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22-09-17 (23:47)   Shareholders force Zuckerberg to give up plan for non-voting shares
22-09-17 (22:47)   In spectacular fail, Adobe security team posts private PGP key on blog
22-09-17 (22:18)   7Up gets a new ingredient in Mexico?meth
22-09-17 (21:01)   iFixit's iPhone 8 teardown finds a smaller battery and lots of glue
22-09-17 (20:18)   Possible good news about climate change leads to confused coverage
22-09-17 (20:01)   Solar panel maker wins trade commission finding, tariff decision to go to Trump
22-09-17 (19:18)   Verizon backtracks?but only slightly?in plan to kick customers off network
22-09-17 (19:01)   FTC serves health-app maker massive slice of humble pie?and $1.5M bill
22-09-17 (18:01)   VW's California XXL, an amazing camper van that needs to come to the US
22-09-17 (17:01)   Liveblog: Satya Nadella lays out Microsoft's vision at Ignite
22-09-17 (16:47)   Fitbit Ionic review: Meet the $300 fitness-focused smartwatch
22-09-17 (16:47)   Report: T-Mobile, Sprint finally figuring out this merger thing
22-09-17 (16:18)   4K titles on iTunes can only be streamed, not downloaded
22-09-17 (15:01)   London regulator announces Uber ban
22-09-17 (14:18)   Machine-learning cloud platforms get to work
22-09-17 (13:18)   Friend Request film review: Another Facebook horror film? Yes?and it's solid
22-09-17 (11:18)   Another court tells police: Want to use a stingray? Get a warrant
22-09-17 (11:18)   Judge overturns local law that effectively banned drones over small town
22-09-17 (01:47)   Verizon kicking people off network for using just a few gigabytes a month
22-09-17 (01:18)   Appeals court: East Texas can't keep patent case because of one local salesman
22-09-17 (00:32)   After murder conviction and suicide, Aaron Hernandez found to have severe CTE
22-09-17 (00:01)   Oil companies sued to pay for cost of rising sea levels, climate change
21-09-17 (23:47)   CCleaner malware outbreak is much worse than it first appeared
21-09-17 (23:01)   Facebook revamps political-ad rules after discovering Russian ad buys
21-09-17 (22:47)   Project Cars 2 reviewed: It's good, but don't expect it to be easy
21-09-17 (22:47)   SEC Chairman reveals financial reporting system was hacked
21-09-17 (22:18)   At 50 tons and 700 kilowatt-hours, this truck is the biggest EV in the world
21-09-17 (21:47)   There cannot be two kinds of medicine: EU scientists shred homeopathy, alt med
21-09-17 (21:18)   Razer plans to release a mobile gaming and entertainment device soon
21-09-17 (18:01)   Ajit Pai's plan to lower broadband standards is "crazy," FCC Democrat says
21-09-17 (17:18)   Mod that adds online play to Super Mario 64 draws Nintendo's ire
21-09-17 (17:18)   Lidar tells distance, radar tells velocity, this new sensor aims to do both
21-09-17 (15:47)   "Comic-Con" trademark may have to activate superpowers to survive attack
21-09-17 (14:47)   Report: Tesla snubbing Nvidia, developing its own self-driving chip
21-09-17 (14:18)   Stingray surveillance ends with cop shooter getting 33 years in prison
21-09-17 (13:47)   Science-in-progress: Did the Bullet Cluster withstand scrutiny?
21-09-17 (13:18)   Uber really doesn't want its drivers to be considered employees
21-09-17 (04:32)   Google/HTC deal is official, Google to acquire part of HTC's smartphone team
21-09-17 (03:18)   Some iOS 11 issues show early adoption pitfalls, others are just growing pains
21-09-17 (02:32)   Microsoft: Windows getting more stable, faster, and lasting longer on battery
21-09-17 (02:18)   Massive Equifax hack reportedly started 4 months before it was detected
21-09-17 (02:01)   Waymo wants Uber to pay $2.6 billion in damages?just for starters
21-09-17 (00:18)   NASA center director: If Trump pivots to the Moon, we're "set up" to do it
20-09-17 (23:18)   SpaceX's worldwide satellite broadband network may have a name: Starlink
20-09-17 (22:47)   Nest adds new cameras and a wireless alarm system to its product suite
20-09-17 (22:18)   Splashy study drips with questions after showing semen is viral safe-haven
20-09-17 (22:18)   Evolution on steroids: Chance ruled in building an estrogen receptor
20-09-17 (21:47)   The Moto X4 brings Android One to the US and a non-Google phone to Project Fi
20-09-17 (21:18)   Drone delivery startup is about to begin commercial operations
20-09-17 (20:47)   Equifax sends breach victims to fake notification site
20-09-17 (19:32)   Motorola redux? Google appears set to buy HTC
20-09-17 (19:32)   Mysterious flesh-eating bacteria is raging in Australia
20-09-17 (18:18)   Comcast looks forward to more mergers during Trump presidency
20-09-17 (18:18)   Dishonored: Death of the Outsider review?no gods, no kings
20-09-17 (17:32)   Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger back for a new Terminator movie
20-09-17 (17:18)   McLaren builds a virtual hypercar for the next Gran Turismo game
20-09-17 (17:18)   Apple acknowledges connection issue with new Apple Watch
20-09-17 (16:18)   Trump's pick for NASA lays out agenda and answers critics
20-09-17 (14:18)   Digital transformation: How machine learning could help change business
20-09-17 (11:18)   Man held website hostage for $10,000, failed, redirected it to porn, got busted
20-09-17 (02:18)   Hidden Switch game is actually a tribute to former Nintendo president [Updated]
20-09-17 (02:01)   Apache bug leaks contents of server memory for all to see?Patch now
20-09-17 (01:32)   Steam has a "review bomb" problem?but will today's new feature fix it?
