
21-11-17 (00:01)   Trump administration files suit to block AT&T/Time Warner merger
20-11-17 (23:01)   No, you're not being paranoid. Sites really are watching your every move
20-11-17 (22:01)   "You feel really stupid and you hope the CGI team makes you look good"
20-11-17 (21:18)   First-known interstellar visitor is a bizarre, cigar-shaped asteroid
20-11-17 (21:18)   US Navy sends underwater robots to assist in search for Argentine sub [Updated]
20-11-17 (20:18)   The dream of the '90s is alive in this Windows 95 screensaver indie game
20-11-17 (19:47)   Nebraska approves controversial Keystone XL pipeline with conditions
20-11-17 (19:01)   Did Disney push for EA's Battlefront microtransaction decision?
20-11-17 (18:32)   Verizon may sign new deal with NFL to expand game streaming rights
20-11-17 (18:32)   Amid soaring drug prices, FDA reverses stance and cracks down on cheap imports
20-11-17 (17:32)   Uber is taking a big risk by ordering 24,000 cars from Volvo
20-11-17 (17:01)   Come February, Amex users won't be able to pay with a Jawbone Up4
20-11-17 (16:18)   Exoskeletons won't turn assembly line workers into Iron Man
20-11-17 (15:47)   America's oldest rocket just made its penultimate flight
20-11-17 (15:47)   Marvell Technology to buy chipmaker Cavium for about $6 billion
20-11-17 (15:18)   OnePlus 5T review?An outstanding combination of specs, design, and price
20-11-17 (14:47)   Delhi smog levels drop from severe to very poor?you know, half-marathon weather
20-11-17 (12:18)   Pixel Buds review: OK Google, go back to the earbud drawing board
19-11-17 (22:18)   Archaeologists find mysterious, 4,000-year-old dog sacrifices in Russia
19-11-17 (19:32)   Infosec star accused of sexual assault booted from professional affiliations
19-11-17 (17:32)   Dealmaster: The Black Friday tech deals that might actually be worth buying [Updated]
19-11-17 (17:18)   Some Instacart workers to strike over pay that can be as low as $1 per hour
19-11-17 (16:18)   What I learned visiting my first live eSports tournament
19-11-17 (16:01)   The world of Skyrim is thrilling and flawed in VR [Updated]
19-11-17 (14:47)   How an unpaid UK researcher saved the Japanese seaweed industry
18-11-17 (14:18)   Pandemic Legacy: Season 2?The world's "best board game" gets better
18-11-17 (13:47)   Pentagon contractor leaves social media spy archive wide open on Amazon
18-11-17 (12:47)   Iconic hacker booted from conferences after sexual misconduct claims surface
18-11-17 (02:01)   How to fix a program without the source code? Patch the binary directly
18-11-17 (00:32)   Weekend code warriors prepare to clash in Codewarz
17-11-17 (22:01)   Hairy situation: DC's rail system may be taken down by human shedding
17-11-17 (21:32)   New Tesla Roadster sounds impressive, but it's not the only game in town
17-11-17 (21:18)   First-ever marijuana overdose death? Let's review what "potential link" means
17-11-17 (21:01)   Argentine Navy diesel sub disappears, NASA plane joins in search
17-11-17 (20:47)   Tax bill that passed the House would cripple training of scientists
17-11-17 (19:47)   Man gets threats?not bug bounty?after finding DJI customer data in public view
17-11-17 (19:18)   Apple's HomePod speaker isn't coming out this year
17-11-17 (19:18)   Bitcoin is hitting new highs?here's why it might not be a bubble
17-11-17 (19:18)   Star Wars: Battlefront II review: Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope [Updated]
17-11-17 (18:32)   Robocalls from spoofed Caller IDs may soon be blocked by phone companies
17-11-17 (17:18)   Swiss lab develops genetic tool kit to turn any cell into a tumor killer
17-11-17 (15:47)   Apple reportedly working with Intel to put 5G modem in future iPhones
17-11-17 (15:32)   Converting natural gas to hydrogen without any carbon emissions
17-11-17 (15:01)   Tesla promises a new wicked-fast $200,000 Roadster
17-11-17 (14:18)   Justice League review: Who will avenge these shortchanged heroes?