20-09-17 (01:18)   Meet the really cheap Google Home Mini and really expensive Chromebook Pixel 3
20-09-17 (01:18)   Most-wanted criminal arrested after posting Instagram video of himself
20-09-17 (01:18)   The Pixel 2 XL price jumps $80, now starts at $849
20-09-17 (01:01)   Without opioids, our collective life expectancy would be 2.5 mos longer
20-09-17 (00:32)   "Potentially catastrophic" Hurricane Maria set to strike Puerto Rico
19-09-17 (22:47)   We're building roads to withstand last century's climate
19-09-17 (22:47)   Dealmaster: Get a Dell desktop PC with 16GB of RAM for $600
19-09-17 (22:32)   Author of key Internet freedom law opposes new sex trafficking bill
19-09-17 (22:01)   Unwanted ads on Breitbart lead to massive click fraud revelations, Uber claims
19-09-17 (21:18)   Setback for group seeking "hockey stick" climate scientists' e-mails
19-09-17 (21:18)   Man who made "Pepe" wants his frog back, and he'll use copyright to get it
19-09-17 (20:47)   iOS 11 is now available for download on supported devices
19-09-17 (18:32)   T-Mobile's unlimited plan will soon let you use 50GB before slowdowns
19-09-17 (18:01)   Twitter rival Gab faces domain loss over extremist content
19-09-17 (17:01)   Tackle football before age 12 may boost risks of cognitive, mood disorders
19-09-17 (17:01)   Infrared signals in surveillance cameras let malware jump network air gaps
19-09-17 (16:32)   Apple File System in macOS High Sierra won't work with Fusion Drives
19-09-17 (16:32)   A Proterra electric bus just drove 1,100 miles on a single charge
19-09-17 (16:18)   Nikola Motor Company and Bosch team up on long-haul fuel cell truck
19-09-17 (16:01)   Stack Overflow gives an even closer look at developer salaries
19-09-17 (15:47)   New Amazon Fire HD 10 adds full HD display, hands-free Alexa
19-09-17 (15:32)   iOS 11 on the iPhone 5S: Slower, but not quite slow
19-09-17 (15:32)   Read a scene from my new novel about robots and pirates
19-09-17 (15:18)   How to RGB: A system builder's guide to RGB PC lighting
19-09-17 (15:01)   New patent review process has saved billions?so why is it under attack?
19-09-17 (14:47)   Fortnite devs inadvertently prove cross-console play is possible [Updated]
19-09-17 (14:32)   iOS 11, thoroughly reviewed
19-09-17 (13:18)   How Qi wireless charging works, and why it hasn't taken over yet
19-09-17 (01:47)   Uber: We don't have to pay drivers based on rider fares
19-09-17 (01:47)   For $200 you can buy an NBA smart jersey and be a marketing pawn
19-09-17 (00:01)   The United States Air Force turned 70 today
18-09-17 (22:32)   "Fake" net neutrality comments at heart of lawsuit filed against FCC
18-09-17 (22:01)   Intel reveals it has been working with Google on self-driving cars since 2009
18-09-17 (21:32)   Trump admin wants to allow seismic study of Alaska refuge for oil drilling
18-09-17 (20:47)   Soviet air defense officer who saved the world dies at age 77
18-09-17 (20:32)   British tabloid told to admit its climate coverage was inaccurate
18-09-17 (19:32)   Faced with a trove of new evidence in Uber case, Waymo asks to delay trial [Updated]
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