17-11-17 (11:18)   If NYPD cops want to snoop on your phone, they need a warrant, judge rules
17-11-17 (05:47)   A first look at Tesla's promised electric semi
17-11-17 (04:01)   After fan outcry, EA kicks real-money purchases out of Battlefront II
17-11-17 (02:18)   Apple's iOS 11.1.2 fixes the cold weather input bug on the iPhone X
17-11-17 (01:18)   Comcast wants to get bigger, again, has begun talks with 21st Century Fox
17-11-17 (00:32)   Microsoft and GitHub team up to take Git virtual file system to macOS, Linux
16-11-17 (23:47)   Google Maps adds color to help you hone in on points of interest
16-11-17 (23:18)   New "Quad9" DNS service blocks malicious domains for everyone
16-11-17 (22:47)   Tezos, a cryptocurrency that raised $232 million in July, is in crisis
16-11-17 (22:32)   New Deadpool 2 trailer is delightfully insane and contains zero spoilers
16-11-17 (22:01)   Sorry, poor people: The FCC is coming after your broadband plans
16-11-17 (21:32)   Senator urges ad blocking by feds as possible remedy to malvertising scourge
16-11-17 (20:47)   Surface Book 2 review: Monster performance, but lightning hasn't struck twice
16-11-17 (20:47)   Amazon Key flaw makes entering your home undetected a possibility
16-11-17 (20:18)   What is Zuma? Mystery surrounds the payload SpaceX is launching [Updated]
16-11-17 (19:18)   OnePlus 5T hands-on?OnePlus offers $800 design at a $499 price
16-11-17 (18:18)   Dallara will build its first road car?and we want one!
16-11-17 (17:32)   Oracle rushes out 5 patches for huge vulnerabilities in PeopleSoft app server
16-11-17 (16:32)   All signs point to December vote to kill net neutrality rules, reports say
16-11-17 (16:18)   Volkswagen wants to sell 1.5 million electric vehicles a year in China by 2025
16-11-17 (16:01)   Devs promise to change Battlefront II until players are happy
16-11-17 (15:18)   What's worse? Doctors who believe homeopathy or just use it for placebo effect
16-11-17 (15:18)   Feds indict AlphaBay's alleged PR man
16-11-17 (11:18)   Kaspersky: Yes, we obtained NSA secrets. No, we didn't help steal them
16-11-17 (01:01)   Twitter: Our blue check marks aren't just about "verification"
15-11-17 (22:47)   Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are the near-instant remakes we deserve
15-11-17 (21:47)   Lunera turns lights into an "ambient cloud" of distributed Linux servers
15-11-17 (21:18)   Google Fiber now sells $55-per-month gigabit Internet (in one city)
15-11-17 (19:47)   MariaDB coming to Azure as Microsoft joins the MariaDB Foundation
15-11-17 (19:32)   To think critically, you have to be both analytical and motivated
15-11-17 (19:32)   Pressure grows on FCC to kill state consumer protection laws
15-11-17 (19:18)   Amazon launches Alexa, Echo, and Prime Music in Canada today
15-11-17 (19:01)   Dream Chaser flight test update: The video is pretty awesome
15-11-17 (18:47)   With so much behind-the-scenes Samsung drama, NBC may make a TV series
15-11-17 (18:32)   Russian military cites game screenshot as "evidence" of US ISIS support
15-11-17 (17:32)   The Internet's favorite car of 2018 is the Kia Stinger GT, and it's good
15-11-17 (16:18)   Visual Studio Live Share gives you pair programming without the shared keyboards
15-11-17 (16:01)   Tesla disputes charges it turned a blind eye to racism at its factory [Updated]
15-11-17 (16:01)   Astronomers find an Earth-size world just 11 light years away
15-11-17 (13:47)   LG V30 review: Good hardware design marred by bad camera, software
15-11-17 (02:01)   Deep breath: Hyperloop-related Arrivo chooses Denver, but tickets to ride far off
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